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My wife Lana was out visiting her mother, so me and Jamal were left at home on our own, like usual he would get me to suck off his huge black dick as he watched the sports channels, 'dude you should start to dress up for me when your slut of a wife ent at home' Jamal suggested rather than ordered. i was taken back a bit by the soft tone of his voice, he had been living with us for 5 months now and this was the nicest he ever spoke to me. Maybe my exert blow jobs were starting to win him over. i started to blush as he continued 'you would make one fine ass sissy bitch, used to have one of you in my cell back in pen' i was blowing Jamal for what seemed like the whole first half of the soccer game wen he finnaly unloaded his seed in to my mouth i swallowed as was expected then went to cook him his dinner like usual.

over these past 5 months Lana and Jamal have not let me out of my chastity once and it has changed me in to a sniveling dog of a man. the only time i get to cum is when i blow my load from getting used like a slave by my wife and Jamal. i have been f***ed to eat cum from my wifes dripping pussy on more than one occasion and must always lick Jamals huge sack while he is satisfying Lana like i never could. i always had to swallow his huge shaft but never had to take it in my ass which i was greatfull of.


When Lana returned from her weekend at her mothers she anounced that she wanted me to send her and Jamal on holiday for a fuck fest, i expected that i would be coming along but Lana just said 'you would get in the way cuckie besides if you came with us who would be at home to do housework and earn the money to buy me nice things' i didnt really think this was fair but i new better than to argue.

when the day came for them to go on there vacation i drove them to the airport glumly knowing that i would b stuck in my chastity with no realese at all for 14 days. I hugged my wife goodbye and wished her a lovely time with her black lover, whilst Lana was checking in Jamal grabbed my ass and whispered 'hey bitch i left you a present in the bottom drawer of your room' (the guest bedroom). 'tell me how u like it when i get back'

On returning home i went straight u in to my room and went in the bottom draw there was a box that had the words FAG written on the front. when i opened it the first thing i noticed was a blonde wig and some slutty womens cloaths, as i searched further i found a razor, vibrator and a list of instructions:

Yo bitch boy you got really good at sucking my cock and ive tacken a liking to you so heres what your going to do
1, shave every inch of hair from your body
2, buy some make up and learn how to apply is like a slut
3, buy some high heels and learn to walk around in them
4, use that vibrator i bought you cos im takin your ass cherry when i get back

After reading the note i was considering taking my things and running away and skipping town, but my job house and everything i worked for was in this town. But the more i thought about it the more comfortable i was getting with the idea.


that night i was watching porn on my lap top trying to get myself off by rubbing the cm of my penis that was still exposed by my chastity device to no avail. i started to think about Jamals note and searched for some crossdresser porn as i watched i saw some poor looking CDs wanting to be women and started thinking i would look better than them as a woman the thought of this got my cock streaming with precum. I reached for the precum and got as much on my fingers as i could and started rubbing it on my asshole this felf good to me so i decided to start fingering my ass, after a while i used my dildo slowly at first but as i was watching the porn a (a hung black guy fucking a sisssy boy silly) i got more in to iti fucked my ass in rythem with the film and was thinking of Jamal the whole time i felt my balls about to burst and with a loud grunt i blew my wod. WOW i could make myself cum through anal play.

over the next week i completed all things onJamals list and before i knew it i was standing in frount of a mirror in my blonde wig slutty make up 6inch high heel shoes hold up stockings a corsete with padded breasts to give the illusion i had boobs. and over the top i was wearing a flowery summers dress and i looked like a woman should look. this was to good to waste inside the house i had to go out! I decided to go to a biker bar i knew outside of town.

to be continued

(sorry for the spellings and bad writing style i am new to this x)
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1 year ago
Hot story.
1 year ago
this is getting real good
1 year ago
Love it,,keep writing,,I want to read how they use you
1 year ago
more stroy please
1 year ago
love your sissy storie. more plizzzzzzz
1 year ago
Give us more please.
1 year ago
more please