B.T.V.S.: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 3


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 3

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Buffy walked through the halls of her former high school listening to the clicky-clack of her high-heeled boots on the tile floor. She smiled to herself as she watched the boys walking through the halls checking her out. She walked past a group of three football players standing at their lockers. They were practically drooling as she strode past.

Buffy stopped about twenty feet past them as she accidentally but on purpose let her purse slip off her shoulder and onto the floor. She held her hand to her pursed lips in and overly dramatic motion as if to say 'Oops.'

Bending over, she kept her legs locked, bending at the waist and began picking up the few personal items that had rolled out. The boys all craned their necks to check out the small blonde's ass, as Buffy was still not wearing any panties as she had purposely taken them off before leaving the house that morning. As she started to stand after letting them check her out for a good 30 seconds, she looked back at them over her shoulder and flashed them a wicked smile as she wiggled her fingers in a girly version of a wave as if saying 'Caught you looking!'

One of the boys slammed his forehead into his locker in frustration as she turned the corner and walked out of sight.

Buffy had finally managed to break free of the Magic Box and the crowd of men there getting their free blowjobs. Buffy wasn't sure how many she had given, she had stopped counting, but it was a lot. Buffy was determined not to go near another dick for a long time. She had left the house this morning without eating breakfast and had been at the store all afternoon and had been so busy she had not even ate lunch either. But even without any food, she was not hungry. In fact, her belly was full as if she had eaten a large meal. So, yeah, she had given a lot of blowjobs and swallowed a lot of cum for her efforts.

Over Anya's protests, and promises that Buffy thought empty, Buffy had literally had to fight her way out of the store, tossing several overly eager men off her as she fled. Her m*m was there and even Buffy had to be impressed with her skill as she had managed to begin to thin the crowd. She felt bad about leaving her m*m there, but Buffy had to pick up Dawn. Besides, she knew Joyce was a big girl and could handle herself.

As Buffy turned the corner in the school after antagonizing the trio of boys she had passed in the hall, she stopped, a bit shocked by the scene before her. Off to her right, a boy, obviously a student from his age, had a woman in her late twenties or early thirties, probably a teacher, pushed up against the lockers. Her pants were off and her shirt was open revealing a large pair of boobs.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he held her up supporting her with his legs and her back against the lockers. He was fucking her vigorously with the eagerness of a teenage boy. She had his face pulled into her chest and was shaking her breasts as she smothered him and ran her hands through his hair. Each thrust lifted her up and slammed her back into the metal doors of the lockers. The two of them were moving in time together as the teacher held him close and made purring sounds as he grunted, working his cock as deep as he could into her.

Buffy stood in shock watching them go at it. She also noticed a girl a few feet away from the amorous couple naked, watching them go at it, and masturbating herself freely, not giving a care in the world as to who may see her. She was distracted by Buffy standing there staring at her. So she gave Buffy a take-a-picture-it-will-last-longer look, which Buffy quickly did on her camera phone. Buffy then went on her merry way, thinking to herself that she would touch herself over the picture she had just taking and fantasising what it would be like to be with such a cutie when she had a moment.. The girl, meanwhile, returned to watch the couple having sex while she rubbed at her own clit.

A few feet down the hall, past the teacher and student coupling, were another two students. The girl, a cheerleader from her outfit, was standing with her back to the lockers. A boy stood behind her reaching around her body with both hands under her sweater and massaging her tits. His pants were around his ankles and his cock disappeared under the short skirt of her cheerleading uniform.

Buffy was surprised as the boy had on thick glasses and, if she had to have put a term on it, she would have described him as a bit of a nerd. Certainly not the type to be banging a cheerleader.

After a few seconds, Buffy felt like she was being a pervert to watch this couple and started to walk past, only to run into a third group at the end of the hall. These were all girls.

One was dressed all in black with heavy dark eye shadow and black finger nail polish. Her dark outfit contrasted with her pale skin, as she was obviously a Goth chick. She had her shirt pulled up and was playing with her nipple rings as she also had her legs spread wide and was standing with her back against the lockers. Two other girls were standing around her watching what was going on and rubbing their pussies.

The fourth girl was a tall and statuesque blonde. Buffy recognized her from when she had been a student. When she had been a senior, the blonde had been a freshman, one of Cordielia's click. Even as young as she was, she was a real b*tch. She came from a rich f*mily and treated everyone like dirt. Her name was Monica, if Buffy remembered correctly.

