3 Generations of Cock

Well my wife is a total slut for cock. I take full credit for her transformation to the whore of my life. When we got married I told her that there are three things I want in a woman 1A gourmet cook 2 a gracious host when we have company and 3 A total slut in bed. Well she took the last real good. This story I'm telling happened about 3 months ago. My friend Dave lives 4 houses away and we have been good friends for about 20 years. The first thing you notice about Dave is his size 6'8" and muscles all over,and the thing that is really huge is his cock 12.7" and fat, uncut and very rough. Well he has a son who was home on leave from the Army. Dave had a little cook out and invited some friends f****y and Joeys friends. His wife Becky was out of town and wouldn't be back for a couple more days. Well the party was really going good and my wife being one of the few women there was having fun. Around 11pm people where leaving till it was me Dave, Joey and Dave's father Mario and some young guys. Well Joey was kinda of wasted and was dancing a slow song with my wife and grinding his cock into my wife's pussy, she would stop and look at him and then move back. He was whispering something in her ear when she got this look of amazement on her face.The song ended and he guided her toward his friends to introduce them to her. There where smile handshakes and some grapping of her tight ass. Mario said that if she didnt watch out she was going to be gangbanged. A smile came on my face as I looked at Dave and he kinda of smiled and said it was'nt a bad idea. He went over to talk to his son and just blurted out that she was the neighborhood hoe and cocksucker and that the real party starts now with this whore sucking all of us off. Cocks came flying out as my wife was pushed to her knees and cock jumped at her face. in no time guys where nutting in her mouth,face,tits,and hair We took her inside and well old man Mario demanded to be the first to fuck this whore. when his cock came out it was unreal about 11" very fat and veiny and as hard as a steel bar. He got on top of Christine and just rammed all 11" in one stroke.Christine let a moan and a yell as she threw her hips up to take that monster. He was just fuckin the shit out of her and lasted about 10 mintues pulled out and came something fierce. He said he has come in about a year and half since his wife passed. Dave, Joey DPed her and came all in her. Some k** named Tony was followed by Vic Peter and Frank. Well the young guys went home and my wife was cleaning up We where having a beer when Mario got and went in the house. Me dave and Joey started talking about the shit me and Dave did to my wife, when Joey said as matter of fact that he knew about that and also his Mom Becky. He then looked at me and said that I also suck a mean dick and if I can take his dads dick up my ass maybe I could give a ride on his dick. We then her a scream from the bathroom Dave went to check it out, while he was gone Joey came close to me and pulled his dickkkkk out,I did'nt get a chance to see it when he fucked my wife but now I was looking at a 12.5' OF SOILD COCK, HE PUSEHED ME TO MY KNEES AND BEGAN TO FUCK IT LIKE WAS A PUSSY!!!!!He called me everything in the book but when he came wow I could'nt breath, cum was coming out of my nose. Joey looked at me and said he was going to send his grandfather out to use my mouth and him and his dad where going to fuck my slut some more. As the night wore on me and my wife where fucked all night she was dped by all of them. We know have an arragement with Mario just to get his rocks off.
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