The Greenhouse

Lori Connors walked through the greenhouse of her nursery and spoke to several of the customers looking for plants and flowers. After purchasing the greenhouse and nursery several years earlier, Lori used her business and horticultural skills to increase sales while offering the public and landscapers a variety of plants and trees. In an attempt to foster more business, she allowed her blonde hair to grow to her waist. She often greeted the landscaping contractors early in the morning dressed in shorts and a halter-top that exposed her slim waist and large breasts.

Carl Spader paid for several large items before asking Lori, “Can you help me carry these out to my car please?”

“No problem. I’d be happy to help.” Lori lifted a pot and talked about the hot weather, while following the man in his early fifties to his car.

“Put it right in there,” said the man after he opened the car truck.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Lori cried after the man pushed her into the trunk while she leaned forward to place the pot into it. Before she realized what was happening, and before anyone noticed the commotion or her cries for help, the man slammed the truck closed and locked it. When she heard car engine starting Lori frantically beat on the truck lid with her fists while shouting, “Someone help me! Someone get me out of here!”

After driving for several hours, Spader turned on a dirt road and drove ten miles to a seclude area where he parked in front of a cabin and an old barn. He opened the truck and smiled when she saw that Lori appeared exhausted after her prolonged confinement in the hot trunk. He grasped her wrists and pulled her from the truck. “You’re home bitch!”

“You, you almost killed me in there.” Lori mumbled almost incoherently. She felt disoriented from the oppressive heat in the trunk, and the long ride, and she did not resist as Spader pushed her against the car. Before she realized what was happening, he pulled her arms behind her back before he tied her wrists together a rope.

“Dying would be too good for you.”

“Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?”

“You don’t have to know who I am. Knowing who I am is not going to change anything. You only have to know that you sold my company hundreds of plants a few months ago, and they all died.”

“I’ll replace them,” cried Lori as she began regaining her composure.

“Screw you, bitch! I lost huge contracts with a lot of large companies, and a couple of golf courses, because of you. You cost me tens of millions of dollars in lost business before my company went under because of your plants.”

“I’m sorry. I can fix that. I must have made a mistake and given you diseased plants. I’ll give you a refund.”

“I won’t make any mistakes with you.” Spader grasped a handful of Lori’s long hair before he pushed her toward the barn.

“What are you doing? Where are we going?”

Inside the barn, Spader closed and locked the solid door. He pushed Lori back against a wall and smiled as she struggled, while he wrapped a thick leather collar around her neck. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Three months ago I bought thousands of plants from you. I tried to ask you about them, but you were too busy showing off your body to the other contractors at your place. They were younger than I was, and you ignored me. You couldn’t give me any of your precious time when I was buying from you, and you brushed me off like I was an old fool!”

“I’m sorry. You got the wrong impression. I never meant for that to happen.”

“It’s too late to apologize now.”

“What are you going to do to me? Are you going to **** me?”

“That may come later, when I’m done using your body.”

“What are talking about?” Lori asked before collar tightened around her neck.

Spader turned the woman and pushed her against a wall until her breasts crushed against it. He attached a chain to a loop sewn into the back of the collar around her neck while she attempted to kick him. He attached a long wooden pole to the end of the chain that now dangled half way down her back. A black nylon cord passed through the holes drilled in both ends of the pole.

“I’ll call my business insurance company and they can settle all of this for us. There’s no need for this!”

“I like doing business with you myself. It’s more personal this way. I’ll get more satisfaction from doing this, instead of fighting with your insurance agent.” Spader fastened leather restraints around Lori’s wrists while she struggled. He removed the rope around her wrists before he attached her left wrist restraints to the rope passing through the right at the right end of the pole. Then he attached her right wrist restraint to the rope passing through the left end of the pole.

“We can work this out together. I know we can!” Lori panicked as the ropes slowly tightened to stretch her arms behind her back. Spader continued tightening the ropes until the leather restraints dug into the soft skin. The tension soon stretched Lori’s arms painfully in opposite directions behind her back. “Please stop! You’re going to dislocate my arms!”

“This is where we begin to have some fun.” Spader tied the ropes around the pole so that the woman’s arms remained stretched. He lifted a pair of scissors and shocked her when he cut through the strap of her blue tank top shirt.

“What? What do you think you’re doing to me?”

“I’m cutting off all of your clothes so that I can see your body.”

“Don’t undress me, you pervert!” Tears began flowing from Lori’s eyes. “There’s no need for this. I’ll pay you for your plants and your lost income. I promise I will.”

“I’ve watched you at your nursery during the months since I lost my business. I know you like to show off your body to every man that comes in so they’ll all spend their money while they’re drooling over you. Now I want to see what you want everyone to imagine is under your clothes.”

“I can help you start a new business! I promise I’ll do that with you.”

“I’m not interested in your God damn help.” Spader pulled away the tattered material of the tank top. He cut Lori’s white lace bra and smiled when pulled away the material to free her firm breasts.

“Don’t undress me. I’m embarrassed.”

“You sound like virgin, and you dress like a whore.” After pulling off her sandals, he pulled Lori’s white shorts down to her ankles before he f***ed her to step out of them. He studied her white lace panties before he cut them away with the scissors. He smiled before he said, “I’m going to enjoy punishing this body.”

“What is that?” Lori asked, as she stood naked and helpless. She stared at black device Spader lifted off a table.

“This is a taser. It’s going to help you sl**p for a few minutes.”

“Keep that away from me! I’ll scream! I mean it!”

“You can’t imagine how much I want this to hurt your bitch!” Spader pressed the device against Lori’s stomach and moments later she screamed and her body began convulsing wildly after a strong electrical shock surged through it. He smiled after she passed out and collapsed onto the floor. He freed her arms, then placed her on her back on several wide wooden planks resting on heavy sawhorses. As her arms dangled over the side of the planks, Spader attached the wrist restraints to short chains bolted to the legs of the sawhorses. He pulled her ankles together and wrapped a wide leather cord around them, and the planks. Then he wrapped another cord around her neck so that she could not lift her head off the planks. He laughed while pushing a cloth gag into Lori’s mouth, and while he tied the ends of it together behind her head. Then he pulled a tight fitting black leather hood over her head. He opened a bottle of beer and smiled. “Get some rest while you can bitch. You’re going to start paying for what you did to ruin my company when you wake up.”

Thirty minutes later, Lori woke and began to panic after realizing she could not move. She moaned and struggled, but she could not free herself. Spader pulled the gag from her mouth more than an hour later, and then removed the blindfold. “Please let me go! We can talk about what happened to your company. I’m sure we can work this out together.”

“It’s not going to be that easy for you to get out of this. You’re going to suffer for what you did to me before I let you go.” Spader grasped one of Lori’s soft breasts. His fingers crushed the soft mound as he carefully slipped a thin cord around the nipple. He slowly tightened the cord until it wrapped tightly around the nipple.

“That’s pinching my skin! Take it off! You don’t have any right to do this to me because of my business.”

“This is your court room bitch, and the judge just decided that you’re to be punished for what you did to me.” Spader slipped another cord around Lori’s other nipple and tightened it until she cried out from the pain. He passed the cords trough a pulley above the table before he began tightening them.

“You’re insane!” Lori cried as the cords painfully stretched her breasts upward. “You’re hurting me!”

“I can promise you that your punishment, and your suffering, is going to get much worse!” He tightened the cords and watched Lori’s back arch upward as she attempted to lessen the pain while he stretched her breasts further from her chest.

“You’re going to pull off my breasts if you don’t stop!”

Spader tied off the ends of the cords while they painfully stretched Lori’s breasts. “That’s enough for now.”

“Don’t leave me like this! I can’t stay like this!” Lori began to tire, and her body relaxed. When she became exhausted and her muscles began to ache while lying on the planks with her back in the arched position to relieve the pain, her upper body collapsed onto the planks. She screamed when the cords painfully stretched her breasts to their limit, before she arched her back again to lessen her own suffering.

“I have something to help you deal with your pain.” Spader placed two dozen syringes onto a table. He submerged the needle of a syringe in the steaming blue liquid filling a clear plastic container. He pulled back the plunger and watched the suction slowly fill the syringe with the liquid. Then he began filling the other syringes.

