the Joys of growing Older , getting a Colonoscopy

the joys of growing older , getting a colonoscopy

a couple of years ago when phoning my lady to let her know that I would be visiting her the following week week , she's was very happy to hear and when I told her the day that I would be there she said no problem I 'll be off that day as she had a doctors appointment for a colonoscopy in the morning and should be free by the time I arrived

I got myself to the truck stop a little bit early and got myself cleaned up while I waited for her to call to say she was on her way to pick me up.. she called sometime later to say her friends had kept her a bit longer then expected just making sure she was OK from the anesthesia and would be there in a few minentes , when she arrived I greeted her with a kiss and off we went to her house and no sooner did we close the door behind us did our clothes start to come off as we hudded and kissed , A slightly plus sized lady soft and round in all the right places , large breasts that hung down given age with large soft nipples , pinkish in color that melted around her breast . Long legs that rose from her freshly painted toenails , to her beautiful soft fleshy ass cheeks . For an older lady she had a sex drive that put the younger girls to shame , she could never get enough of my cock and having her pussy sucked and fucked , and then sucked some more while she sucked on my cock

We made our way to her bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind us . Once on the bed we let ourselves go , passiontly kissing each other mouths open tounges intertwined , with our mouths and hands all over each other we kissed each others bodies , my sucking on her hipples and her biting mine sending shivers up my spine , We ended up in a sixty nine position on our sides with her sucking my cock like she hadn't eaten for days , and she hadn't for the past two , and me feasting on sweet wet pussy like no tomorrow , with my hands warped around her squeezing her ass cheeks my tongue went to work on her pussy making her cum several times as I sucked her juicy cum into my mouth all the while she had continued to suck on my cock while kneading my balls in her hands till she came hard pressing my face to her sweet pussy as I sucked her clit .Finally released my head from between her legs and asked me to just hold her while she came down from her orgasm

we cuddled for a short time , kissing each other passionately our tongues intertwined and she then started to reach for my cock and squeeze it and stroke i it in her hand , between the kisses she said to me put it in I want to feel your cock inside on me and I got on top of her still kissing and rubbed my cock head over her pussy lips spreading her juices and teased her clit a little till she reached down and guided my cock into her soaking wet pussy .

it had been several months for both of us and I pushed my cock deep inside her pussy and slowly started to make love to her . we went at it for quite a while my cock filling her pussy her legs w****d around me holding me down as I pumped my cock deep in to her . and making her cum several more times . My cock throbed inside of her my balls acheing as they slaped aginst her ass with each thrust into her and I still hadn't cum . I'd popped the little blue pill when she had called and my cock was still rock hard and throbbing for that orgasmic relief in her pussy , I was starting to wounder if I was having one of those 4 hour or more erections that we hear about in the advertisements

Both of us breathing hard from our loving she asked for us to take another little break and also if I would rub her back , she rolled over onto her stomach and I got on top of her straddling her legs and started to give her back a bit of a massage rubbing oil onto her soft skin ,, alternating with long soft strokes to a bit harder putting my full weight in to it , letting my body come down on top of her pressing my weight onto her and sliding down her back to her ass and then back up over her back , kissing the back of her neck she purred with pleasure as I eased her tense muscles . after about 5 minutes of this I started to work on her ass cheeks , knowing how much I love a women's ass , and hers was a beautiful full ass at that . bigger then she wanted but beautiful in its own special way , and even more beautiful to me as i started to make love to her fleshly ass cheeks gently kissing each cheek then sucking her flesh into my mouth enjoying the feel of her ass as I pressed my face into her flesh with each kiss

spreading her cheeks as I rubbed them and then licking the crack of her ass I worked my way to her pink puckered hole and gently planted a kiss on her rosebud . then licked all around and kissed it some more before I started to suck on her ass and push my tongue inside her asshole . She tensed up at first then she pushed back at my tongue to let me know how much she was enjoying my oral love of her backdoor . she rose up a little as I tongue fucked her asshole and I reached around and held her hips up as I continued licking and sucking her asshole and let my fingers touch her clit , fingering her love button she started to cum again I held her tight pushing my tongue into her ass and she pushed her ass back at me . holding her to me I continued to finger her clit sucking her beautiful asshole as she came again , she finnaly collapsed down on the bed and I rested my head on her cheeks planting gentle kisses on her

rising back up and kneeing over her ass I pressed my still hard cock between her cheeks and squeezed them around my cock and slid my cock back and forth between her ass cheeks , fucking her ass crack and letting my cock slide back over her puckered hole when she turned her head and asked me if I wanted to put it in her ass . I'd never before had a lady ask me if I wanted to fuck her ass and with the raging ED d**g induced hard on could only reply by leaning forward and kissing her lips as my cock pressed between her cheeks , I reached for the oil and squirted some in to the palm of my hand to warm it and rubed it on to her ass and then some on to my cock

I squeezed some more on to the palm of my hand , and with my finger tip I started to rub some on her asshole and gently pressed my finger tip into her tight ass sliding it in and out to lube and help relax her . putting the rest of the oil on my cock I again rubber her asshole with my cock and started to press forward . I felt her tense beneath me as my cock slide in to her ass , I couldn't believe how good it felt feeling her tight little asshole griping my cock as I slid inside of her , and as she relaxed to having my cock in her ass started to fuck her beautiful full ass .

as much as i wanted to enjoy fucking her ass I knew the way she was milking my cock with her ass muscles that I would soon be cumming , picking up the pace wanting to blow my load deep in to her bowels she held my cock with her ass and I continued to push in to her . finally and breathing hard my cock erupted shooting my cum into her ass , draining my balls completly
I couldn't believe how tight she was and how good it felt having my cock in her ass . I collapsed breathlessly on top of her . kissing her neck we lay-ed like that my cock still inside of her , telling her her how much I loved her and how good that felt to me to have just cum in her ass . finally my softened cock popped out of her ass . I rose up over her and rested my head on her soft ass cheeks , spreading them open I looked at her freshly fucked asshole , some of my cum leaking from her puckered hole I kissed her asshole and started licking the little bit of my cum that leaked out when my cock came out , , as much as I've always loved to eat my cream-pies from my lady's pussy's I'd never done that the couple of times before that I'd fucked my ex-wifes ass . and with the knowledge that she was totally clean inside lowered my lips to her asshole and started to lick again and suck her hole. wanting to eat my cum from her asshole . she relaxed a little and I sucked hard on her puckered ass and she rewarded my mouth with some of my cum . I was in heaven so to speak , of being with the lady I love after being away for to long , of having fucked her ass for the first time , and then eating her creamy ass out

both of us still high from the experience together we again layed beside each other sharing little kisses our aarms w****d around each other when she told me that it was the first time she had ever let a guy inside her ass . she said it was a little painful at first but after she relaxed she started to get into it and came her self . and that she thought I would like doing it given how much I loved to kiss her ass and eat her backdoor

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3 years ago
Sounds like you both really had it made. WTG!!
3 years ago
I loved your story, expecially the love shared between you two. She is one lucky lady for sure :-)
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Real nice story...I think nice experian for her from you!
I am that you share it with us!