Peter fucks my Wife

A snapshot into the fucking of my wife by Peter (more to come)

I was naked by the side of the bed slowly playing with my cock. My wife was on the bed with Peter between her legs. Her cute feet were resting on Peter's shoulders with her toenails painted a light pastel blue. She was nicely tanned from a recent trip to the beach and that contrasted perfectly against her painted toes. Her heels sat upon his bulging traps, her arches curved over his wide shoulders with her toes resting on his back. But I could not take my eyes off her pussy which was cleanly shaven except for a small patch above her clit shaped in the form of a V.

Peter's tongue steadily danced on my wife's clit. She was moaning softly but was beginning to become more vocal with each touch of Peter's tongue on her pussy. He spread her lips open with one hand and the other was f***efully grabbing her tit and flicking her nipple with his fingers that were recently moistened by her mouth. Peter occasionally pulled away and licked her pussy from top to bottom. Her protruding pussy lips were shinning with his saliva and the wetness coming from her cunt.

I could see Peter's dick as he had pulled my wife to the edge of the bed and was squatting slightly while prepping my wife for the first fuck she was going to have from another man other than me. His dick had to be close to 10 inches, at least 4 longer than mine. It was hard as a rock criss crossed with mean looking veins. He had a dark patch of pubic hair above his manhood, but the rest of his cock and balls were clean shaven. I knew he was thick not just from viewing his dick, but also earlier when my wife took his cock into her mouth. Her hand did not fit around the base of his rod. It had a slight upswing to it and was sticking out so straight and hard that it was almost pressed up against his ripped stomach. The head was huge and bulbous with a slight purple hue and still shinning from when my wife had sucked it moments earlier. His nutsack looked as though it had damn near two tennis balls stuffed in it. It was leathery in appearance and hung low, almost to mid thigh. A few minutes ago he had dipped those balls in my wife's eager mouth. His body was totally ripped. When he stripped earlier, I could see my wife damn near drooling. All I could think about was I could not wait until he mounted my sweet wife and put that raging cock into her pussy.

Peter took his hand off her tit and promptly stuck 2 fingers into her wet pussy. The response was immediate. My wife bucked her hips up pressing her pussy into Peter's mouth. Her moans were now loud and continuous. Peter was taking her clit in between his teeth while his tongue attacked it. She was going to cum soon. I was trying so hard not to cum at this point. I had to take my had off my cock so I could last.

She took Peter's place now, playing with her nipples. Her sweet moans were killing me but seemed to inspire our stud even more placing a third finger in her tight cunt. She went ballistic, grabbing Peter's shoulder length brown hair trying to suffocate him in her pussy.

"I am reading to cum Peter. I going to cum." she moaned.

Peter looked over at me while I resumed jacking off and he chuckled. What man gives up his woman's pussy to another man he thought. Fuck it. This little brunette girl is so fucking cute with her nice body and great tits. If this wimp can't fuck her properly and wants me to fuck her, then I have no problem stepping up and fucking her for him. More punks like this means more pussy for guys like me who deserve to fuck them.

His fingers became a blur now sliding into her pussy at a furious rate. Her hands now fell to the side of her legs as the first waves of pleasure rushed through her body spreading from her pussy to the rest of her body and I knew what was happening. Peter had just made her cum while I was on my knees not two feet away from her pussy feeling my balls tighten ready to spill my own cum playing with myself.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming Peter, I am cumming." my wife whispered. Peter could hear my cum splattering on the ground and laughed again while my eyes rolled back into my head. I had just cum while watching another man eat my wife's pussy and I have to thank Peter for that. It was the most incredible orgasim I had ever had.

My wife's bucking slowed as her legs gave way and lay down along Peter's back and they began to tremble. Peter slowed his fingering down as she emerged from her cum wonder world still moaning softly. My balls were now empty with a pool of sperm on the ground. Peter let my wife's clit out of his mouth and just lapped slowly up and down her pussy from asshole to clit.

Peter looked up at my wife who was starring down at him with a bewildered look of wonderment. "Oh my God Peter, oh my God. I never knew it could feel so good. Fuck that was amazing. How did you do that?" she stammered.

"Girl, that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is obvious this boy over here on his knees has no fucking clue how to fuck a woman like you. Lucky for you, he knows that and had the moral obligation to let you be with a real man. He knows that you need to know what it is like to be with a stud." gloated Peter. His face shining with her pussy juice. His dick was bouncing from the bl**d coursing through it. Peter was ready to fuck her now and his cock was obviously ready to get to it.

"Fuck me Peter, please fuck me." my wife said to him. "Fuck me now. Please."

"Before I fuck you, I want your hubby over here to beg me to fuck you." Peter growled. He stood up now in front of me, towering over me with his stacked body. "Beg me to fuck your wife." he commanded.

My wife looked upon me with pity but she was a bit anxious not knowing if I would bow to his command to beg him. She wanted Peter to fuck her like no other feeling she had ever had in her life.