“Why can’t we talk about your problem and deal with it in a civilized manner?” asked Lori as she arched her back to relieve the pain again. “Why can’t we work this out together?”

“I’m working this out myself, and I’m using your body to do it.”

“What are you going to do with those needles?”

“This is plant fertilizer. You brushed me off one day when I complained about my plants dying. You made some stupid remark about giving them more fertilizer. Now we’re going to see how your body reacts to plant fertilizer.”

“You can’t be serious! Fertilizer is toxic. Don’t spray it on my body, it will burn my skin!”

“It’s not going onto your precious body you stupid bitch! It’s going into it!”

Lori began struggling wildly as Spader wrapped another cord around her legs, just above her knees, and tied it to the planks. “You’re insane. Let me go!”

“This is where I start getting my revenge.” He moved a syringe beside her right breast, before he slowly pushed the needle into the soft mound.

“Oh god it hurts! It hurts! Stop!”

“It’s going to get much worse that this!” Spader f***ed the plunger into the syringe and watched the blue liquid disappear into the woman’s breast.

“Stop, it’s burning my skin! It burns!”

“I’m glad to hear that. I wasn’t sure if I made the solution strong enough, or hot enough.” Spader pushed a needle into her other breast and f***ed the hot liquid fertilize into the skin while Lori screamed from the burning sensation. During the next two hours, he slowly and painfully pushed three additional needles into each of her breasts before he f***ed the solution into the skin.

“Don’t hurt me any more,” pleaded Lori moments before Spader pushed a needle deep into her shoulder. The unbearable burning pain in her breasts quick spread to her shoulders. “I can’t stand the pain.”

“I don’t want to forget your long legs and arms, bitch. Let start with this nice firm thigh.” Spader plunged the needle into Lori’s thigh and smiled as she screamed from the pain while he f***ed the solution into the skin. After pushing the last of the needles into her other thigh, he stepped back to watch her while she screamed. He smiled while her body thrashed wildly on the planks. He screams soon became hysterically shrieks of agony as the burning pain quickly became overwhelming. He walked toward the door. “I’ll be back later to check on you later.”

“Don’t leave me this way! Take me to a hospital!” The solution caused Lori’s muscles to cramp and the burning sensations throughout her body became unbearably painful with each passing minute. “The fertilizer burns! It’s poisoning me! I need a doctor!”

“I’m not doing anything to help you bitch. I want you to suffer this way for hours.” Spader smiled while listening to the tortured woman’s screams as he walked into the cabin. He made himself lunch and then sat and enjoyed it while Lori continued screaming hysterically. Several hours later he walked into the barn and smiled when he saw that she passed out from both the excruciating pain and exhaustion.

He freed her body from the planks and placed her on the mattress, on an old metal frame bed. After rolling Lori onto her stomach, he stretched her arms above her head on the mattress and slipped her wrists into a small wooden stock bolted to the bed fame. Then he spread her slender long legs apart and slipped handcuffs attached to the bed, around her ankles. “This is where you’re going to sl**p bitch.”

The next morning Spader walked into the barn and saw that Lori was already awake. “Please, let me go. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll give you all the money I have to help you get another business going if it will make you happy. I’ll do whatever you want to make this madness stop.”

“Watching you suffer is the only activity that will make me happy. You have a nice firm body, and I’m going to use it today.” Spader freed her wrists from the stocks before he pulled her arms behind her back to place handcuffs around her wrists. He freed her ankles and then led her into the cabin where he allowed her to use the bathroom. After she finished her dragged her back to the barn and pushed her down onto the bed where he again restrained her wrists and ankles while she lay helplessly on her stomach. “You have a nice ass and cunt for a woman that such a bitch. You must keep your boyfriends happy, or do you use your body and blow jobs to get money from your banker whenever you need it.”

“I’ve never used my body to get what I want. That’s not me. I don’t do that and you’ve got to believe me.”

“You such a lying bitch.”

Lori frowned when she saw him lift a long wooden cane off a table. It made a whistling sound as it cut through the air. “What are you going to do with that?”

“This is for your back, your ass, and your legs. I’m going to start by whipping the cheeks of your ass.”

“What are you talking about? Take me to court to get my money! Don’t punish me for what you think I did wrong!”

“You’d probably fuck the judge to get the case thrown out of court. No, I’d rather fuck you myself by making your suffer.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” pleaded Lori, after Spader raised his arm high above his head. She looked away as the cane whistled while it cut through the air. Moments later it made a loud cracking sound when it landed across the cheeks of her ass. Her body shuddered violently on the bed from the sudden stinging, burning pain. “That hurts!”

“That’s only that start bitch.” Spader smiled as a red welt appeared across the cheeks of her ass.

“Tell me what I have to do to make this stop!” Lori cried before Spader began to relentless whip her ass with the cane.

“Stop hurting me!” Lori pleaded, before she screamed from the pain while struggling frantically on the bed. When the cane began landing across the back of her legs, her screams became louder and shriller, while tears streamed from her eyes.

After red bruises covered her back, her ass, and her legs, Spader grasped a handful of Lori’s hair and lifted her head off the mattress. He smiled while watching the tears flowing from her eyes while she cried hysterically. “This is your punishment for destroying my business!”

“This isn’t fair,” screamed Lori. “You’re going to kill me!”

“I can promise you that I won’t let you die. I want you to suffer a lot more before I’m done with you.” Spader walked from the barn and left Lori alone to cry on the bed. He returned several hours later and stared at the bound woman while pulling on latex gloves. He opened a plastic jar and pushed his fingers deep into the jelly like liquid lubricant inside. “I’ve been thinking about this firm ass of yours all day. I think it needs to be fucked with my nice thick cock.”

“You can’t do this to me. You don’t own me because I made a business mistake.”

“You took thousands of dollars from me for the plants that died. I got nothing in return from the money I gave to you. You’re no better than a whore selling herself on the side of the street.”

“Stop, you can’t do that to me,” cried Lori when she felt him spread the cheeks of her ass apart with his fingers. When she felt his lubricated finger press against her anal opening, she screamed, “Don’t do this to me! Please, stop so that we can talk! Please!”

“It’s good to hear you beg for mercy bitch. Now you know how I felt late at night when my business was going under, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

“Take it out of me!” Lori’s body tensed while Spader pushed his finger deep into her anal channel. “Take it out of me you perverted bastard!”

“My, you do have quite the mouth for a successful businesswoman.” Spader slowly withdrew his finger from her ass while Lori moaned from the sensations. He dipped his finger in the lubricant again, before he pushed it back into her tight channel. “You’re ass is nice and tight bitch. You’re going to be a nice tight fuck. I’ll bet you’ve let your suppliers fuck your ass to get more plants at a reduced price. Haven’t you?”

“That’s not true!”

“That’s good to hear. Then your ass is going to be nice and tight for me.”

“Get off me!” Lori began struggling frantically after Spader climbed onto the bed between her spread and restrained legs.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you in the ass while you’re tied to this bed! You like to control everyone situation when people do business with you. Now I’m going to control your body and I’m going to listen to you scream!” He pulled down his jeans before her lowering his large body onto Lori’s body.

“Don’t do it! Stay out of me,” screamed Lori after she felt him spread the cheeks of her ass painfully apart with his hands. Seconds later she felt the thick head of his erect cock pressing against her tight anal opening. “I don’t want you inside my body! No one has ever been in there before! I’m too tight and I can’t take a man that way!”

“You’re an anal virgin? My, that sounds so touching. Should I have sympathy for you when you didn’t give a damn when my business went under?” Spader licked Lori’s cheek before he pushed his hips forward.

“I can’t do it! I can’t take you inside me! I’m too small!”

Lori’s anal opening was so tight that Spader could not f***e his way into it. “Then you’re going to bleed like a virgin getting it the first time!”

“You can’t do this to me because you’re plants died! You can’t do this to me!”

“Now I get to fuck you, for fucking me!” He pushed hard and the head of his cock slowly slipped between the well lubricated anal muscles.

