Dream Lovers

I awoke that morning with the vivid images exciting both my mind and my cock. I sat on the edge of the bed and replayed my dream in my head. The dream was so graphic; it was like watching a video on a high definition TV.

I could feel my cock in its semi rigid state and the wetness as my pre-cum leaked onto my leg. I stood and moved into the bathroom to shave and shower. Ann lay asl**p, unaware of the fantasy that had left me in this state.

As I shaved I recalled more of the detail of the dream. Neither of the men was familiar to me so they must have been strangers. Both were black and their dark bodies contrasted strongly with Ann’s pale, freckly white skin. In my dream I watched from the chair by the door in our bedroom.

I didn’t know if I was in the room watching as part of the situation or just watching the three of them in my dream. Confusing to say the least!

The men were kissing, licking, sucking and stroking Ann on her face, lips and body. Their impressive cocks were stiff and hard and Ann would occasionally reach out and take hold of them and wank them slowly or gently run her fingernails under their balls. In my dream I watched as they licked Ann’s pussy, she gave them blowjobs and as one fucked her until she orgasmed and he came deep inside her, the other came in her mouth and on her face.

I love the thought of Ann being pleasured by black strangers. It is my favourite fantasy and my dream that morning had been far more vivid than any situation I can normally create in my mind. My stiffened cock indicated just how much it affected me.

As I left the bathroom Ann was out of bed standing by the bed in her panties. Her breasts hung down as she bent over the bed adjusting the pillows.

“Good morning sweetheart!” I said.
She looked up and saw my semi stiff penis.

“Morning! What are you so pleased about?” She replied, nodding down at my crotch.

“Oh nothing, just been thinking about you.”

“Yeah right!” Ann laughed.

“No, I was”. I said defensively. “But I’d like to know what you were doing with those two black guys?”

She looked at me puzzled.
“What black guys?”

“The two you were in bed with in my dream.”

“You dirty minded sod! Why would I do that?” She replied.

“Because you seemed to be enjoying the attention!!”

“Why wouldn’t I if they were on offer? But anyway you’d never let me.” Ann grinned.

“I see your point! But I would let you as long as I could watch.” I laughed.

“No, it’ll never happen.” Ann said with a tiny hint of regret in her voice. Nothing further was said as we both dressed, had breakfast and left for work.

On my way to work and during the day I thought about what Ann had said and about previous comments she’d made about other men. I’d occasionally joke about our sex life and ask her if she ever thought about sex with someone else, perhaps a guy with a bigger cock? She’d often say that she wouldn’t mind having a black guy as they are said to have longer and thicker cocks. At first Ann always ended the banter by saying that she only wanted my cock as it is big enough for her.

More recently, when I mention it, she has been saying that she wouldn’t mind any cock as long as it is hard. This is because over the past few years I haven’t been able to maintain my erection to the same hardness as before, due to tablets I have to take.

Occasionally I’ve had to abandon fucking her as my cock softened. Although she said that this isn’t a problem I can sense her frustration as she finishes herself off with her fingers or her vibrator. She has also stopped saying that mine is the only cock she wants. Perhaps these comments had been the reason for my dream.

Having arrived home from work we had our evening meal and sat watching TV. As usual there was nothing interesting on and Ann was reading one of her home interior magazines. I soon got bored so at about 10pm I said goodnight and went to bed with the intention of trying to replay the dream in my head. I also thought I may have the opportunity for a wank before Ann came to bed.

Laying in bed with my fantasy running through my mind I gently rubbed my cock to stiffness – it’s amazing how I can get instantly hard and keep my erection when thinking about Ann with other men but find it difficult when it’s my cock buried in her pussy!!!! It must be the tablets!

Within a short time I heard Ann turning off the TV and the lights downstairs. I cursed, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish my wank with her lying beside me. As it wasn’t the weekend I also knew she wouldn’t be up for me making love to her. I’d just have to wait for another opportunity to cum over my fantasy.

Ann entered the bedroom and began to undress. I watched as she removed her T-shirt and her gorgeous breasts were exposed. Her tits are still firm for her age; they don’t sag and are full and round. She has medium sized nipples that I love to suck whilst I caress her tits, belly and pussy with my hands. Although she’s put on some weight over recent years she still has a good figure that I know most men would still love to see naked.

