When Daddy's Away

John was my neighbor for all of my life. He was close to my father and so it wasn't unusual for him to come on over almost whenever he wanted. Though when he popped over when my parents weren't home it wasn't too weird.

My parents had gone on a cruise for a couple weeks and with my b*****r out of state for his friend's wedding I was home alone. I lived at home while I went to school, and so any chance I had to be alone I loved. It usually involved lounging around in nothing but my underwear and doing absolutely nothing.

It had been one of those days where the only clothing was a pair of black panties. I was stretched out on the couch watching a movie when I heard someone coming in the back door. While I knew it was John I scrambled to grab a shirt to cover myself. I was too slow.

He was in his mid 50s. Tall with a body that had gone soft with age and lots of beer. His hair had been gray for the last 10 years and was cut short. He stood there in the doorway staring at me. His eyes went straight to my naked large breasts as I froze in place. He made no move to look away and he just stood there quietly watching me.

My nipples had been hard being exposed to the cool air of the house. Almost as hard as the sizable bulge that was forming in the front of John's pants. I felt like a deer in the headlights for a moment before finally moving to cover myself.

“Don't.” I instinctively reacted and didn't move again. I had grown up in front of this man. I was used to him acting like an Uncle and occasionally telling my b*****r and I to stop whatever mischief we had been in the middle of.

I had to work to find my voice. “My parents are away.” I fumbled to find what to say. “They'll be back in a couple days.” I figured he must have forgotten that my father wasn't home. I hoped.

“I know.” He undid his belt and tossed it aside.

I swallowed hard as my beating heart hammered away in my throat. “W-what are you doing?”

“You, in a minute.” He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. His cock flopped out and I tried not to stare.

He was cut, and though he was average length, he made up for it in girth. His cock was thick. I hadn't ever seen a cock that large before in my life. I scuttled off of the couch wondering if I could make some sort of escape. “Me?”

“Yup.” He walked right up to me without hesitation. His rough hands came up and cupped my breasts. They spilled off the sides of his hands as he weighed them. “I knew your parents and b*****r weren't home. Figured it'd be a good time to come over and finally get a taste of what I've wanted for awhile.”

Before I could say another word he squeezed my tits hard. I cried out as he squeezed hard enough that they felt like they were going to pop. He let go when they had turned red and then grabbed my hard nipples.

“Wanted a piece of your ass since you grew these beauties.” He grinned as he twisted my nipples just as hard. I struggled and it only made him twist and pull harder. His cock twitched as I moaned. He let go and I rubbed my breasts as I tried to ease the pain. “Upstairs. Now.”

Some part of me was freaked out, while the other aroused. I liked older men. My first experience had been with one. Besides, it had been a long while since I had last gotten laid and John wasn't too bad to look at. I weighed my options and decided to see where this went.

I did what he told me and started upstairs toward my room. He stopped be and jerked his head down the hallway. “No. Go to your parents room.”

I hesitated. My parents room? He wanted to fuck on my parents bed? It felt wrong but the look on his face made me turn and walk into it all the same.

He motioned for me to lay on the bed and I did. Their bed as huge and I could barely touch the sides as I laid down. He tossed his shirt aside as he climbed in after me. “Good girl. Very good girl.”

He climbed right up my body until he nearly sat on my chest. His cock jutted out right against my lips. “Open up real wide. I'm going to give you a treat.”

“I don't know if it'll fit.” I had to admit that I didn't know if I could open my mouth wide enough to take him in.

“I wasn't asking.” He grabbed my jaw and f***ed my mouth open. I gasped and he used that moment to shove his cock into my mouth.

My jaw exploded in pain as it wrenched as wide as it could to take in John's thick cock. Letting go of my chin he grabbed the headboard of my parent's bed and began to thrust into my mouth. I struggled a bit, writhing under him as he face fucked me hard. “That's it. Gag and struggle. Choke on my cock.”

It took me a minute or two to get used to the hard pace he was setting. I gagged, a lot and felt drool run down the corners of my lips as I felt him work his dick further down my throat. I was finally getting the hang of it when he pulled out.

Slapping his slick cock against my face he moved down my body until his cockhead was against my tits. “Time to finish our little warm up.” He grinned at me as he pushed my large, soft tits against his cock and began to fuck them.

He was just as rough, with his cockhead hitting my lips with each stroke. He squeezed my tits roughly again, making them turn red and sore as he continued to plow away. I cried out in pain as he started to grunt. I could feel his cock pulse against my tits as he got closer to cumming. After another minute he slammed his cock against my face and came.

