B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 5

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 5

"Anything you want Dawnie."

Dawn's question had been rhetorical, however the little brunette couldn't help find it cute that Buffy answered her anyway.

Unfortunately Buffy ruined the moment by whimpering, "Please Dawnie, just stop. If... if you stop I promise I won't punish you and we can forget this ever happened."

"Please, I don't even need to ask to know that's bull." Dawn scoffed before smiling, "Now get your cute little butt upstairs, go to my room and kneel on the floor until I tell you otherwise."

The defeated Slayer merely whimpered in response which caused another small smile to crossed Dawn's face, but it was no were near as big as the smile she had when she followed her s*ster upstairs. Keeping up with even a tired Slayer was hard but Dawn manage to get herself in perfect position to stare at Buffy's beaten red butt as the humiliated blonde made her way up the stairs. The sight made Dawn lick her lips and think about the one thing she'd love to do to Buffy more than anything else.

Dawn was still thinking about that moments later when the two s*sters were in Dawn's room, Buffy's eyes widening in horror as her bratty little s*s pulled a large strap on out from underneath her bed and quickly began pulling it up her thighs.

"N, no Dawnie, please don't." Buffy whimpered weakly.

"What? You'll happily suck off five random guys you just met, but my cock isn't good enough for you?" Dawn mocked as she tightened the straps around her waist and then started to advance on her big s*ster while gently sliding her hand up and down the dildo as if it was real, "I mean, we both know you've been fingering your little pussy thinking about me, so it can't be the whole inc*st thing that's bothering you, so what's the matter? Is it too big? Are you worried it's going to stretch out your tight little Slayer cunt?"

"No Dawn, I want that thing inside me." Buffy was f*rced to answer, quickly adding, "Dawn, listen to what I'm saying... I don't want to take that thing in my pussy. Please-"

"Oh don't worry Buffy." Dawn interrupted, grinning evilly as she added, "Because I wasn't planning to stick it in your pussy."

For a few long seconds Buffy was obviously confused what Dawn meant. Buffy had never been that good with subtlety. Or maybe her brain was just trying to protect her from situations she would find horrifying like this. Then again she could just be a little retarded thanks to her hair dye oozing into her skull. Dawn had always been a fan of the latter explanation.

It wasn't always the case but this time Buffy got what was implied without needing any help. When she did the most wonderful look of horror mixed with disgust, fear and maybe a little lust crossed Buffy's face before she opened her mouth to whine, complain, threaten and inevitably beg for mercy.

Dawn didn't give her the chance, quickly moving forwards and shoving her cock into her s*ster's open mouth.

When Buffy tried to resist Dawn simply said, "Suck it slut!"

And Buffy did, Dawn not sure if she was more happy that her stuck up big s*ster now answered to the name slut or that the blonde was obediently sucking her cock.

Not that it really measured up to the blow jobs Buffy had been dishing out only moments ago, the Slayer's lips wrapped around the head of Dawn's cock with no indication that those lips would move any lower. There was also no indication Buffy would suck the dick any harder than she was already sucking it. Of course this was to be expected as it seemed Dawn needed to be very specific with her instructions.

Dawn had no problem with that, "Come on Buffy, suck harder. Suck my cock harder. Mmmmmm, yeah, that's it! Suck it! Suck it like you sucked those guys' cock you little slut! Mmmmmm, yes that's right, show some enthusiasm. Suck that cock like you're in love with it."

Shortly after that last command Dawn giggled softly as Buffy's eyes fluttered and she began sucking the strap on for all she was worth, one of her hands gripping the shaft and beginning to stroke it while the other cupped the balls. It seemed to be a reminder that Dawn needed to be careful about exactly what she said because it kind of seemed as if Buffy had literally fallen in love with the dildo given her facial expressions as she was joyfully sucking it.

For a couple of minutes Dawn happily watched this display of affection, however given that Buffy's lips still weren't going any lower, and she kind of missed the reluctance on her sibling's face, Dawn decided to put an end to the erotic little sight.

"Ok, you don't literally love that cock, but you're going to suck it." Dawn clarified, "You're going to slowly take inch after inch into your mouth until your lips are around the base and the head of my cock is deep inside your throat."