Buffy stopped to savour the irony as Monica was on her knees. She had her hands tied behind her back with her bra and her face was pressed between the legs of the Goth chick as Monica worked her clit with her tongue with gusto. After a few seconds, Monica tried to pull away but one of the other girls grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her face back up against the
pale girl's crotch.

"Oh, no you don't bitch! Keep licking!"

The Goth girl was moaning and calling out for her not to stop as she rubbed her breasts and felt shoots of pleasure as she climaxed. Buffy kept walking but she didn't feel too bad for Monica. She was pretty sure the tall blonde was getting exactly what she deserved. As Buffy turned the corner, she looked back to see one of the other two girl's step between Monica and the lockers and motion for their captive to go to work on her pussy.

Buffy was giggling at Monica's predicament when she finally found the principal’s office and went inside into the outer room. She saw a middle-aged woman, the principal's assistant, sitting behind a desk.

"I'm here to pick up my s*ster, Dawn Summers. She had detention. Is she here?"

"Umm, let me check." The woman pushed a button on her phone and spoke into it, "Mr. Snider, Buffy Summers in here to pick up her s*ster. What should I tell her?"

From over the speakerphone, Buffy could hear what was going on in the principal's office.

"Oh yeah, suck it you little cock-sucker. Take it all." It was Snider's voice Buffy was hearing as she stared at the phone in disbelief as she was realizing what was going on.

"This is what you deserve. Oh yeah! You're just like that cunt s*ster of yours. Thinking the rules don't apply to you. Thinking you are better than me! Oh that's it, suck it harder. HARDER YOU LITTLE...!"

Buffy heard her s*ster's voice cry out over the phone, "BUFFY!"

The assistant and Buffy's eyes met and the woman quickly took her finger off the phone, cutting off the sound.

"Umm, Mr Snider is busy at the moment. He'll be with you in a few..."

Buffy ran around the desk towards the office door in the back of the room.

"No! I'm sorry, you can't go..."

Buffy shoved the middle-aged woman and sent her sailing over her desk and across the room. She reached the door and kicked it in, shattering the doorframe. Standing in the doorway, Buffy saw her s*ster Dawn on her knees with her head bobbing up and down in the lap of Principal Snider, his cock between her lips.

Dawn looked up at the commotion and saw her s*ster, "Buffy! Help!"

Snider saw her too and jumped up, "HEY YOU LITTLE BITCH! You can't just barge in here. I am still the principal of this school and I am in charge herrreeee...!"

Snider's voice changed from his normal sneering condescending tone to a high pitched squeal as Buffy snapped a front kick between his legs, smashing her heeled foot into his bare ball sack as he walked towards her with his pants open. If she had kicked him as hard as she would have liked she'd have sent his nuts into orbit, but she held back. Still, the kick was still very hard. Snider fell to his knees, cupping his groin as his bright red face was twisted in agony.

"Come on Dawn, we're leaving." Dawn stood and pulled her shirt on as she followed her s*ster out of the office. Behind them, Snider grabbed the end of his desk and used it to support himself as he managed to climb to his feet but still was hunched over in pain.

"You little bitch! How dare you?! Summers! You might think you are above the law, but you're not! I run this school! Your s****r is expelled and if I have anything to say about it she will never...OH FUCK!"

As Snider continued his rant, Dawn spun, stepped up to him and before he could react, drove her knee between his legs. More than once. Snider leapt two feet into the air and crumpled to the office floor, curled into a ball and holding his nuts as he rolled back and forth muttering, "My balls, my balls, oh god my balls" as the two girls walked out, got in their car and drove away.

Once Home...

Buffy tried to console her s****r after hearing about her long day at school, but Dawn seemed truly upset. At one point, Buffy started to tell her about her own day at the Magic Box, but a nasty look from Dawn told her that her little s*ster didn't want to hear anything of it. It was obvious that Dawn blamed Buffy for what had happened to her all day.

As they pulled into the driveway, Dawn leapt out of the car almost before it stopped, slamming the car door and ran inside. Buffy followed but decided to leave her s*ster alone for a while, hoping that she would get over her bad mood.

About two hours later, Buffy walked out of the kitchen with a sandwich she made for Dawn on a tray. She carried it upstairs and quietly knocked on the door to Dawn's bedroom.

"Hey Dawnie. I made you something to eat. You hungry?"

"GO AWAY!" came from behind the door.

