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It was an uneventful Saturday morning, I ate breakfast and turned on the television. I look at my phone and notice a text came in. It's from my old friend and fuckbuddy, Mike. He texts, "Yo, I got some Viagra, you wanna come and fill my girls pussy with your load today?" I quickly texted back that I was indeed interested. (see.. this guy is in many of my other stories because we have hot fucking times together everytime we meet.) I erase the texts and have him text that he needs help fixing his truck so I can sneak out to fuck. I have him pic me up and he hands me the Viagra as soon as I get in the truck. We drive for a little while and he says, "I'm wasting time so my bitch can get dressed slutty for us," he smiles wickedly. After 15 minutes we arrive at the motel they got. She looks so hot in her sun dress showing her big saggy tits. She looks down at my growing erection in my pants, and licks her lips seductively. I say to her, " I can't wait to feed your slut mouth my hard cock!" She looks me in the eyes, and says, "Oh NO! Anything but that." Mike likes to direct the scene and even though he likes to cuckold, he still likes to control things. He tells me to facefuck his girl, cause she gets majorly hot from the rough deepthroat. I obediently follow his order and push my cock, I'd already been stroking since I entered the motel room, deep down her throat and hold it in place as she gags on it. Her eyes roll back in her head, obviously enjoying my thick cock filling her mouth. I move into position above her in an almost push-up and thrust my cock in and out of her mouth like a pussy. He says, "Look at this slut moaning and gagging on cock!" I fuck her face harder with all his filthy talking. I hear her gasp for air each time I pull out, but I continue to bury my cock down her throat. He hasn't touched by body in quite a while, but he felt compelled to cup my balls in his hand as she sucked my cock. I moan in satisfaction with the dual sensation. He runs his hand up the length and squeezes my cock hard making precum ooze out of my cockhead. They both flick at the head, sharing my clear fluid. He kisses her as he continues to caress my balls with his hand. I lean forward and stroke his short, fat cock in my hand feeling it harden with each stroke. She looks at me at motions for me to slide my cock into her cunt, missionary. I move forward and slide my cock deep into her moist pussy. I'm still playing with his balls as she sucks his cock into her mouth. She grabs my head and moves it closer so I can watch her blow him. I get bored fondling his balls so I lean even closer and suck his ball into my mouth. She smiles around his cock at my forwardness, not knowing I've swallowed many, many of his loads in the past. I lather his big ball and drool spit all over it. She moves down to the other ball, and motions with her eyes for me to take over deepthroating his rock hard cock. I lick my way up the shaft, he grabs his cock and bitch slaps me in the face with it. I moan as he does this, he then unexpectedly roughly grabbed the back of my head and pushed it deep down to the balls on his cock. I felt it throbbing, she moved away from his balls and was up talking dirty in his ear and kissing him as I serviced his cockmeat. I heard her say.." Throatfuck that cockwhore, he seems to be turned on by it!" My head is spinning thinking of this cock burying itself in my throat, and the fact she was talking dirty and liking this bisexual experience for the first time. He leans forward and sucks on her tits, while I'm frantically sucking his cock like it's the last one i'll ever suck. He lets out a loud groan, and I feel his cock tremble as the first blast of cum shot into my mouth. And then a second and third thick blast. I was quite amazed at the amount of cock-seed he fed me. I gently squeezed the head to release and leftover cum I might have missed, and I opened my mouth so they could both see his load. I then tilted my head back and gargled and swished it around in my mouth to savor the taste before I swallowed it. She says that if its not to kinky that she'd like me to go into the bathroom and lay in the empty bathtub and wait for them. I did as I was told and laid in the tub, after a few moments the two entered the bathroom. She climbed in and straddled my face, and spread her pussy lips apart and proceeded to piss in my face. She opened her mouth as she pissed on me and Mike began pissing into her mouth until it was full and drooling out the sides. She paused from filling her mouth to spit the piss on my face and into my open mouth. He aimed the rest of his piss at me, filling my mouth to overflowing. I am so hot at all the humiliation I accidently swallow the piss. She laughs and says, "That's a good little piss-slut!" She climbs off me and I stand up to shower the urine off and continue with making her and me cum. We all go back to the bed and Mike and I feed her a double dicking to her mouth, both of us pushing the others cock aside to stab her