mom`s panties

the story unfolded around about 1997 ,I was 17 .My dad well he left me and mom many years back we had to defend for our own so that put in me in a certain position where I had to be my mother little boy and the man in the house . We lived in a small semidetached in an average town . Mom at work the whole day and me well at school.
my mom, well she was a real hot looker if you asked me , tall red hair girl with 38 dd well-formed tittles (which I was lucky enough some time to get a gimps of and many times I was caught “Roger , what are you looking at ….) And she has the most beautiful little lumpish ass
well story , begins on a very hot summers day , I just got home ,I stripped naked and laid on my bed , just day dreaming when my mind turns to the blond teacher at school , “ was she hot today , I was sure I could see straight through that blouse she was wearing “ with these thoughts my lower extremities woke up and before I could do anything it was rock hard and throbbing ,my one hand made it way down there and started to stroking it . my mind kept drifting off to the thoughts of my history teacher ,she was naked next to me ,and I was playing with her nipples ,squeezing them mm mm she moan …… “ HONEY I AM HOME , ROGER MOMMY IS HOME !!! O SHIT MOM`S HOME I MUST OF DOSED OF IN A DAY DREAM ,I WAS STILL NAKED AND TRIED TO COVER BUT IT WAS TO LATE MOM WAS STANDING IN THE DOOR WAY
What you doing honey , she walked closer to the bed where I was sitting trying to cover my naked body , “ mom ,I was …” “it’s okay honey ,its only me your mother .” come on let me see “ she pulled the duvet off my and their I was but naked with a big hard cock in my hand “ mm mm my you are big ,can i touch it ?”but before I could say a thing she was stroking it “ what you doing mom “helping you honey “ she stepped back , junked up her skirt to reveal a red pair of French cut bikinis , she pulled them down expose her beautiful bush of pubic hair ,they were shimmering in the light from the days moister
“Okay bay hush now and just relax and enjoy “she pick up her panties from the floor and rapped around my erect cock . This was the most amazing feeling, soft silky lace. the cotton gusset was covering the head of my cock “ how does this feel honey “ mom was standing in front of me now ,” come on honey come and smell my pussy !!” she grabbed me behind my head and pushed me into her hairy pussy . this was heaven the very first time I have been anywhere near a woman’s pussy , and boy did it smell good , I was going all hard and urge to start playing with my cock , “ come on honey , cum for mommy in her panties come on do it for me “ I started slowly jerking ,and jerking my cock “ come on bay smell my pussy I know you want to “ her pussy was very wet from the days moister ,my face was covered with the smell “ mom , I am going to cum “ “ go for it babes , all over mommies panties please “ with another jerk or two I felt warm liquid in my hands , the panty gusset was soaked in it I felt good “ mom that was good “ I fell back wards wanting curl up . “ roger !!! Mom is going now!!! to start supper “ one eye open I saw my mother from the back walking towards the door , she still had hear skirt waist high and all I can see was these long legs and great looking ass “ honey ,stop looking at my ass , and when you finished with my pantie please throw it in the wash ,will you “ is that my mother , the one that just allowed me to smell her pubic hair and cum in her panties , no way ..!”
After a great shower and putting on a pair of boxer shorts and t-shirt I went down to see what my mother was doing and talk to her what happened.
As I came around the corner of the kitchen, mom was bending down to take the casserole dish out of the oven. all I saw was a bare ass and some of my her dark red hairs what a sight ,she was only wearing a silky sl**p shirt that didn’t cover much . “mom, you not wearing any panties ,why” well ,son now that we saw each other naked I don’t think it should be a problem anymore , if you want to walk around naked around the house or if I want which I go knackeries a lot of times to work and around here “ with that said I placed my hand on her bare ass and squeeze , “I love you mom “
Carry on like this and I will have to leave a pair of panties on your bed everyday
This was the start of my fetish with woman’s panties and adventure with my mum

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2 months ago
how I started loving panties was wearing my moms
3 months ago
1 year ago
very hot
1 year ago
love it
2 years ago
Great mom, she understand her boy.
3 years ago
WOW. What a great beginning to a story. That red bush really got to me.
3 years ago
what a great mom !!!
3 years ago
mmmm love licking and smelling panties
3 years ago
Nice mom
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago