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[Profil updated 08.08.2013]

i am on xhamster to watch and share. No real and no cam cause aint got one... Guys, i am really naughty on the web, so please dont bore me...

I am only interested in AMATEUR! Interracial, BBC, Cuckold, Voyeur, litte bit of lesbians (strap-on and dildo), cum, daddy ;)

***Plz dont bother me with "hey sweety want to chat bla bla bla" i got that shit talk from my boyfriend dont need it here too... real talk or nothing, i am here to masturbate and watch movies not to smalltalk. Thanks & Kiss :)

I love to watch these big black cocks fucking white girls so good. I am still young and had fun with only 2 white guys. I Didn't knew what it is like to get fucked really good. When I first saw a big cock fucking a white pussy till she was creaming so much and juice spilling out with every thrust of that big cock inside her i knew what i wanted.

Since then, think its about 4 or 5 years ago, I constantly think of blacks fucking whites, doesnt matter where i am. If i see blacks on the street with white girls, i imagine how they are fucking right infront of me... If i see black guys my first view goes to there crotch to see if i can see there cocks through it.

[Update 15.10.2012: my exboyfriend and I are seperated now and some black guy moved in my house at top floor :) we already met and talked but i was too shy to tell him how much i love blacks...Update: We fucked! He fucked me after we talked for a few days and met in the washing room! :) He fucked me in his apparment just a few days before i left for vacation, will be back on Wednesday 17.10 and going straight to the top floor jumping on his big black cock] My boyfriend knows about that but i dont want him to touch me or fuck me any more. Sometimes he is over at my place and he watches me masturbating to interracial porn and getting creamy all over my big dildo.

In the last monthes i enjoyed beeing alone watching big black cocks deep inside white pussies and masturbate hard to it. Sometimes i wish i get fucked and get that black seed deep inside me. [UPDATE 04.01.2013] And this is not a dream anymore! My neighbourh is fucking me whenever i need his black cock inside me and I just love it! He is older than me and well hang, man I am getting wet, just thinking about his big cock! Love it so much to get fucked by a big black cook and feel him penetrating me so deep and hard.

[2. UPDATE 04.01.2013]: Sorry I wasnt online so much in the last weeks but I dated a guy :) a white guy from my university. We kissed already and made out but no sex so far. He does know about me loving black cocks but he doesnt know that I am getting fucked by one like every day :) Lets see how that turns out if this is getting more serious. I hope he is into that.

[3.Update 31.05.2013]: So it didnt work out with the guy i was dating, we didnt had much incomen, especially not my desire for big black cocks ;) I am still solo and still studying and still getting fucked by my black neigbour. It's almost like a routine that we fuck after he comes from work. We are not a couple or anything, we are just fucking. He is 36 and working as parcel service man. We started to do some roleplay, when he is on the job, he drives home and i get a nice big packet from him. I love to feel is big thick cock inside off me, its even better then my beloved Dildo ( not using it any more ^^ ) We fuck almost everyday, on weekends more than 5 or 6 times a day. I love to dress like a little girl with no underwear and knock on his door and he grabs me with his big hands and fingerfucks me right on the floor, then lifts me up and puts his big black cock under my skirt mhh just love it :)

I will post some other stuff i do with him later on, i am getting horny by thinking about it ;)

[4.Update 08.08.2013]: Some weeks ago he asked me if i want to have a threesome with his friend. I was agreeing and next weekend his buddy from the usa will come and visit us. He is also around 40 and black. My neighbour told me he has a wife and 3 children and a really big cock even bigger than his own. Wow! I am really looking forward to this! Will post some updates later guys! Ah Btw. we are doing some anal with my dildo since a few days, probably to get me used to have both wholes full with big cocks :) CU and kisses

[5. Update 26.08.2013]: Wow guys! Really my mind is completely gone! This was the best week in my my life so far! I had so much fun and so much cock and the feeling of this two black men wanting me so hard was the most exciting feeling i ever had! These two big black cooks were crazy about me and fucking my the whole time! I cant even find word to describe how wicked it was! we had so much fucking, it feels like we were fucking the whole time. Neighbours were knocking on the door cause it was to nöisy at the night but we didnt care hahaha, i was just screaming of plessure and fun and couldnt stopp! And this two black men were fucking me like they didnt fucked for month...

[6. Update 14.10.2013]: Guys, something bad happened... since we had the threesome the sex isnt that exciting anymore... i dont know what happend but its getting kinda boring :( Sometimes i dont even want to fuck till i cum... I dont know what to do know... i still love black cooks but somehow its getting kind of boring with him... maybe we should try something new?

{7. Update 22.05.2014:]Hey guys, time hs passed since my last update :) was busy with studiying and i got a boyfriend :D a german man, he is 30 and working at an office. I met him at a after hour party and we are together since 2 weeks now. And guess what?! He already watched me fucking my black neighbour and was loving it! :D :D :D We were fucking and he quickly realised that his dick is to small for me and he couldnt satisfy me, so took my Dildo and compared his dick with my dildo and he was asking me, if i like big cocks. I told him i love to get fucked by big cocks and he should fuck me with the dildo to see how much i love it :) Then I told him, that i was getting fucked by a black buy with a huge cock and he instantly got horny and told me, its not a problem for him if i fuck big cocks. I was not sure about his words cause he was horny as fuck but i asked him "what would you do, if i was getting fucked right now infront of u? And he said he would watch and masturbate... hahahaha i grabbed his hand and went upstairs to my black neighbour, knocked on the door and said: You wanna fuck and let him watch? And he said "sure" and grabbed my ass and pulled me in. it was so exciting again and i was so fucking horny and wet, i came the first time after 1 minute of him just licking my pussy! And my boyfriend was just quiet and watching us. I think he was a lilttle bit overwhelmed but i didnt care cause the only thing i could think about was getting fucked buy this huge black cock infront of my boyfriend :) such a turn on! If u want to hear more just write me, i cant tell everyhting here :) But a lot happened since i got a new boyfriend :) and even before Kisses and Love
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dein fötzchen könnte mal so einen Riesenschwanz wie meinen vertragen, damit es weiß wie sich ein Orgasmus anfühlt.
Geile Grüße
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nice profile, thanks for add me, hot kisses...
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Please add me
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Nice page..................
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I love your profile, I like your kinks.
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Invite me. Great profile
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perfect bbc lover x
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hey wenn du interesse an uns hast kannst dich gerne mal melden bzw uns adden ;)
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hot Vacation Mallorca...
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BBC cuckolding is the Future!
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Wow. Great profile. I agree that BBC in white sexy pussy is amazing. I feel your emotional drive too. Its my dream to watch a sexy girl fuck with black man
2 months ago
Very sexy profile
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God I love your updates! So glad you are cuckolding your small dick white bf. Good for you! Will you make him suck your black lovers cock?
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3 months ago
tolle Seite !
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sehr gute werbung für BBC und IR hier! Volle Unterstützung
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biig hug
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Danke für's Annehmen
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thanks for the add love your profile also XXXOO
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Love your profile, you are amazing!!!
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Hi! Thx for the add
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...hi wie geht es Du Du geiler Hase? Was gibt es neues bei Dir von der Fickfront?
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You've got great material, I love amateur interracial also!
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Super profile...
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Thanks for adding me to your friendslist, I hope to enjoy a lot of you !! XXX
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fantasic profile & a inspiration for ANY white woman x
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thanks for invite