The Patient's Revenge

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Doctor Judy Scott stepped from the limousine in front of the hotel in Cancun, Mexico. She pulled down her short white skirt and adjusted her blouse while smiling after several men stared at her firm body. She suddenly shouted at a hotel worker, “Be careful with those bags! I won this trip, and I’m not going to let you ruin it!”

After checking into the hotel, she spent several hours lying in the sun beside the pool, where she met Cynthia Ackers, an operating room nurse. Judy explained, “I’m a surgeon from Boston, and I won this trip. Good things always come my way. My looks, my hair, and my skills. I’m going to be quite the package deal for some wealthy man.”

“I can see that,” replied Ackers. “ Would you like to go to dinner tonight? Maybe we’ll meet some interesting men.”

“That sounds like fun. I love it when they buy me drinks all night because they find my beauty irresistible.” The women meet in the hotel lobby that evening and enjoyed a leisurely dinner. A taxi took them to a popular nightclub in town. As the doormen pulled open the taxi doors, two men suddenly jumped into the cab.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Judy asked as the men held her down. Moments later Cynthia pressed a cloth over Judy’s face and d**gged her into u*********sness.

“Oh my god!” Judy thought after she woke and found herself lying on a bed. The bright morning sun lighted the room and momentarily blinded her. She immediately discovered someone pulled her arms behind her back and tied a rope tightly around her wrists. Then she saw the rope tied around her ankles. The door opened and Judy’s eyes opened wide with shock when Cynthia pushed a woman seated in a wheelchair into the room.

“I’m glad you’re awake Doctor Scott,” said the woman. “Do you remember me?”

“No. What’s going on here?”

“I was one of your patients. I’m Carol Ackers.”

“I don’t remember you! Why am I here?”

“You left me paralyzed after you botched my back surgery Doctor. The courts said the accident was unintentional. They let you walk away after you left me paralyzed!”

“I want you to untie me right now.” Judy began to panic.

“My daughter Cynthia is a nurse at your hospital. She checked the records and found that you made a mistake, and then covered it up during the trial. You walked away from your mistake, but I must live with it for the rest of my life.”

“You’re wrong. I don’t make mistakes. I want you to untie me now!”

“You’re such a self centered bitch,” shouted Cynthia. “I arranged for you to win your trip Doctor. I’ve also arranged for some men to punish you for what you did to my mother.”

“This is ridiculous,” said Judy, after four large men stepped into the room and pulled her to her feet.

“I am Juan Rodregeze,” explained one of the men. “You are my guest Doctor Scott.”

“Don’t touch me!” Judy screamed when the men began pulling off her dress.

“She dresses like a whore,” remarked Cynthia after she saw Judy’s push up bra, and her sheer white panties.

“You can’t do this to me,” cried Judy before one of the men began choking her. When she gasped for air, Rodregeze f***ed a black ball gag into her mouth. She moaned and struggled while he attached the straps together behind her head.

“Tie her to the pole,” ordered Rodregeze. The men dragged Judy into another large room. They pushed Judy back against a thick steel pole extending from the floor to ceiling. The men pulled her arms behind the pole and tied her wrists together. She kicked at them before they tied her ankles to the pole with a long leather strap.

“Now you’re going to have your revenge mother,” said Cynthia as she pushed the wheelchair into the room. Judy began to panic while Rodregeze cut the straps of her bra with scissors. He slowly pulled the material from her body to expose her large breasts. Then he cut the sheet white material of her panties and pulled away the pieces to expose her pussy, and the narrow patch of pubic hair above it.

“Use ropes and tie her breasts,” Rodregeze told his men. Judy moaned, while two men wrapped a rope tightly around her right breast. The gag muffled her screams when they tightened the rope until her breast resembled a balloon. Then they tied a rope tightly around her other breast.

“Make her suffer,” said Carol. “I want to hear her scream.”

“I cut the ends off these large plastic syringes,” explained Rodregeze. “They will fit over the doctor’s nipples.” Judy struggled and moaned as Rodregeze pressed one of the syringes against her breast. When he slowly pulled the plunger back in the syringe, the suction began painfully sucking the soft skin into the narrow cylinder.

“I’ve waited years to watch this bitch suffer,” said Carol after Judy screamed from the burning pain of the breast suction. The pain rapidly increased after Rodregeze sucked the skin of her other breast into the second syringe.