I felt his hot cum splash against my nose, cheeks and lips. I felt it run across my lips and could taste it on my tongue. He let go of my breasts and climbed off of me. “That was pretty good.” He slapped my aching tits. “I'll be primed for the next round in a moment. Let's see about getting you ready.”

I raised my head to say something but it was gone the instant he put his fingers against my clit. He didn't bother to start slow, and went right to hard and fast. My body nearly bucked off the bed as I screamed.

He took his other hand and shoved a couple fingers into my pussy. I was already a bit wet from being handled, but even then his fingers felt like they were stretching me wide. I rolled my hips as he finger fucked me.

It only took a minute of that before I came. My pussy clamped down on his fingers as I laid there a twitching mess as I felt my orgasm roll over me. “That good, huh? You're gonna lose your fucking mind when I shove my dick into you then.”

I shouldn't have been shocked to see that his cock was rock hard again, still slightly slick from being in my mouth. I laid there unable to do anything but pant as I felt him line up his swollen cockhead against my fuck hole.

He pushed hard and I swore he was going to tear me in half. After a minute of intense pressure my pussy gave in and I felt him push inside of me. I clawed at the bed as I felt him push inch after inch of his hard dick into my tight, wet pussy. He was stretching me so much that I was worried he'd tear me apart.

“Fuck, you're one tight bitch.” He grabbed my hips to help him shove his cock in.

When he hit the back of my pussy he stopped for a moment. “God you're cunt feels so damn good. It feels nice to have a young pussy on this dick too.”

I twitched and moaned as I felt my pussy try desperately to adapt to this massive piece meat that was sitting inside of it. He barely gave me a minute before he started to roughly pound me.

My eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head as I felt him quickly pull out and then ram it back in. Every thrust was coming faster and harder than the last. If I hadn't been dead center in the bed I'd been worried about him fucking me off of it.

He spread my legs wide as he could pull them before putting a pillow under my ass for a better angle. My tits bounced wildly around as he fucked me silly. He alternated between slapping them and abusing my sore nipples.

I could barely find the air to breathe, let alone make noise, but that didn't stop him. He grunted and moaned as he used and abused my tight cunt. He barely said anything to me as he pounded me into the bed.

After what seemed like forever I could feel him throb inside of me. “Fuck. Gonna cum.”

Panic cut through the pleasure and I began to beg. “Please don't. I'm not on birth control.”

He locked eyes with me and smiled wide. “Good. I want to knock your cunt up.”

I struggled to get out from under him. I didn't want to be pregnant! I tried to pull away but he grabbed my tits and squeezed again. I screamed from a mix of pain and pleasure as he rammed my pussy as hard as he could. “No! Please!”

“Fuck yeah, beg, bitch. Can't wait to see your belly full of my babies.” He leaned in close and pressed his lips against my ear as he stopped fucking me for a moment. “What are you gonna tell your daddy? Old man knocked up your young, tight pussy? Everyone will know what a slut you are.”

I started to move but John gave me a quick, powerful thrust of his cock. I fell back against the bed and moaned weakly. “Single but pregnant. Will you think of me when you push our baby out of your cunt? I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you every single day until you drop.”

I was shaking from pleasure as he sat there, throbbing cock inside of my pussy. In my head I saw my belly grow heavy with his baby inside. I saw him cumming on my stomach as I got ready to drop. I saw him fucking me as I went into labor. I came on his cock right then and there.

“Yes! Yes!” John cried out as he resumed fucking me hard through my orgasm. “Fucking take it you whore! Take my seed! I'm going to knock your slut cunt up!”

It only took him a moment more before he came inside of me. I could feel every shot of hot, potent seed pump into my unprotected womb. I came again from the feeling, and I knew my body was now drinking it all up. I nearly passed out from the pleasure.

When I finally recovered John was fully clothed and standing at the end of the bed. He was grinning wide. “That was pretty good, sweetheart, but I'm afraid I got to go. I'll be back tomorrow for some more fun.”

I nodded, flushing with both pleasure and shame. I felt like such a whore, but I wanted it. “See you around, my little cumslut.”

With that he was gone, leaving me alone on my parent's bed with his cum deep inside of me. I ran fingers down to my pussy lips and felt how tender they were. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.
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23 days ago
MMMM such a well written, sexy tale. Hope there is more of this sort from you soon.
3 months ago
Great story.
6 months ago
Thanks :)
6 months ago
Hot Story!!
6 months ago
thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like. :)
6 months ago
well this story got me going,thanks for sharing