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I go to Seattle to play quite often because there's such a choice in BBC. There's something about a black men, what can I say (and, I don't really care how big they are).

I was in a hotel downtown, and I was online hoping to pick-up and host in my suite.

I was walking around naked and showing off on in the Squirt cam room when I got a hit from a guy. When I checked out his profile I was definitely turned on: 57 y/o black top with a great uncut cock (I LOVE uncut!).

I immediately invited him over and then he asked if he could bring his friend as the two of them were playing a little anyway. I let them know that I don't top, but otherwise, hell yes!

I was super excited, although I've been in group scenes with black men at Club Z, this would be the first time I had invited men over.

I was well ready when they arrived. medium butt plug in and well know, just in case ;-)

I heard the knock on the door and my excitement exploded. almost leaped to the door.

I had the lights very low, as they requested, and I was totally naked.

Once they were both in the immediately started to unddress: no slow build-up here!

One guy was definitely more experienced and more the top because he came right over and I went down on my knees to work on his meat.

He had a great looking uncut cock with low-hangers. Big, but not huge. But, as I said, if it's black, I'm in ;-)

Eventually the other fellow came over and once I could see the size of his cock I was stunnd: this guy was huge!!

I didn't miss a stroke with my mouth on the first guy, and quickly grabbed onto the cock and began stroking the second guy. Even soft I could barely fit my hand around him and he was easily three hands long!

The guy I was sucking got me up and directed the other fellow to go onto the bed so I could continue to suck him.

I climbed on the bed with my ass eagerly up for the man behind me. He squirted some lube on his cock then my ass then slowly began working himself into me.

He was clearly experienced because, although a good size, he didn't rush and got himself into me relatively quickly.

He began pumping into me fully and deeply and I was amazed at how good he was it.

I was also a little pre-occupied with the size of the meat in front of me. I could only get some of his semi-hard cock into my mouth, so I had to stroke the rest. With my other hands I was massaging his ample balls, and he was clearly enjoying my handy work.

I could feel the balls of the guy fucking me bounce off me as he went deep and hard into me. I was actually surprised it didn't hurt, but I think the excitement had a lot to do with that :-)

The guy fucking me was very, very verbally agressive and this was also a turn on. The guy I was sucking was kinda quiet, but he was doing what the other asked: grabbing my head and feeding me more and more of his cock...they both wanted me to gag, not that I had a choice!

I could tell it was turning the guy on because I was getting pumped harder and harder, and faster and faster, and his comments went from instructions to telling me he was getting close. The other fellow was now almost rock solid--the head of his cock was almost at the middle of his chest!

"I'm gonna shoot deep and raw into you boy," he said.

I just moaned in agreement. Creampie by BBC: hell yes!

With one hard, deep thrust he jammed himself all the way in and moaned very loudly.

I could literally feel EVERY spasm of his cock as he unloaded in me.

As I was enjoying this I was quite surprised tha the other fellow got up and said: "I'm next."

He moved behind me as the other fellow said: "I'll stay inside until you're ready to keep him full of cum."

I heard the big fellow fiddling with the lube and then "Okay." No sooner had one pulled out than the other was entering.

He was so large though that he only got partially in. He wasn't as experienced as the other fellow, so he was trying to ram it in a little harder than I could accomodate right away.

The pressure of his cock, being partially in me, forcing against me was more pleasure than pain, so I said nothing and let him go about his entrance.

Now the other guy was kneeling in front of me and had aggressively grabbed my head with both hands and was shoving his still hard cock into my mouth without mercy or concern for me--and I loved it!

Finally the guy behind me got his meat fully in me and I could tell that I was stretched slightly beyond my normal comfort zone, but I was to hot for this monster meat to stop.

Thankfully he was a slow-stroker. He was moving in and to his head slowly but insistently and deeply. The feeling was beyond description.

The man throat-fucking me pulled out and lifted my head aggressively: "You like that black meat bitch." All I could do was smile.

"Hey, Jules, he likes your meat," he said forcing his cock deep down my throat again.

The guy behind me must of liked this because he started to increase the pace of his pumping. The top in front shoved poppers to my nose and I snorted deeply.

The hit of the rush and the girth of the monster in me almost had me passing out.

He took some poppers himself then passed them to the guy fucking me.

I could tell when they hit him because he started ramming himself into me calling out "take my cock. Take my cock." Slamming each time for emphasis.

By this time I was fully able to take him...ALL of him. His balls, too, were bouncing of me as he thrust deep into me, and he grunted with each thrust in.

After a few moments of this spit-roasting abuse (happily taken, of course!) I heard this loud "ahhhhh...."

Unlike the first guy, I couldn't feel the spasms, but he was deep, deep inside me.

I was going to look around but, to my (happy) surprise, the guy in front pulled his cock out, grabbed the top of my head f***efully and started to unload his cum all over my face.

As the final cum was drained out of the guy inside me, the BBC in front was wiping his work all around my face as I licked at his cock and balls.

"Don't pull out til I'm there," he said as he moved behind me.

One of them grabbed both cheeks of my ass hard and pulled them apart as the monster cock withdrew.

I could feel the cool air coming right into me so I knew they had left me gapping.

"Sahweeet!" I heard one say, and because I felt the warm liquid running down both of my inner thighs I knew why.

These guys shot huge loads.

The monster guy slapped my ass with his cock a few times and I was amazed at the weight of it!

"Get him to clean you off," I heard the older BBC say, and the next thing I knew was I had this monster, semi-hard, cum wet, cock rubbing the cum around my face.

"Suck it clean," he said and shoved it into my willing and open mouth, and I did as I was told.

Soon I had both cocks to lick clean and I spent the next half-hour gleefully doing that job to the best of my ability..!
100% (9/0)
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6 days ago
10 months ago
I'll say....I like them enough to travel to Seattle every month or so :-P
10 months ago
that's hot..nothing like big, black dick