Natalie couldn't play!!!

While Natalie has been out of action she took it into her own hands to ‘make me happy’.

She started by looking on a local swinger site looking for men and women for me, and found a couple which we contacted.
A girl named Emma was interested in sl**ping with someone on the big side and who would like to be dominated. So we arranged a date to meet and talk. When meeting we talked about normal things as Emma was a little shy to open up in public so arranged a day for her to come over to our place. When arriving she had a case which was soon going to be our best friend for the weekend. Natalie left us to talk for a while so I could see what turned Emma on and what were her turn offs and the same with me. After an hour we headed upstairs where Natalie had made herself comfortable on the reclining settee and had the cameras nearby. Emma headed for the on suite and undressed and dressed in something sexy.
Just to give you an insight on Emma she was 5ft 9’ and around 8st blonde long hair which was platted and had 34dd breasts. She had a small petite figure but the breasts were amazing.

When she came out of the toilet she was wearing a leather corset with some red lacy crotch less knickers on and had knee high boots and smelt amazing she put her case on the bed and told me to undress and I obliged. She entered her case and pulled out a huge dildo and told me “this is for you later”. I smiled and Natalie blew me a kiss she also pulled out a strap on and started putting it on.

Come and suck on this I was ordered. I sucked on it getting it nice and wet turn around I want all of this inside of you. Emma started putting the strap on inside my ass with just my spit lubricating it until Emma started spitting on my puckered arsehole. Wincing a little but thriving on the strap on I started slipping it further in as my cock grew harder Emma reached round and started stroking it calling me a good boy for taking the strap on and started fucking my ass making me moan and groan more than ever.

Natalie had started taking pictures and little film clips.

Emma fucked my ass for a while then started to slow and took the long cock out my ass. She took the strap on off. Emma then put me on all fours and lubed her hand and started fisting my ass. OMG this was my first time being fisted and its was so enjoyable, at fist it hurt but once she got going it gave me immense pleasure as I shot my load on the laminate flooring and ordered to clean it up with my tongue while still being fisted. Through the pleasure I couldn’t lick the cum up and once Emma had finished I was shaking with excitement. After this I sat shaking for a while I saw Emma sitting watching. I looked at the big black dildo waiting for me and knew it was going to struggle to get that in my ass but I would love every minute of it. Seeing that and looking back to Emma I saw that she had had a vibrator in her pussy all this time and had started to squirm and squirt.

Emma saw me watching and said naughty boy clean up your spunk. I did as I was told and slurped it up. Emma then lubed the dildo up and made me sit on it while licking her pussy clean of her juices, as sitting on the dildo surprisingly it slipped straight in as Emma lowered herself onto my now hard cock again. Grinding in Emma’s pussy and feeling the dildo deep in my ass was a great feeling and within moments I was squirting the contents of my balls inside Emma’s juicy wet cunt.

After finishing up I was ordered to lick the pussy clean and swallow all of my cum again. Emma stayed the night in the guest room and I had truly had my fix for that weekend anyway.

The following weekend we had arranged to meet a bi male named Craig. We drove to a local car park and had decided we were going to fuck in the car. Me and Craig had been chatting online before hand and had cams together liking what we saw we were here in the car park. As I flashed the headlights at the white ford focus he walked over to our car and I got out. He undone my trousers straight away and started sucking my cock which I wasn’t expecting. As he was sucking my cock he undid his trousers and got his large cock out which I started wanking. He stopped sucking and turned me round spit on his cock and slid it into my ass thrusting hard and got us going in the wintery conditions. After getting very warm and excited he unloaded his cum into my hole and lowered my ass over his mouth. I gave a push and let his cum drip out of my ass. And once licking my ass clean I returned the favour and did the same after gathering a crowd of doggers having a watch and a little fumble here and there. But having communicated with Craig before this was exciting and have planned to meet again very soon.

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