Buffy sunk, exasperated. "Fine. That's the last time I try to do something nice!"


"Look, M*m's not home yet and I have to go patrolling. You gonna be okay by yourself for a while?"


Buffy dropped the tray on the floor and stomped downstairs muttering to herself, "Try to be nice to her. Try to be a big s*ster and what do I get? I get told to go fuck myself, that's what!"

Buffy had changed from her silk teddy and edible panties that she had been wearing for Dawn. She now wore jeans and a snug T-shirt and sneakers, much more her normal attire as she left to go hunting as she did every night. She would leave Dawn to whatever she was doing in her room as she saved the world… Again.

On Patrol...

About an hour later, Buffy made her way to the graveyard. She hadn't seen, much less staked a vampire. But just because there had been no vampire activity did not mean there was nothing going on that night. Buffy had come across several couples having sex. In their cars, on a park bench, even right out in full view of the street.

Buffy was hoping to find some vampires in the cemetery, she was eager for a good fight to work off some steam.

Then, from behind her...

"Hey B, how's it hanging?"

It was Faith, Buffy's rival vampire slayer and persistent thorn in Buffy's side. The two of them did not get along very well but they had a healthy respect for the other. Quite frankly, both their lives were easier and safer having a second slayer to help with the big bads they sometimes had to deal with.

Faith was dressed like she was going out for a night on the town. Tight black jeans and heavy biker boots covered her legs while her black button-up silk blouse was open at the top augmenting her already large and full tits. Just over the top of the blouse, a bright red bra could be seen poking out slightly. Faith's hair was full and flowing which, Buffy noted, was unusual for her. Normally, it looked like she had not even washed it. Faith's dark outfit was capped off with a pair of bright red lips that, along with the bra, was the only color she had on.

"Hey Faith, didn't expect to see you tonight. Figured you'd be out partying and having a good time."

"I was, but I thought I could use a good tussle to work off these jitters I got. Like I'm jazzed on Red Bull or something."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Buffy did know. She had felt this way for several days now, like she was a mixture of nervous and horny that she just couldn’t get over.

The two of them moved into the cemetery, looking for any signs of recent undead activity. After about fifteen minutes, Buffy was checking out a mausoleum when she heard Faith call out, "There goes one."

Buffy wheeled and saw a fresh vampire running across the open ground between the headstones with Faith in hot pursuit.

"Dammit," Buffy muttered as she ran off after them. She burst through some underbrush to see Faith straddling the vampire smashing her fist into his face over and over.

"You like that, huh?"


"Who's my bitch!?"


"OH, you want some more?"


Over and over, Faith rammed her knuckles into the bony protrusions of the vamp's face that showed him to be a bl**dsucker. She was beating the shit out of the vampire who was clearly outmatched. Normally, Buffy would have stopped this, but she had to admit, she was enjoying watching Faith cut loose, so she stood by as Faith dished out a major beating.

Finally, "Okay Faith, that's enough, just finish him and let's go."

Faith looked up at Buffy and brushed her thick dark hair from her face. She was panting and sweating and her face was flushed. "Yeah, I guess that's enough."

Faith stood and pulled a stake from her belt. Looking down, she smiled, "Well, well, well, what do we have here." The vampire, as he climbed to his feet, had an enormous bulge in his jeans.

"You must be one of those..." Faith turned to Buffy, as she couldn't place the word she wanted. "What do they call ‘em? The guys who like having girls beat the shit out of them?"


"No, the ones who like pain."

"Masochists." Buffy offered.

"Yeah, one of those masochistic vampires? Huh? You like me beating the crap out of you?"

"Just stake him already Faith."

"Naw, I want to see it. Come one boy, whip it out. If it's big enough maybe I'll let you go."

"W-what-t?" Even the vampire seemed shocked by the command.

"Show us your cock!" Faith ordered, "Or would you rather we kick the shit out of you some more? Oh, that's right, you'd probably enjoy that."


"Come on, I wanna see it. Show me." Faith held up her stake and the vampire started unzipping his pants. As he did, his cock sprang out. Both Buffy and Faith made faces that indicated they were impressed. His sex organ was pretty big, at least 7 inches long and thick through the middle, wrapped with thick mushy veins and engorged.

"Come on, the rest of it too. Strip!"