“Remove the syringes and ropes from her breasts and free her from the pole,” Rodregeze told his men after tears began flowing from Judy’s eyes. She began struggling violently after the men freed her. When they pushed her back against the pole again, Rodregeze wrapped a wide leather strap around her neck and the pole, and tightened it until she began choking.

“This will prevent you from moving.” Rodreqeze tied a leather strap around one of Judy’s arm, above her elbow. He pulled the strap behind the pole and tied it tightly around her other arm.

“Your doctor has a slim body and large tits,” said Rodregeze before he tied a rope tightly around her waist. He pulled the rope down between the cheeks of her ass. He smiled while listening to her squeal after he slipped the rope between the lips of her pussy. Rodregeze pushed the end of the rope through an overhead pulley and one of his men began pulling on it.

“Pull that rope tighter,” shouted Carol. “I want to hear the doctor scream.” The rope tightened until it pressed against Judy’s clit. The gag muffled her cries as she stood on her tiptoes to relieve the stinging, burning pain, between her legs.

“Let’s not ignore these breasts.” Rodregeze slipped metal clamps over Judy’s nipples and listened to her cries after he released them. Her screams became louder as he attached a thin cord to the chain dangling between the clamps. Judy shrieked from the pain as the cord tightened and the clamps painfully stretched her nipples and breasts forward

“I’m pleased to see you suffering Doctor,” said Carol, as Cynthia pushed her wheelchair toward the door. “I’ll leave you this way to think about what you did to me.”

When Carol returned several hours later, she smiled when she saw Judy’s body completely encased in white gauze from her feet, to the top of her head. She looked like a mummy, with a dozen wide black straps securing her body tightly to the pole.

“Shall I continue with her punishment?” Rodregeze asked.

“Please do, and make it as painful as you can.”

“We’ll start with her breasts.” Rodregeze pulled a long silver needle from a holder. He pressed the tip against the gauze wrapped tightly around Judy breasts. He smiled at Carol and her daughter before he began pushing it into Judy’s full breast.

“I enjoy watching this,” commented Carol. She watched Judy struggling in the gauze while the gag muffled her screams of agony. Her movements became more frantic when Rodregeze slowly pushed a needle into her other breast.

Carol said, “Put two more needles into each of her breasts. Then put needles into her thighs and ass. I want her to suffer.”

“I’m enjoying this mother,” said Cynthia as she watched Rodregeze slowly push a long needle into Judy’s thigh. She and her mother smiled at one another while listening to her muffled shrieks of pain. They watched Rodregeze push needles into each of Judy thighs, and lower legs, before the tortured women finally fainted from the pain.

When Judy woke the following morning, her body ached from the abuse. She pounded on the wooden door of the tiny room where she slept. “Let me out! Please, let me out!”

Two men opened the door and dragged Judy from the room while she pleaded with them to release her. They f***ed her to shower under a spray of cold water and then dragged her to a room where Rodregeze and Carol waited for her.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you when I operated on your back,” said Judy compassionately, as she covered her pussy and breasts with her arm and hand. “I’ll give you all of my money if you let me go.”

“Your money means nothing to me now, you god damn bitch!”

“It’s time to continue working on the doctor,” said Rodregeze.

“What are you doing?” Judy cried, as the men dragged her toward a large piece of plywood lying on the floor. She struggled wildly while they placed restraints around her wrists and ankles.

“Put her face down on the wood,” said Rodregeze.

“Don’t do this to me,” pleaded Judy after the men f***ed her down on the plywood on her stomach. They spread her arms and legs apart and attached the restraints around her wrists and ankles to rings bolted to the corners of the wood.

“This is going to be personal doctor,” explained Cynthia as she pushed a cart into the room. She knelt on the wood with a long and thick brass pipe in her hand. “I’m going to administer a very painful enema with this nozzle doctor.”

Judy eyes opened wide with terror. “You can’t put that into me! That’s too long! It will damage me internally!”

Cynthia spread apart the cheeks of Judy’s ass. “I can f***e this pipe into your ass until it rips your intestines apart. Then you’ll know what it feels like to suffer.”

“No, please, stop!” Judy screamed when Cynthia pressed the rounded tip of the lubricated pipe against her anal opening.

“I don’t think you’re going to enjoy this doctor. I’m going to make it as painful as I can.”

“It’s too big for me to take rectally,” cried Judy, after Cynthia began forcing the pipe into her anal passage. Her screams filled the room while the cold and hard pipe spread apart the muscles of the tight passage. “Take it out of me!”

