All In A Nights Work


"Ray what time are you at work tonight?" Annie asks her husband of twenty years. "Starting at ten" he replies "and working all night till six in the morning".
"Ok, why are you working alone? I thought that was i*****l" . "Well I suppose it might be, but the jobs are late for delivery and we can use the extra cash, so everyones happy" he said. " I know but be careful those machines are dangerous". Ray is a CNC machinist working nights for a small aerospace company. Work has been slow lately because of the economic crisis, so he takes any extra hours offered. Even if that means working alone all night.
He takes a quick shower before getting changed. Rubbing shampoo into his hair, the bubbles slide down his naked body. Over his chest and down to his hips turning in and running under his balls, before falling to the shower tray below.
Ray always gets horny in the shower, probably because Annie doesn't need sex as often as he does. When Ray and Annie make love its fantastic but Ray just wishes it happened more often. Annie is happy to make love maybe once a month but Ray wants it more like three or four times a week. Consequently he does a lot of wanking and over the years has become quite the expert in his own sexual gratification.
He knows he will use his five minutes in the shower to relieve himself and the shower gel makes a fantastic lube. He smooths the gel over his body, letting his hand slip between his legs and massage his balls. His other hand soaps his bum and he gently inserts a finger inside while starting long slow strokes on his rock hard cock. He speeds up the strokes as his finger slides deeper into his bum. If only Annie was in here with him, he thinks, she would be getting his cock thrust deep inside her. The thought tips him over the edge and his cock spurts its load of thick, creamy juice as his bum contracts gripping his finger repeatedly.
"Mmmmm that was good" he sighs as the shower washes his spunk down the drain. He quickly dries off and gets into his work clothes.
Annie is watching a movie on T.V. When Ray comes to kiss her goodnight, as he bends to kiss her there is a graphic sex scene on the TV and Ray feels his cock stirring in his pants. His kiss becomes passionate and he buries his tongue deep in her mouth. She responds with her tongue and closes her hand over his now hard penis. " I could go later " Ray offers, hopefully. " No off you go. No need to get carried away. "
Ray, full of frustration kisses her and heads out of the door. His cock bulging in his trousers and sexual need eating at his insides. He loves Annie dearly but the constant sexual rebuffs get him down sometimes, when he's gone a few weeks without sex he sometimes thinks about going to a hooker to relieve the stress, but he's never taken the plunge. Tonight he is feeling he could do it.
Thirty minutes later he pulls into the car park at work, a very big articulated lorry is parked up in a corner. He looks across at it as he unlocks the factory door. The door opens and the driver jumps down. He doesn't look very big to be driving such a heavy truck. Ray waits by the door while the driver locks his cab and walks to him. "Can I help" Ray calls to him. " I have a delivery of steel, but my driving hours are up so I have to spend the night here" the driver says. His voice is very high pitched compared to most drivers Rays met.
As the driver reaches the door Ray sees why. The driver is a woman about 35 years old.
"Oh" Ray says "your a woman". She smiles and says "Yes last time I looked". Rays face flushes as his eyes automatically look down to her groin. "Sorry" he stutters "but I've never had a female truck driver before". "Would you like to rephrase that?" She asks. "Yes, sorry err I mean erm never MET a female trucker" he groans. She smiles " its ok, I'm only teasing. Can I come inside to fill my flask and get a warm? ". "Yes of course. " Ray says and leads the way inside.
He shows her to the canteen. Swiping his clock card on the way.
"You sit there by the heater and I'll put the kettle on" he tells her. "Thanks I'm freezing". " Tea or coffee? " Asks Ray " coffee please, black, no sugar " she replies. " Coming right up" Ray chirps. He's feeling flirty. He makes the drinks and takes them over to the table. Passes one to her and sits facing her with his. " So, do you have a name " he ventures. " Yes thanks, I think you'll find most people do" she replies, sarcastically. " Ohhh kay" Ray groans " I'll start again. I'm Ray, and you are ? " " Very pleased to meet you " she teases. " Not going to make this easy then ?" He says to himself. " What is your name ? " He asks. " Oh " she says, feigning surprise " you should have said that's what you wanted to know. I'm Caroline but my friends call me Carrie. " She finally answers. " That's apt with you carrrying goods in your truck" Ray jokes. His pride at this great joke is short lived as Carrie starts to slow clap. " Oh hilarious" she mocks " I haven't heard that before" she lies, unconvincingly. " Sorry " Ray apologises again.