Helpless to do anything but obey Buffy took every inch of the dildo down her throat. Just widening her jaw to take the monster was bad enough. Having to stuff the thick fake prick down her throat was almost impossible, however no matter how much she choked, gagged and felt like she was going to throw up Buffy couldn't stop herself from taking more and more of the dick.

Oddly enough in those moments that she was choking and gagging Buffy actually felt grateful to Dawn. Such a feeling was ridiculous under the circumstances, however it would be so much worse if Dawn had ordered her to try and take the huge dong quickly.

Little did Buffy know that it was about to get much worse.

"Wow, that's so hot." Dawn murmured, marvelling at the sight of Buffy's lips slowly coming to rest against the base of her dildo. Dawn just enjoyed that sight for a few long seconds as Buffy violently choked and gagged. Then Dawn ordered, "Now start bobbing your mouth up and down on it. Come on, up and down, up and down, up and down, suck that cock! Don't forget to suck my cock while you're sliding your lips up and down on it! Mmmmmm, ha ha, don't forget to suck your little s*ster's cock while you're sliding your lip up and down on it!"

Like the helpless fuck doll Dawnie had turned her into Buffy began literally fucking her own mouth on the giant cock, tears streaming down her face and saliva escaping her lips as a side-effect of her ordeal. Although in truth some of the tears might have been a result of the humiliation she was feeling, but Buffy honestly wasn't sure if she had any tears left to give. Then again Dawn hadn't taken all of her dignity quite yet, and even as she was f*rced to almost choke herself to death by sucking a large strap on cock, which would probably be one of the most embarrassing ways a Slayer has ever bitten the dust, there was one terrifying act coming up which Buffy couldn't stop thinking about as she feared it would remove any ounce of dignity she had left.

Before Buffy could dwell on it the blow job became even worse for her, "Faster! Faster! I said faster! Here, let me help..."

With that Dawn roughly grabbed Buffy's hair and began thrusting her hips back and forth. At first it was almost lazy but Dawn gradually picked up the pace until she was literally fucking her big s*ster's mouth as hard as she could, Buffy's face bashing in between Dawn's legs which was kind of painful for both of them although because her throat was being impaled on a massive dildo Buffy got the worst of it. Dawn even made shorter time her thrusts with Buffy's so it was like the two s*sters were working together to give the blonde the roughest face fucking possible.

On the bright side Buffy was way too distracted by this brutal treatment to think about what would come next, and she only half heard Dawn continuing taunting her, "TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT, TAKE IT! TAKE IT YOU COCK SUCKING SLUT! TAKE IT!"

Luckily just when Buffy thought she was going to throw up Dawn finally pulled the strap on out of her mouth.

Unluckily Buffy barely got the chance to gasp for air before Dawn ordered, "Mmmmm, not bad. Now get up onto my bed, on all fours, with your cute little ass facing me."

Initially Buffy was so concerned with sucking down air she didn't even worry about this order. Then she became aware of her new position, the Slayer looking back nervously over her shoulder to see Dawn staring longingly at her butt.

"Spread your ass cheeks." Dawn murmured, practically rendered brain-dead when Buffy did as she was told.

It was Dawn's biggest desire. Her own personal Holy Grail. And it was more beautiful than she could have possibly imagined.

After just staring at it for what seemed like an eternity Dawn crawled up behind Buffy, licked her lips, gave her right index finger a brief sucking and then used that finger to violate her big s*ster's virgin butt hole.

Both the Summers s*sters let out a loud cry, Dawn's obviously more pleasurable as she felt like she almost came just from feeling Buffy's ass clamping down on her finger.

"Oh my God." Dawn whimpered, "It's better than I ever imagined. So... tight."

Buffy whimpered for an entirely different reason as Dawn began sliding that finger in and out of her back passage... her little s*ster beginning to ass fuck her.

Knowing it was only going to get worse Buffy began weeping, "Please Dawnie, no. Not there. I'll do anything, just please... don't..."

Dawn bit her lip and thought for an agonising moment. Her entire life there was nothing she ever wanted more than to pop her big s*ster's anal cherry and turn that stuck up bitch into her bitch. She never thought she'd be able to do it, and now she could how could Dawn possibly resist? Especially when she had taken Faith's anal virginity only a few hours ago, giving her the chance to pop the anal cherries of both Slayers in one night. Plus there was always the chance a nice hard butt fucking would break Buffy, meaning Dawn would have made both of the Slayers their bitches in a single night.