“You’re going to take much more Doctor.” Cynthia struggled and she eventually pushed more than eight inches of the pipe into Judy’s ass.

“It hurts! I can’t stand it! ! You’re going to rupture me!”

“We’ll let the water rip apart your precious body doctor.” Cynthia started a pump and watched the yellow tinted solution flowing through the clear tubing attached to the end of the brass pipe.

“It’s too hot!” Judy screamed after the water began filling her body. She struggled violently while lying on the wood, but she could not free herself.

“I poured a generous amounts of glycerin and soap into that water. It should have you screaming in a few minutes.” Cynthia f***ed an inflatable plug around the pipe filling Judy’s anal channel.

“You’re splitting me apart!” Judy screamed when Cynthia inflated the plug.

“This plug will keep all of the nice hot water in your body until you’re screaming from the pain.”

“My rectum and intestines are beginning to cramp!”

“That pain is going to get much worse! That water is going to stretching your stomach until it’s ready to burst!”

“Oh god, the cramps hurt!” Judy screamed while painful spasms began cramping her lower body. She struggled frantically and screamed for forty-five minutes while the pump f***ed hot water into her body

Cynthia stood beside her mother’s wheelchair while Judy shrieked from the pain. “Are you satisfied mother?”

“Make her suffer while I rest, then we’ll allow Mr. Rodregeze to use her body.” Cynthia added more air to the plug filling Judy’s ass, while the water continued flowing into her body.

“My stomach is bloated and it’s stretching!” Judy screamed hysterically. “It’s going to burst.”

“You’ve had enough pain for now,” said Cynthia after she pushed her fingers against Judy’s stomach. The screaming woman’s skin felt hard and tight from the water filling her body.

“Please help me,” pleaded Judy as Rodregeze’s men freed her. They tied her wrists together behind her back and f***ed her to kneel on a wooden bench before Rodregeze placed a pail under her body.

“You’re going to put on a show for all of us.” Cynthia deflated the anal plug and everyone watched the water and shit flow from Judy’s ass. She screamed and cried as the painful cramps continued until she expelled all of the water from her body. The men washed her ass and legs before they f***ed her to stand in front of mother and Cynthia.

“I’m sorry for what happened to you,” Judy apologized again. She looked exhausted after the painful ordeal.

“Carol and her daughter want to watch you being humiliated doctor,” explained Rodregeze. “Just as Carol is humiliated whenever she goes out in her wheelchair.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I think watching you give me a blow job would be a good start.” Rodregeze sat on a chair and pulled down his trousers to free his thick cock

“I won’t do that for anyone!” Two men grasped Judy’s arms and bent her body forward until her head was inches from Rodregeze’s cock. He grasped her hair and pushed her head down between his legs. “You’re pulling my hair out by the roots! You’re hurting me!”

“Suck my cock or suffer bitch!” Rodregeze shouted.

“All right! Stop hurting me!” Moments later Judy wrapped her lips around Rodregeze thick cock. He pushed her head down and f***ed his cock deep into her throat while she moaned.

“I knew she was a slut from the moment I met her,” said Cynthia.

“She’s such a whore,” remarked Carol when Rodregeze began filling Judy’s mouth with cum. She listened to the doctor choking while she gagged on his warm white fluid.

“How could you make me do this?” Judy cried after Rodregeze painfully lifted her head off his cock by her hair.

“Our bitch looks tired. She needs some rest,” said Rodregeze.

“You’ve hurt me enough!” Judy cried moments after Rodregeze grasped her hair to prevent her from moving. Two other men pulled her arms behind her back and f***ed her arms into a leather arm binder. She moaned when they tightened the device until her elbows pressed together painfully

“Well let her rest in here.” Rodregeze pulled open a wooden box no more than four feet high.

“You can’t put me in there!” Judy screamed after the men f***ed her to kneel in front of the box. They repositioned her body and f***ed her to sit on a small platform inside the box. Rodregeze bent Judy’s head forward until her chin pressed against her chest, then his men f***ed her body and legs into the box. Judy screamed hysterically as Rodregeze closed the door and locked it. “Don’t leave me in here! It’s too tight! I can’t breath! I’ll die in here!”

“Her cries sound so good,” said Carol as she listened to Judy’s screaming.

