Visiting my lady friend at the office

I wrote this fantasy for a lady email friend several years ago , she could only get online at work and often told me that she would get herself worked up and have to excuse herself to the ladies room to rub a quickie out , which she had to do after reading this
had been wanting to post something for awhile from reading so many stories here

I slowly drop my pants before you, wearing only my silk boxers . As I sit back on your desk to show you my buldgeing cock as you watch me slowly stroke my cock before you ,just inches from your face . you replace my hands with yours . and wetting your lips stick out your tounge to taste the drops of precum seaping from my cock . licking your lips you take me into your mouth and suck my cock in to you as far as you can , gently teaseing my balls as I run my fingers through your soft hair . the hunger inside of you takes over and you draw my cock deeper into your throat , milking my shaft with your mouth , coaching my cum out of my balls with your fingers When you make me cum in your mouth you suck like no tommorow draining me completly and swallow slowly , enjoying the sweet taste of my love , and let your tummy be filled with me soothing all your desires , but also stirring your pussy with the need to be pleased . Risieng from your desk my cock slides free from your ,mouth and we kiss passionatly , then I lift you into my arms and turn around and set your beautiful soft ass onto your desk , lifting your skirt and spreading your legs I kneel before you and press my face between your legs and rub your pussy through your panties , savoring your wettness , feeling the heat in your pussy through your panties , and become intoxicated with desire for you from your womenly scent You raise your hips allowing me to gently slide your panties from you , slideing them down your silky smooth legs and over your preety feet , I rub the wettness from them on your toes , and kiss them softly before takeing them into my mouth and suck on them , kissing each perfect little toe of your foot then sucking them , trying to suck your foot into my mouth while licking your toes . as I start to work my way up your legs with kisses I reach up and unbotton your bloose , exposeing your perfect breasts held before me by your lacey bra , as you letyour bloose slide from your shoulders you reach behind you and release the clasp freeing your breast , stopping my kisses on your thighs just inches from your beautiful pussy we gaze in to each others eyes . I rise from my knees and we share a kiss softly at first , then more passionatly tounges probeing each others mouths , I relase you from my kiss , looking into your eyes at the love inside of you , I press my face to your breast feeling your warmth and you place one to my mouth , I suck your nipple in , feeling it harden in my mouth as I suck on your tit , wishing there were milk for me to suck , but knowing that as I sucked your nipple into my mouth I was being feed with your inner love . releaseing your beautiful tit from my mouth and again just loveingly pressing my face to your breast , listening to the sound of your heart beating , feeling your chest lift with every breath that you take , I rise again to kiss you on the lips and then kneel back down before you , spreading yout legs , slideing my hands across your thinghs I spread your pussy lips enjoying the sight of your pussy , wet like a beautiful flower with the morning dew , the sweet sent of your love juce fills my senses and draws my mouth to your pussy , gently licking your outer lips , working my way to your clit , gently kissing it , then sucking it into my mouth still teaseing it with my tounge , I release your clit and slowly lick my way down your lips , spreading your legs further exposeing your pussy . licking around it and the start to press my tounge into your hole , fucking your beautful wet pussy with my tounge , you place your hands on my head and hold me there , pressing my face to your sweet pussy , and I wish I could fuck your pussy with my head ,diveing right in to you , to feel the warmth and beauty of being completly inside of you licking and kissing the inner depths of your hot cunt and to have you feel my love deep inside of you . feeling you holding my head and pressing my face to your pussy I go back to your clit to give you the attention you deserve , teaseing your clit with my tounge and hungrly sucking on it and start to slide my fingers into your pussy , finger fucking you all the while feeding on your clit , and now feeling your legs tense around my head still pressing my mouth to your clit feel your orgasm start to build inside of you , fucking your hot hole , feeling you grip my fingers in your pussy as I continue to suck your clit and as you start to shake from your orgasm let a finger slide out of your pussy I presss it to your tight rosebud and tease your asshole before sticking it in , finger fucking your tight ass and cunt , sucking your clit as you explode into my face with your orgasm , as you release my head from your grip I still lick you clit and work my way to your juice hole and suck your creamy love juice from your pussy , feasting on it and filling my heart with your love . sucking your pussy has made my cock rise again and standing before you kiss you tenderly as I press my cock to your wet pussy and feel your pussy draw my cock into you , kissing you paassionatly we let our bodies join and become one with each other , feeling the heat in each others fleash as an expression of the deeper love inside , slideing my cock ito you , feeling your pussy grip me and meet my cock with each passionate thrust we fuck on your desk , shakeing it not careing that your pens and papers are falling to the floor we keep fucking . slideing my cock into your hot hungry pussy you meet every thrust of my cock squueezing my cock with your pussy till we cant take it no more and as your body shakes all over from being fucked with so much passion you cum again and from the spasmism of your pussy milk a nother load of cum from my balls spraying the inner depths of your beautiful pussy with my cum . letting our love juices mix and being one with each other as we both come down from our freenzied lovemakeing and hold each other close to keep me from falling on the floor and you from knocking your computer off your desk we realize that we are being watched , your boss came by and heard the noise of our love makeing and decided to check on you , smileimg at you we dont quite know what to do but smile in return ,
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nice job!
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erotic nice end