girlfriend goes black

First a little background.....

so a number of years ago my gf at the time was just starting to explore her sexuality and one night we got to talking about fantacy celebs we thought were hot....hers was baseball/football star Bo Jackson. She told me that being black she imagined his rock hard body and figured his cock was long and thick.

little did she know that i have always been a bit of a cuckold and this was shaping up to get very interesting. i started to probe a bit and after a few glasses of wine i asked her if she would ever want to experience a black guy in real life....her pussy got soaking wet and we started to have a crazy night of role play sex.

a few weeks later my gf started biology classes in a local community college and she was keen on getting a good education....well one day she came home and practically ripped my clothes off, started sucking my cock and telling me about what had just happend in class.....she told me about one of her classmates who was a young hot black guy and that he was flirting big time with her....all she could think about was how big his cock was....

so a few days later she came home again with that fuck me now look on her face again....she told me how there was this big project to do and she got partnered up with the black guy...she told me the projec was on male/female reproductive systems and the had to draw and diagram the male and female anatomy....well i guess the black guy was teasing her and said that for the male anatomy she could just trace his out but would need bigger paper that 81/2x11 sheet....her pussy got soaking wet right there and she said prove it....well after some more teasing in class they planned on working on the project later in the day and my gf invited hime over to our an hour!!!

i was floored....i asked what she was thinking about doing and how far she would take cock was ready to explode right there....she said i guess we'll see but you cant be here....i told him you were out of town on business.....well i said there was no way i would miss this for the world.... so i made myself a little viewing area in the closet with a perfect view of the room and bed.

about 2 hours later the doorbell rang....i ran and hid and off she went to answer the door....she had put on a hot low cut top, sexy little skirt and stockings and looked super hot....she was a tiny girl at 4'11 and about 103lbs with nice large b-cup titties and the tightest little pussy (for now!!)

so there i was waiting in anticipation...not knowing what would happen and if it would happen where i could watch it like the cuck voyeur i was....about 30mins in i heard some giggling and little playful cock was throbbing at this point and i wanted to see what was up....

a few minutes later they brought their books and project supplies into the bedroom where the computer was and they started looking stuff up on the girl was sitting there and he was standing behind her....he was tall at about 6'3 and 190lbs with a good build....i could see him adjusting himself quite a bit and wondered if he was getting horny trying to look down her top.....i heard him ask if she had remembered to get the bigger paper so that she could trace him out....she looked up at him and said you wouldnt let me do that....he said i sure would only if you wanted to....he started asking her if she had even seen a black cock and she said only on the net....then she surprised the hell out of me and asked him if she could see it.....

he stepped back from the computer station....took off his belt...unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor....i had a perfect view of my girl and her eyes popped out and her mouth dropped open....he had tight boxer briefs on and his cock was hanging very low down his leg....he slowly pulled down the boxers and out popped his huge 11.5 inch thick cock.....i thought she was going to faint....he asked her if she wanted to touch it....she did of course and reached out and took it in her little hand.....she stroked it up and down twice and it was rock hard....meanwhile i had cum twice in the closet and had a sock stuffed in my mouth trying to keep quiet.....

for the next 10mins i watched her in her glory....she sucked him really good and all i could hear her say was how amazed she was at the size....he then picked her up, placed her on the bed where he had his way with her.....her pussy was sooo wet and ready for him....after he went down on her for about 15 mins she had already cum it was time to see if he could fit that massive cock inside her....i watched tentivly as he slid his cock on the outside of her pussy....her lips were spread so wide and there was soo much jucie he slid the tip in and she screamed!!!

i came 2 more times over the next 45mins as he masterfully took her to a place that i never could...he cock touched every inch of the inside of her pussy....the hottest part for me was watching her ride it....she could only take about 5 inches of it and it looked so amazing as it slid in and out of her...she loved it! her moans of extacy were unreal!!!

about 10mins into riding him he told her he was going to cum.....she blew my mind again when she asked him if he could shoot it all over her face and tits....she hopped off and started sucking on the huge cock and all of a sudden he let out a loud grunt and proceeded to shoot what seemed like a gallon of cum all over her face and down her neck....she was moaning again and was rubbing her pussy and she came too!

what a sight....i was in total shock sitting in the closet....i needed water and couldnt do a thing about it....they then got up...took a shower and being a little overwhelmed about the situation she asked him to go and they could hook up tomorrow and finish the project.....

well 2 years later they were still fucking like rabbits and i was still chillin in the closet....what a hot show i got almost once a week!!
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1 month ago
sooooooooooooooooo hot
3 months ago
very horny story
2 years ago
it is amazing what black that size will do to the wife they become wanton sluts there only goal is to please the black stud.and his goal is to stretch that white pussy and you see what a bbc loving woman she has become.
seeing the wife with 10 inches of black cock buried in her i know she now needs bbc and i want her to get what she needs
2 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
sexy story
3 years ago
Good read!
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
hott your a lucky man, im around your guys age it sounds like hope to find a girl like that someday
3 years ago
Cum out of the closet!
3 years ago
hey balancee....she was 19
3 years ago
How old was your gf when this was happening??
4 years ago
come out of the closet and help by holding her legs open for him. After he cums lick her clean.
4 years ago
that is what happens they have the power to take your wife girlfriend and show what they are capable of
4 years ago
Great story...
4 years ago
made my dick hard.
4 years ago
Nice story. Enjoyed reading it very much!
4 years ago
4 years ago
So she got what she wanted good for her!!!!
4 years ago
Great job. Love the story!