Ann slipped her trousers down and kicked them across the floor. She was wearing black lacy panties through which I could see the shape of her trimmed muff and the slight bulge of her pussy between her thighs. I try to lick and suck Ann’s labia at any opportunity but unfortunately she doesn’t let me do it that often, as she says that it should only be for special occasions. I expected her to put on her nightwear but was surprised when she climbed into bed in just her panties. This was most unusual as Ann only did this before sex.

She lay down beside me and moved close. She lay on her side and placed one arm across my chest with her hand on my opposite shoulder. Ann then raised her knee and placed her right leg across my thighs so that her upper leg was just beneath my balls. She rested her other hand on my belly and began to gently form little circles with her fingers. I felt the warmth of her breasts against my arm as Ann snuggled up against me.

“This is unexpected,” I said.

Ann raised her face and as I turned to look at her, she gently kissed me on the lips.

“You know I love you don’t you?”

“Yes of course I do, the same as I love you.” I replied.

“How much do you love me?” Ann asked.

“Completely and forever.” I replied.

“Me too.”

We lay there in silence for a moment. Ann’s fingers traced their way down to my shorts. She eased her fingers under the waistband and pushed her nails gently through my trimmed pubic hair until she touched my shaven cock and balls. She flattened her hand and began to rub the palm over my stiffening penis.

“Tell me about your dream this morning?” Ann said quietly, whilst looking into my eyes.

“Sorry?” I said, not sure that I heard it right.

“Please tell about your dream you mentioned this morning.” Ann said in a more insistent tone.

“Why do you want to know about that?” I asked. I felt a surge of adrenalin pass through me as I realised Ann wanted to talk about my favourite subject!

“Because I want to know what you dream about.” Ann replied.

“Well you were in bed with these two black guys.” I said, keeping my answer deliberately short.

“But what were they doing?”

“They were fucking you.” I said in a matter of fact way, trying to hide my urge to describe every graphic image.

“No!” Ann pleaded. “I want to know the detail. What were they like – describe them. What did they do to me? What was I doing? What were you doing? Tell me everything so that I can know what you fantasise about.”

By now my cock was as stiff as it had ever been. Although Ann was doing an excellent job with her hand, I knew the chance to let her know my fantasy was the true reason for its hardness. I turned onto my side to face Ann. Her hand remained in my shorts, slowly pulling my foreskin back and forward over my swollen cock head. I reached forward and began to tease her nipples with my fingers.

“Ok, I don’t remember the first part of the dream and I don’t know how you got there but you were in our bedroom. You were lying naked on the bed with these two black guys standing beside the bed looking down at you. I think I was sitting in the chair but I don’t know if I was in the room or just watching from the dream. ”

“What did they look like, were they naked?”

“Yeah, they both stood there naked. The first guy was quite tall, over 6 ft and quite slim. He had dark, shiny skin and his cock stuck out straight. It was about 9 inches long but not fat. I’d say he was in his mid twenties with a nice looking face. He looked African rather than Caribbean.

The other guy was early thirties and shorter, but broader than the first guy. He had well toned muscles and had a slightly lighter skin. He looked Caribbean and was nice looking as well. His cock was much darker than the rest of his body but what fascinated me was its thickness. It was about 8 inches long but about as fat as your wrist. Unlike his friend, this guy’s cock stood straight up.”

“What was I doing at this time?” Ann asked.

I could feel her erect nipples between my fingers so I flattened my palms and placed them gently over her hard flesh. I slowly circled my hands so that her nipples were constantly in contact and rubbed by my palms. I could also feel Ann’s fingernails running up and down my stiff length and under my balls. A small drop of clear fluid seeped from my cock onto my belly.

“You were lying there looking at them as if you wanted them to join you.” I replied.

“Are you surprised?” Ann grinned. “What did they do?”

“The tall guy got you to lay halfway down the bed with your legs hanging over the end whilst the other guy placed two pillows under your head. He then lay on the bed beside you whilst the tall guy knelt on the floor by your feet and pushed your legs apart. He moved between them with his chest between your thighs and almost touching your pussy.
The muscled guy began stroking your hair and face and kissed you on the lips. He also began massaging your tits, softly rubbing and squeezing them.
The tall guy leant forward and began to lick your belly. He ran his tongue over your skin and circled your belly button and dipped it in as if it were your pussy. He placed his hands under your hips and lifted you to his mouth. I could see his long cock now standing upright, hard against his stomach and it looked even longer than before.
You then turned your body slightly to face the muscled guy and reached over to touch his fat cock. I could see you tentatively feel its length and then wrap your fingers around it. The look on your face when you realised that you couldn’t, was of surprise. Your eyes opened wide and you quickly looked down to make sure you weren’t mistaken. I could see you thinking, “Will this fit inside me?” Slowly you looked like you were convincing yourself that even if it did hurt a bit, you weren’t going to miss having all of it inside you. He then kissed you tenderly on the lips as if to reassure you that he’d be gentle with you.”

