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I am a straight male, and for many years I have been aroused - or aroused myself - by stimulation of my nipples. Its now got to the extent that I find it hard to orgasm without reasonably intense nipple stimulation. The most intense feeling is when they are scratched rapidly with fingernails, and now when my partner squeezes them pretty hard with her nails. Its weird I know, but the intense pain is so arousing for me! I get a real sexual thrill from all this. My partner thinks I'm definitely a one-off, for some inexplicable reason, although she now gets increasingly aroused when I do the same - but much gentler - to her.

One consequence of all this is that my nipples have increased in size quite significantly, even when not aroused, and they are a bit too visible through shirts.

Maybe the female who can only orgasm with severe nipple pain is not as unusual as she may feel.
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