Brendan and Tim

I have two friends named Brendan and Tim. They are both bisexual and have recently become partners. Brendan was a huge 25yo stud, and Tim was a 19yo twink with blue eyes and blonde hair.

One day, as they were preparing for their second sexual experience, they were watching some nude wrestling porn. They were both supporting different people. Tim said "Go fuck him," towards his wrestler.
Brendan responded "did i say you could talk, Cunt"
"Why are you my manager"
"Causes i fucked you last time. I'm the cock, your the cunt"
This was stirring Tim into a fury, so he pushed Brendan. Brendan took off his shirt and pushed him back. They both stripped and decided they would fight to be top. Brendan easily won, so Tim suggested that htey jack each other and see who can hold of cumming the longest. Brendan was a Man-hoar, so he lost. He then said that he wanted to see who could cum the most and furthest in one ejaculation. Brendan one, and wiped TIms face in the Cum. TIm then challanged brendan to a nude strip walking around the block. First they removed their shoes, then their ties, then their socks, their shirts etc. That had no winner.
In the end they decided they would both piss on each other, suck each other and then fuck each other. Tim Pissed on Brendan. Brendan then took a HUGE piss on tim. They then went into 69. Where Tim finished his piss into Brendan's Mouth. Brendan said that Tim was smarter than him, got up jumped on him and started fucking.

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3 years ago
my cousins are brendan and tim