Ann withdrew her hand from my shorts and took hold of her other wrist. She wrapped her fingers around it and looked at the small gap between her fingertips.

“Wow that is fat. I’m not sure I could fit anything that thick in me without a lot of lubrication.”

“Oh, don’t worry you get plenty of that later.” I told her.

Ann let go of her wrist and rolled away from me to lie on her back. She raised her hips and pushed her panties down her thighs. She lifted her feet and bent her knees over her belly as she pushed her panties off. She held them above my face and let the material brush my face. I could smell the musky smell of her pussy as I breathed in.

“I can’t wear these, they’re really wet!” Ann laughed as she dropped them on my face. I felt the warm wetness on my cheek and realised the description of my dream must have been exciting her more than I had imagined. She pulled them off my face and dropped them beside the bed.

“Take your shorts off now.” Ann requested. “I want to feel your cock against me.”

I didn’t need asking twice so I removed my shorts in the same way as Ann had removed her panties and dropped them to the floor. My cock pointed straight up and I knew it was harder than it had been for years. My stiff cock rested on my stomach but twitched regularly and leaked small quantities of clear fluid onto my belly.

Ann turned onto her side again and returned to her original position. With one knee resting on my thigh her legs were slightly parted. I moved my left hand across to the top of her legs and slid my flat hand between her thighs. I instantly felt the warmth and wetness of Ann’s pussy lips as I eased the thumb side of my hand between them. I began a gentle sawing motion and sensed more of her warm fluid oozing over my fingers.

Ann closed her eyes and let out a low moan.
“That is really nice.” She whispered. “Please keep going while you tell me more about your dream.”

Ann again touched my penis and wrapped her hand around the shaft. She slowly eased the foreskin back and forwards over the very sensitive head. Her hand moved in a gentle rhythm. I continued the story.

“The muscled guy stopped kissing you and raised himself up onto his knees. He looked down at you and took hold of both your wrists. He lifted them above your head and then lowered them over the pillow onto the bed. He kept hold of them as he lifted his left knee and straddled your upper body. As he bent forward with his face above yours I could see his fat, bulging cock just above your tits.
“Leave your arms there”. He told you.
He released your wrists and pushed back into the upright position. He placed his hands on your breasts and began to squeeze and rub them harder than before. Your nipples were stiff and hard and I could see your upper chest and neck getting redder as it does when you get excited.”

“What, like now?” Ann asked.

I looked at Ann’s neck and saw the tell tale sign spreading down her chest.
“Exactly like now!” I exclaimed.

“What was the tall guy doing while this was going on?” Ann asked.

“Well he’d continued to lick your belly but as the muscled guy straddled you he had to move. He therefore eased back and looked at your pussy. He lowered his head until his nose was virtually touching it and then he inhaled deeply, savouring your heavenly smell. His face showed his pleasure and he repeated this action several times. After that he lowered his face to your left thigh and began to lick your upper legs and lower belly.
He teased you by hovering above your muff and gently blowing between your legs. You shuddered and moaned each time his breath cooled your wet labia. Gradually you began to lift your hips slightly as his tongue passed your pussy as if to encourage him to pay some attention to your glistening, wet lips. He continued for a while without reacting to your hints. It was obvious that the two guy’s actions were having their desired effect when you said
“For Christ’s sake lick my pussy!!! I can’t take much more of this!”

“I’m not bl**dy surprised.” Ann insisted. “It’s bad enough when I’ve got you teasing me before you muff me without having a stranger between my legs and another kneeling over me massaging my tits whilst the thickest cock I’ve ever seen is inches from my face!
So what happened next?” Ann pleaded.