“We’ll leave her in there for the rest of the day,” explained Rodregeze.
“The confinement will cause her muscles to cramp. It will be an exquisitely painful and slow torture.”

“Let me out of here!” Judy screamed, as the heat became unbearable inside the box. The muscles of her arms, neck, and legs soon began cramping. After several hours in the box, the cramps became so severe that her muscles began tightening with a burning pain. “I can’t stand being in her any more!”

“I want to see how our doctor is doing,” Carol told Rodregeze six hours later. He pulled open the door of the box and dragged Judy from it.

“Oh God, I hurt,” cried Judy as she collapsed onto the floor. Her arms and legs felt numb from the lack of circulation in the box as she lay on the floor looking at Carol and her daughter.

“We listened to your screams and cries doctor,” said Cynthia. “I found them to be quite enjoyable.”

“The bitch hasn’t suffered enough,” said Carol. She asked Rodregeze, “What are we going to do next?”

“I’m locking her in a cage for the night. Would you like to watch?”

“I want the bitch to suffer while you’re doing it.”

“Please let me go,” pleaded Judy as the men pulled her to her feet and removed the arm binder. “Please let me go! I’m sorry for what I did to you! I didn’t mean to do it!”

“This way doctor,” said Carol, as Cynthia pushed her wheelchair out of the room. They followed Rodregeze into a windowless room where he lifted the top of a cage constructed with thick metal pipes, while his men pushed Judy toward it.

“You, you can’t put me in there! You can’t do this to another person.”

“You’re not a person, you’re a tramp masquerading as a inept doctor,” shouted Carol angrily.

“I won’t get in there!” Judy struggled as the men lifted her body and lowered her legs into the cage that was only three feet long and two feet wide. They f***ed her into a kneeling position, then pushed down on her shoulders until her breasts pressed against her knees. Rodregeze closed the top of the cage against her back and locked it in place.

“Lift her arms up above her back,” said Rodregeze. Then men lifted Judy’s elbows high above her body and Rodregeze slipped a long and thick pipe into the cage. He positioned it under her elbows so that she could not lower her arms.

“I can’t move in here!” Judy screamed. “You can’t leave me this way!”

“We’re not done with you yet bitch.” Rodregeze started an electric winch that lifted the cage until it dangled five feet above the floor.

“We’ve got to watch this mother.” Cynthia moved the wheelchair closer so that Carol could see the activity.

“This shaft is for her ass.” Rodregeze pushed the rounded tip of a thick lubricated pipe against Judy’s anal opening.

“What are you doing to do me?” Judy screamed when Rodregeze began pushing the pipe into her ass. “It’s too big! It’s hurting me!”

“Push harder!” Carol suddenly shouted. “Make it hurt!”

“I can’t take it! It’s tearing me apart!” Judy began screaming hysterically from the pain as Rodregeze twisted the pipe while forcing it deeper into her anal channel. The burning pain of penetration f***ed long and shrill screams of agony from her mouth.

“This shows that your doctor is truly an anal whore,” commented Rodregeze after he worked more than eight inches of the pipe into Judy’s ass. Carol and Cynthia smiled while they listened to Judy’s shrieks of agony, while Rodregeze attached the pipe to the side of the cage so that it would not slip from her ass.

“sl**p well Doctor,” said Carol. “Tomorrow is another day, and I can assure you that you are going to suffer again.”

Tears ran from Judy’s eyes. “Don’t leave me this way! Please don’t leave me!”

Rodregeze led his men into the room at midnight and they removed Judy from the cage. As she ate the food they gave her, she said, “We can make a deal. You can let me go and no one will know. You can say I escaped. I have a thriving medical practice. I can give you all of my money if you let me go.”

“I do not work for you doctor,” explained Rodregeze while he studied Judy’s naked body. He motioned to his men and they f***ed Judy to kneel in front of a tall wooden bench before they tied her ankles to the wooden supports stretching between the legs.

“What are you doing to me?” Judy cried when the men f***ed her to stand. They pushed her body backward and f***ed her lie on the bench on her back.

“Let me go,” cried Judy as the men twisted her arms under the bench to tie her wrists together. She became terrified when the men pushed her knees apart and tied ropes around her slender thighs and the bench to prevent her from closing her legs. They pulled a rope over her stomach several times and tied it to the bench, before tying another rope around her neck and the bench. “I’ll give you more money than Ackers if you stop doing this to me! I promise I’ll give it you!”

