wild night part 3

He pulled his pants and shirt off and straddled the now naked black guy. His cock was a good seven or 8 inches long and his balls were the biggest I had ever seen. He slid his cock in the black guys ass then ordered me to lick his balls while he fucked.

The bars had just closed and the theater was getting busy with guys who hadn't scored coming in to get their nut off. A crowd was gathering around us now as someone pulled my shirt off over my head an threw it into the pile of clothes in the corner. As I licked Big Balls shaved balls my nose was pressing against his ass which was shaved clean. I reached between Big Balls's legs and grabbed the black guys nine inch cock which was fully erect again.

Big Balls then ordered me to lick his ass. I spread his cheeks and worked my way from his balls to his ass, first rimming his ass then pushing my tongue up his ass. As I worked on his shit hole I could feel cum oozing out of my own ass. I reached back and let it run onto my fingers, and put my fingers in my mouth. I was going back for more when someone stuck his cock in my cum oozing ass. I went back to licking and probing the ass in front of me as he fucked the black guy with the huge cock. I felt his balls tighten as he moaned and shot his cock nectar into Big Cocks ass.

"Keep licking my ass while I fill this black butt with cum" Big Balls ordered. When he was finally finished he pulled out.

"Now eat this creampie and don't miss a drop" he ordered. I put my mouth up to the freshly fucked black ass just as the guy fucking me released his load in my ass.

"I'm cumming in this bitches ass". He gave me several more hard deep thrusts then shot his cum deep in my ass.

I returned my attention to his freshly creamed ass hole and as I started to probe his ass with my tongue a huge load of cum gushed out of it and into my mouth. I gulped it down as cum continued to drip out. When I had licked up the last of the cum Big Balls told him to fuck me.

"You're gonna love this bitch" he said, then put that huge cock up to my freshly fucked cum dripping ass. He shoved it in and much to my surprise It didn't hurt that much . As I relaxed he got the whole nine inches of hard black meat in my ass. He started fucking me slow asking me if I liked his big black cock in my shit hole.

"Yes" I said, "Fuck me with that big black cock". He fucked me for about ten minutes while we were surrounded by guys with their cocks out making rude comments. I sucked off several more cocks swallowing all of their cum as the black guy fucked my ass. I reached between my legs and grabbed his nuts. They were almost as big as Big Balls and as I cupped them I could feel his head swelling even bigger in my over fucked ass. I squeezed his balls as I felt them tighten then his cock shot another huge load of cum deep into my well spermed hole.

When he finished he pulled out then wiped the cum from my ass and balls and told me to lick it from his hand which I did. Big balls then took an empty beer bottle and started fucking my ass with it. He then said to the black guy " Suck this cum sluts cock" and pushed him towards my cock. With him sucking my cock and Big Balls fucking my sperm filled ass I came almost immediately. After he had drained the last drop he stood up and kissed me then spat all of my cum into my mouth. Big balls handed me the beer bottle. I was amazed at how much cum was in it. He ordered me to drink it which I did.

I was thoroughly fucked out and just wanted to get my clothes and leave but now there I was surrounded by men with hard cocks.

To be continued.....
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