They drink in silence for a few minutes. Carrie looks around the canteen, Ray looks at Carrie. She has shortish black hair, greasier than Annie would let hers get, he thought. But Annie doesn't drive a lorry, he reasoned. Her face is thin and her features a bit pointed, thin lips, slightly protruding teeth but the most beautiful green eyes, that sparkled under the canteen lights.
He was getting an erection. Mainly because he was imagining carrie, naked on her back on the table with her legs spread wide open.
"Your beautiful" Ray says aloud. "What?" Asks Carrie. "Sorry" he apologises, " I was thinking out loud". "Oh" says Carrie "your not so bad yourself" she continues. "What were you thinking, just now?, you were miles away" Carrie asks. "Well . . . . . If I'm honest, . . . Er . . I was imagining you . . . . Naked" Ray stutters. His cock is pushing at his pants now like a wild, caged tiger. "We can do better than imagination" Carrie says, as she stands and starts removing her sweatshirt. She lifts it over her head and drops it to the floor. Then does the same with her t-shirt.
"Wait. Are you serious?" Ray asks "or am I dreaming?" "Do you see me laughing?" Carrie replies. " Its lonely out in the truck and I could use some cock, and juudging from the bulge in your trousers, you have plenty on offer". "Let's go into the offices" Ray suggests. " There's a couch, and carpets. Well be more comfortable". "Lead the way" Carrie says.
Once in the office Carrie drops her trousers and steps out of them. Then stands in bra and panties for Ray to take in her body. "Maybe you should take your clothes off Ray" says Carrie. "Let's see what you've got in there". Ray doesn't need telling twice and is naked in the blink of an eye. His stiff cock stands proud, pointing towards Carrie. She removes her bra and two small but perky breasts bounce free. She rubs them gently then says to Ray "come and play with me". Ray cups her breasts in his hands, massaging them and squeezing her nipples between thumb and finger. She let's out a gasp as her nipples stretch. He works her hard crinkley nipples with his fingers, pulling them and flicking them, then he takes a nipple in his mouth. Flicks it with his tongue, gently nibbles it between his teeth. "Oh Ray that feels fucking good" gasps Carrie. "Bite my tit harder, finger my cunt, oh Ray fuck me, fuck me hard" Carrie pushes him away and pulls her panties down over her hips letting them drop to the floor, revealing a full crop of thick pubic hair untrimmed. Ray can wait no longer and steps forward pushing Carrie down onto the couch. She drops onto her back and her legs open. Ray thrusts his cock deep inside her juicy, hairy cunt in one push. "Oh fuck!" Screams Carrie. "Yes, yes, yes" she yells as Ray builds up a steady rythm. Plunging his cock deep and pulling out till the very tip is leaving her juicy wet cunt and then plunging all the way back in till his balls crash into her pussy lips. Every thrust pushes her into the back of the couch. Her cunt throbs from the pounding its taking. Suddenly Ray feels the orgasm rising from deep in his ballsack. " Oh god, I'm cumming, I can't hold it" he groans. "Let it go, my darling" says Carrie "I want your creamy cum inside me". Ray let's out a long groan and his whole body tightens. One second later his cock is pumping out his love juice in thick spurts. Each spurt of cum makes his cock throb and grow inside her. Carrie pulls him close gripping him with her arms and wrapping her legs around his hips, pulling his cock as deep inside her as she can so every last creamy drop of cum stays in her vagina.
His pulsating cock tips her orgasm over the edge and a tidal wave of pleasure sweeps through her body, starting at the very centre of her tummy and flowing through every vein and nerve in her body before exploding inside her vagina. Her cunt pulsates, gripping and releasing Rays rapidly shrinking, empty cock. They lie encased in each others arms and fall to sl**p fully satisfied.

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