Crazy at Home Vacation Gloryhole part 1

It was a boring September afternoon and the wife was at work. I was watching xhamster and got horny looking at gloryhole swallowing and facial videos. I was edgeing my self to climax several times but only let pre-cum ooze out to taste. I decide to post in personals on Craigslist and offer to host a homemade gloryhole in my apartment, no strings attached just cum and go. I get several emails in only a few minutes, a couple of them said they haven't cum from anything in nearly a month. I replied to them and gave them my address and told them to walk in side door and to look for the makeshift gloryhole from an old bed comforter with a flimsy hole cut out and lined with duct tape. I took the time since it was a light colored blanket to write above the hole, "Put Cock HERE!!" with two arrows pointing to hole. I eased 4 golf balls into my asshole to give me added pleasure while I serviced the strangers cocks I was waiting to suck. I used an old pair of my wifes nylons to make a tight wrapping around my cock and balls to keep me hard the whole time. Shortly afterward I here my screen door to my porch open and I soon hear what sounded like boots walking across the living room floor. I peek through the hole and see a chubby white nerdy guy walking towards the gloryhole. He says nothing and pulls out his cock and put it through the opening. His cock is uncut and semi hard, but is thick. I lick the foreskin and then pull it back to expose the pre-cum oozing from his large cockhead. I slurp at the clear fluid and lick the piss slit to clean it all out, I hear him moan and I proceed to take him into my mouth to work his cock to full hardness. It grows unexpectedly big in my mouth and he's moaning louder as my tongue licked the underside of his cock as he started to gently facefuck me. I open my mouth wider and relax my throat muscles to ease his cock down my throat to deepthroat him better. Meanwhile another guy shows up while I'm still sucking this nerd's thick cock. I didn't stop to pay any mind, I was too content being this strangers suck slut. I imagine the other guy was either watching us or relaxing on the sofa waiting his turn in mouth, regardless I didn't care I would have that cock soon enough. I continued to let this chubby geek pound his now throbbing cock deep down my throat to the point that his hips were slapping against my chin as he bottomed out in my mouth. I liked the flimsiness of the blanket and placed my hands on his thighs and pulled him closer kind of urging him to fuck my throat deeper. He thrusted hard like he was fucking a pussy, my eyes rolled back in my head from being used like this, my cock was so rock hard and oozing precum again. The sensation of the golf balls moving around inside me when I gagged on his cock was great, my asshole puckered and I had to put one of my hands underneath to make sure the golf balls didn't pop out from the gag reflex. He mentioned in his email that he played online games and didn't have a girlfriend, and hadn't came from anything other than jerking off to porn on his computer. I wanted to stroke my cock but promised myself I would hold off until the day was over to cum thinking about what had transpired earlier. I hear him gasping and breathing heavy now, I knew he was close to cumming having tasted a little precum earlier. I moved my head back to get him released from my throat muscles and lovingly suck on his cock until he was ready to blow his load. The nerd says loudly, "Holy Shit I'm cumming...oh my God, this is going to be a big one!!!" I eagerly slurped at his throbbing cock and sucked at his cockhead. He moans loudly as his cock erupts onto my tongue and splatters on my lips and chin. I greedily lick the still oozing cum off his cock and squeeze the shaft to drain every last drop out and into my mouth. He quickly backs away and walks out. All the action the next guy seen and heard already had him rock hard as he slid his cock through the gloryhole. This guy was latin and had a thick long dark almost black cock with a light caramel colored cockhead. He was verbal and says, "Your a little sissy cocksucker aren't you?" I say nothing but push a fifth nearby golf ball deep into my already full asshole. I lean forward and try to fit as much of his big cock into my still hungry mouth. He says, "That's it slut gag on my dick, I going to fuck your whore mouth like you want and talk shit to you the whole time I'm doing it, because your a sissy fag and like that shit, huh?" I moan in satisfaction and continue to service my latin cock master. He grabs the comforter and makes it surround my face so he can grab the sides of my face to piston his cock into my throat. The golf balls are trying to push out from