A threesome arranged by my fiancée

One night around a year ago we were sitting on our patio after having a BBQ and a few guests round including our friend who we will call ‘Laura’ we had said our goodbyes to our friends and after cleaning and putting everything away after many drinks me and my fiancée Natalie started discussing our sexual fantasies Natalie started by admitting that she had fantasised about having a girl on girl session with one of our best friends but of course this was just fantasy. After she had told me what she would like to do I had already whipped my cock out and started stroking it. After she had finished telling me what she had wanted to do with Laura she had started rubbing her fanny and spreading her lips, I then started my fantasy telling Natalie that I would love to have a threesome with her and Laura thinking this is what Natalie wanted to hear but once the words had left my lips Natalie covered herself up and headed into the house. I now felt that had crossed a line of some sort and was worried as we had always been open and new that fantasy was fantasy and nothing would come of it. I headed back into the house and was greeted by Natalie wearing her black stockings and suspender belt with her black bra. After closing the French doors leading out onto the patio I drew the blinds and took Natalie in my arms and passionately kissed her plunging my tongue to the back of her throat. After a long kissing and groping session Natalie took my t-shirt off and shorts and boxers down together and started wanking me off asking if I would like to see her being eaten out by Laura and by the twitch in my cock Natalie knew the answer as she yanked on it hard. “Would you like to see Laura stick her fingers and tongue in and out of my pussy” she asked with another hard yank on my cock as it twitched.
She then got on her knees and put my cock in her mouth I could feel her hot saliva hitting my shaft and as she deep throated my cock she started to gag a little bit but carried on sucking my cock while whipping her tongue around it. She told me to lie down and as always I did as I was told. I lay down on my back and she pushed her fanny onto my mouth and I started lashing her pussy lips and clit with my tongue. I could taste her juices flowing into my mouth as she moaned Laura’s name and not mine, once again she had started sucking my cock as she had twisted round into the 69 position without me noticing until I felt her warm mouth around my cock. She then stopped before I was about to blow. She then lifted her fanny from my mouth and teased my cock rubbing it between her lips and hitting her clit. After her teasing me for a couple of minutes she slipped my ready to burst cock into her pussy while moaning Laura’s name this turned me on so much and I was ready to cum within seconds of being in her she screamed “Laura fuck me with your strap on” and once she had said this I burst lashing her insides with my cum.

Once cleaning up we headed to bed and talked for a while before Natalie fell to sl**p in my arms. The next morning to my surprise as usual Natalie had awoken before me and was dressing for work she walked over once dressed kissed me and headed for the doorway stopped and turned round she smiled and said “I will speak to Laura today at work about our little fantasies” she turned and left for work. At dinner she rang me and knowing I was in a classroom kept it short and sweet saying “Laura said yes and you will have a surprise when you I get home from work Love you” and she hung up. Sitting in the classroom behind my desk I had the hugest hard on ever, not even knowing what Natalie had asked Laura. I couldn’t wait to get home but then once I got home I still had an hour wait. I sat waiting flicking through the channels on the TV. I heard Natalie’s car door open and shut but nothing else, had I got the wrong end of the stick or had she asked her to do something further down the line, once Natalie had come in she smiled and headed for the bedroom and I followed. Once in the bedroom Natalie unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor she was wearing the stockings from last night and as she started taking her knickers down I noticed she had two pairs on and the first pair I hadn’t seen before. She asked me to assist her and then take a long sniff on them so I did the smell wasn’t Natalie’s I could tell Natalie’s smell after sniffing on hers a few times a week while knocking one out. This was a sweeter smell a more pungent sex smell and this is when I realised these knickers had been worn by Laura all day today. Natalie asked if I liked that and started playing with her soaking wet pussy she poked and fingered herself as I wanked myself of sniffing on Laura’s knickers cumming within minutes after taking in deep breathes of the sweet smell of Laura’s juices. Natalie was in full swing and writhing in orgasm as she pulled her fingers in and out of her fanny. After helping her out and after her feeling finished we lay and kissed for a while before she spoke saying “Friday night will be the night hunny” and left to prepare dinner.

As the week progressed I became more and more frustrated thinking about getting Laura and Natalie together in our bed and when Friday came I finished marking at school and left for home tidying up and getting the bedroom ready for a night to remember. I prepared candles and put fresh sheets on the bed I gathered our collection of sex toys and put them in the bedside cabinet as I was hoping Natalie and Laura would use them on each other. I then headed for the kitchen and prepared the lamb shank for roasting with potatoes and various vegetables. Natalie arrived home around 5:15pm and was alone explaining Laura would be joining us around 7pm ready for dinner. Natalie headed upstairs to get ready and had a shower which I had already had after preparing the bedroom. Natalie then straightened her hair and put on some light makeup as I watched on in the living room as the roast started to sizzle in the oven. Natalie looked stunning as usual and was wearing a skimpy skirt with a low cut pink top and her pink stockings. Laura arrived knocking the door around 7:10pm and letting herself in entering the living room. Laura had a glow about her but the first thing I had noticed was that they were wearing the same outfit and had clearly discussed this. Laura asked what was for dinner and Natalie replied “me” Laura smiled and walked towards the kitchen asking if I wanted a hand I said sure as we walked past each other there seemed to be a connection of hot lust and guilt at the same time as I had never been with another women other than Natalie as she walked past me she grazed my hand with hers and passed me the dishing out spoon making sure I felt her soft warm hand and her breath on the back of my neck and we started dishing out. We ate dinner and I prepared desert of ice cream strawberries and fresh cream. Bringing it through to the dining area Natalie and Laura were in deep conversation and clearly talking about the events that was going to occur as they started to whisper as I entered. We ate desert and moved to the living area the girls drinking another glass of wine and myself enjoying a cold beer. Once sitting on the settee Laura leaned over and kissed Natalie while placing her drink on a coffee table. Natalie kissed her back on the cheek before moving closer to her lips until they were in full kissing motion entering their tongues into each other’s mouth this automatically made me hard.