“The tall guy laughed and told you to be patient. He said it would be the best licking you’d ever had when he was ready. The other guy said that you obviously needed something to keep your mind off your own pleasure as he removed his hands from your tits. He shuffled forward on his knees until the tip of his shiny helmet was nearly touching your lips. It was about the size and colour of a dark plum and looked large against your features. Your eyes widened as you stared as a drop of clear liquid emerged from the tip. He gently placed it against your lips and you extended your tongue to lick the pre-cum dribbling from the end. He held his position looking down at your face as you began to open your lips. You moved your right arm back over your head and placed your forefinger and thumb on the top and underneath the base of the thick shaft. I saw you squeeze and draw your hand up its length as you pulled his lubrication up to the tip. As a long dribble of clear, thick liquid fell from the swollen head you extended your tongue to catch the salty fluid. You repeated the action and even more dropped onto your tongue. You closed your mouth and swallowed.
I’d never seen so much pre cum – this guy was clearly excited.”

“So am I!” Ann laughed. She squeezed my own cock hard. “So how much can I get out of you?” As she pulled hard on my solid cock a long stream of the same liquid spilled out over her hand.

“That’s impressive – you’re obviously enjoying this as much as I am!” Ann released my cock and raised her hand to her mouth and began to lick her hand clean. As my own hand was also soaking from Ann’s juices I withdrew it and also licked the salty lather until I had swallowed it all. We smiled at each other and I returned to the dream.

“As the bulbous head nudged your lips you opened your mouth to accommodate its entry. The thickness slowly stretched your lips until I could see the strain on your face. Your eyes were wide open and your breathing was heavy. Suddenly the guy gave a little push and the head of his cock disappeared into your mouth. Your lips relaxed around the slightly thinner shaft and your eyes smiled up at him as if to say “thank god it’s in”. You then placed both hands on the guy’s big muscled buttocks and pulled him slowly forward.
I watched as about an inch of solid black shaft slid between your lips. I could tell it wouldn’t go any deeper and was probably touching your throat already. The guy withdrew until your teeth touched the ridge of his helmet and then you again pulled him slowly forward. I could see from the movement in your cheeks that you were rolling your tongue around your full mouth so that you were stimulating his already excited cock head.
I then looked at the tall guy as he finally lowered his tongue onto your clearly aroused clit. You let out a little yelp as you now felt his wet tongue doing what you needed it to. As he gently lapped along the length of your labia and then lifted his tongue to return to the base, you began to push with your feet on the floor to raise your hips to meet his every stroke. You obviously needed his tongue to rub harder to stimulate you as you liked. However, he wasn’t going to be rushed.”

“Bastard!” Ann hissed. “Why couldn’t he just give me a good licking like I need now?”

“Is that what you want me to do?” I asked hopefully.

“No!” Paula exclaimed. “You’ve got to tell me the rest of the dream. You can’t do that with a mouth full of pussy.”

She rolled onto her back and slid her feet towards her arse, bending her knees and allowing them to part so that they were nearly resting on the bed. She place her feet together just below her buttocks and positioned them sole to sole. I knew that this allowed her pussy to open widely and gave her better access to her clit. Ann placed her hand on her lower belly and extended her fingers between her wide-open legs. She began to move her middle finger up and down and between her labia. As I lay on my side I watched her fingers gradually get wetter and shinier with a covering of her own juices. I looked at her face and saw that she had her eyes shut and her mouth slightly open. Her breathing was now deeper and was gradually getting faster. Ann’s upper chest and neck were very red and I was sure she was about to orgasm.

“Tell me more.” She said in a hoarse whisper. “I need to know what happens.”

“They continued for 2 or 3 minutes while you sucked on the big guy’s fat cock head. I could see the pleasure on his face as he looked down at his shaft sliding in and out, between your lips, covered with your saliva. The tall guy then rose to his feet and as he did so he placed his mouth firmly over your entire pussy. He rubbed his face hard against it and you bucked your hips as you finally felt the roughness against your clit. Before you could begin your orgasm though, he suddenly stood up and said
“Hey Ben, I think the lady is ready for you now.”
Ben turned his head and replied.
“Thanks b*o, I can’t have taken much more of this wicked blow job without shooting my load down her throat.”
Ben eased himself back until the ridge of his bulbous helmet touched your teeth.
“You’re going to have to open wide again babe – I don’t want to lose any skin off my thing.”
You again opened your eyes wide as you attempted to extend your jaw to release the fat head. I could see your teeth digging into the purple flesh and leaving lines trailing up to the tip. This was an even tighter fit than when it went in! As Ben pulled back he grimaced as he felt the pain. The head then popped free like a cork from a bottle. His cock was shiny and wet and looked even thicker than before. You took a deep breath and moved your jaw as if to get it back to its normal position.
“Thanks babe that was a wicked blowjob but I think I’d drown you if I came in your mouth!” Ben laughed. He climbed off the bed and extended his hand, offering to pull you up. As you rose you looked tiny against his muscled frame.
“Let’s have a change of position.” He said.
You stood next the tall guy for a moment as Ben shifted the pillows. Your skin starkly contrasted with his black, shiny body. He also stood about 8 inches taller than you.
Ben lay on the bed diagonally, with one leg hanging over the side and the other over the foot of the mattress. His large body seemed to take up a lot of the bed and I could see his well-toned muscles as he stretched out. However, the centre of my attention was on his solid, thick cock as it pointed up the line of his body.
“Hey Kunli, help the lady up onto the bed.” Ben instructed.
The tall guy placed his hands on your waist and lifted you effortlessly onto the bed and onto your feet. As he released his hold he playfully smacked your arse.
“Turn to face Kunli and then straddle my hips.” Ben said.

