24 hours with steve 11.00am till 00.00am

I have always considered myself to be a straight young man 27 years old, even though i have sucked a mans cock once or twice in my life time. i have a wife who likes sex (well wants it at least once a week). Me having a higher sex drive turned to xhamster for sexual relief. i was in to watching gangbang films for a while then cuckolding but then i discovered CEI videos, i got to a stage that whenever my wife left the house i was on xhamster jerking of and eating my own cum, i would even come home on my breaks to do this. i dont even like the taste of my cum that much its just the thought of acting like a whore which really gets me off. after a while it escalated in to using toys on my ass aswell which felt great i had to admit, the next level of my depravity was me dressing up in my wifes underwear watching crossdresser porn while pretending i was the 'girl' in the video fucking my face and ass with a dildo and giving myself a facial at the end.

One paticular night when my wife was stopping with her best friend out of town i got talking to a man called steve who was in his 60s he seemed like a nice understanding bloke who didnt judge me for my fetishes. Me and steve kept in touch alot and talked about other issues in our life not just kinky porn;). I told steve how i worked myself in to debt online gambling and that my wife couldnt find out. Thats when steve offered me £650 to spend 24 hours with him being his sissy slut! the thought of this always turned me on but to actually do it was a different thing. i decided that i would meet him for coffee to make sure he was clean n legit.

After a while of making arangments after our first encounter i decided to except his offer. i told my wife i was going away on a lads weekend away and waited for steve to pick me up around the corner. he was dressed smart in a polo shirt and jeans n looked his age. when i got in the car we exchanged plesentries and he started to drive. we made small talk for a while n he told me he had booked us a hotel room in a city not to far from where he lived. the time hit 11.00am and he told me i was now officially on the clock.

steve then told me to pull out his cock while he was driving on the motorway and stroke it kiss it n suck it. i was taken back because the motorway was very busy but also turned on aswell i pulled his cock out which was a modest 5.5" erect i stoked it with my right hand looking over at the traffic in the left lane as we passed it. in the end i decided to earn my money n get down n start sucking on his man meat. it felt so good to get another taste of cock but it felt weird being paid by an old man to do so. i heard beeps of lorries every now n then but just carried on doing my work taking his head and shaft in to my mouth using my tongue to lick it u n down. after about 15 mins steve told me to stop as he was nearing our destination.

We checked in to the travel lodge without anyone looking at us strangely, in our room i made us a cup of tea while steve used the bathroom. when he came out he was naked and hard he sat on the chair by the bed and asked me to finnish the job i started earlier. now feeling more comfortable and behind closed doors i got on my knees in front of him n sucked him taking his whole cock in my mouth and slowly and sensualy giving him head that any woman would be proud of giving. between using my hands and my mouth i heard steve groan and i knew he was gunna bust his load in my mouth, i carried on until i felt his hot seaman fill my slutty mouth. He got dressed after.

It was now nearing 14.00pm and we decided to go out in the town to have some drinks and do some shopping, we had a few pints and got fairly tipsy then we went to a fancy dress shop where steve bought me a black womans wig, after that we went to primark and he bought a a load of womens cloaths and cheap makeup. we stayed out n carried on drinking until about 21.00pm when steve said he was ready for round 2. we got a taxi back to the hotel where steve was openly telling the taxidriver about what we had planned the taxidriver looked amused n looked at me like he had no respect for me.

When we got back steve told me to dress up for him, i put the white stockings on that he had bought for me and ther was white cotten panties a black mini skirt and a white lacy top which covered my arms and went up to my kneck. i was so horny while putting these clothes on and it could be seen. after doing my makeup and putting on my wig i looked in the mirror n saw a non passable crossdresser i didnt mind i felt all woman anyway. i walked in to the room where steve was waitong for me and sat next to him, he reached over n we started to kiss while he grabbed my ass and rubbed my legs. he told me to undress him which i did. he then was laying on the bed naked n lifted u his legs n told me to rim his ass. i did what i was told and started liking and tonging his ass it was extremely sexy being told to do such a filthy thing i did this till he said stop, he then told me to sit on his face suck his cock after a while of sucking his penis he moved me to one side spat on his fingers moven my cotton panties to one side and slowly started working his fingers in to my ass it felt good n he clearly knew where to rub to make it feel good. he then made me kneel on all fours and entered me, it felt good because he was not that big so i could take it and enjoy it at the same time. he buggered me in that position pulling at my wig for about 30 mins then he laid on his back. While on his back he told me to rde him while facing him. i pulled of my cotton panties and starting riding him, he kept pulling me down to kiss him and every now n then would grab my cock n wank it off. i could tell he was struggling not to cum n jumed of him and started to suck on his cock, i did this for about a min when he pushed me on my back put my leggs in the air n entered me again he pumped away for about 7 strokes n then i felt him shoot his load in to my ass, he kissed me and thanked me.

We laid around for a while watching tv when his phone rang it was the taxi driver from earlier saying that steve mad him horny telling him what he was going to do to me. steve asked me if he could come round n i told him no. the taxi driver then offered me £500 to come round n have fun with us. it was about 11.00pm now so i thought what the hell im on the clock another 12 hours anyway. i went back in to the bathroom to sort out my hair n makeup, at about midnight i heard a knock at the door.

To be continued
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9 months ago
wow i so need to hear the rest it is such a hot story
9 months ago
Hot! Got me hard! Cant wait to hear the rest!
9 months ago
boy you made me cum in my panties and I'm still hot going to get my dildo out and hard fuck my asspussy
9 months ago
Enjoyed your story a great deal. I have always enjoyed going to some guy's home and allowing him to use my body for their sexual pleasure. What made it even better was when the phone would ring and he would invite his buddy over for some fun. It was always very erotic for me to be lying in someone's bed and a complete stranger would walk in and they would begin talking about me as if I wasn't in the room. It made the night more interesting to say the least.
9 months ago
more.. more..