The muscles of Lori’s body tensed as a burning pain radiated through her lower body. She raised her head off the bed and screamed once before she began crying. “Oh god, that hurts! That hurts!”

“I hope this pain is going to get much worse for you bitch!” Spader pushed his hips forward and listened to Lori’s shrieks as his cock slid deeper into the tight channel.

“Take it out of me!”

“You’re too big and you’re stretching me apart! I can’t stand the pain!” Lori shrieked as the thick cock pushed apart the tight muscles until they burned. “Get out of me before you rip me apart!”

“How does this feel bitch!” Spader jammed his hips forward and listened to Lori’s hysterical screams of agony as his entire cock disappeared into her tight ass. “You’re a good fuck! I may have to fuck this tight hole again.”

Tears streamed from Lori’s eyes while she continued shrieking from the pain. The wooden stock locked around her wrists, and the steel handcuffs around her ankles, bruised her skin as she struggled wildly on the bed. “Get out of my body! Don’t do this to me!”

“I think you’ve said enough bitch!” Spader wrapped a red silk scarf around Lori’s neck. Then, while he fucked her ass harder and faster, he pulled tightly on the ends of the scarf. “Now try to scream you fucking bitch!”

“I can’t breathe! I’m suffocating!” Lori struggled wildly when she believed she was moments from dying.

“I may want to use this scarf later, I may want to fuck your dead body after I strangle you for what you did to my business!” Spader loosened the scarf and listened to Lori gasping for air. He tightened it again before he jammed his cock deep into her ass.

“Ugh, ugh,” moaned Lori as she attempted to scream from the pain while suffocating. The tightening scarf muffled all of her cries while it prevented her from breathing. When he pulled the scarf from her neck, she immediately began gasping for air.

“Oh god, stop! Stop doing this to me!” Lori pleaded as Spader continued to violently fuck her ass. Moments later he began to orgasm. His hips pumped wildly while he shot streams of hot white cum deep into the helpless woman’s ass.

“That was nice. I enjoyed seeing the woman that ruined my business screaming from the pain I inflicted on her precious body.” Spader pulled his cock out of Lori’s ass while she cried. He stood beside the bed and adjusted his clothing. “I’ll have to fuck your cunt later.”

“Please let me go. I’ll do anything to help you get your business going again if you let me go. I know I should have done more to help you. I’m sorry I didn’t do more.”

“You’re not going to get out of this by being nice to me now bitch. I asked you for help a long time ago, while my business was going under, and you ignored me. I’m sure I have your attention now. I’m leaving you her to think about what you did to me and my business while I get something to eat.”

After leaving Lori bound on to the bed and alone to worry about her situation for the remainder of the day, Spader walked into the barn that evening. “How are you feeling now you little bitch! I’m finally getting a little satisfaction for the contracts I lost because of your negligence and stupidity!”

“I’m sorry about what happened to you and your business,” cried Lori as Spader locked a metal restraint around her left ankle. “Please, don’t do any more to me. Let me go home and I’ll write a check for everything you lost, and some!”

“You want to leave when I haven’t even started getting my revenge?” Spader locked a metal restraint around Lori’s other ankle before he placed shinny metal restraints around her wrists. He climbed onto the bed and sat on her back before he freed her wrists from the stocks.

“Let me go! Get off me!” Lori began screaming and struggling violently when Spader pulled her arms behind her back, to lock the wrist restraints together. He then removed the handcuffs from around her ankles and pulled her feet to her hands. He attached the restraint and ankle restraints together so that she lay helplessly on the bed in a hog tied position. “You can’t leave me this way! My back hurts tied this way!”

“You’ll spend the night this way, but with a gag in your fucking mouth to shut you up.” Spader grasped Lori’s jaw and listened to moan from the pain as he f***ed her mouth open. He smiled at her while he pushed a metal dildoe gag between her teeth. The wide shaft slid deep into her throat before he attached the straps tightly behind her head to hold it in place. He felt his cock getting hard while he listened to Lori moaning as she struggled futilely to free herself. “Think of that gag as my cock, because you’re going to be begging to suck on it before I’m done with your body.”

Late the following morning Spader freed Lori before he helped her to stand. He removed her gag and said, “I hope you slept well with those metal restraints locked around your ankles and wrists. You always tell you male customers about how much time you spend in the gym. I guess all of that exercise finally came in handy.”

“You can’t keep doing this to me! I can hardly stand up because my legs hurt so much!”

“Don’t worry about the pain bitch. We’ll work those legs today.” With her wrists still bound behind her back, Spader pushed Lori under a cold outdoor shower. After drying her with a towel, he attached her wrist restraints together in front of her body, and then he fed her breakfast in the cabin. “It’s time for you to go back to the barn.”

“I can’t stand any more pain. Please, if you stop hurting me, I’ll be your girlfriend. We can spend my money together and enjoy ourselves. We can travel anywhere together, and I’ll never leave you, I promise. I’ll do anything you want it bed, and with a body like this one, I can be very good.”

“Do you think I’m stupid? You’d run the police and have me arrested the minute I turn my back.” Spader grasped Lori’s long hair and dragged Lori into the barn while she pleaded and protested. He attached a rope dangling from an overhead pulley to the restraints around her wrists.

“My arms are hurting,” cried Lori, as the tightening rope began stretching her arms high above her body.

“I like seeing you in this position.” Spader smiled when Lori stood on her tiptoes to relieve the pressure on her shoulders, as the rope continued tightening. “Those nice slender legs look very long when you’re body is being stretched. I think they’re begging to be whipped again.”

“Please let me down! My shoulders are beginning to ache.”

“These clamps are going to look wonderful on your nipples.” Spader squeezed two metal clamps and spread the jaws apart.

“You can’t do this to me! I’m not a piece of meat to abuse because you think I damaged your business. Maybe you were not a good business owner.”

“Fuck you and what you think! Torturing you is giving me more satisfaction than being in a courtroom with you bitch. Now, it’s time for you to suffer for what you did to me.”

“Keep those things away from me!” Lori struggled but could not move as Spader slipped the clamps over her nipples. When he released them, the jagged metal jaws began crushing the soft and sensitive knobs of flesh “Take them off! They’re hurting me! They’re crushing my nipples!”

“I’m glad they’re uncomfortable. Let me see if I can do something with them.” Spader slipped two thin strings through the metal rings attached to the restraints around Lori’s wrists. He tied the ends of the strings to the nipple clamps, and then he smiled as she pulled down on the ends of the strings to painfully stretch Lori’s breasts upward.

“Stop pulling on the cords! That’s hurting me!” Lori suddenly screamed from the pain, while Spader pulled downward on the strings to further stretch her breasts toward the ceiling.

“You have a nice set of tits.” Spader grasped her right breast and removed the clamp. He removed the other clamp as tears streamed from Lori’s eyes.

Lori took a deep breath while dealing with the pain. “Please let me go. If you stop hurting me, I’ll call my lawyer and arrange him to pay you anything you want for your business. I’ll buy it from you!”

“Do you think I really want your money? You’re suffering is going to continue for a long time bitch. You’re going to scream until I’m satisfied that you’ve learned your lesson.” Spader lifted a large mousetrap and carefully pulled the thick metal spring off the wooden base with his fingers. Then he slipped a piece of wood between the spring and the base of the mousetrap.

“What are you doing?” Lori struggled frantically as he pushed one of her soft breasts between the base of the mousetrap and the spring.

“You can’t do this to me! Please, stop and let me go!”

“This is going to be nice.” Spader pulled the wood from under the spring and watched as it snapped forward to painfully crush Lori’s breast onto the wooden base. “It must hurt with your breast crushed flat that way.”

“Oh god, take it off!” Lori squealed. “Take if off now! It hurts too much!”

“I think you need one on your other breast to make you remember how you ignored me every time I came to you for help.” Spader lifted the metal spring and slipped the base of a mousetrap under her other breast. He pulled back the spring and then released it. The spring closed violently over the soft mound to crush the soft mass.

“Take them off my breasts! Oh god, you’re hurting my breasts!”

“I really enjoy the sounds of your screams bitch. It does something to make up for the money and my business that I lost because of your carelessness.”

