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I was never really much of a lover, i always looked good and kept a slim figure, but my cock was .. lets say below average only 4 inches and very slim. I was always told i had feminin features. I married my wife who was my high school sweet hart at 18 we were both virgins when we got together at the age of 14.


I started watching cuckold videos about 7 years in to my marriage, the thought of cuckolding looked so horny i couldn't go a day without jerking of thinking about my wife with another man. My wife lana is a brunette who is very busty (she is a size 14 and carries herself very well) always got looks from guys when we were out for dinner or drinks. Our sex life was fairly regular at least once a week. But my performance was getting worse every time we made love, i couldn't stop thinking about Lana with other men and this drove me to cum in seconds i was averaging between 10 and 40 seconds a time. This and my little cock left Lana unsatisfied but she never said anything.

One evening i purposely left my lap out with my internet history up, which needless to say she found and to my delight came to bed with a big grin on her face. When i asked her why she was so happy she started talking dirty to me telling me how she would love to suck a strangers cock and let him fuck her while i watched, this made me cum in 2 strokes. my loving wife Lana who had never said a bad word about me (to my face anyway) laghed and said it would be good to fuck a real man, if that's what i really wanted.


over the next few months Lana would keep telling me dirty stories about her with well hung guys while i jerked off. On one paticular night she told me how we needed to take our fantasy further because she was getting to frustrated and told me it was not fair that i was the one cumming all the time, at this point she gave me a wick** smile and pulled out a box from her hand bag it was a chastity device 'you will wear this all the time unless i say so' she demanded her voice was harsh and it scared me i put it on imediately. 'now about finding me a real man to fuck with a big dick?' she said. She went upstairs and told me to wait for her. When she came back down she was wearing a low cut top which flashed her stomach and a tight fitting skirt that came down to her knees with a slit up to her thigh, you could see she was wearing stockings underneath.

When i saw her i felt my cock trying to get hard but my chastity would not let me 'why are u dressed like that' i asked meekly she replied in a sexy whisper 'to a bar' and thats all she said and left. i was left in the house wondering what she was doing and who she was with, this made me so horny it hurt my little penis. at around 2 am i heard a car pull up out front i left the lights off and peered through the curtains to find my wife walking up to the door with a huge black guy, i was nervous when they opened to door to see this man had a tattoo on his face and a gold tooth when he smiled. 'is this the guy with the little prick that cant hold his cum' he laughed. he sat down on the couch and pulled his jeans off. my wife chuckled at my reaction when i saw his limp cock it was about 7inches lim and very thick. my wife started to whisper in my ear 'i have been with Jamal all eavening and he has already fucked me twice i thought he was going to break me in two i never knew what i was missing out on' she then walked over to him and started sucking his huge rod in front of me it got so big and she was taking every inch she possibly could fit in to her mouth. 'bet she never sucked your cock like this pussy' Jamal shouted to me. She never did she would b able to fit my cock in her mouth with ease and i would have cum in seconds. i started to relax a bit and felt myself loving what was happening his cock looked so good in her mouth i was dying for him to fuck her. Lana then said to me 'we are going to bed stay down here you will just get in the way' she led him upstairs and in to our marital bed. i sat on the sofa listening to my wife scream like a whore wondering what was going on, not being able to touch myself i still came in my boxers listening and fell asl**p while the screaming continued.


The next morning i woke to Jamal standing over me 'get me some breakfast and bring it up to bed' he ordered me, he was very intimidating so i did what i was told without question. when i prepared breakfast for him and my wife i went upstairs and walked in my wife blowing him again 'mmm gag by the mmm way' she mumbled with Jamals cock in her mouth 'Jamal will mmm be staying here mmmmm for a while mmmm hes just got out of prison and has no wear to gommmm' i felt uneasy about this and wanted to protest but the look Jamal gave me was enugh for me to keep quiet. 'i will be stayin in dis room with your wife pussy, you will pay me to fuck your wife and u will sl**p at the foot of the bed like a dog' jamal said. my wife and jamal started smiling to each other. Lana then looked at me and said 'by the way honey you have some work to do... my jaw hurts and JAmal needs finnishing off.' 'no way' i protested 'im not gay' before i could go any further Jamal grabbed me and pulled my head on to his cock ' you will suck my nigga cock when me or your slut wife tell you to, if i get any cheek from you i will fuck that ass of yours' Jamal shouted while i started to lick his huge cock 'suck it honey its good' my wife joked i started to suck his giant cock and i quiet enjoyed it i felt like a naughts girl who deserved to be punished i licked his balls and swallowed every inch i could Jamal then grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth hard so i gagged on his dark meat until he shot his wod in my willing mouth.

i went from having a loyal wife to having a live in bull in 2 months i was being dominated by /my wife and Jamal every night.

to be continued
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1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
very nice. i went from loving girls to being OK with a cock in my mouth to loving guys too this way. be careful!
1 year ago
mmmm i liked your story. Do tell us more. I too have a small dicklette and often am a pre-mature ejaculator. I've also been a cuckold and a submissive to both women and men, so i really relate to this story.
1 year ago
A great intro to the cuckold lifestyle,,,soo get used to it and enjoy,,,it's going to last quite a while.
1 year ago
Nice story - good to hear you are cleaning up bull cock.
1 year ago
your small dick would never satisfy the hotwife you have, she is a class above you!
1 year ago
mmm u lucky cuck