On the other hand hadn't Dawn been thinking how nice it would be to take her time with Buffy? Break her in nice and slowly, and make sure she suffered. And even though Dawn wanted to butt fuck her big s*ster more than anything else in the world she didn't want the taking of Buffy's back door cherry being ruined by the blonde whining and complaining. Hell, even if she gagged her Buffy would be reluctant and stuff, and that's not what Dawn wanted.

So, even though it was the hardest thing she'd ever done in her life, Dawn pulled her finger out of Buffy's butt and murmured, "Ok."

Then Dawn flipped over onto her back and stuck her finger into her mouth, closing her eyes as she tasted her big s*ster's ass for the first time. As she greedily sucked her finger clean Dawn promised herself it wouldn't be the last time.

When she was close to done cleaning her finger Dawn opened her eyes to see Buffy staring at her apprehensively. That made Dawn smile, remove the finger and, making sure to choose her words carefully, said, "Just one thing... if you're going to avoid getting your ass fucked, then you would have to ride my cock... bounce your hot little cunt on my cock of your own free will."

Dawn found the horrified look on her big s*ster's face incredibly hot. It clearly told her that Buffy was considering trying to tell her off again, or trying to beg for mercy again, or anything else that might get her out of this, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't think of anything.

Inevitably Buffy lowered her head ever so slightly. It was a small movement, but it meant everything. It meant Buffy accepted defeat. Even if it was only for a moment it wasn't exactly something many of Buffy's enemies had done. Certainly none of them had flat-out defeated her, but Dawn would be the first. She was going to bring the Slayer to her knees. Literally. Both of them.

That thought was interrupted as Buffy began slowly crawling into position, Dawn grinning gleefully as her s*ster lined up their crotches, reached down, grabbed hold of the brunette's dildo and pressed it against her pussy.

There was this brief pause as Buffy gave Dawn a pleading look, but the brunette barely noticed it as she was way too focused on staring at the tip of her cock pressed against her sibling's pussy lips. Although just to make sure Buffy knew she wasn't getting any mercy Dawn briefly looked up into the blonde's eyes and gave her a wicked smile before returning her gaze back to her older s*ster's cunt.

Seconds later the mighty Slayer let out a pathetic little whimper and then began slowly lowering herself on the cock. That whimpering continued as Buffy lowered herself, inch after inch of dildo sliding deeper into her pussy and stretching it like it had never been stretched before. Not that Dawn would know, but while she could get the truth out of her s*ster she was way too occupied with watching that toy dick disappearing into Buffy's pussy, and the soft little whimpers Buffy was making which was soon joined by soft little moans.

When Buffy was resting against her lap Dawn allowed her older sibling to stay where she was for a few seconds, allowing the Slayer to adjust to the size of the dick inside her, but more importantly allowed Dawn to savour the fact that she was deep inside her big s*ster. Because of that for this moment as far as she was concerned her cock was real, Dawn so lost in that image it was almost like she could feel Buffy's pussy gripping tightly to her shaft.

After a little while Buffy started bouncing on the dick and Dawn still felt like she could literally feel the tightness of her older s*ster's pussy. In a way she could as the tightness and the slow way Buffy was moving was affecting how the stimulator inside the harness rubbed against Dawn's clit. These sensations were very, very enjoyable, Dawn becoming lost in them and watching Buffy fucking her cock, the only brief thought that entered her mind for quite a while being the question of which was tighter, Buffy's pussy or Faith's ass.

Buffy tried not to concentrate on the dreamy expression on Dawnie's face. In fact she tried to pretend her little s*ster wasn't underneath her at all, the Slayer closing her eyes and trying to imagine she was with Riley or some celebrity hunk. Images of Angel inevitably popped into her head, but those memories were forever tainted. So were the ones with Riley, but their breakup had been barely painful at all and while she didn't normally think about him in this case he was appropriately different to the soft body that was underneath her, and she could picture him more vividly than any celebrity crush. Unfortunately other images popped into Buffy's head of people she knew and would rather not think about in that way, and worse she found her eyes opening sporadically of their own accord, part of her genuinely happy at the joy she saw on her little s*ster's face.