“The metal is crushing my breasts! The pain is unbearable! I can’t stand it!”

“I want to hear you scream louder bitch. But this time I want you to put your heart into it.” Spader lifted a long silver needle. He placed it over one of Lori’s nipples, while the mousetrap crushed the end of her breast. He pushed downward on the needle and smiled as it easily pierced the soft knob of flesh.

“Ah, ah,” moaned Lori. “Take it out of my nipple! Take it out now!”

“Not a chance bitch!” Spader listened to the woman’s screams of agony while thepushed the needle completely through the nipple. He smiled when the tip of the needle pressed against the wooden base of the mousetrap under her breast.

“I can’t take any more pain! I, I can’t do it!”

“I think your other nipple needs to be pierced as part of your punishment.” Spader pushed a needle through Lori’s other nipple while she screamed hysterically from the searing, burning pain.

“Pull the needles out and I’ll do whatever you want!” Lori shouted as her breasts burned from the abuse. “I’ll do whatever you want!”

“I have a few more surprises for you this morning bitch!” Spader grasped Lori’s hair and pulled her head backward, before he wrapped a wide leather collar around her neck. The stiff collar stretched her neck as he fastened the straps together tightly behind her head.

“I can’t breath! I can’t stand the pain of the needles. Please, take them out.”

“I think we’ve done enough with your tits.” Spader listened to Lori’s’ shrieks of agony as he slowly pulled the needles from her nipples.

“Let me go! I’ll do anything for you if you let me go. You can fuck my pussy if you want it and I won’t resist. I promise you that. I’ll give you my body if you stop!”

“Yeah right. If I want to fuck your cunt, I’ll tie you down and fuck you whenever I want it.” Spader wrapped a chain made with thick steel links around Lori’s waist. He fastened the ends together with a padlock behind her back. He pulled the long piece chain dangling from the one around her waist, between the cheeks of her ass. Then he knelt in front of the woman and spread her legs apart.

“What are you doing to me?” The collar prevented Lori from looking down to see what was about to happen to her.

“This is going into the hole you cherish the most. The hole you promise to all of the men if they buy lots of plants and shrubs from you. It’s the hole that no one gets to fuck after you use your body to sell your business.” Spader spread the shaved lips of Lori’s pussy apart before he pulled the chain between them.

“That hurts,” cried Lori as the cold steel links pressed against her clit. “That’s rough and it’s hurting me.”

“This is only the start bitch.” Spader pulled upward on the chain and listened to Lori’s cries before he attached the end of it to the chain already circling her waist.

Each time Lori struggled, the chain painfully scrapped against her clit, and the soft skin of her pussy. “Let me go! Please, take off the chains and let me go, and I’ll do whatever you tell me to do!”

“Shut up bitch! That’s all I I want from you.” Spader pulled Lori’s legs together. He wrapped a wide leather strap around her ankles and buckled it tightly in place. Then he stepped behind her and released the tension on the rope stretching her arms high above her head. When Lori’s numb arms dropped to her sides, he pulled them behind her back and locked the wrist restraint together. He attached the rope to the restraints behind her back, before he began tightening it again.

“What are you doing?” Lori bent forward at the waist while the rope tightened, as the strap around her ankles prevented her from moving. “Are you crazy? I can fall down this way! Stop doing this to me! Stop!”

Spader tightened the rope and the pressure on Lori’s arms f***ed her to bend forward until her head was lower than her waist. He tied off the rope and then pulled upward on the chain passing between the lips of her pussy. “How does that feel bitch?”

“You’re hurting me! It hurts!”

“Maybe this will make you forget about the pain.” Spader knelt behind Lori and slid his fingers over the firm cheeks of her ass.

“Ah, ah, stop! Stop!” Lori shrieked as he slowly pushed a long silver needle into the firm globe of flesh of her ass. Take it out of me! It hurts!”

“I’m sure it does bitch! We’ll see how much more of these needles hurt you.” Spader pushed a needle into the other rounded mass of flesh and listened to the woman’s screams of agony. “You’re going to take a dozen needles in each cheek as punishment for ruining my business.”

“Stop doing this to me!” Lori shrieked after her body shudder from the burning sensation when another needle slid into her tender skin. “Stop torturing me this way! You don’t have any right to do this to me!”

“I should be pushing needles into your fucking tits to make you scream, you fucking bitch!” Spader smiled after he pushed another needle into Lori’s ass to f***e more screams of pain from her mouth.

“I can’t stand the pain! I can’t do it!”

“I like what I’m seeing. You’re ass looks like a fucking pin cushion.” Spader pushed more needles into the screaming woman’s cheeks. He felt his cock growing hard as her screams of agony become louder and shrill.

“I, I can’t take any more!” The room suddenly began spinning around Lori as bright colored lights began blinding her eyes. She felt Spader’s arm slide under waist to support her body moments before she passed out from the burning pain of the needles.

When she woke several hours later, Lori found herself keeling over a wooden box bolted to the floor of the barn. She lifted her head and saw the wide leather straps bolted to the floor, that werre pulled tightly over her arms below her elbows. Two more wide straps secured her wrists to the wooden floor. Two other straps attached to the side of box fit tightly over her arms above her elbows. When she could not move her legs, she immediately realized they were spread apart and thick straps secured them to the opposite side of the box. “Someone help me! Help me get out of here!”

“No one is going to hear you bitch,” said Spader as he walked into the barn and closed the door.

“What is this thing?”

“This is something I made especially for you.”

Haven’t you hurt me enough? Let me go and I’ll do something, anything you want, to help you rebuild your business. I promise I’ll do that for you. I’m sorry for what I did! I really am!”

“You’re not as sorry as you’re going to be when I’m done with your body.” Spader knelt behind Lori to attach a short silver chains to the black leather restraints around her ankles.

“What are you doing to me?” Lori attempted to look behind her body, but she could not see what was about to happen.

“These long legs of your are going to come in handy.” Spader lifted her lower left leg until it pressed tightly against the check of her ass. He pushed his body against her leg to hold it in place while he grasped the left lip of her pussy. He stretched the soft fold of skin downward before he slipped a jagged metal clamp over it.

“What are you doing to me?” Lori cried immediately after the metal teeth dug into the sensitive skin. She began struggling wildly, but the box and the leather straps prevented her from moving.

“I’m getting you ready for what’s coming next bitch.” Spader lifted Lori’s other leg and listened to her cries as he slipped a similar clamp over the other lip of her pussy. Then he attached the small chains fastened to her ankle restraints, to the clamps painfully biting the lips of her pussy. “Keep your legs tight against your ass after I release them and you’ll be fine bitch.”

“Oh god, what are you doing to me?” When Spader moved away from Lori, her legs immediately fell downward and away from her body. As they did, the clamps and chains painfully stretched the lips of her pussy away from her body. “Oh god, this hurts! Take it off. It’s hurting me!”

“Of course it hurts you stupid bitch. Should I be rewarding you for destroying the business I took twenty years to build?” Spader pulled on latex gloves before he pushed his index finger in a jar of lubricant.

“What are you doing to me?” Lori suddenly shrieked as his lubricate finger pressed against her tight anal opening. As she screamed from the painful sensation, he slowly pushed his finger deep her into her tight anal channel. “I’m too tight! Take your finger out of me! Take it out now!”

“You should be thanking me for getting your ass ready bitch.” Spader removed his finger before he smiled while slowly lubricating a long and thick plastic nozzle. “This nozzle is going all the way into your ass. I don’t care how much you scream, or how much it hurts. You’re taking all of it! Then you’re going to have to deal with a new enema I developed just for you.”

“Please stop doing this to me! Let me go and I’ll give you all the money you need to rebuild your business! I promise, I’ll help you get back in business!”

“Fuck you bitch! I only want to hear and see you suffering!” Spader pressed the rounded tip of the nozzle against Lori’s anal opening. Then he began pushing the shaft into the tight channel.

“Ah! Ah!” Lori squealed as her head fell forward. Moments late she began screaming when the nozzle painfully spread apart her tight anal muscles. “Take it out! It’s too big and I’m too tight! I can’t take it in my ass! It’s ripping me apart!”

