A nice fuck

I was in North London a couple of months ago for my friend Samantha's birthday party. Her little house was packed to the rafters, lots of people from the office and her friends outside work. Everyone was merry and having good time. Lots of good music, drinking, eating and flirting.

I couldn't take my eyes of a lady wearing a beatiful floral dress dress, She had large sparkling green eyes, brown hair, luscious wide hips and legs to die for.She chatting away with two men and taking turns to dance with them.I walked around in circles tring to get her attention, waiting for just a moment to catch her alone. It didn't happen. I gave up all hope of getting to know her and took myself off to the kitchen for to chill out.

'Were you looking at me' I heard voice say behind me. I turned around. It was her.

'No' I said sheepishly

'Tell me the truth, I wont hurt you'

'How do you know ?'

'Well, I was looking at you'

'You are so sexy and gorgeous, I could not help myself but I noticed you had company so I backed off'

'They're only mates and have just left.They are a gay couple. My boyfriend is away so they offered to come with me so I'm not on my own. They're off to a club'

We got some more drinks and carried on talking. She was in relationship but was quite lonely as her partner works Saudi Arabia. They're planning to get married soon. She asked if I dont mind keeping her company for the night.

'Hellooo? Would I heck?' I thought. 'Of course, not at all' I said

After several drinks, we could not keep our hands off each other and the conversation turned to sex. How many people have we slept with, best sex ever, the first time .... on it went. Then she looked me dead in the eye and said

'Will you fuck me tonight please?'

'I thought you'd never ask, lets get out of here'

'No need'she said 'Samantha said I could sl**p over in her spare room. I've got the key'

As soon as we got into the room we both undressed, kissed passionately whilst stroking each other gently. she lay on her back with her legs wide open, her pussy glistening with wetness.

'Please fuck me now' she demanded

By now my cock was rock hard and wet at the tip with pre-cum. I guided it into her wet hole inching it in slowly until the full length was impaled deep inside her willing cunt. Her pussy rimmed my cock so tight it felt really sensational as I begin to move.

'I can feel your cock so deep in my pussy' she said 'I can feel it where no cocks had ever been, fuck me hard'

Her juices flowed in torrents as I increased the tempo. Her body shook and trembled in adulterous passion as I fucked her.

Her hips moved up and down as I plunged deep into her willing wet cunt. Soon both her legs were wrapped around my waist pulling me closer and tighter to her groin. Then I felt my cock hardening , throbbing and expanding inside her. I knew I was about to cum .She moved her hips up and down faster and faster, in sync with every stroke of my dick.

'I cumming' she screamed 'flood my womb with your sperm, please dont stop'

As I exploded my cum into her,I could feel her pussy contracting and tightning around my cock then she let out a loud scream, her whole body shaking with ecstasy. She orgasmed for what seemed an etrnity.

When we've both clamed down she said

'That was so intense. I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight. Your'e my first black cock and could well be my last, please let me make the most of it'.

I sucked her pussy, had my finger up her butt, fucked her from behind, up against the wall. She sucked my cock, got on top and rode me hard. She squirted all over me, I jerked off in her mouth. We fucked and sucked some more until neither of us could take it no more.

When I woke up in the morning she was gone. No goodbyes, nothing. Found her knickers in my coat pocket a the next day. Brought a huge smile to my face.

Got a call from her today, it's been months since our little escapade. She got my number off Samantha.

'I'm getting married in a couple of weeks' she said 'He is off to Amsterdam for his stag do' Can I see you on that day, I've been thinking about you a lot lately'

Watch this space.

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