him throatfucking me, I felt a wave of anal pleasure come over me as he continued to facefuck me. He stopped humping my face long enough to push his cock deeper into my throat until his sweaty balls rested on my cum splattered chin. He began murmuring filthy talk in Spanish and I couldn't understand it, but some words he said louder than others, and while he spoke those words jammed his meaty cock deep into my throat making me gag and drool spit on my chin and down to his balls. He brutally throatfucked me for what seemed like forever and didn't slow his fucking pace much at all the whole time. My asshole was swollen from having all those golf balls stuffed in there and wriggling around inside me when I gagged from having my mouth fucked like a cheap whore's pussy hole. He says, "Suck it, bitch!!! I'm gonna hold that bitch mouth down on my dick and shoot this load down your throat..slut!! Now open wide so I can fuck your pussymouth." I obediently opened my mouth wider to accept more of his thick manhood. I was gargling spit and and gagging quite often from his abusive throatfucking. Tears were streaming down my face and mixing with the slobbered spit and cum on my chin. He continues to thrust his cock deep into my throat, saying more Spanish filth talk and I could feel cock seem to swell up in my throat as if he was close to unloading his spunk into my greedy throat, I had trouble trying to breathe cause his thickness was filling the space up to the point that all my deepthroat experience couldn't help the air to pass his shaft. I panic a little and pull his cock out of my throat to gasp for air. He yells," Bitch!! Where you going?? Isn't this what you want to be treated like a whore and be used and disrespected like this??" I again say nothing and gobble his cock back down as far as I can and moan my compliance with his orders. He again starts with the Spanish filth talk, and again the rough deepthroat, but this time his thrusts seemed almost like as if he was angry I stopped to breathe instead of letting him cum. So now he's managed to get his hands around the blanket so he has the back of my head in his hands. He then says, "Now slut I got you locked in place your not going to move that mouth until I say so... Got that cumdump??" I maintain the promise to myself to not play with my cock or speak to the strangers, but to only service them any way that pleased them and provided me the biggest cumloads to swallow. Once again, I obediently stay still and let him use my mouth and throat, he now speaks a little English and Spanish as he's pistoning his cockmeat down my throat. I hear words like "Fuck your whore mouth," and "Gonna feed you my cum." This abuse went on for I'd say at least 45 minutes straight, I was amazed that this stud hadn't busted a nut or two by now with the deepthroat I was giving him. My mouth and throat were getting sore from the violent cock stabbings that were occurring. He yells out loud," SWALLOW IT BITCH..GONNA SHOOT IT DOWN INTO YOUR BELLY YOU DON'T GET TO TASTE IT WHORE!!!!" And that being said he buries his cockmeat balls deep into my throat, my nose is being tickled by the hairy patch of hair above his cock, the sweaty odor was heady and maked my swollen cock drip more precum. He tightened up and held my head in place as his cock pulsed out the first waves of cum out of his dick. I gagged at the sensation of the spunk blasting my throat, and I coughed as he continued holding my head in place letting the load continue to squirt into my stomach, not letting me have the satisfaction of playing with the load in my mouth like I had with the big creamy load the chubby nerd gave me earlier. He pushed the cum depper down with his cock and continued to slowly throat his cock until it became soft and plopped into my mouth. He says, "Good job slut, keep my email if you ever need to be used like this again." He pulled his pants up and left.
Part 2 continuing my gloryhole experience will be released in tomorrow when I have more time to finish this story I like to describe in detail to help my readers experience how I feel while I'm doing these things and hopefully help a horny reader come hard... please feel free to comment below and let me know if you like it so far and if theres any fantasys that you have that I might have experienced already and could write a story about... Thanks again for reading

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1 month ago
5 months ago
I read the 2nd half first and it doesn't really matter I just busted a huge nut into a condom and drank the whole thing down!
5 months ago
5 months ago
ty...I am in process of the second part of the story as I finish this comment...feel free to check it out once xhamster posts it
5 months ago
Very hot!!!