Eventually Buffy opened her eyes to a far more terrifying sight, Dawn glaring at her. She wasn't sure how her k*d s*ster had gone from joyfully happy to upset so quickly, but she had a horrible feeling she was about to find out.

Instead Dawn simply worn softly, "Don't make me tell you what I want."

With a soft whimper Buffy started moving herself faster up and down on the cock, desperately trying to tell herself that the increasing pleasure she was receiving was just from the dildo pumping her cunt. As Dawn wasn't even moving or anything it kind of didn't even count. Buffy might as well be just masturbating, and there was nothing wrong with that. But as much as she wanted to Buffy couldn't make herself believe that. There was part of her, a sick and twisted part of her, which liked the fact that it was her baby s*ster underneath her. That she was riding her little s*ster's dick. That very soon she would be cumming all over her k*d s*ster's dick, further cementing her as Dawnie's little plaything.

Just as Buffy was trying to console herself by remembering she was doing this to save herself from something worse Dawn said, "Look at me Buffy... do you know what my biggest sexual fantasy is?"

"No Dawnie." Buffy found herself whimpering.

Dawn grinned at this comment, and Buffy's reactions, as she continued, "It's ass fucking you. My biggest sexual fantasy is to butt fuck my big s*ster. And I'm going too. Sooner or later I'm going to fuck you up the ass, but if you're good I won't just bend you over whenever I feel like it. At least not for our first time."

Buffy fought the urge to scream there would be no first time, knowing such a comment would probably result in her butt being violated, the blonde swearing that Dawn could sense that given the way she was smirking.

After a few long moments Dawn reached up to gently grab Buffy's butt and continued, "Our... our first time. The first time I take this perfect ass and make it all mine. Mmmmm, I've dreamt of it so long, so it has to be special. I think I've got a good way that we can make it not only special, but the greatest night of our lives. You know how I'm going to make sure that happens Buffy?"

"No." Buffy whimpered again.

"Because it's going to be the night you submit to me." Dawn said huskily, staring deep into Buffy's eyes as she firmly added, "It probably won't be tonight or tomorrow, but I promise you this, one day I'm going to break you. I don't care how long it takes I'm going to make you want to be my bitch. I'm going to make you need it. And when deep down you have accepted that you are my bitch I want you to choose of your own free will to come into my room and wait for me with your face down on my bed and your ass up and pointing towards the door. Oh, and if you really want to make me happy you'll be spreading your ass cheeks, that way you can directly present me with your tight little virgin butt hole. Then, of your own free will, you will beg me to take your anal cherry. To ass fuck you for my pleasure. To truly make you my bitch. Do you understand?"

"Yes Dawn." Buffy found herself gasping, unable to stop herself adding regardless of the possible consequences, "But I won't. I'll never-"

"We'll see." Dawn interrupted, letting go of the butt she had been groping and squeezing ever since she grabbed it and then quickly added, "As for right now just shut up and ride my dick. Come on, ride it you little slut! Bounce that tight little cunt up and down on my big fat cock! Mmmmmmm, that's it, faster... harder... yes, ride it! Ride it like a whore! But don't make yourself cum. Don't you dare cum until I give you permission to cum bitch!"

Helpless under Dawn's words Buffy started rapidly increasing the pace, bringing herself to the edge of climax in what seemed like seconds only for her to be f*rced to stay there thanks to her cruel k*d s*ster.

For a long time there would be no relief for the Slayer, Dawn yammering on endlessly as usual only this time Buffy was only half listening because of pleasure, not boredom.

Obviously Dawnie wanted her to beg for more, further humiliating herself and taking one step closer to the submission Dawn had promised was her destiny. But Buffy the Vampire Slayer was nobody's bitch, especially not her bratty baby s*ster. And sure, in a single night Dawn had given Buffy more pleasure than Riley had in a two-year relationship, and that was Buffy's fault. There was sick and twisted thoughts going on in her head, and maybe if they weren't there she and Dawnie would be normal. But Buffy has had enough of feeling sorry for herself. The threat of being sodomised was a wake-up call she'd needed and now she was just going to concentrate on making it through tonight with as much dignity as possible, then tomorrow she would find a way to break the wish Dawn made and end this nightmare.

