Cuckolded by Andrea

Around the age of 25 I was working in Sarasota and I was living in a shared house with 3 guys and 2 girls.One night me and the guys were having drinks on the patio when we got interupted by this gorgeous skinny redheaded girl,whos was in the mood the party with us. We kept on drinking and by 4 in the morning it was me and a friend of mine who stayed with her ,and she was kind of hitting on me so my buddy said he's out.She told me if I want to walk her over to her house for more drinking and I did.When we got there ,obviously we had d***k sex.We started dating after that and sex with her was very good and very kinky,she allways wanted me ti finish in her mouth and she liked to swallow.Also she loved having her ass licked,she used to scream so bed whenever I would have stick my tongue in her ass that the upstair neighbours started to complain.I was really folling for her and I started to kis her mouth and suck her tongue everytime she would have sucked me to complection,also I would have licked he pussy clean each time we had sex and I was enjoying the situation.But one day,on my birthday,I hosted a party at my house,and she dissapeared around midnight with my drinking buddy.She told me she is going back to her place to bring me her present.She didn't came back so ,After half an hour I went there to see what's going on , and I saw her beeing fucked by him while he was standing adn holding her against the kitchen wall.She was kissing him,moaning very loud and she looked like she had a very good time.I was angry at first,but I tought that when we hooked up it was just sex,it started with a d***k one night stand and I shouldn't make a scene.I entered the house after they were done and to my surprise he jumped and grabbed a knife while she was yelling at him and at me to calm down.I told him I have no hardfeelings towards him,I don't want to fight him and I only want him to leaveand he left. She statred to cry,to say that she is sorry,to say that she went by herself but he followed her and tricked her into fucking him,and she was very d***k. She even came with the cake she made me and lighted a candle,I started to laugh and she really statred to cry.I didn't wanted to see her like that,naked and crying so I hold her in my atms and started to carress her hair and her back,but she tricked me into it and in the next moment she opened my zipper and started sucking me off. To be honest I was kind of horny and I had her lay on top of me in a 69 and I started to eat her pussy.To my surprise she was very wet and creamy and while licking her I realised that he had finished inside her and I am eating his creampie,and the worst part was that I was actually reallly really enjoying it.So after i fucked her I finshe too inside her and that I just told her that I want to eat her ass in order to eat her pussy too(hoping that she won't realise that I actually am going for the creampie).But she knew,she was moaning so loud and she even came one more time while I was eating her,man that tasted so good.Then she fell asl**p and I went to my house were my "buddy" was waiting for me.I told him that we are cool and I have no hardfeelings and he went to his room to sl**p. The next day Andrea came by my house to ick up her purse and to appologise for what happend yesterday and she wanted to make sure that I am ok and I didn't fight or argue with him. We met after she came from work at her house and things started to get back to normal,but when we had sex I've noticed she didn't swallowed all of it,but rather waited ti kiss me and have me suck it of her mouth and tongue. One time she was on her period she was sucking me and I asked her to let me fuck her ass. She said she hadn't done it in a while but we are going to do it once her period is over. So a few days later after I fucked her pussy I staretd to eat her ass verry long time ,so long that I had her come in my mouth like a river. She put some KY gel and she told me to be verry gentile because untill you get it in is verry painfull.I just pushed it in and started pumping her like crazy and she east screaming and moanig and coarsing me that in 5 minutes I came inside her. once I got out she justa laid on top off me in 69 sucking me off and in the same time having her ass right in front om my lips.I knew at that time she knew I love creampie,even if we never talked about it so I just started to eat her ass clean.The next night I got down on her ass to lick it in order to fuck it but after a while she said that she has something special for me.She had me lie on my belly wit a pellow underneth and she started to suck my cock and eat my ass.God that felt so good!
In between licking my ass and sucking my cock she stated fingering my ass,and I dind't say anything because I really enjoyed what she was doing.I was so lost in pleasure and I was so readdy to cum when I felt something veri cold and very hard going inside my ass. I looked behind me and ther it was my gorgeous redheaded girl ,with her white skin and lots of frecklas holding her hands on my hips while pumping my ass with a strap-on,moaning so hard like she would have had a real dick.To my surprise I didn't say anything,on contrary I elevated my ass so she can go deeper ,than I turned on my back to wach her and whit in 3-4 minutes i statred to cum on my chest and belly more than I ever cumed in my life.She started to lick me clean and that to kiss me ,but in the same time I think she enjoyed watching me eat my own cum of the tip of her lips and tongue. Her birthday was comming soon and I knew she was bi and she asked me if I want to have a threesome with her and another girl.

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6 months ago
great scenes, great girl
2 years ago
Awesome story I love it. Great gal.