By now Ann had stopped rubbing her pussy and clit and was resting her hand on her muff. She was still breathing deeply and appeared to be listening intently. My own hand was slowly masturbating my own engorged cock that, unfortunately did not remotely compare with Ben or Kunli’s.

“You did as asked and Ben looked up your legs to your arse. He let out a low whistle.
He said “Now I need you to squat down low. I know it’s a hard position to stay in but Kunli will help to hold you.”
You obviously realised what Ben intended as you adjusted your position so you stood directly over the base of his shaft. As you bent your knees and began to lower Ben took hold of his shaft and pushed it upright so it pointed straight up. You slowly sank down to within a few inches of Ben’s glistening helmet and your swollen labia opened slightly. A small quantity of your juices dripped from your lips onto Ben’s waiting cock.
“Good girl.” Ben said “You’re just about ready for me. Now squat right down while Kunli supports you.”
Kunli stepped onto the bed and his head nearly touched the ceiling. He moved forward, stood in front of you with his feet either side of Ben’s knees and placed his hands under your armpits. You sank lower until your pussy touched the tip of Ben’s penis. Kunli used his strong arms to support you and take the strain off of your thighs. You slowly slid lower and I watched your labia opening wider to accommodate it like your mouth had done earlier. Your juices ran down Ben’s shaft and lubricated its steady entry.
Your face was a picture. Your breathing was heavy and your eyes half closed. You were savouring every millimetre of Ben’s cock entering you. I looked at your pussy and could see it stretched tightly around the shaft. As you sat down and settled on Ben’s muscled lower stomach, you bit your bottom lip and let out a muffled groan. Kunli released you to adjust yourself fully onto the meat inside you. You leant forward, placed your hands on Ben’s knees and rocked back and forward until I could see his balls tight against your labia. You had now completely embedded the thickest penis I had ever seen inside your soaking pussy. You opened your eyes and smiled at me. I now realised I was part of this dream!
“This is wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary present.” You said to me.
“You’re welcome, but don’t expect anything that filling from me.” I replied laughing.
“Oh don’t worry, this’ll last me a long time.” You said before closing your eyes again.

I looked at Ann laying beside me and saw that she had one hand cupped over her breast and was squeezing and rubbing it really hard. Her nipples were absolutely solid. Her other hand was moving in and out as she pushed three fingers deep into her pussy. Ann’s was panting and I knew her orgasm was imminent. Suddenly she lifted her hand away, removing three very wet fingers from her swollen labia. I had never seen it so engorged.

“Quick, I need something fat inside me so I can imagine what Ben’s cock would feel like.” Ann demanded.

“What did you have in mind? I don’t think I measure up.” I replied.

“ I know you don’t, I wasn’t thinking of you! Just get me something that’ll stretch me……I know, get me the lubricant bottle – that’s fat.” Ann said with frustration in her voice.

I stood up and quickly found what she wanted in her wardrobe.

As I leant across the bed to hand it to her, she virtually snatched it from me. Ann immediately placed the domed tip to her pussy and pushed. The smooth surface, lubricated by her juices, slipped between her labia. It parted and stretched over the makeshift cock as it had done over Ben’s penis in my dream. Ann’s eyes were closed as the clear plastic disappeared inside her. She let out quiet moans as she pushed the entire bottle inside herself. I lay back down but with my body now across the bed and my face within 18inches of Ann’s tightly stretched pussy. I watched intently as she began to pump the fat container in and out.

“You can carry on now.” she said breathlessly.