"Make yourself cum Buffy!" Dawn yelled out with a grin on her face, "Make yourself cum on your s*ster's cock!"

With those words Buffy was f*rced to increase the pace ever so slightly and easily knock herself over the edge of orgasm. It was easily as powerful as any other orgasm she'd had so far, possibly even more so as a result of the places inside her being stimulated. But she didn't really care how it was happening, or even why, Buffy allowing herself a moment where she just became lost in the pleasure. Of course that moment turned into several long minutes, the Slayer mindlessly riding the toy cock through orgasm after orgasm.

Dawn was grinning so much at watching this that her jaw ached. Then again she'd been grinning a lot tonight, more than in her entire life, so that probably had something to do with it. Although a little soreness was a small price to pay for the greatest night of her life so far.

She wondered if Buffy would think the same tomorrow when her pussy and ass were aching from all the fucking and spanking respectively. Probably not, but Dawn couldn't wait to see how her uptight big s*ster was going to act come the morning. Hell, part of Dawn kind of hoped Buffy ended up spending the entire night lying awake thinking about her and then Dawn would open her eyes the next day to be presented by her big s*ster's butt hole, Buffy already giving it up to her so she could officially become her bitch. However Dawn knew that wasn't going to happen, which was fine. She was going to have a lot of fun slowly teaching Buffy her new place in life.

Of course Dawn's main focus wasn't really what she was going to do so much as what was happening right in front of her, that being her stuck up s*s cumming on her cock with seemingly every bounce.

Dawn had never seen a more beautiful sight in her life than that of Buffy cumming, especially right now as the Slayer seemed to become almost an*malistic in her desire to get herself off. Of course Buffy was being f*rced to do her bidding, and a lot of the passion she was seeing was there because she had ordered it to be, but not all of it. No, the way Buffy's cum squirted out from around the dildo pounding in and out of her cunt told Dawn the same thing it always did when Buffy came hard for her, that being that her Slayer s*ster was a natural bottom. A little slut just waiting for someone to make her see the light.

"Please Dawnie, no more!" Buffy wept softly as she was f*rced to cum for what seemed like the millionth time, her pussy aching like never before after she was f*rced to put it through such rough treatment.

These words briefly awoke Dawn from her thoughts but rather than show her big s*ster mercy the brunette simply redoubled her efforts in concentrating on Buffy riding her dildo through orgasm after orgasm. Then the Slayer seemed to get a second wind and became a mindless fuck doll again, Dawn even lazily thrusting upwards a few times to make sure Buffy came extra hard.

Finally when Buffy started whimpering painfully again Dawn simply said, "Stop."

Maybe it was because she was looking directly at Buffy, maybe it was because Buffy had been waiting to hear that from her little s*s for what felt like hours, but that alone was enough to finally bring the torturers pleasure to an end. Buffy still stopped on Dawn's lap, every inch of the dildo buried in her sore pussy, but it was still an end which brought great relief to the sweat covered Slayer.

Then Dawn said softly, "Buffy, I want you to clean my cock. And if you don't want to be punished you should probably give me what I want."

Buffy waited for her body to move of it's own accord. It didn't.

Her mind was still cloudy after what she'd just been through but after a few long seconds Buffy realised that Dawn must have chosen her words carefully so she didn't actually order her to do something, meaning again Buffy would have to do it herself.

For a brief moment Buffy considered yelling at Dawn, or even going so far as to attack the little brunette, but she was just so tired, and sweaty, and... she just really didn't want to be punished.

So with a soft whimper Buffy began lifting herself slowly off the cock, her whimpers turning to cries as the large fuck stick left her aching cunt.

When she was finally off of the monster dick Buffy lowered her sore and sweaty body down onto the bed where she rested for the briefest of seconds. Then she crawled into position so her lips were hovering over the dildo. She then closed her eyes, tried to block out what she was doing, and then took the strap on into her mouth.

