The fiancée fucking her other men!!!!

This was an email written by my fiancée Natalie about one of our sexual experiences to one of our friends abroad into being cucked.

We have been excited by these new experimental situations and ordered a room last weekend and put an advertisement on a local website asking for 5 black men to chat to us and then hopefully meet. Surprisingly we had 25 replies within an hour with attaching the same photo as in this email. We started chatting to a few of them and a few sounded horrible and not nice at all. After messaging a few there was a few that i liked and started getting pictures from them i was surprised how well hung a few of them were. I felt like this was going to be a porn movie or something. Anthony was quite surprised too. After Anthony had chatted with a few of them we decided to up the number from 5 to 8. We exchanged numbers and said we would meet at a local pub in the town centre. We all agreed we would dress as if going to a business meeting so were all dressed smart. When we arrived there were four of the lads there already chatting and drinking and then they saw me and their eyes lit up. Ant went over and introduced himself and i gave them all a kiss and sat down while ant got drinks. They started asking sexual questions while ant got drinks and i couldn't help but blush but reply at the same time. 3 of the other men walked in together and went straight to the bar and noticed ant from the picture and introduced themselves.

Ant waited for them to get drinks and walked over with them.

We all sat and talked for around an hour and asked if they would like to make their way to the hotel and we moved from the pub to hotel which was around 5 minutes’ walk away. One of the lads started grabbing my arse in the street which started to turn me on and others started feeling my tits. i said now now wait till we get to the room, and they did as they were told. We got to the hotel and the 8 black lads put together and paid for the hotel room which me and ant thought was nice but after all they were going to abuse me to their satisfaction and of course mine and ants. We got to the room and immediately started stripping and one of the lads started stoking my pussy with his fingers and lay me down on the bed, he then started stripping and the others started stripping off and wanking watching as played with my soaking pussy. Ant sat in the corner watching and playing of course. i started sucking a huge black cock and had another two in my hand while a smallish cock started rubbing up against my pussy. He slid straight into my wet pussy and was around the same size as ant and could feel him pounding my pussy as i swapped cocks from mouth to hand and alternating turns. As in our ad we asked one of the guys to be bi sexual and he had started sucking ants cock as he watched me. The huge cock that i had been sucking had worked his way down from my mouth to hands and was now waiting for a go at my pussy which was now full of my cum after i had cum a number of times already. He picked me up and turned me over so i was sitting on his cock. He started to ease it into me but as you probably know it started to hurt a little at the start so added some lube which i hadn’t used in ages. He added some to his cock and slid it into me gently he started thrusting his cock into me thrusting deeper and deeper each time until he was balls deep in me. Anthony loved seeing this and blowed his load into Michael’s mouth. After seeing this i turned my attention back to the again wanting cocks in my mouth and hands. Ant was swapping his own cum with Michael mouth to mouth.

One of the lads had moved over to ant and said suck this which he did. I still had this large cock in me and was riding it and groaning loud. I had one of the lads come up behind me and put lube on i wanted to experience double penetration and he eased his cock into my arse. He started slowly and i picked up speed as it started sliding in and out. Ant was still sucking cock and the huge cock below me was about to blow now i had three dicks inside of me one in my mouth the others in my arse and cunt. James had one last thrust and came in me. I could feel it warm and thick running down my now gaping fanny. Ant stopped sucking John's dick and came over to clean up after Carl had finished with my arse. Carl after around what seemed to be another three thrusts after James had cum cum in my arse. Ant lay on the bed as i eased myself of the cocks and started slurping up the sperm, as Michael eased himself into ants arse ant didn't attempt to stop this at all and let it happen he started moaning and came all over the sheets as Michael must have hit his spot, ant and Michael swapped the sperm out of my arse and fanny and Michael slurped up the spunk of the sheets. Yash and Daniel then said our turns and walked over and fucked me again double penetrating me again. They fucked me until they cum and ant and Michael shared the cum again but this time with me. There were three more men to go and the same sequence happened all cumming inside of me. Anthony seemed to have enjoyed this and was rock hard again so i gave him my arse and he fucked it as he got fucked by Michael as the others watched. We all held of cumming until ready together and we all exploded together. We lay there exhausted but happy with our experiences a few of the men had started washing and dressing and getting ready to leave as we lay there with Michael exhausted. I hadn’t noticed but Michael was well hung as well at least 9' long and a inch and a half wide. When ready to leave the lads said bye but Michael stayed and we all cuddled together and fell to sl**p. We awoke early the next morning i was sore but wanted it again Anthony was in the bathroom so i started rubbing Michaels cock and as it was morning it was already hard and took it in my mouth. Anthony entered again and smiled seeing me do this Michael had started to stir as he was half a sl**p still and started to move his hips with excitement. Anthony started licking my lips down below getting me ready for another cock i was dripping with juices and sat on Michaels cock and rode it till he cum. Anthony watched and waited for him to finish before slurping his cock dry. Michael then showered and left and Anthony drained my pussy of the juices left. We then showered together and dressed and left for work. All day all i could think about was what happened last night and left for the toilet around four times during the day to play with myself cause i was so excited. When i arrived home Anthony had cooked a meal and we ate and then went to bed and made love not once but twice. and the needed much deserved rest.

This happened last Sunday night and enjoyed myself so much and hopes Anthony did too.

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Wow that was so hot i'm still hard thanks