“She is not paying for this session,” explained Rodregeze. “I’m doing this so that my men can enjoy themselves with your body.”

“What are doing with that?” Judy cried moments before Rodregeze pulled a clear plastic bag over her head. As a man wrapped tape around her neck to seal the plastic bag to her skin, Judy screamed, “I’ll suffocate in here! Take it off me! Take it off!”

“Be quiet bitch,” shouted Rodregeze as the man wrapped tape around the plastic covering Judy’s mouth, eyes, and the area under her nose. Rodregeze watched Judy struggling wildly as she gasped for air while the plastic pressed tightly against her nose and mouth. He pinched her breasts to f***e a shriek of pain from her mouth while she slowly suffocated. Judy’s lungs burned and felt as if they were going to explode from a lack of oxygen while she struggled violently on the bench. Moments before she knew she was about to die, Rodregeze pushed a wide plastic cylinder through the plastic covering her mouth. The men listened as she sucked cool air into her lungs to relieve the pain of suffocation.

“You can use her body now,” Rodregeze told the men. “Fuck her until she’s screaming.”

One of the excited men knelt between Judy’s spread and bound legs after pulling down his dirty pants. He pushed the head his cock between the lips of her pussy, and began forcing the thick shaft into the tight and dry channel. Judy screamed and struggled as the man f***ed the tight muscles of her pussy apart while forcing his cock completely into the channel. Several agonizing minutes later the man began to orgasm and he pulled his cock from her pussy. He sprayed warm white cum across the skin of her stomach and legs. After he finished, another man began pushing fucking her pussy.

“This is fitting treatment for a whore like you doctor,” said Rodregeze, as Judy shrieked from the pain while he pinched her nipples between his fingernails. He painfully stretched her nipples and breasts upward while watching his man fucking her pussy. One after another, more than a dozen men fucked the attractive woman while she remained helplessly bound to the table.

“Now you’re going to satisfy me bitch.” Rodregeze removed the rope from around Judy’s neck. He grasped her long black hair and painfully twisted her head to the side before pulling the tube from her mouth. The tape over her eyes prevented Judy from seeing anything, and she was shocked when Rodregeze suddenly f***ed his thick cock into her mouth. She moaned and struggled, and then began to gag violently, while Rodregeze fucked her face. Several minutes later she began to gag again, after a flood of cum began filling her mouth.

“Ugh, ugh,” moaned Judy as Rodregeze pulled her head tightly against his groin to pump more cum into her mouth. When he released his grip, her head fell back onto the wooden bench while she moaned and cried.

Rodregeze told his men, “Put the bitch into her room so that she can sl**p. Tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day for her.”

The following morning two men dragged Judy from the small room while she pleaded with them to release her. They allowed her to shower before they dragged her into the basement of the large house. Judy’s eyes opened wide with shocked when she saw a hospital style operating room operating room. “What is this place?”

“I had this built especially for you,” explained Carol. “You’re going to suffer in here, like I did in your hospital.”

“Please stop this insanity,” pleaded Judy as the men dragged her toward the operating room table. They f***ed her onto the table on her back and placed leather restraints around her ankles and wrists. They spread her arms and attached the wrist restraints to the sides of the bed. They spread her legs apart and attached the ankle restraints to short chains fastened to sides of the bed.

“I’m sorry for what I did to you!” Judy screamed at Carol. “Please, let me go!”

“It’s time to begin your operation Doctor,” said Rodregeze after he stepped to the table.

“Don’t touch me!” Judy screamed after he wrapped his hands around one of her breasts. Rodregeze lifted the breast before one of his men wrapped a narrow leather strap tightly around the base of the soft mound. Then they did the same to the other breast.

“What are you going to do to me? Why can’t you let me go!”

“I could remove your breasts with a scalpel and feed them to my a****ls,” said Rodregeze. “How attractive will you look without breasts?”

Tears streamed from Judy’s eyes. “Please don’t do that to me! Please, I’m begging you not to mutilate my body.”

“I can promise you this procedure will be much more painful than an operation.” Rodregeze turned on an electric vibrator and pressed it against the lips of Judy’s pussy.

“What, what are you doing to me?” Judy asked as the pleasurable vibrations began to excite her body. She lifted her hips off the bed to press her pussy firmly against the vibrator. Just as she was about to orgasm, Rodregeze pulled the device from between her legs. “Put it back! I want to orgasm! You’ve got to let me orgasm!”

