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this is a story i want to tell and want you to write me back so i'm young and have a bf how loves to fuck so i said i'll suck your big rock hard dick. so as were sitting there i go on to xhamster to help him get his hard as he gets his junk out i get the lub and get ready as all of his glory comse out i can't belive how increble big it is (frist time see one it real life) and i'm like oh my fucking good.

so i put the lub on its stuff that taest good so he starts to rub a bit and then my hand gose in and i touch and and its so hard and so BIG and i rub and rub some more and can't wait to get it in my mouth so ask him and he says fuck ya baby so i go down and take a little tast of his dick its so good and as i go to rap my mouth around it ahhhhhhhh so good to have his big fat wet cock in my mouth. i start to suck and go up and down over and over and over again till it happen he cums <3 all in my mouth and all over my and my face. now we do this a few times again that night.

we broke it up though it not the same in the mouth and in my holes not as good i much perfer my finger in there or a toy or something that i can make do with it how i chose but another story that will be one day

now if you think theres miss spelled stuff in here ya there is and i don't care if you don't like it then good but htx for reading

63% (9/5)
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4 years ago
Nice I like this story :)