The park part one


I had heard that one of the local parks was a good cruising site but had never been there before.  I was in bad need of some cock so I thought I would check it out. 
  I am in my late fifties but am still in pretty good shape. I have a seven inch cock and I keep my balls and ass shaved clean. I'm told I have a nice cock and anytime I pull it out someone wants to suck it. 
  Today I needed my ass fucked though. The thought of a stranger fucking my ass bareback and shooting his load up my ass was really getting me turned on.   
  I put on a pair of thread bare gym shorts and t shirt and headed for the  park. I didn't have underwear on and the head of my cock was clearly visible through the thin fabric. 
  When I got to the park there was quite a few cars in the parking lot. I noticed a man who looked to be in his thirties sitting in his car watching me. I got out and did some stretching exercises at the park entrance more to show my ass then to stretch. The thought of bending over and putting on a show for a stranger was getting me aroused and my cock was making a big bulge in my shorts.  The guy got out of his car and walked over. As he walked by he commented," Looks like you need more than your legs stretched".  As I looked at the bulge in his shorts I replied " looks like you're ready to do do some stretching yourself". 
  He was muscular and in his thirties. He turned and walked into the park. The park was heavily forested with miles of paths meandering throughout. I followed him in. A short distance in he glanced back at me then ducked into the underbrush. As I pushed the branches aside a small open space was revealed. It was completely hidden from the outside and anyone entering could be heard walking through the brush. Someone had brought in a old picnic table with attached benches.
  He was standing next to the table rubbing his crotch. 
  " looks like you got an itch that needs to be scratched" I said as I walked up to him. 
  "What are you into? " he asked. 
"Fucking, sucking, rimming, anything kinky".
  "Top or bottom?"
  "Versatile but mostly bottom" I replied. 
  He slid his hand into my shorts and grabbed my cock which immediately jumped to full attention.  His other hand went up my shirt and started caressing one of my nipples. I pulled my T shirt up over my head revealing my fully shaved stomach and chest. 
  I reached into his shorts and grabbed his cock which was at full attention. His cock was a little shorter than my 7 inches. The shaft was about the same size but the mushroom head was much bigger. We          
 each had the others cock out stroking them and rubbing the heads together. 
  "Take off your shorts and shirt" he ordered. I would have gladly done so but being ordered to do so was a huge turn on. I've always wanted to play a submissive while someone else has complete control. Being naked in a public park was both frightening and exhilarating. 
  "Suck my cock bitch"
  I bent down and started licking the rim and piss hole.
  " I said suck it bitch " and he rammed his cock deep in my mouth so it made me want to gag. I fought off the gag reflex as he grabbed my head and started face fucking me. He would thrust in and out of my mouth but pull out before he would cum. 
  "You want my cum?" he asked.
  I nodded my head yes since I couldn't talk with his cock in mouth. 
  "Well maybe after I fuck your ass for awhile. You like cock in your shit hole?"
  I nodded. 
  "Well turn around and spread your cheeks".
  I lubed his cock real good with spit, spit on my fingers and lubed my ass then turned around and spread my cheeks. As soon as the head was in my ass he rammed it hard all the way  in. 
  "Oh fuck!" I gasped as he pulled all the way out then rammed it in again. 
  "You like my big hard cock fucking your ass don't you". 
 "Tell me you like it and where you like it".
  "I like your big hard cock fucking my ass". 
  He continued fucking me with hard deep strokes of his cock ramming it in all the way to his balls with each thrust then pulling all but the tip of his cock out before slamming it in again. 
  "Beg me to fuck you harder bitch. Tell me what a slut you are and how you want me to pump your fucking slut ass full of my hot cum".
  I begged him to fuck my fucking slut ass harder and drain his balls into my fuck hole ass. 
  Ass I was begging him to fuck me and fill me full of cum he reached around and grabbed my balls with one hand as he pinched one of my nipples with the other hand. I gasped in pain as he brutally pinched, pulled and twisted my nipple. I soon forgot about the pain in my nipple as he squeezed my balls. 
  "That's too hard" I cried which only made him squeeze them harder. He rolled them against each other as he squeezed. 
"  Oooohhh" he moaned as he suddenly shot his load of cum up my ass. Thankfully he released his crushing grip on my now aching balls. He pulled his cock out of my ass spun me around and f***ed my head towards his cock. 
  "Lick it clean bitch" he ordered. 
  His cock was still dripping cum and was covered with cum, spit and ass juice. It smelled of cum and ass. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft and head squeezing the shaft between my thumb and fore finger milking all the sperm. I could taste my ass mixed with cum and it was intoxicating.
  Then I heard the rustling of branches signaling the approach of someone. In a panic I looked around for my clothes. 
  "Relax, no one comes back here except for sex". "Besides I was to meet some guys here". 
 To be continued...
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9 days ago
Very hot story and it made me remember the times I had in Balboa Park in San Diego, Ca. My favorite spot was the Brush Pile where you would put a small piece of paper on the pile indicating if you were a top or a bottom. Most of the men were in their 50's and 60's so when an 18 year old boy indicated that he was a bottom they wee all over him. I would spend all day behind that brush pile getting used in both holes and enjoying every minute.
2 months ago
very hot
2 months ago
well that was so erotic made me cum hard hope you write the next chapter soon
10 months ago
love it
3 years ago
hot stuff
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great start hope you write the next chapter soon thanks
3 years ago
Imagination park
3 years ago
can't wait for the rest of the story
3 years ago
that got me so hot iwant a big cock slamming my ass and one slaming down my throt
3 years ago
that getting me so excited what park was that