“You’ll take all of it! Now you know how I felt when you ignored me when I pleaded for you help. I felt like you fucked me, and now I’m fucking your ass with a two inch thick nozzle.” Spader felt his cock growing harder after Lori began screaming hysterically while he pushed the nozzle deeper into her ass.

“Oh god, it’s too big!” Lori shrieked from the burning pain as the nozzle stretched her tight muscles apart. “I can’t take it! I’m too tight!”

“Maybe I should open up your ass by fucking it with my cock before I put this nozzle into it! Would you like me to stretch you ass apart with my cock, you fucking whore?”

“Please stop and let me go! I’ll do anything! Anything!”

“Suffer some more for me bitch! Scream as loud as you can for me and make my cock harder.” Spader pushed the nozzle deeper into the channel and smiled as Lori screamed hysterically from the pain. She struggled frantically before her lower legs began shuddering wildly. As they did, the chains and clamps stretched the lips of her pussy backward and away from her body, adding to the excruciatingly painful sensations.

“Let me go! You’ve hurt me enough! Let me go now, damn you!”

“Now that nozzle looks very exciting stuffed in your ass! I’m sorry it’s not my cock buried in your fucking ass!” Spader continued pushing the nozzle forward and it eventually slid completely into Lori’s anal channel twenty minutes later, while she screamed from the pain. Spader grasped a black ball dangling from a thin tube attached to the end of the nozzle. “Now we’ll inflate the nozzle and lock it inside your tight fucking ass.”

“It’s hurting me!” Lori cried while the outside of the nozzle expanded as Spader pumped air into it. “It’s getting too big. I can’t stand it!”

“It’s a nice fat plug in your tight ass now.” Spader stood and opened a silver metal can. He poured the black contents that resembled thick maple syrup into a large glass container. Then he poured the contents of two more cans of liquid into the container. He attached a wide hose extending from a large electric pump to the end of the nozzle extending from Lori’s ass. Then he attached a hose extending from the glass container to the other side of the pump. He grasped Lori’s long blonde hair and lifted her head so that he could look into her eyes. “That’s axle grease in that container bitch. I’m going to heat it and before I pump all of it into your body. You’ll be begging me to let you do die before I’m done with you today.”

“You can’t do this to me!” Lori struggled violently but she could not free her arms and legs, and she remained secured helplessly over the wooden box.

Spader turned on the pump while smiling, as Lori pleaded with him to stop. Several minutes later, the pump heated the black grease in the glass container to a semi-liquid before it began to slowly travel through the hose. “That nice thick grease is already sliding through the hose. It’s going to starting filling your body in the next few seconds.”

“You’re going to kill me if you do this to me! Tell me what you want and it’s yours! I promise I’ll do anything for you if you stop now!”

“I only want you to scream for me bitch. You’ll wish you were dead before I’m done with you body.” Spader smiled as the leading edge of the grease in hose disappeared into the end of the nozzle.

“What’s going on?” Lori screamed when she felt something warm inside her body. “I’m sorry for what I did! Please stop doing this to me!”

“That’s how I begged you to help me when I came to you for help with my dying plants. Now you know how I felt when you ignored me. It’s too late to plead for forgiveness bitch. The only think you can do now is scream.” Spader removed the clamps from the lips of her pussy and lowered her legs to the floor. Then he pulled wide leather belts bolted to the floor over her ankles to prevent her from lifting her legs.

“Oh god, it’s staring to get hot! It’s getting hot inside me!”

“Let me take you mind off the grease filling your ass.” Spader began fingering Lori’s clit as the pump pushed more of the hot grease into her anal cavity.

“Don’t make me enjoy this! Please stop doing this to me!” A series of painful abdominal spasms caused her to scream unexpectedly. “Don’t make me orgasm! I don’t want to orgasm while I’m suffering!”

“The grease is going to start bloating your stomach as it fills your body bitch. You’re going to look like the fucking Thanksgiving turkey when I’m done with you.”

“I can’t stand the cramps!” Lori struggled to speak as a series of spasms tightened her abdomenal muscles while she groaned. “I can’t take any more pain. Please, stop, my stomach is going to burst!”

“The heat of your body will melt the grease an it will eventually find it’s way into your intestines bitch. You’re going to be in agony for days with that grease inside your body, until you shit out the last of it. I’m going to put you in a cage and watch you suffer for days.”

“I can’t take any more. Make it stop! Make the pain stop!”

“You’re going to take all of the grease, just like I planned it.” Spader poured some water into the glass container and watched as the last of the black grease slowly disappeared into the pump. The water pushed the last of the grease through the hose until it eventually flowed into Lori’s rectum to painfully stretch her stomach. He shut off the pump and sealed off the end of the inflated nozzle before removing the hose from it. “We’ll let that grease work inside this prize body of yours bitch.”

“Oh god, oh god, I can’t stand the cramps.” Lori’s mouth opened and she screamed while a series of agonizing cramps racked her lower body. “Ugh, ugh, ugh.”

“I feel so good watching your suffer.” Spader stood and opened a can of beer. He sat down and listened to Lori’s screams while the cramps became more painful. “Maybe I should fuck you mouth while you’re kneeling over that box. I can lift your head by pulling up your hair and fill your throat with my cum!”

“Let me go and I’ll give you my business! You can have it! I’ll sign it over to you! I promise I will if you stop hurting me!”

“We’ll negotiate later bitch.” Spacer placed his feet onto Lori’s back and sipped the beer while watching her suffer.

“My stomach is going to burst!” Lori’s mouth opened before she screamed hysterically from the pain.

Thirty minutes later, after listening to her suffer, Spader lifted a leather harness off a table. He knelt beside Lori’s shoulders and pulled the harness over her head. “It’s time to get you ready.”

“Take me to the hospital! I need a doctor to help me get the grease out of my body! I can’t stand the pain!” Lori struggled and screamed after Spader grasped her jaw to f***e her mouth open. He pushed what appeared to be a back rubber balloon into her mouth. Then he attached the long straps of the gag that completely covered her mouth, over and behind her head. While tears streamed from her eyes Lori struggled and moaned, “Ugh, ugh.”

Spader squeezed the ball pump attached to the gag and watched Lori’s reaction as the inflatable ball slowly expanded inside her mouth. Several seconds later it completely filled her throat and caused her to gag while forcing her to breathe through her nose. She attempted to scream as the cramps slowly became more painful, but the gag now muffled all of her cries. “Now you look like a submissive little bitch that wants to be punished for being a bad little girl.”

Spader slipped a wide leather belt around Lori’s waist and buckled it tightly around her distended stomach. He freed her right arm and pulled it to her hip where he fastened the wrist restraint to a short chain attached to the side of the belt around her waist. Then he did the same with her other arm and wrist. He freed her legs and then pulled her to her feet where she moaned and attempted to bend forward to relieve the intense pain of the abdominal cramps.

“I have a surprise for you, you fucking bitch.” Spader pulled a white sheet off a tall and narrow metal cage. He slid his fingers over the bars while proudly explaining, “I made this for you myself, with steel pipes. I don’t think you’re going to enjoy being inside it.”

“Oomph, oomph,” Lori moaned when Spader began forcing her into the narrow cage. He grasped a short chain bolted to the top of the cage, and attached it to a ring at the top of the gag circling Lori’s head. Her eyes widened with shock when she realized she could not move out of the cage.

“This is so you don’t have to piss on yourself while you’re spending days in there.” Spader pulled the sterile cover off a long white cathedra before he knelt to spread Lori’s legs. “I read about inserting these in a medical book. I hope it doesn’t hurt you too much.”

“Um, um,” cried Lori as the slender plastic tube eventually slid into her bladder. She screamed from the pain of the enema induced cramps while Spader taped the narrow plastic tube extending from the cathedra to her leg. Then he dropped the end of the tube into a plastic pail. He pulled her long and slender legs together before he wrapped a wide leather strap tightly around her ankles. He smiled and closed the door of the cage, before he locked it while Lori continued to scream from the pain of the muscle spasms.

“You look great inside there bitch! I’m so happy to see you, and hear you suffering.” He reached between the pipes to attach a clear plastic hose to the end of the nozzle filling Lori’s ass. “Should I let you release that grease enema now?”