Buffy had tasted her own cum on Dawn's lips and her Mom's dildo, a fact which had the blonde blushing and cringing, but this was... different. It somehow made Buffy feel more submissive and humiliated, although that could have been partly a leftover feeling from having to ride her little s*ster's strap on.

Trying to shut off her brain, especially as the thought that she kind of liked the taste of her own cum passed through her head, Buffy concentrated on gently sucking the toy. She didn't have a lot of energy, but she was hoping Dawn would be merciful and would accept a kind of lazy blow job.

Dawn wouldn't, "I'm warning you, don't make me tell you how to suck that cock."

Quickly responding to the threat Buffy started steadily bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, taking inch after inch down her throat in a desperate attempt to avoid another throat fucking, or worse, an ass fucking.

Reaching down Dawn began gently stroking Buffy's hair as if she was showing affection to some kind of pet. In a way that was exactly what she was doing, as that's exactly what her big s*ster was to her now. A pet. Something she owned, and it was her responsibility to look after her pet and give her what she needs.

Dawn almost said as much, but thanks to the stimulator on her clit she was still basking in the afterglow of some quite satisfying orgasms herself and she didn't want to ruin the moment. Although truth be told they hadn't been that satisfying. Enjoyable sure, but when compared with the orgasms she'd had fucking Buffy previously they really didn't measure up. Then again maybe it only seemed that way because of the little show that was in front of her. Because damn, Buffy looked good sucking cock.

As her big s*ster managed to f*rce the entire length of the dildo down her throat Dawn bit her lip. She'd be definitely whoring out Buffy's mouth because watching her prudish older s*ster be reduced to a slutty little cock sucker before her very eyes was an incredible turn on. Unfortunately it had certain... side-effects. If only Dawn had her own sex slave who could take care of those side-effects. Oh wait, she thought sarcastically.

"Take my cock out of your mouth and unstrap it from me." Dawn ordered, waiting until Buffy had done as she was told before adding, "Good, now throw the toy wherever. Ok... you've cleaned up your cum... now I think you should clean up mine."

As she spoke Dawn spread her legs, Buffy's eyes immediately darting down to her little s*ster's cum dripping little pussy. That made the Slayer half whimper in despair that her ordeal wasn't over, and moan as she could practically already taste Dawnie's cum on her tongue. That thought had Buffy whimpering again, as did the realisation soon after that Dawn expected her to do this of her own free will, but again the blonde was too tired and exhausted to try and rebel so she just dived her head downwards and slid her tongue over her k*d s*ster's pussy lips.

At first Buffy just settled into a gentle tongue lapping, each swipe of her tongue making Dawn moan happily. However as much as she tried to pretend otherwise the taste of her baby s*ster's cum really drove Buffy wild and seemingly of its own accord her tongue started licking Dawn's cunt faster and harder, occasionally even breaking away to clean the cum from Dawn's thighs.

After a while Dawn seem to be moaning so loudly Buffy decided to stick her tongue into her little s*ster and fuck her to climax. Not because there was some depraved part inside of her which made her crave her k*d s*ster's cum and pussy juice. Or because she had fantasised about this. Or because it made Dawn happy. No, Buffy did this for one reason and one reason only. To get it over with.

Or at least, that's what Buffy told herself as she became lost in fucking Dawn with her tongue and swallowing her baby s*ster's cum.

Several times during the pussy eating Dawn considered telling Buffy to fuck her harder. It was so very tempting, especially as every little movement of her big s*ster's tongue drove the littlest Summers crazy. But as difficult as it was Dawn resisted.

She had spent the entire day using and abusing her new powers, and now Dawn felt very confident. Telling the mighty Vampire Slayers, and to a lesser extent her Mom, what to do had been exhilarating, especially when, in the case of the former, it had been sexual. But to actually watch her stuck up and super straight s*ster licking her pussy of her own free will was so amazing Dawn honestly didn't think she could find the correct words to describe it.

Of course it wasn't totally of her own free will. Buffy knew if she didn't do what Dawn wanted she'd simply make her, but that wasn't the point. The point was this was a step in the right direction, one of many tonight which would ultimately lead to the big bad defeating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was not up for debate. It was an inevitability.

And in that moment Dawn began wondering just how difficult it was going to be considering she already had Buffy licking her pussy sort of willingly.

To Be Continued
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