This happened last night.. unbelievable!!

So yesterday I was chilling at home by myself, because my girlfriend went out of town for the weekend. I had remembered how she just bought some new panties the other day and wanted to try them on. So I grabbed this sexy blue thong and wore it around the house all day. I needed to go get some food for the weekend, so I decided to go to the supermarket. I decided I would wear the panties out under my shorts because I normally wear her panties from time to time when I go to the store and other places. So I am at the store and I'm shopping and after about ten minutes of shopping, I am down the bread isle and bend down to pick up some bread off the bottom shelf. Well when I bent over to get the bread I had a feeling that my thong was sticking out so i quickly try to cover it back up, because I didn't want people to know I was wearing woman's panties. After I got the bread I turned around and there was an older guy in his forties smiling at me. He didn't say anything but I was afraid he saw my panties. So I moved on and kept shopping for a few more minutes and the went to the check out line. As I am standing the the same older guy smiling at me come up to me and hands me a piece of paper with his number on it and tells me he like what he saw and to call him. I was shocked and nervous after he left and didn't know what to say. So I leave the store and go home and think about what just happened. Around ten that night I call him to see what he had to say and I have to admit was very curious. When I called him he told me that he was surprised that when he saw me in those blue panties he was very turned on. He then tells me that his Wife was back home for the weekend and was wondering if I wanted to come over. He told me a little about himself and he sounded like a nice guy and I told him how my girlfriend had left for the weekend also and that those were her panties that I was wearing. So after he invited me over, I said alright and he tells me to wear those blue panties. After getting ready I drive over to this guys house and he lived In a nice big house with a pool and hot tub. I knock on the door and he answers and tells me how he is glad I came over. We start having a few drinks and then he puts some porn on. So we are watching porn and talking and he tells me about how him and his wife don't really have sex anymore and when they do it is bad and no chemistry. We then talk about my girlfriend and told him that we are a pretty open couple and love sex. After talking for a few he tells me I should undress down to my panties. So I did and he is loving it and makes me walk around as he is rubbing his cock. Next thing I know he is hard and has a boner. He then pulls his cock out and it was a great cock about seven inches all nice and trimmed. He starts stroking his cock and tells me I have a nice ass. He stops stroking and tells me to take my panties of so I do. Then he gets up and tells me to follow him. So we walk down the hallway and go in a room and he tells me its his daughters room and that she is twenty and off at college. He tells me that she left some panties and booty shorts behind. He told me to pick out a sexy pair of panties and some booty shorts to wear and then come back out to the living room. So I look and now my cock is throbbing hard. I just out an all black sex mesh thong and put it on of my thick cock. Then put on some pink booty shorts I found. Then as I am heading back to the living room I see him playing with my girlfriends blue thong that I had been wearing all day. He is using to stroke his nice cock. I model the sexy booty shorts and black thong for him and he is loving it. He then tells me to come over to him and he tells me to start playing with his cock so I start stroking his cock up and down. I am getting turned on as well as my cock is trying to bulge out of his daughters panties. He then grabs my head and makes me suck his cock, the whole time talking dirty and telling me I am a better whore than his wife and how I suck a better cock. Then after twenty minutes he tells me he wants to bend me over and fuck me like he use to his wife. He pulls down my booty shorts and pulls the thong to the side and starts fucking me doggy style. After about an hour of having sex he cums everywhere and says that is the best orgasm he has had in years. After he got off he then says its my turn and he puts my girlfriends blue thong on and gives me head. I come in like two minutes from all the excitement. When I was about to get off he made me come all over my girlfriends blue panties he was wearing. After that he tells me he is keeping the my girlfriends blue panties and that if I ever want to do this again some time to let him know!
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2 years ago
Hot! Should have had him suck while you were on his daughters bed! Memories!
3 years ago
was a nice one...
3 years ago
Thanks for posting... isn't it great making new friends ;-)
3 years ago
HOT! This story really turned me on.
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
nice story ... dunno if its true but i'm excited to read it and would hve love to wear hs daughter shorts and sucking his cock