Lori nodded her head wildly before her eyes closed as another spasm of pain racked her body. Tears flowed from her eyes while the gag muffled her screams. “Um! Umph.”

“I’m going to enjoy watching all of that black shit flowing out of your ass.” Spader opened the enema nozzle and watched the liquefied grease flowing through the hose from Lori’s ass. “The good news is your body heated the grease and turned it into a liquid so it will flow out of your ass. The bad news is it that isn’t going to take a few days to get it all out, and you’re going to spend that time in that cage suffering from the pain of the cramps.”

Lori screamed and struggled while pushing the liquid from her intestines and rectum. Her cries of pain became hysterical moans, and she did not notice when Spader walked from the barn and locked the door.

Late the following morning Spader returned to the barn. He studied the woman’s tear stained cheeks, and the look of exhaustion on her face. “I see you’ve pushed almost a gallon of grease from your ass. You’re got another gallon to go.”

Lori moaned and shook her head while tears streamed from her eyes. She shook her head when Spader began rubbing her breasts and nipples with his fingers. She could not move inside the tiny cage as he manipulated her bound body while listening to her moans. Her eyes widened with shock after he pinched both her nipples and painfully stretched her breasts forward. The severe cramps caused her to moan from the pain as several spasms painfully tightened her abdominal muscles. “Take the rest of the day and push all of that nasty shit out of your ass bitch. I’m going to drive into town and get some more supplies to work on you body.”

Lori moaned as she watched him secure the cage of the door with a second padlock. She frantically pushed against the walls of the cage with her body as Spader walked away. Tears streamed from her eyes after he closed and locked the thick wooden door.

Late that evening, as she waited in the darkness, Lori heard a car stop outside the barn. When Spader turned on the bright overhead lights, they momentarily blinded her. “How are you doing bitch? You’ve pushed most of that grease from your ass, and you’ve filled that bottle with your piss. I think you need a shower.”

“Ah, ah,” moaned Lori as he dragged her from the cage after unlocking it. He carefully removed the cathedra from her bladder, before he removed the hose from the nozzle filling her ass.

“Should I leave the nozzle in your ass so you can sl**p with it?” Lori frantically shook her head. Spader pushed her shoulders forward and until her long blonde hair rested on the floor, then he began deflating the nozzle painfully filling her ass.

“Ugh, ugh,” cried Lori as he pulled the nozzle from the tight channel.

“Don’t move bitch,” warned Spader before he washed her ass.

“Ugh,” shrieked Lori after she felt something cold and hard pressing against her already abused anal opening.

“I think you’d like it with a nice hard dildoe way up inside your ass to hold the rest of the grease inside your body for the night. This dildoe must remind you of when your banker fucks your ass when you need more money for your precious business.” Spader slowly f***ed a wide, silver metal dildoe into Lori’s anal channel while she screamed from the pain. After pushing more than five inches of the shaft into the tight opening, he wrapped the thin chains attached to the end of the device around her waist and fastened them together. “Now you can’t push the plug out of your body.”

“Please, please, have mercy on me,” begged Lori immediately after Spader removed the gag from her mouth. “The grease almost killed me, and now this plug in by butt hurts. My stomach muscles are so sore I can hardly walk. I’ll do anything if you let me go! I’ll give you all of my money! I’ll go to the bank with you so that you can get a loan to start a new business! I’ll do anything I can to help you!”

“We’ll talk about it later bitch. You need a shower. You smell like hell!” Spader dragged her into the cabin, removed the belt around her waist, and allowed Lori to shower. He handed her a razor and f***ed her to shave her legs and her pubic mound while he sat and watched. Then he fed her a small dinner.

“I can’t take any more pain,” cried Lori as he led her back to the barn. Spader f***ed her down onto the bed and locked her wrists into the stocks. Then he spread her long legs apart and fastened the handcuffs around her slender ankles. “Please don’t hurt me again.”

“Get some rest bitch. Your ordeal begins again tomorrow morning.”

“No, don’t leave me here this way!” Lori screamed hysterically after Spader turned off the lights and shut the door. She began crying while secured to the bed.

The next morning Spader woke the woman with a shock, when the whip landed across the firm cheeks of her ass. “Don’t hurt me any more! Please don’t do it!”

“Maybe I should invite a dozen of my friends up here to **** your mouth, ass, and cunt. A whore like you must want all of her holes filled. ”

“Don’t do that to me! You’ll kill me if you let a group **** me!”

“I’ll fuck your precious cunt myself and fill it with cum when I’m done punishing you bitch.” Spader freed Lori and she sat up on the bed. He gave her a glass filled with a strawberry liquid.

“What’s this?”

“A protein shake. Drink it.”

“Can you take this plug out of my bottom? I really need to use the bathroom.” Spader made her kneel on the bed, and he listened to her moans and cries as he slowly removed the dildoe filling her ass. Then he watched Lori as she struggled while sitting on the toilet. She moaned and groaned while forcing more of the liquefied grease from her body. When she finished, he made her wash her ass before he led her to the other side of the barn. “What are you going to do to me now?”

Spader unexpectedly pulled Lori’s arms behind her back, and while she struggled, he tied her wrists together with a leather cord. Then he f***ed her to lie down on a thick padded mat spread out under a wooden frame bolted to the floor and the ceiling of the barn. “You’ve had all night to rest. Now it’s time for you to start screaming for me again.”

“Let me go!” Lori struggled wildly after Spader grasped her legs to fasten a wide leather restraint around her left ankle. After he placed a restraint around her other ankle, he pushed her onto her back and attached a spreader bar between the two restraints. He smiled when he saw how the spreader kept her legs wide apart, and her pussy exposed. “Please don’t do this to me! Let me go!”

“I can assure you this is going to be something new and different.” Spader attached two ropes to rings at the ends of the spreader bar. When he stared a winch bolted to the top of the wooden fame, the ropes immediately began tightening.

“You’re crazy! You can’t do this me!” Lori struggled widely while the winch slowly lifted her long legs off the floor. Her eyes opened wide with shock when the rope continued tightening to lift her hips off the floor. Moments later it lifted her entire body off the floor. As she dangled upside down by her ankles she screamed, “Let me down! My legs and ankles hurt this way! My legs can’t take the pressure.”

“Shut up!” Spader freed Lori’s wrists before he placed restraints around them. He stretched her arms to the sides of her suspended body before he attached short chains to the wrist restraints. Then he stood and admired her naked body, her long hair resting on the floor under her inverted body, and her arms and legs spread wide apart. He slid his hand over the lips of her pussy, before he began pushing his fingers into the tight warm channel. “I think I’m going to enjoy fucking this hole when I’m done punishing you for what you did to my business.”

“Stop, you’re hurting me! Your finger is hurting me!”

“I know I like fucking this tight ass of yours.” Spader smiled after he spread Lori’s cheeks to study her tight anal opening. He lifted a long and slender metal probe and pressed it against the opening, before he slowly pushed the cold, hard device, into the channel.

“Oh my god, take it out! Take it out! It hurts!”

“I think you can take a lot bigger things into your ass.” Spader pushed the probe deeper until Lori screamed from the pain as it stretched her muscles apart. He lifted a long and thick vibrator and turned it on. He smiled as her body shuddered when he pushed it the rounded tip between the lips of her pussy. “I think I’m going to fuck you like you fuck all of your customers. You’re not going to like it very much.”

“Get that thing away from me! Don’t do this to me! Don’t make me do this.”

“Why? Are you beginning to enjoy this bitch?” Spader pressed the vibrator against Lori’s clit while watching her struggle wildly.

“Stop doing this to me! My legs hurt too much. You’ve got to let me down now.”

“Your cunt is getting wet, you fucking whore.” Spader pushed the vibrator downward and listened to Lori scream and then moan, while the shaft stretched apart the tight muscles. He released the dildoe after pushing it completely into her pussy, and he listened to the sound as it continued vibrating deep inside the wet channel. “I always found that a little pleasure and lot of pain go a long way.”

“Please let me down,” begged Lori as she felt her body responding to the stimulating sensations of the vibrator. “Please, I’m getting wet.”