Natalie asked if Laura wanted to head to the bedroom, Laura shot to her feet and grabbed my hand “come on big boy” as she had noticed my hard on. I was being led to a bedroom by another girl and Natalie was embracing the feeling herself, it was a sense of euphoria after seeing thousands of fanny’s as a teenager surfing the web and now seeing my second in real person which I would be allowed to taste touch and fuck. Laura and Natalie headed for the bathroom when they returned they only had stockings and suspender belts on. Natalie is a size six and has a nice bust 36bb I’ve always said “more than a handful is a waste” and her breasts were enough for me as I’m more of an arse guy. But with them standing next to each other I could compare, and I was told to do this by Natalie. Natalie had a nice curvy body her love handles were always sticking out wanting to be grabbed her boobs were smaller than Laura’s but sat perfectly. Her arse curved further down than Laura’s and protruded out further. Natalie looked pale compared to Laura. Laura seemed to have a glow about her after returning from holiday three weeks before. She was brown all over and had obviously been sunbathing nude. The first thing I noticed about Laura’s body was her curves comparing to Natalie she was a bit plump but only a size ten and her curves seemed to have more to them. Moving down her body her pubic hair was neatly trimmed with only a line heading down towards her slit while Natalie’s was shaven just as I liked it.

Natalie turned to Laura and kissed her as I compared she then knelt and began munching on her minge opening her legs as she was standing I could see a glimpse of her clit and her lips. I began to take my shirt and trousers off and sat in my boxers Natalie and Laura had headed over to the bed and Laura had lay down spreading her legs so Natalie could get in there and give it a good licking. At this point I got my cock out its not huge at 6’ and I have been circumcised and started stoking my shaft. Laura swapped positions with Natalie and began coating Natalie’s fanny with her saliva ready for me to put my cock in her. I walked over to the bed where Laura was on all fours licking Natalie’s fanny and teased her cunt with my cock. She was wet enough for me to push the first inch in but could go no further in her tight hole, so Natalie lifted herself up and started sucking my cock as I left Laura’s fanny. I felt Natalie’s warm mouth engulf my cock the warmness and wetness sending shivers down my spine she then stopped and Laura took over sucking and licking my cock and balls. After I was nicely wet enough to enter Laura she got back on all fours and I slipped straight into her hole and started feeling her warm juices meeting my cock. Laura’s fanny was a little different to Natalie’s her clit wasn’t so big and her lips seem to pout where as Natalie had a huge clit which I would suck on and her lips were tighter and more held together. But all the same the feeling of euphoria rose in my body again as I was fucking another woman reaching round and feeling her breasts she gave out little shrieks as I tweaked her nipples along with the moans of orgasm as I fucked her harder. Natalie had reached for a toy a gold vibrator which was one of her favourites, it had a plastic coating which had nodules on it to increase pleasure, she passed it to Laura and told her to lick her clit while fucking her with the vibrator and Natalie was soon writhing with orgasm and letting her juices flow into Laura’s mouth. Once Natalie and Laura had both cum together they insisted that I fucked Natalie while Natalie fucked Laura. Laura entered her handbag and pulled out a strap on to my surprise, Natalie strapped it on and Laura began sucking it. Laura and Natalie then asked me to suck it and gave me tips on how to suck cock properly sucking and licking at the same time. Once wet enough Laura again on all fours took the 8’ strap on bit by bit as her fanny adjusted to the size. I then entered Natalie having all of Laura’s juices on my cock as I was pounding Natalie she would thrust forwards fucking Laura and within minutes I could see Laura had finished leaving me and Natalie.

She then asked me if I would like a go confused I said “of what” this she turned me round and started entering the strap on into my arse. “Oh my GOD” I screamed letting it slip further into my arse. In my wildest of dreams I never thought this would happen but it was and Natalie had started thrusting while I buried my face into Laura’s holes moving my tongue from fanny to arse tasting the sweet taste of Laura. After Natalie had finished fucking my arse and grew tiered Laura swapped and carried on fucking my arse as I got inside my fiancée, Laura certainly had done this before and within seconds I was reaching my climax as she probed at my prostate with the strap on cock. I emptied my sack into Natalie’s fanny and lay exhausted after a brilliant night of sex and our first threesome. But the night was far from over as Laura scooped down and started licking the cum from Natalie’s fanny not missing a drop and then asking me to take some from her mouth. I had never tasted my own cum before but obliged and we shared my cum swirling it from mouth to mouth and then finally all three of us had an equal amount and all swallowed together. Then lying together cuddling up to me in both arms to perfect women Natalie and Laura.

Good to say our friendship is still alive today and Natalie and Laura still work together. We see each other most weekends but strictly as friends. We have shared one more experience together but that's for another time.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences and hope you comment leaving feedback on what i can improve on in further writings.

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11 months ago
super hot story, thanks
1 year ago
Really hot story
2 years ago
great story luckey guy
3 years ago
Outstanding story!!
3 years ago
Excellent story and very well written. Totally erotic. Why can't there be more women like that? Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
June 14, 2011. Absolutely superb and very erotic and exciting. Congratulations.