The Fiancée and her work colleague

Natalie had been working at her workplace for over four years. A new person had started and she didn’t shut up about him a neither did Laura. After several weekends passed since Dan had been working with Natalie we met and I was surprised at how skinny he was and Natalie liking him. As I’m 6’4 and 18st and Natalie usually likes the well built/big lads. He was 6ft and no heavier than 13st. We were having another one of our famous BBQ and had invited some of Natalie’s work mates round as well as mine. That night Natalie started discussing fantasies. It had been a while since we had discussed our sexual fantasies and hadn’t experienced anything since Laura. She started by asking whether it turned me on thinking of her with another man, immediately she knew it did as I had a bulge in my shorts itching to get out. I let my hand wonder down the front of Natalie’s shorts and knickers and started playing with her lips, she was so wet. I had never seen her this excited before over fantasy and to be honest she had never felt this wet during sex. As I glided my fingers through her pubic hair and rubbed her clit she started to moan. I asked her whether she wanted a larger cock inside of her pounding her pussy and she writhed in orgasm. After sex I asked if she had someone in mind and as I had guessed had already asked Dan to come over the next weekend. She had told Dan I wouldn’t be in a she wanted no strings sex and didn’t want anything to come between them work or in friendship he was just seeing to her need of satisfaction and thinking to myself which man would not take this offer. I imagine not many.

After a long week and many irritable hours at work I was frustrated as Natalie hadn’t given me any sex saving herself for Dan at the weekend I had been flirting with another TA I know this is wrong as I have a loving the fiancée but we are open to new ideas. Her name was Miss Brown. I didn’t usually go for small blondes but miss Brown is 5ft tall and petite has the same size boobs as Natalie but looking bigger as she was a little shorter and a firm arse. We had flirted and fooled around a bit but not as much as that Friday afternoon. We had headed out to my car for lunch and she had started rubbing my cock on top of my trousers. I backed away a little as she knew about Natalie. But after a phone call with Natalie she wanted to listen in without Miss Brown knowing, I put my phone in the phone holder and left the call activated but locked my phone. She started rubbing my cock again and unzipped my trousers she moved my boxers and started stroking my cock she leant over and started sucking my cock, that warm sensation of her saliva hitting the shaft of my cock. I couldn’t believe my luck my fiancée was on the phone listening in while I had my cock sucked by a beautiful blonde. She pulled down her pants and pulled my hands towards her pussy which I started to rub. It was soaking wet all ready and seemed a little easy for me to enter her hole. I started fingering her as she moaned on my cock I could hear Natalie moaning on the phone and surprised Miss Brown didn’t hear her. As Miss Brown neared orgasm she let go of my cock with her mouth and moved her fanny over my cock and slid it in to her I warned her that I hadn’t got a condom, but this didn’t bother her and she rode my cock in my car. As we both moaned in orgasm and cum together we both herd Natalie screaming in orgasm. Miss Brown asked if it was Natalie and said hi to her and asked if she enjoyed hearing me being fucked. She replied with “my fingers are all sticky I must have” they both laughed and Miss Brown left me to talk to Natalie. Natalie asked if I had enjoyed it and I muttered yes with embarrassment and Natalie replied with “I enjoyed it and my fanny’s still going to be tight for Dan” I said I love her and hung up.

When arriving home I began cooking when my phone rang I answered and it was Natalie saying prepare dinner for three. I prepared food and went for a shower after my adventures of that afternoon.

Natalie arrived home and fell through the door passionately kissing Dan they headed straight for the bedroom and the antics began. I followed up swiftly and took a seat in the corner of the room and Dan asked if I liked watching my wife being fucked by a bigger cock. I smiled and said go ahead. He pulled down his trousers and told Natalie to suck his cock. She did as she was told by Dan, I had never demanded anything of Natalie but she seemed to thrive on it more and became grossly interested in sucking Dan’s cock, he then demanded she got on all fours and begged for his cock, she did so and smiled at me. Dan then asked if I wanted to get involved but the only way I could touch Natalie is after I performed one sexual act on him. So I undressed and headed over to Dan and tweaked his nipples Natalie laughed and told me to stop being silly and suck his cock, “I’ve seen you do it with my vibrators” Natalie said. I got down on my knees and started sucking Dan’s cock with Natalie pushing my head backwards and forwards and Dan picked up pace as well. His cock was hard and started to swell up with pre cum as it dribbled into my mouth. His cock was around 8’ ½ inches and thick unlike mine which is the average 6 inches. His balls were huge as they hit my chin swinging backwards and forwards and had obviously saved himself for the weekend. He took his cock out of my mouth and ordered Natalie to ease herself onto his cock she did so with a moan and a groan as he entered her inch by inch. This was the first cock Natalie had had other than mine, and was taking it well considering mine looked shockingly small compared to Dan’s. She started picking up speed as she writhed in orgasm on his cock squirting a little as I climbed underneath her to gain access to her clit. Dan was picking up speed making Natalie have the longest orgasm I had witnessed, he took his cock out and stuffed it in my mouth and the taste was fantastic Natalie’s juices all over a cock, once sucking on his cock for a while he slowly started pushing into her arse she begged him not to but seeing her doing something I had never done was exciting and I pushed Dan into her and she moaned at the sheer size and was nearly in tears. But I pushed her up and entered her fanny and for the first time Natalie was being double penetrated and was starting to enjoy the sensation she was getting from the two cocks pushing in and out of her. Dan was growing in pace and ready to burst as he moaned and cum in Natalie’s arse. As I carried on fucking her fanny I could feel Dan’s cum dribbling down towards her cunt. I added my sperm to Natalie’s fanny as Dan’s was sliding in and out on my cock. Dan stroked my cock once I had finished and told Natalie to suck it dry and did this for both of us and Dan was beginning to get hard again after Natalie sucked his cock. As I was lying on the bed now I watched as Dan playing with Natalie’s cream pie fingering the cum in and out of her. He entered her fanny and started fucking her again and within minutes they was reaching climax again and Dan adding more juices to Natalie’s already full fanny. Natalie then asked me to clean her up only using my tongue and sharing it with her. I had done this with Laura and Natalie before and liked the taste of the cum sliding down my throat. I savoured the taste and shared it with Natalie and Dan. We headed for our bathroom and showered together kissing and fondling, we dressed and ate together and then Dan left.

Obviously the events that had happened earlier in the day had pushed Natalie over the edge and sent her wild for sex.

We snuggled on the sofa that evening and fell asl**p.

These events are all true and myself and Natalie want to share as it gives us great pleasure you enjoying our past experiences. We have many more and want to share them all. All comments are welcome and would love feedback on the writing side as I would like to improve where possible.

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2 years ago
excellent! Keep Dan around for both of you.
2 years ago
Rock hard reading this, well done guys
3 years ago
sounds fantastic
3 years ago
Very nice way you two have gotten into swinging. Keep up the good work....;)