“You’ve going to scream for me some more, before I let you down.” Spader lifted a whip high above his head. Moments later the long pieces of leather attached to the end of the whip crashed down against the soft skin between Lori’s legs.

“No, no, that hurts!” Lori’s body shuddered wildly as the pieces of leather bit the soft lips of her pussy again, then again. “It burns! I can’t stand the pain! You’re killing me!”

“I’m going to whip your precious body until that vibrator, and the pain of this whip, make you orgasm.” Spader raised the whip and smiled while Lori screamed from the searing pain. He allowed the whip to bruise and mark the soft skin of her inner thighs while he fingered her clit.

“Oh god, oh god,” shrieked Lori as her screams soon began cries of pleasure. “Stop hurting me and make me cum! I want to cum!”

“That’s just what I wanted to hear from you bitch!” Spader began whipping Lori’s pussy until the woman screamed hysterically from the pain. The leather bruised the lips of her pussy, while the sensations of the vibrator pushed her closer to an orgasm.

“Make me cum,” begged Lori frantically when the winch began lowering her body to the floor. After Spader unexpectedly pulled the vibrator from her pussy she screamed, “No, don’t take it away! I want to cum! Put it back inside me!”

“So you want to be fucked? I can do that for you.” He freed her ankle restraints from the spreader bar before pulling her to a standing position. The he dragged her to a narrow wooden table and pushed her backward until the cheeks of her ass pressed against the end of it. “Spread your legs apart. I’m going to tie your ankles to the legs.”

“I’m so hot, I need to be fucked!” Lori watched as Spader wrapped ropes around her ankles. “I don’t want to do this! I need that vibrator back inside me! Put it inside me now, please!”

“Lay back on that table now bitch. I want you on your god damn back!”

“I need that vibrator now!” Lori awkwardly lowered herself backward, until she lay on her back on the table. “I need to cum! I’m, I’m so hot I’ll do anything if you let me cum now!”

“I’ll give it to you in a minute you fucking whore.” Spader bent Lori’s right arm under back until her hand pressed tightly against her neck and shoulder. She began struggling as he wrapped a leather strap tightly around her wrist and upper arm to tie them tightly together. Then he tied the strap to the leg of the table so she could not move her arm.

“What, what are you doing?” Lori cried as Spader tied her other arm. “You can have my body. Just make me cum with your vibrator!”

“I don’t give a damn what you want your fucking whore! When I want to use you, I’ll fuck you ass or your cunt. Right now, I only want your precious body so that I can have some fun making you scream.” Spader slipped the vibrator between the lips of Lori’s pussy and listened to her gasp with pleasure as he pushed it back into the wet channel. “If this slips out of your cunt, you’re going suffer until you’re screaming.”

“You can’t do this to me.” Lori squirmed on the table as she became more excited by the erotic sensations of the vibrator. She felt the tight muscles of her pussy beginning to spasm with pleasure around the vibrator. As they did, the contracting muscles slowly pushed the device from her wet channel. Several minutes later she moaned as it slipped from her pussy and fell onto the floor.

“You must not need that orgasm.” Spader reached for a device on a nearby table. “You must want to suffer more than you want to cum!”

“I need to orgasm! I do, I really want it! Give me another chance.”

“Too late bitch. Now it’s my turn to make you scream for a while.” Spader raised a pair of shinny metal f***eps so that Lori could see them. “I’ll make sure I work on your cunt too, so that it doesn’t feel neglected while it’s so hot.”

“Fuck me, don’t hurt me! Put your cock into me and fuck me! I’m so hot I don’t care what you do to me!”

“Then you won’t mind when I make you scream.”

“I want you to fuck me,” screamed Lori while he attached a long elastic band stapled to an overhead beam to the handle of the f***eps.

“Maybe I’ll make you scream, before I fuck your ass and cunt! I think I’d like to fuck you while you’re screaming in agony.”

“Don’t hurt me,” pleaded Lori as he grasped her breasts.

“This is going to hurt, and I’m going to enjoy listening to you scream.” Spader slipped the f***eps over her firm nipple.

“Ugh, ugh,” moaned Lori moments before she screamed from the pain after the f***eps tightened to crush the sensitive knob of flesh. After he released his grip on the f***eps the elastic band tightened and painfully stretched both her nipple and breast toward the ceiling. “It’s pulling off my nipple! My breasts hurt! They hurt being stretch.”

“Now we’ll work on your other breast.” Spader smiled when she began screaming after he crushed her other nipple with f***eps. Without speaking, he used three more f***eps to clamp and stretch the skin of her firm stomach upward, toward the ceiling. Then he clamped the soft skin of her inner thighs and watched the elastic bands stretch the tender skin toward the ceiling.

“Take them off! Please, take the clamps off my body!” Lori screamed hysterically. “Take them off me!”

“You’re the dynamic business owner. You should be accustomed to pain after working all of those hours to fuck your customers. I think you can take some more pain.”

“I can’t do it!” Tears flowed from her eyes as Spader pushed down on her right arm after his fingers locked around it. He smiled before he painfully pinched the soft skin of underarm between the jaws of the metal f***eps. Her screams turned to loud shrieks of agony when he did the same with her other soft underarm.

“I’ve left the best until last bitch. It’s time to clamp your fucking cunt! Maybe that will make you cum!”

“Don’t touch me! Don’t hurt me that way!” Lori’s wailing shriek filled the barn immediately after the metal f***eps crushed the lip of her pussy. Her screams became louder after Spader clamped the other lip of her pussy with f***eps.

“How about your clit? Does it need to be abused too?”

“Oh, oh, stop! Stop! I can’t take any more!”

Lori screamed in agony after Spader clamped her clit between the jaws of the f***eps. “You don’t know how good you sound, or how good you look with those f***eps crushing your clit. Now, we don’t want to forget your toes.”

“Oh, oh, no,” screamed Lori after the f***eps crushed her toes of both feet. “Take them off and I’ll do anything! Anything!”

“Do you want to cum for now cunt? Cum for me now!” Spader pushed the vibrator back into Lori’s pussy, between the f***eps biting the tender lips. He smiled while listening to her screams of agony and pleasure.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Lori’s back suddenly arched upward as all of her muscles began to cramp. A long and shrill scream escaped from her mouth moments before she passed out from the pain. Her body collapsed onto the table, and Spader knew he would not be able to revive the tortured woman.

When Lori woke late that night, she found herself again bound on the bed, with her wrists locked into the wooden stocks. Her body ached as she lifted her head to see Spader sitting in a chair watching her. “What, what’s going on?”

“I’ve been thinking about ways to make you suffer some more bitch, but I’m getting bored here with you.”

“I told you I could give you all the money you want. We can work a deal if you stop hurting me.”

“There is no deal bitch! You don’t know who I am, and I’m not stupid enough to have you write a check to me. Do you think I’m a moron?” Spader sat on the bed beside Lori and her body shuddered as he slid his fingers over the cheeks of her ass.

“Don’t hurt me again, please,” she begged as his fingers slid down the back of her long and slender legs.

“Let me go and I’ll give you cash! I promise I’ll do that for you. I’ll give you any amount you want in cash! Cash that can’t be traced!” Lori looked at Spader and closed her eyes when his fingers lid over the lips of her pussy.

“I think I’d like to fuck your cunt and ass before I let you go.”

“Don’t **** me! You’ve done enough to make me suffer already. I told you I’d give you cash. What more do you want from me?”

“I want to hear you scream one more time. I haven’t punished you enough bitch!” He pulled on a latex glove and squeezed a generous amount of lubricant onto one of the fingers from a tube. Then he spread the cheeks of her ass apart to smear the lubricant over her tight anal opening.

“Stop doing this!” Lori’s body tensed and she moaned from the pain as he f***ed his finger deep into her ass. “You’ve hurt my butt already. Leave me alone, damn you!”

“You’re going to be a nice tight fuck bitch!” After listening to her moan while he f***ed two fingers into her tight anal channel, Spader sat on Lori’s lower back before freeing her wrists from the stock.

