High School Bang

Back when I was in Year 9, I was running late to history class. I was an athletic lad, blond with a sexy body. I was running up the stairs when a group of year 11s stopped me. Their leader, 'Jason' told me I was late,
I told him to 'fuck off.'
He said to his mates, "he's got a tongue on him'
To which I replied 'do I ever. Do you want to feel it?'
Jason walked up to me and began grinding his hips into mine. I stepped back, and he demanded a blow-job. I told him I had class, but I would eat him at lunch. We decided on a toilet block and touched each others growing bulges before I set of to class.

All through history I was thinking about Jason. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to blow him off. Eventually the bell went and I went straight to the toilets. Jason wasn't there, but his posse were. They locked me in a cubicle. When Jason arrived, he told the year seven at the urinal to fuck off, and then he locked the door. He let me out of my cubicle, and tackled me, stripping me naked while kissing my whole body ferociously. He stood up and directed me to sit in the urinalysis and open my mouth. He pissed in my mouth for a good minute and then told me to suck of his huge Aussie cock. His dick was just beginning to twitch when he withdrew from my mouth. He said I could fight him: if I beat him, he would suck me. If he beat me, he would pound me up the ass. We fought for ten minutes, rolling around on the pissy floor. Of course, he beat me, and he made me luck his whole body clean. He then put me on my hands and knees and prepared behind me. He entered me in one go, with no warning. I screamed from his massive penis. Jason ignored me and kept slamming his hips and ball-sack into my ass-cheeks. He rode me until he cummed. He told me I had a nice tight ass. He also said he would give mr duly lessons so he and his Mayes could fuck me whenever they wanted. He sucked his cum out of my ass and then kissed it to me, forcing me to swallow. We walked out as if nothing had happened.
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2 years ago
fuck yeah....keep writing dude ;)