Pregnant by another not my husband.

I went to my Nephews,who is about my age. This was when I was 22. At his place I walked in and yelled to him. He was in the shower and told me to make myself at home at wait. I had to wait quite a while. I had went to town to see these 2 other guys but they were no place around. So I stop to visit my Nephew. Finally he came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. He set across the room from me on a kitchen chair. I was setting on the couch. At first he just stared at me. I noticed my legs were spread,an my skirt had slid up I had no undies on. I put my legs closer together. His eyes went up to my boobs,which I was showing plenty of titty skin. The dark circle around my nipple,,the areolas were showing so I pulled my shirt together what i could. We tried talking. It wasn't going to good. We were both nervous and wondering WHAT. Doing some talking I noticed he had spread his legs apart alot. That moved the towel and god on the chair laid a big soft cock pointing right at me. I stared and gulpped down my saliva. I was getting jumpy and squirmy. He knew it. He asked what's wrong. Nothing I said.
I set their quite for a while then said I'ld better be going. Oh stay longer he said. No I got to go. Getting up again he seen right up my short skirt and then a boob almost fell out. Up he stood up and taking a step toward me the towel fell off. OMG I squealed out. He reached out and took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. He had my shirt and skirt off instantly. Down on the bed we went. I squirmed around getting fully in the middle of the bed and bet my knees up and spread my legs wide. I looked down over my tits and was ble to see his 10 inch cock sliding up in my pussy as I moaned. This is what you wanted isn't it? I blurted out YES. He started pumping m pussy slowly at first then faster and faster until he had me moaning and groaning and teelling me to wrap my legs around him I did as he shoved even harder and I almost screamed. OMG he was so good. He was a lot longer than my husband and he could keep a hard-on for hours and had a never ending supply of sperm. I had 3 orgasms with him in an hour. Before he pulled out and wanted me to suck him off I did and I always sallow. Then he went back to fucking me more. I hated to leave that late afternoon. I didn't see him for almost 3 weeks after that. I had no sex at all for almost 3 weeks also. One day I decided to go see him,plus I was horny. I didn't have sex because I didn't want to and I had to find out something too. I put on some very revealing clothes. For my benfit and his. Boy was my Nephew ever happy to see me. In the house I got a huge hug and kiss. Then he told me he had missed me. I told him I wanted to talk to him about something very important to me. He got me a pop and he got a beer. I came stright out and said I want to have your baby. YES I want you to get me pregnant. He started to choke and gag on his beer. Then finally was able to blurt out WHAT? I said you heard me. Are you willing or not? Sure I'm willing. Later,talking he asked what about your husband. I said he will have to find some other fucking until I'm for sure you have me pregnant. We fucked daily. At times I would even go spend a week or so with him. He got me pregnant,OMG did he. I had my Nephews twins. We still meet for sex yet and at times have 3'somes with my husband. We have been married for 40 years now. When I told my husband I was pregnant by my Nephew,his cock went in me and he stayed in me till he went soft,but when he got hard again he was back fucking me again and again. He got way past even super horny. It all turned out BEAUTIFUL.
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9 months ago
I have had a baby by other than my husband and so have my cousins Kim & Andrea. It is such a thrill that can't be beat.
1 year ago
I think my wife got pregnant by our black son-in-laws younger brother. She had abortion so I will never know for sure but I do know he fucked her. I imagine it happened in much the same way as you and your nephew.
1 year ago
A true fuck machine!
1 year ago
Nice story!
Any more nephews...?
1 year ago
Nice hot story