mom`s panties 2

Mom Pantie`s 2

Well in the days to follow I started seeing my mom in a different light (well pardon the pun) she become more brave around the house and she even requested me on a couple occasions to join her in walking around naked ,which I must say I don’t know which one of us enjoyed it more .
In the mornings after her shower she would come into my room with a towel still wrapped around her and her clothing for that day “honey! wake up “ come on wake up !! “ she would be dressing right in front of me giving me a show and then deliberately drying her hairy pussy “ Roger, do u like my hairy bits ,or do u think I must shave it off “? What do you think? with that she squatted right in front of me and gave me a kiss on the forehead with her soft titties swaying in my face , I could not let a chance like that pass so I grabbed on and sucked on her beautiful pink nipples which were hard already “mmmm” she moaned “ “ roger ,we don’t have time for this now maybe later ,she pulled away ,drying off her body further .
My morning erection was now very hard and in need of some help, my mom was half dressed she only had her panties and skirt to put on, so I could not resist, I snatched her panties before she even had a chance to blink “roger come on I need to go to work “well mom, you are just going have to go to work with out or you could go with wet cum soaked ones which it going to be? “ “Well if you promises its going to be quick and you are not going to make too much of a mess or a breakfast out of my clean washed pussy “ “no mom , never I still have manners “ come on mom up u get !
I quickly turned on my back and through the blankets of ,mom then climber over me with her ass facing me and her head facing down to my hard erection (like a 69 position) come on roger .i have a several important meetings I need to attend to today. Mom`s pussy was glistering and I can see there is sticky fluid of some sort between her lips which are now opening slowing while she is getting squat over my face , this is what I call breakfast in bed “roger !! Behave yourself I am still your mother and a lady. mom wrapped my hard cock with her black lacy panties making sure the gusset is over the head of my penis ,and with a firm grip she stated stroking it ,up ,down up, down slowly with an ever increasing pace
Meanwhile I had a pussy in my face licking all I can (mom you do taste fine! “Thanks boy with her long protruding inner lips and sweet smelling pubic hair of that mornings shower, what more do you want, than you mother on top of you helping you with an early morning release. Mom was helping on as well “come on honey, cum for mommy, cum in my panties, just for me to wear today, come on big boy, I want to feel u the whole day
Mom was self-getting hotter , with her moans of joys getting louder , I then pushed her up and swapped my tong for a couple fingers , roger , what are you doing to me honey . I started massaging her clit which were getting bigger “where did you learn to do this honey? it’s awfully nice please just keep on what you doing, I am going to cum with her big labia lip is now clasping around my fingers and producing a suction noise, she now put her whole mouth over my pantie covered dick and was giving me a sort of dry mouth blow job “how does that feel honey “, I was too busy fingering my mother pussy now. “Roger, you making me late for my appointments “
“honey just a little bit more with your tong and I will be their honey “ with that I pulled out my fingers , with that I pulled out a whole lot of sticky pre-cum from her pussy .mom was now ready to explode . “ make me cum ,honey please I need it “ fuck me dammit , yes, you heard me ,fuck your mother dearest “ mom got up from over my face , and grabbed my hard cock , yanked her panties of , and planted my cock right inside of her “ ooo that feels good honey , roger are you ready for it , its going to be your best ride of your life , so make it worth it , I am late all ready but hell I am going to enjoy it “
I was feeling very unsure of myself but yet trying to pose as if I was confident and know what I was doing , I wanted to pleasure my mother the same time “ honey push a little faster and harder , I won’t break , I love you my son ,show mommy how much you care and love me .i was now trusting and push my cock so deep into her I thought I would come out her mouth she was start to arch her back and still with her work clothing on and her skirt right up passed her hips mom was now getting to blow , my cock was now telling me things that its now time , “ mom I am going to cum ,mum what about …… honey don’t worry about that just let it happen deep inside of me please very deep inside of me , my cock was now fighting it way in mom pussy , the sounds that coming from there is ,its sound like a pulling a plug from a bath tub , “ honey are you enjoying this first time experience ? (mom, I know I am going to regret this ) with one more thrust moooooom I am comingggg aaaaaa!! Honey more please more “ with that I spurted a wad of cum right into my mother’s pussy ,Omg that feels so amazing inside me ,honey !! mom screamed out .we collapsed into each other’s arms ,holding each other glowing in the heat of the moment , you know now honey that I am not going to make my appointment at all “mom, why don’t you spend the day with me and don’t go to work “”no, honey I need to go I have so much to do and people to see ,but I promise you I will try to come home early for you ,but keep in mind one of my girlfriends are coming over to night for some drinks and chat ,
Mom ,got up with cum dripping out of her pussy she bent down put my limp cock in her mouth and sucked it clean “I luff the taste of that “ and she pick up her panties and put them on ,with the one hand she placed it on her crotched and rubbed ,making sure that whatever fluid is there is being dried by her panties “I am going to itch the whole day long from this cum soad panties I have to wear as I don’t have time to go and clean ,its all you fault ,roger wait until tonight I have a surprise for you

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Soo fuckin' HOT. Mom and her friend ... Hmmm. Hope you post the next one quickly.