“I think I’m going to work on your breasts myself.” Cynthia lifted two clear plastic tubes attached to the end of long hoses. She pressed them against Judy’s nipples and moments later a strong suction began painfully sucking the soft skin into the tubes.

“You’re hurting me!” Judy screamed as the suction pulled her breasts further into the tubes. “That hurts!”

“This is only the start of your suffering.” Cynthia pulled a long needle from a holder. She slipped the trip through one of many silver grommets in the strap around the base of Judy’s right breast. Then she slowly pushed the needle into the soft skin while twisting it.

“Ugh! Ugh! Take it out! It’s hurting me!” Judy screamed while her body thrashed wildly on the table. She screamed hysterically from the pain while Cynthia pushed a needle into her other breast. Her cries became loud hysterical screams of agony while Cynthia pushed four needles into each of her breasts.

“I do enjoying watching her suffer,” said Carol. “Continue with her treatment.”

“Stop hurting me!” Judy cried when Cynthia spread the lips of her pussy with his fingers. Moment later her back arched upward and she screamed after Rodregeze slipped a metal clamp over the soft fold of flesh. Then he slipped a second clamp over the other lip of her pussy. “Take them off! They hurt!”

“Now we will increase the pain gradually,” said Cynthia. She attached colored wires to the needles she pushed into Judy’s breasts, and the clamps biting into the lips of her pussy. She plugged the wires into a control box attached to the side of the bed and nodded at her mother before she pushed a button.

“Oh! Oh! Oh no! No, stop!” Judy’s shrill scream of pain startled everyone after a strong electrical shock passed through her body. Another severe shock caused the muscles of her body to painfully contract, before her back and ass violently lifted off the bed, while she screamed from the pain. Cynthia pushed the button again and Judy shrieked in agony while another shock traveled through her body.

“Should we burn out her mind so that she can’t operate again?” Cynthia asked her mother. They watched Judy crying while she struggled frantically on the table.

“That would save her from hurting other people while she pretends to be a doctor. Shock the bitch again so that I can watch her suffer.”

“Oh god, stop! Stop!” Judy pleaded before she screamed hysterically while another shock surged through her body. Her ass lifted off the bed when Cynthia increased the voltage. During the next three hours, they tortured Judy’s body with the electrical shocks. She passed out several times during the ordeal, but Rodregeze quickly revived her, and the torture began again.

When they could no longer revive Judy, the men removed her from the table and carried her to another room. A black plastic sheet stretched tightly across a metal frame lay on the bed. The men placed the u*********s woman’s body onto the plastic, on her back. Cynthia spread her arms and legs apart, then opened her mouth and slipped a plastic tube into it. The men lowered another sheet of plastic stretched over a frame onto Judy’s body, while Cynthia guided the tube in her mouth through a tight fitting opening in it. She locked the two metal frames together and then started a small pump.

“When the air is removed, the plastic sheets will tighten against her body like a second skin,” explained Rodregeze, while the pump sucked the air from between the two pieces of plastic. “When she wakes she will not be able to move.”

“I do like your creativity,” commented Cynthia when the black plastic tightened around Judy’s breasts. The plastic became so tight that the outline of Judy’s body became well defined.

The group waited until Judy regained consciousness. They smiled when she immediately became confused and struggled to move, but the tight fitting plastic immobilized her body. She gasped for air through the tube in her mouth while she began to panic.

“How does that feel doctor?” Cynthia asked as she placed her hand over the end of the tube. She smiled while watching Judy struggling for breath before she moved her hand away. Cynthia slid her fingers over the plastic pressed tightly against the lips of Judy’s pussy. “We control your body now Doctor. Now we control your entire life.”

The group left Judy trapped in the plastic prison for the night. Rodregeze freed her the next morning and dragged the terrified woman to a room where Carol and Cynthia waited. She fell to her knees in front of them and clasped her hands together while begging, “Please, let me go! I’m sorry for what I did to you!”

“I’m more sorry than you know doctor,” replied Carol. “You can still walk, I cannot.”

“I’m sorry for what I did!” Judy appeared terrified as the men dragged a wooden pallet resting on short metal legs. “Please don’t hurt me again! I can’t take any more pain! I can’t do it!”

“Tie down the doctor,” said Cynthia. “I want to make her scream.”