"Well boy, what's it going to be? Am I leaving or am I going to fuck your wife? No one needs to know I ate her pussy and made her cum. Heck, I won't even tell anyone she sucked my dick or swallowed my balls. I can get dressed and leave. No one needs to know you came on the floor jacking off while I serviced your wife. This is your final chance to save your manhood. I can walk away and you can save, well, what is left of your manhood or I can fuck her. Look at her. That is your wife naked on the bed for Christ's sake. Go over and fuck her. I just ate her pussy. I know its wet and ready. Come on, be a man. Tell me to leave. Get up off you knees and tell me to get the fuck out of here, its your wife over there. No man would ever ask another man to fuck his woman, right? You should want to kill me. I violated your sweet wife. I just stuck my dick down her throat a minute ago. Dude she sucked my balls! Come on, do you want me to fuck her? Well do you? Your call my boy. Do you remain on your knees and beg another man to fuck your woman or do you salvage your manhood in front of your wife? I am offering you an out. A clear out. I will leave, all you have to do is say the words. The only other option is to beg, beg me to fuck her." he said looking down at me with a wry grin on his facing clearly enjoying taunting me. He was in complete control and knew what I would do all along. That is why he is a real man, a stud, and fucks a lot of pussy. I was in awe of him. He was everything I could never be and why I was on my knees in this situation. Call it Dawinism of Pussy. He was exactly where he should be and so was I. And my wife was exactly where she should be, her legs spread, her pussy dripping, and aching for Peter to fuck her.

My wife glowered at me with a 'well, come on boy, get on with it and beg him" look on her face. Oh my sweet wifey, you needn't worry yourself at all. There was never a doubt in my mind what was going to happen. Unbelievable things are about to happen to you that you never dreamed of.

"Peter, please fuck her. Please fuck my wife for me. I am on my knees begging you to fuck her. She needs you. She needs to be fucked by you. I know that. I can't fuck her the way she needs to be fucked. Like you can fuck her. Look at her, she wants you so bad. She wants to give herself to you. Peter you deserve her pussy and I do not. Please do not leave. I'll do anything to get you to fuck her. Please don't leave without fucking her. I don't want the out. I don't want to fuck her. I don't want her pussy. And most of all, I don't want you to leave. I want you to have her pussy. I just want you to fuck her." I begged him. I begged him to fuck my wife. Peter smiled. He just took my manhood from me right in front of my wife. He was loving it.

"Fuck yeah!" Peter said.

"Yes. That's a good boy. You know its the right thing to do" said my wife with a huge smile knowing that I had just begged another man to fuck her and the fact she now knew for sure he was going to put that big cock deep in her pussy.

"Peter, I just have one request." I stammered.

Peter looked irked. "What the fuck do you want pussy?"

"Please let me stay and watch you fuck her. I am begging you, please let me stay and watch you fuck her." I pleaded with my wife's stud.

"What do you think?" Peter asked my wife, "I'll let you make the call. Do you want this punk here while we fuck? I personally can't stand the site of him."

"Well we can't have all the fun, now can we Peter? You can stay, but don't come near us unless Peter asks you to help out. You can stay where you are and jack off or whatever while we fuck. Just don't get in the way of Peter and what he is doing to me. You do exactly what Peter tells you to do. Don't you even dare touch me. Oh yeah, and stay on your knees. After all, how can you stand while another man fucks me, right? Understood?" my wife toyed.

"Yes, I understand completely. Thank you. Thank you so much." I said very much relieved. She had know idea how much what she just said meant to me. I was so happy I could stay for her fucking.

Peter took a step towards me. He slapped me a few times across my face, but not real hard. He reached down and grabbed my wife's dainty pink panties from off the ground where he had tossed them prior to eating my wife's pussy. "Lower your head." he grunted and then placed my wife's panties around my neck. "Keep that around you neck if you want to stay." Peter said. My wife giggled.

With that Peter turned his attention back you my wife. They locked eyes as he climbed on the bed. She began to spread her legs as his cock moved toward her primed pussy as I re-lubed my cock with hand lotion. No hand lotion for Peter's cock. He was going to dip his into sweet, warm, and wet pussy. The way it should be.

To be continued.

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2 months ago
Damn, that is Fucking Hot!
2 years ago
Hot story
2 years ago
my wife surprise me when she said would like to meet peter since i been her only.
3 years ago
That was AWESOME!
3 years ago
Great story...would love to see your favorite vids!
3 years ago
very good story
3 years ago
Thanks for the great comments and awesome ratings. I will be writing a prologue to outline how my wife ended up getting fucked by a stud in the first place and how her first fuck by a stud ended. I hope you will enjoy it.
3 years ago
Nice story! Love to take Peter's place!
3 years ago
Great tale, now let's hear in detail just how he fucked her and hopefully made you lick her out afterwards and sucked him clean.
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago