a cum tribute Story for a lady here on xhamster

A fantasy Tribute story for a lady here ,

we both were newbies here the first time we exchanged short meessages here and both went our seperate ways exploreing all the pics stories and vidieos here on Xhamster

each of us making friends here in the safty of online chat , it had been close to a year since we first exchanged messages and commmented on eachothers stories and pics , as we enjoyed our time here

and different times checking my friends news would see that she had made new friends and feeling a sense of happiness for her wishing her well , and after recently seeing her post a couple of new stories left a comment for her , a few nights later while browsing the pics saw a message from her thanking me for the nice comments to her recent stories and pics

we chatted for several hours here shareing our experiences wants and desires , and the next morning made the deciesion to make my way to the north country and met her , took a bit of planning for me to find and scheduel a load to where she lived and sent her a message telling me of my desire to met her , hoping she wouldn't think I was just another horney married guy who just wanted to get what his wife wouldn't give . I anxesioly awaited her reply that night and for the next couple of days watching to see if she was online before she replyed to me , she wasn't sure at first if I was for real but I assure her it was true that I was comeing north and wanted to met her and for us to get to know each other better for who we are inside , and by this piont in time I was only 2 days away from my delevery in her city

the miles and the hours of driving didn't seem to pass quick enough for me but I finnaly arived and delevered my load and set off for the motel nearest to her . parking my rig in the back of the motel and checked in for the long anticapted weekend visit , I called her and told her that I had arrived and gave her my room number and told her to take her time as I needed to shower and shave first wanting to wash the past several days of the road from me

about an hour later she called and said she was pulling in to the parking lot and parking near my truck and I walked out to greet her opening the door to her car I got in and we kissed for the first time wr****g our arms around eachother our lips locked as we shared our first kiss looking into eachother eyes bareing our inner souls through our eyes , we chatted a bit there and decided to go have a bite to eat and get to know eachother better , both of us not realy sure where things would go and wanting to take things slow

after lunch she showed me around her town telling me some of the local history of her town and where she had grown up , stoppinjg to take a walk by the river just enjoying eachothers company and holding hands like a couple of teenagers in love for the first time . it was with tired legs that we ended the walk and started to head back to the motel

we went inside and closed the door sitting down beside eachother on the bed still holding hands just looking at eachother and smileinmg not knowing what to do next when she commented of her feet being a little sore from the walk , I leaned over and kissed her then dropped o the floor and raised her foot into my lap and took her shoes off and started to rub them one at a time letting the other foot rest in my lap when I felt her toes starting to feel for my cock and stroke my growing buldge in my pants .

smileinmg at her as I kissed her feet sucking her toes one by one I asked her if I could have the pleasure of giveing her a back rub to help her relax , she said that sounded nice and she slid up onto the bed and turned over , I started to rub her back kneading her soft flesh with my hands and slideing my hands up under her blouse and asked her if I could use some lotion on her and kissed her cheek , she smiled and said yes , I helped her out of her clothes savoring her beauty with my eyes as I undressed her as she pulled my shirt off to undress me , even though she was a plus sized lady she was still very beautiful to me and I still wanted her , to feel all of her beauty with my hands , to touch every inch of her soft flesh

laying her back down I sat over her legs my cock and balls resting on her thighs and started to work on her back , enjoying the feel of her beautiful soft body , running my hands up and down her back kneading her neck pressing my body to her I kissed her neck as my hard cock pressed to her ass cheeks she softly moaned that it felt really good to her , I raised back up and contineued to work on her back allowing my hands to feel the soft flesh of her ass cheeks kneeading each cheek in my hands spreading her ass before me and exposeing her pussy and asshole to my eyes . my mouth watered and cock throbed in desire to taste her and I pressed my face to her ass and started to lick and kiss her flesh , wanting to cover every beautiful inch of her ass cheeks with loving kisses , she raised her ass to met my kisses and I spread her cheeks apart and stroked my tounge down the crack of her ass and planted a gentle kiss on her puckered rosebud and then teased her a little with my tounge savoring the sweet scent and taste of her asshole as she moaned softly pushing back to met my tounge

I rose up and spread her legs and knelt between them and rubbed her cheeks some more letting my hand slide between her legs , fingers stroking her ass crack gently touching her asshole and running little circles over it , then worked my way to her pussy feeling her wettness as my fingers spread her lips in search of her majical love button I touched her clit and she exhaled in delight at what she was feeling and raised her hips in approval . I continued to rub her clit and stroke her pussy lips feeling her getting wetter as her juices started to gently flow and lowered my head to her ass cheeks kissing her ass hard almost biting her wanting to taste her flesh in my mouth , as my fingers sliped inside of her now soaked pussy , she gripped my fingers inside of her moving her ass back and forth as I kissed her and fingered her pussy , our lusty desires took hold as she bucked against my fingers in her and I continued to kiss her beautiful ass spreading her cheeks with my free hand and I started to lick her asshole and she moaned of how good it felt , I continued to finger fuck her wet pussy and I sucked on her asshole running circles around her sweet puckered rosebud pushing my tounge into her asshole , she moaned even more as I kept up on her feeling her pushing her hips back at my tounge her pussy griping my fingers harder as she cryed out don't stop I'm starting to cum and cum she did and she came very hard with my tounge buried in her asshole and her pussy so tight on my fingers that they allmost felt like she was going to break them off inside her pussy

Oh my God she said as she caught her breath , I never knew that having my ass eaten could feel so good , giving her asshole a final wet kiss I rested my head on her cheeks and she released my fingers from her soaking wet pussy , I brought them to my mouth and sucked her juices from them savoring the sweetness of her cum and told her that I just couldn't help myself , and of how i'd allways wanted to eat a ladies ass and make her cum with my tounge in her ass .

she rolled over and we kissed , she opened her mouth to recieve my tounge and have a little taste of both her pussy and ass juices , her just wanting to hold me close and bask in the after glow of having recieved a very loving orgaism , stroking my back her hand reached around for my cock stroking it in her hand she kissed me and said now it's my turn to give you some loving , I smiled into her eyes and said no not yet , I want to feast on your pussy before giving you my cock and started to kiss my way down her body , holding each of her large breast in my hands , sucking hard on her nipples wishing I could drink her milk , kissing her plump belly and running my tounge over her belly button , as if it was an extra hole for me to make love to her and also trying to see if she was a little bit ticklish , all the while parting her legs and letting my hand rub over the soft hair of her pussy till I felt the wettness of her wet lips , I knelt before her and raised her legs and my lips met hers , kissing her pussy sucking her hole wanting to fill my mouth with her love juices , and wishing I could have my heart and soul safly inside of her pussy , I lapped at her clit gently at first hearing her start to moan again as my tounge licked her all over , tounge fucking her juciey hole and then sucking her clit teaseing her with my tounge she w****d her legs around my head and her hands pressed me into her pussy as I sucked on her clit , her breathing quickened as her legs locked my head in place almost popping my ears with her legs as I sucked harder and tickled her clit with my tounge she started to moan louder and cryed don't stop I'm cumming I'm cumming and her pussy gushed into my mouth and all over my face soaking me with her love . she flooded my mouth as i tryed to drink her cum down with out chokeing not believing that I had made her squirt with just my lips and tounge

her legs went limp as her body came down from her climax allowing me to breath again , filling me with the sweet scent and taste of her love I gently licked her pussy tasting more of her sweet cum and saw how wet she had gotten from her orgaism , and it showed as a very large wet spot on the sheets of the bed . Oh My GOD she said once again , that was more then I could take , but I think I should of used the bathroom when we got back cause it felt like I pissed myself when I came , I so sorry I really didn't mean to do that to you , I just couldnb't help myself , I didn't mean to piss on you when I came but it just felt so good and it happened . I looked up to her smileing and kissed her and then told her that it was something I'd long fantised about , of eating a lady till she came in my mouth and having her lose control of herself , and that I loved drinking every drop of her sweet golden love