“Please, have pity on me,” begged Judy as the men f***ed her onto her back on the rough wooden pallet. They pulled her arms painfully behind her back and guided them downward through the slats in the pallet before they tied her wrists together. They ignored her cries and lifted her legs over her body. They spread them and then pushed down on them until her knees pressed tightly against her breasts. Rodregeze tied ropes around her legs below her knees and the men pulled them away from Judy’s body to spread her legs before they tied them to the pallet. They tied ropes around her ankles and pulled them apart to spread her legs further before they tied them to the pallet.

“I’ll give you everything, my house, my car, my money, if you stop hurting me! Please, stop doing this to me!”

“I don’t want you to move doctor.” Cynthia wrapped a rope tightly around Judy’s neck before she tied it to the pallet. “I could have a dozen men **** you while we watch, but that’s too good for you. You’d probably find pleasure in something like that. I’m going to do something much more terrible to you.”

“What, what are you doing?” Judy asked after Cynthia pulled on latex gloves.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you, just like you fuck your patients.” Cynthia dipped her fingers into a jar of lubricant before she pressed them against Judy’s anal opening.

“Listen to me!” Judy screamed as Cynthia began pushing a finger into her ass. She closed her eyes and whimpered as the finger slid between her bowels. “I’ll give you everything I have if you stop!”

“I only want to see you suffer.” Cynthia withdrew the finger and began forcing two into the tight passage.

“You’re stretching me apart! It hurts!”

“It’s going to hurt much more when you take my fist up your ass.”

“It’s too big,” Judy cried after Cynthia began forcing three fingers into her ass. The pain quickly became unbearable while she stretched the tight muscles apart, and it f***ed loud screams from Judy. When Cynthia began pushing her fist into the tight channel Judy screamed, “I can’t take it! Your hand is too big and it’s ripping me apart!”

“She going to scream for you now mother. I’m going to push my entire fist into her ass.”

“Make the bitch suffer like I did for months after my operation!”

“Oh God stop! Stop!” Judy began shrieking hysterically from the growing pain.

“You’re going to take all of it bitch!” Cynthia applied more pressure and her fist slowly slid into Judy’s tight ass. She continued pushing her fist forward until it slid into the screaming woman’s rectum, while her anal muscles tightened around Cynthia’s wrist.

“I can’t stand the pain! Take it out! Take it out of me now!”

“Twist your hand and make her scream,” suggested Rodregeze after he felt his cock growing rock hard in his trousers.

“Stop! Stop!” Judy screamed as Cynthia pulled her fist back into the anal passage and twisted it.

“I’m going to explore your intestines doctor.” Cynthia pushed her hand deeper into Judy ass. The movement f***ed hysterical screams from the tortured woman in the moments before she passed out from the pain. “I’m disappointed she couldn’t take more mother. I wanted to make her bleed for you.”

Two men dragged Judy to a room where she slept until the next morning. They led her out of the house and pushed her to her knees beside the driveway. They f***ed her into a cage made with metal bars as she screamed, “What are you doing to me?”

After a limousine parked beside the cage, Rodregeze led Carol and Cynthia out of the house. “I hope you two have enjoyed your stay with me.”

“It’s been wonderful,” replied Carol, before Cynthia pushed her wheelchair beside the cage. She studied Judy’s naked body and smiled. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation Doctor.”

“What do you mean?” Judy screamed.

“We’re leaving, and you’ll be staying here to suffer for a very long time. Let’s go home my dear.”

“You can’t leave me here! You can’t do this to me!” Judy screamed while Cynthia helped her mother into the limousine.

“Good bye bitch,” replied Cynthia before she closed the limousine door.

As the limousine pulled away Rodregeze told Judy, “I’m going to use and abuse your body for months doctor. Then I’ll give you to my men for a few years. When they grow tired of you I’ll sell you to the peasants in the mountains and you will become their slave.”

“No! No! You can’t treat me this way! I’m a doctor!” Judy screamed as tears streamed from her eyes. The arrogant woman suddenly learned that bedside manner is everything, and that doctors should never ignore the needs of their patients.

72% (21/9)
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3 years ago
we like it
3 years ago
I enjoy a good BDSM story as much - or probably more than - the next man, and this was very well-planned and beautifully-written, for which my thanks, congratulations and 4 Xs.

As a story went - well, let's just say it was a mite too strong, even for a reader who appreciates extreme levels of Sadism in a story.

Please write more for us, but tone it down - just a tad.

3 years ago
3 years ago
What is this are you some mental basterd that must be illegal
3 years ago