throat with thick cock. She greedily gobbles as much cock as she can, I'm thinking to myself that if I were being fed to two cocks at the same time I'd be greedy too. I grab her head as she's sucking Mike, and push it hard down on it, she gags but I don't relent. My rough pushing on her head is pushing Mike towards another orgasm, he quickly moves away from her cocksucking to calm down and not cum too soon. She doesn't miss a beat and quickly inhales my cock. I moan with her pornstar quality headjob. She hears it and starts to increase the pace and depth of her cocksucking. Spit drooling down her face, I feel Mike nuzzling my balls with his mouth, he licks my balls as she's deepthroating me, then he moves away for a moment. I soon feel him behind me and then I feel his cockhead pressing against my asshole, begging for entry. She grabs his shaft and guides it into my quivering asshole. I gasp at first because even though its short, its thick and can stretch your ass open. And I haven't been fucked in my ass since the last time I used a dildo a few months back. He nevertheless ruthlessly thrust his cock into me like he used to when I fucked him 3-4 times a week years ago. I bit my lip and enjoyed the sick headjob se was giving me, and the pain of his thick cock invading my asshole. He fucks me hard, gripping my shoulders to slam his fat cock deeper into me, he then says," I want you to cum in my bitches' mouth so I can taste your load with her, then I'm going to pound your asshole until I nut then I'm going to suck my own load back out." I moan my approval, too lost in the sensation of his cock rubbing hard against my prostate, and his slut girlfriend intensely deepthroating my cock. I reach back and feel his balls, tugging firmly on them, I hear him grunt. He pounds deep into my ass, and then almost as if on cue, he thrusts his cock with each blast of cum he shot up my ass. I at the same time from his extra hard thrusts at the end, made me unleash a huge cumshot into this cock hungry sluts mouth. I hear her moan in satisfaction from tasting my load. She plays with it in her mouth while Mike slides down to slurp the cum out of my asshole as I pushed the load out. It dribbled out as he lapped at my puckered asshole. He then moved close so all three of us could share a thick two load cumkiss together. I couldn't believe this happened again after so many years had past. I am however, glad Mike still is a nasty fucker and can always put together a hot fuck session. We both teamed up to please her, I teased and sucked her tits and nipples, and he fingered and sucked her pussy. He smacked her swollen clit and she squirted across the bed. She put my limp dick in her mouth to suck on while he kept smacking that clit and messing the bed. I grew hard again in her frenzied sucking during her cum squirting. I grab her head and pound my cock into her mouth again, she moans, "MMM HMM MMM HMM," at the same time she pushes Mikes face on her clit and he clamps down and sucks hard on her clit as she's screaming gurgling sounds as I facefuck her. I can't take the sound of her gagging anymore and it was making me to horny, and I unloaded my second load into her throat, pumping my cock in and out to push the load into her stomach. Mike stands up and directs us to lay down with our heads hanging off the bed. I quickly move into position, eager to taste his cock again. She just sits up and lights a cigarette and watches me being a cockwhore now. She makes filthy remarks as he pistons his cock deep down my throat. He likes it and smiles and abuses my mouth, almost suffocating me with his ballsack covering my nostrils when he bottomed out. I still deepthroated him with as much vigor as I could, I mean who knows when I'll get to swallow his cum or any cum for that matter again. She moved over behind him and pushed on his hips making him bury his cock deeper into my throat. I gag and spit drools up my face from being upside down. I stick my tongue out to ease his cock into my throat without gagging as much. He slid in easily, I moved my tongue along the underside of the shaft with each thrust, making him huff and puff as he neared orgasm. I bob my head up to meet this down motion, gargling on spit each time he pounded me. He yells out.."AHHH!!! Holy fuck I'm going to nut down this sluts throat!!!" That being said he blasts my mouth with his third load of the day, and mind you, it didn't seem to be lacking in the least with volume and thickness. It was a big and creamy as the first load I ate from him earlier. I greedily sucked every drop until he pulled away saying that his cock is sore from all the attention. We all shower and he drops me off at home, and says as he's driving off.."Call me again soon if your down for more kinky shit with me and my slut girl." I smile and think to myself..'Your damn right I'll call you soon, if it means I can taste your load again... Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it.. let me know in the comments section...
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