“Kunli bent slightly and again placed his hands under your armpits. He stood up and you straightened as well. Ben placed his strong hands on your hips and the two of them lifted you slowly until the head of Ben’s cock was visible between your tight labia. They let your weight take you back down and the solid, wet shaft slid back inside you. You exhaled deeply as you settled down on Ben. They repeated the movement and began a steady rhythm.
As Kunli stood in front of you his long black cock arched forward and slightly down just in front of your face. Each time he lifted you, his hips pushed forward and his shiny helmet brushed your face. You raised both hands and grasped Kunli’s shaft and began to pull his foreskin over the head. You eased it back to expose the swelling tip and I saw his cock straightening quickly. As it reached it’s full length you opened your mouth and took the tip onto your tongue. You closed your lips and enveloped the black shaft.
Again I could see your tongue frantically moving around your mouth as you stimulated Kunli’s solid manhood. Kunli let out a groan and closed his eyes. Your fellatio skills were clearly working their magic again. Each time Kunli lifted you, you leant forward and slid your lips further down his shaft. As he withdrew I again saw your saliva glistening along its’ length. You moved one hand under his balls and began to tease him with your nails.
By now Ben and Kunli had built up a steady rhythm as they lifted and lowered you on their solid black meat. Their speed increased and I saw your face change as your orgasm began. You grimaced as you bounced up and down whilst sucking hard on Kunli’s cock. As you scratched his balls your other hand wanked his cock furiously. Your juices began to flow down Ben’s shaft and ran down his balls onto our bed. You were breathing hard and you began to moan loudly. Ben’s cock was now pistoning into you as your body shook. Suddenly Ben’s body went rigid and he thrust his hips upwards. You sat heavily on his cock and I knew he was ejaculating a stream of semen deep inside you. By now your moans had become constant and I realised you were experiencing a sensational climax. You pulled harder on Kunli’s cock and he let out a long sigh. I watched his shaft twitch as he also ejaculated into your mouth. As the spunk hit your throat Kunli withdrew his cock and I watched spurt after spurt of his creamy fluid hit you in the face. It hit your hair, your cheeks, nose, eyes and lips. As it ran down your face you extended your tongue to taste the salty spunk and pulled Kunli’s cock back into your mouth. You grasped the base, squeezed and slid your hand towards the tip. I watched you swallow as the remaining semen entered your mouth. You licked and sucked hard to remove every last drop.

Ann was now in full flow beside me as she plunged the phallic bottle into herself. She thrashed on the bed as her real climax washed over her. I love to watch her masturbate to climax and she didn’t disappoint this time either. Her own juices were now a mass of lather as she came harder than I’d ever seen before. The bed was soaked as a steady flow of her lubricant oozed from her. Her orgasm also went on for two or three minutes and there seemed to be no sign of her wanting to stop. By now my own climax was near and I pulled hard on my rigid shaft. I felt the semen rising and the anticipated ecstasy washed through my entire body. My own ejaculation erupted from my cock and rose high above me as I came stronger and longer than I’d done for years. It fell in large globules onto my stomach and chest and the remainder pulsed from the tip, over my hand and down the shaft into my short pubic hair.

I lay on the bed breathing hard and as I slowly recovered Ann’s own climax subsided. Her face was flushed and beads of perspiration covered her entire body. As we lay there panting she gasped.

“That….was….fantastic…. I’ve never….cum so….hard….or for….so long!”

“I know, I could tell. Same for me.” I replied breathlessly.
We lay still for a few minutes until Ann released the base of the lubricant bottle that was still buried deep in her pussy. I opened my eyes and turned to watch as it slowly emerged covered in her thick, sticky juices. As it fell from her lips I caught it and raised it to my mouth. I knew I’d not accommodate it in my mouth so I slowly licked the bottle like an ice cream. I savoured every drop of the salty fluid which tasted like nectar to me in my post orgasmic state. After several minutes Ann spoke.

“You know I truly meant what I said earlier, don’t you?”
“What about?” I replied thinking hard.
“About loving you.”
“As I do you.” I replied.

“Well if that’s the case, maybe our marriage could survive you introducing another man into our bed. If you’re sure you won’t get jealous I think I would enjoy getting fucked by a longer and harder cock.” Ann said with a broad grin on her face.

I couldn’t believe my ears but didn’t say anymore in case I awoke from another sl**p to find this was now a dream!

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Hot story
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I love it when a dreams comes true.