I layed on top of her again hugging and kissing her , both of us loving the closeness we'd just experienced together , and she once again reached for my cock and told me to lay back and enjoy her loving me , breathlessly I layed on my back in anticapition of what she was about to do we kissed again as her hands roamed my body , her fingers gently stroking my chest we continued to kiss , she nibbled and licked my neck sending shivers down my spine , I tryed to control myself not having told her of how ticklish I am but she picked up on it and teased me more with her lips and tounge , stilll running her fingers on my chest she found my nipples and ran little circles around them gently teaseing them at first then pinching them , feeling me tense up under her she took one into her mouth and sucked hard on it and started to bite in to me making me shake and moan in delight of what she was doing to me ,

she kissed me again and asked if I liked being biten hard like that and all I could do was smile at her and nod my head , she again kissed my nipple and bite into me sending waves of pleasure and pain as her teeth bite me and her tounge teased the tip of my nipple again , she rose up and looked at me again and said wait til your cocks in my mouth , I'm going to suck your balls dry and then reached for my nuts holding them in her hand gently squeezing them then started to lick my cock , teaseing me ever so gently running her tounge up and down my throbing shaft and on to my balls she sucked one into her mouth , it felt so good to me as she rolled it around in her mouth teaseing my balll with her tounge all the while , she let my ball pop from her lips and took in the other one and did the same and returned to my cock licking upo the shaft finding the senstive part below the head she sucked hard on my shaft , I was in heaven laying back enjjoying her loving touch , my cock at her mercey , she saw my head starting to leak my precum and licked it up , enjoying the taste of what would soon be filling her mouth , gripping my cock head in her hand she spread my pee hole oipen and licked it , tryiny to get her tounge inside my cock and lick it inside , she then put her lips to my cock and slowly sucked me in still teaseing my pee hole with her hungray tounge and went to work devouring my cock in her mouth ,. I couldn't believe how good it felt as she took my cock all the way into her mouth as she raised her head up letting my cock pop out ,

she looked up into my eyes , that sexy smile of hers spread across her beautiful face , seeing the love inside of her eyes was almost enough to make me cum right then , and then she said just lay back and enjoy what I'm going to do , teaseing me some more with her ruby lips and tounge , up and down she went on my cock , sucking my balls once again she parted and lifted my legs up pushing my feet into the air she licked under my balls and I felt her tounge touch my asshole then kiss and suck my puckered hole with her lips , oh my god I thought , as many a time as I'd eaten a ladies ass I'd never before felt more then a finger tip tease my asshole , I moaned in delight almos t breathlessly as she kissed licked and sucked at my ass , and her hearing me moan made her give my ass more , happy that she was to return the oral love to my ass she lowered my legs down , and I told her how good that fellt to me , I was still shakeing from the feeling of having been rimmed for the first time as she again took my throbing cock in her mouth and sucked it down hard , I held on to the bed letting her have total control over me , and as much as I wanted to take her head and push it down on my cock and shoot my cum down her throat I just held myself back and let her have complete control over me

she continued to suck my cock useing only her mouth while rolling my balls in her one hand and her other hand reached up on to my chest and started to rum over my nipples gently teaseing them then pinching them , I shook underneath her as she was finding my trigers woundering how much longer i could hold my cum inside , not wanting the feeling to ever end when she let her fingers slide away from my balls and then over my asshole , she gently rubbed my puckerhole , still wet from her having eaten my ass and pressed her finger to my puckered hole and sliped it inside my ass then pushed her head all the way down on my throbing cock , its was getting to be more then I could take and my breathing quickened as my hips rose to bury my cock down her throat and as I did she pushed her finger deep inside my ass and started to massage my prostate and as she did I felt my whole body start to shake as my cock blew up in her mouth shooting my cum down her throat , she swallowed it all and she just wouldnt stop sucking my cock as I colasped under her my balls completly drained into her cum hungary mouth , it was just more then I could take and I finnaly reached down and pushed her head from my cock totaly out of breath shaking all over and completly drained like never before , she just rested her head on my stomack , her finger still up my ass and smiled up at me and said you really did enjoy that , I smiled back at her and trying to get the words out , still breathing hard trying to recover myself and told her that next time she should tie me down to the bed so I have absolutly no control over what she's doing , she then rose up and locked her lips on mine as I opened my mouth to breath through her mouth our tounges touched and i tasted the last of my cum in her mouth

I hoe the lady that this was written for enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writting it , and to everyone else here , thanks for taking the time to read it and hope you alos enjoyed it
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2 months ago
Wow Thank-you for a great story. May I add it to my favorites?
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
My Mommy said that she would like to be your private editor because you can't spell worth shit, but it is a great story none the less.
3 years ago
What a lovely story! I wonder who this xhamster lady is?