“Let me go, damn you!” Lori struggled as he pulled her arms painfully behind her back to tie her wrists tightly together with a leather strap. He removed the handcuffs around her ankles and then wrapped a long red silk scarf around her neck. He pulled her to her feet beside the bed where she asked, “What are you doing to me now?”

Spader f***ed Lori to kneel on the floor in front of him. He pulled the ends of the silk scarf and watched it tighten around her neck, before her eyes opened in shock. “This is called breath control bitch. You’re going to do everything I say, or I’m going to strangle the life out of you. Do you understand me?”

Lori appeared terrified. “Yes. Yes, I understand. I’ll do anything.”

“I knew you would see it my way.” Spader pulled down his jean to release his massive cock. He grasped the thick shaft and slid it over Lori’s cheek before he pressed it against her lips. “Suck on my nice fat cock like the whore you really are.”

“Ugh, ugh,” moaned Lori, after the scarf tightened around neck when she briefly hesitated. Her lips slowly parted and she saw Spader smiling before he pushed his rock hard cock into her mouth.

“I think you need more of my cock in your fucking mouth, you whore!” He slowly pulled the ends of the scarf toward his body and watched his shaft disappear into her mouth while she moaned.

“Ah, ah, ah,” squealed Lori when she began to choke on the cock pushed deep into her throat. She immediately pulled backward while attempting to move her head away.

“You can’t even suck a cock the right way bitch!” Spader pulled the ends of the scarf behind his body and watched as Lori’s head moved forehead until her face pressed against his abdomen. He tied the ends of the scarf together behind his ass, while listening to her gag on his cock. “How does that feel bitch? Is that cock big enough for you?”

“Ugh, ugh,” cried Lori after he reached down to crush one of her breast with his powerful fingers. He squeezed her other nipple between his fingernails before he stretched the soft mound upward. Then he grasped her long blonde hair with both hands, and began fucking her face. “Does sucking a nice fat cock make you hot bitch? Are you getting excite because I’m forcing you to suck my cock? I’ll bet your cunt needs to be filled with my nice thick cock until you’re screaming!”

“Ugh,” moaned Lori as Spader fucked her mouth savagely, while painfully pulling her long hair toward his chest.

“I want to fuck your cunt, and maybe your fucking ass too.” Spader untied the ends of the scarf behind his legs before he pushed Lori backward. She fell onto her bound wrists and arms, and then he fell between her spread legs.

“Please don’t **** me! You’re going to hurt me if your f***e yourself into my body! You’re too big and I can’t take you inside me!”

“I don’t know any other way to fuck a whore like you!” Spader pressed his cock against the lips of Lori’s pussy before he pushed his hips forward. “You’re going to take all of my cock, and you’re going to scream while you’re doing it.”

“Don’t make me do this! Please don’t **** me! No stop! No! No!”

“I hope this hurts the most bitch!” Spader f***ed his cock deep into her pussy while savagely pushing his hips forward. The tight channel was not wet, and the penetration caused an extreme amount of pain, while forcing Lori to cry and scream. “Now you’re paying for what you did to me and my business you fucking bitch! You did this to yourself you bitch! You asked for this by ignoring me when I came to you for help!”

“You’re ripping me apart! You’re too big and it’s hurting me!”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say I’m hurting you.” Spader pushed the remainder of his cock into the channel while Lori screamed from the pain. He fucked her pussy for more than fifteen minutes, while he pinched and squeezed her breasts. Then he stretched her nipples before he bit them, until she screamed from the pain.

“Oh god, I hurt,” cried Lori after Spader pulled his cock out of her pussy. He knelt and pulled her legs together before he tied the red silk scarf tightly around her ankles. He unexpectedly freed her arms and pulled them together in front of her body, where he tied her wrists tightly together again with the leather cord.

“I want you in a better position so that I can fuck you until you’re screaming for me.” He moved her to a sitting position on the floor, before he pulled her arms between her legs. She struggled wildly as he tied the scarf around her ankles, to the strap around her wrists. Then he pushed her onto her side before lifting her body into a kneeling position, with her ass high in the ai, and her head rested on the floor.

“Let me go! Don’t do anything else to me!” Lori screamed hysterically while tears streamed from her eyes. “I’m sorry for what I did to you! Please, please, let me go!”

“I’ve saved the best part of your body for last. It’s time to fuck your nice tight ass!”

“No, I don’t want that! I don’t want you inside me again! You’re going to hurt me again!”

“Of course I’m going to hurt you. That’s why I brought you here bitch. I want you to suffer for ruining my life and my business!” Spader straddled the woman’s lower legs before he pressed the thick head of cock against her lubricated anal opening. He pushed his hips forward and smiled as the head of his cock disappeared into the tight channel.

“Take it out! The pain burns! It stretching me apart and it hurts!”

“You’ll take all of my cock into your ass bitch! I’m going to fuck this hole and then fill you with cum until it’s running out of your nose! ”

“Take it out! Don’t push into me anymore! It hurts! It’s hurting me!”

“Your ass is one hot fuck! It’s better than your cunt!” Lori’s shrieks of agony excited Spader and he felt his cock growing thicker and harder while he pushed it into the channel. He spanked her ass several times with all of his strength to f***e louder screams from her mouth. “How does it feel taking my cock into your ass again? You’re no better than a fucking useless whore!”

“It hurts! It hurts too much! I can’t take any more.”

“Your deserve to have your ass ****d you conniving bitch! You ruined my business and you deserve to suffer.” Spader pushed the remainder of his cock into the screaming woman’s ass. Then he began fucking the channel as hard as he could to increase both her pain and suffering. When her loud screams became one long shriek of agony, he could no longer hold back, and he began to orgasm deep in her ass. He shouted like an a****l, while pumping his hot white cum into the woman’s body.

“Stop! Stop! My god, Stop!” Lori screamed as the pain of the attack became overwhelming. She continued screaming from the pain while he slowly pulled his cock from her ass. Then she collapsed onto her side on the floor and began crying uncontrollably.

“Now that ass of yours was a good fuck.” Spader knelt beside Lori to f***e her mouth open. He smiled as she moaned, after he f***ed a black ball gag behind her teeth. He freed her wrists from her ankles and then lifted her body off the floor while her wrists and ankles remained bound. “We’re going to take a ride bitch.”

“Ah, ah,” moaned Lori after Spader lowered her into the trunk of his car in the darkness outside the barn. She struggled and her eyes opened wide with shock moments before he closed the lid.

Spader drove for several hours and eventually stopped in a deserted forest in another state. He opened the trunk of the car and carefully lifted Lori’s naked body out if it. There, he carried her to the base of a huge pine tree where he placed her on the ground beside it. He removed the scarf from around her ankles and tied it tightly around one of her wrists. He removed the strap around her wrists before he pulled both of her arms behind the tree to tie the scarf tightly around her other wrist. He stood and removed the gag from her mouth. “This is your new home bitch!”

“What? What are you talking about?” Lori looked around at the tress while the car headlights lighted the area.

“I’ve heard a lot of hikers like to use this forest during the day. If you scream loud enough, I’m sure someone will hear you and free you. If a group of men finds you first, then may fuck you before they let you go, or they may take you home with them and make you their slave. For prominent business owner to cum slave all in a few days time. You’ve made it big bitch, and this is your reward for treating people like shit!”

Lori began struggling. “You can’t leave me out here this way! It’s cold, and I’ll freeze out here!”

“You’re going to get very cold until someone finds you, if they do. The bugs are going to enjoy eating your skin and suck your bl**d, and I’ve heard there are bears living in this area. You better start screaming as soon as I leave. If no one finds you, this is nice place quiet place to die.”

“Don’t leave me this way!” Lori shouted as Spader began walking toward his car. “Take me back to that barn and torture me. Do whatever you want to me. Just don’t leave me out here alone! I’m afraid!”

“Good luck bitch! Think about what you did to deserve this, and maybe you won’t do it again. Don’t forget, if you get out of this, I’ll still be watching you!”

“Don’t leave me out here alone!” Lori screamed as Spader started the car and drove away. The sounds of forest suddenly became deafening, with the only foreign sound in the darkness being Lori’s cries and hysterical screams.

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3 years ago
Good read, hope there is more to the story