The vampire pulled his clothes off and moments later he was totally naked. He was young, maybe in his mid-twenties. He looked like he could have been a college guy or someone the girls might have met and been hit on by at the Bronze, a local club they hung out at. He was in great shape too with cut and well defined stomach muscles, thick arms, broad shoulders, and tight solid buttocks and thighs. The fact that he had a pretty big cock only made him even more attractive. Even Buffy couldn't help looking him up and down and admiring him. Even the twisted visage of his vampire face didn't dissuade her.

Buffy watched as Faith grabbed him and shoved him over one of the gravestones.

"H-hey, what are you d-doing?" he asked as he was manhandled.

Grabbing his belt from his jeans on the ground, Faith tied his arms behind his back before jerking him back up.

"So, what do you say B? Want to have a little fun?" Faith was smiling wickedly as she looked down at his erection. Buffy for the first time, realized what Faith meant but before she could say anything Faith dropped to her knees and took the vampire's cock all the way into her mouth.

The vampire seemed even more shocked than Buffy as Faith started sucking on his organ. She was working the shaft hard, alternating sucking on it and licking it and his balls, running her tongue in long strokes from the underside of his ball sack and then up the shaft.

As she kept sucking, Faith was stripping off her clothes. Not bothering to unbutton her top, she simply yanked it off and her bra came off next. Faith's C cup tits burst free with her nipples popping out and hard.

"Oh, oh man!" The vampire was panting and grunting as his cock was worked by a girl stronger than any he had ever met before. Buffy stood by watching Faith go to work on him, unsure what to do. After about a minute...

"Faith! Cut it out!"

Faith stood and wiped her chin, "What? Why? What's your problem B?"

"Look, we really shouldn't be doing this. Just stake him already."

"I don't want to. If you're so eager to dust him go ahead." Faith tossed Buffy her stake. Buffy caught it and stepped up, "Fine, I will."

She grabbed the vampire by the throat and held him up with the stake poised to strike. The vampire winced as he waited for the girl to end his life. As she was about to strike though, his face changed and returned to the one of a normal young man. Buffy hesitated, and then...

"Oh, what the fuck!" Buffy grabbed him and pulled him to her as she kissed him hard and f***ed her tongue into his mouth, momentarily forgetting what had occurred in the Magic Box.

"Way to get some B!" Faith called out as she began stripping her own pants off.

Back at the Summers House...

Dawn climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her wet body as she stepped out into the hallway and shivered slightly as the cooler air hit her. She was walking to her bedroom as she continued to dry her hair when she heard a noise, a thump, from the other end of the hall.

"Buffy? That you?"

She didn't get an answer and cautiously walked towards her mom's bedroom when she heard another noise.


Still nothing.

Listening at the door, she slowly twisted the doorknob opening the bedroom door a crack as she peered inside. Opening it further, the room was dark but Dawn saw something big moving in the shadows.

"AAAAIIIIEEEEE!" Dawn screamed and flipped on the light.


The young teenaged paperboy was in the process of climbing out Joyce's bedroom window. He was half-naked with no shirt or shoes on.

"Sorry. I was trying to sneak out. I guess I fell asl**p waiting for your mom to come back. Didn't mean to scare you."

"Oh, no," Dawn laughed at how scared she had been, "It's okay. You don't have to climb out the window though, you can use the front door you know."

Kyle looked sheepish, "Oh, yeah, thanks." He stepped back into the room from the window. As he sat down on the bed to put his shoes on, Dawn looked him up and down, admiring his rippling torso and six pack stomach.

"Or... you could hang out with me if you like?"

Kyle looked up and smiled as Dawn pulled her towel off and closed the bedroom door behind her.

Back in the Boneyard...

Buffy was kissing the vampire hard and eager. Stopping, she held his head between her hands, looking into his eyes, "What's your name? I mean before you became the undead?"

"Uh, Mark."

Buffy smiled, "Hi Mark, I'm Buffy." She began kissing him again; wet sloppy kisses as they both let their tongues explore each other's mouth. As she kissed him, Buffy began to tear her clothes off, pulling her T-shirt over her head and then opening her pants. She was stamping her feet in an attempt to work her jeans down her legs without using her hands as she kept her tongue in Mark's mouth and her arms wrapped around his neck.

Frustrated, she shoved him backwards and he fell back against a gravestone and flinched as he felt the ice cold of the marble on his bare ass. Quickly yanking off her jeans and panties, Buffy leapt up and planted her bare feet against the top of the marble headstone and lowered her tiny body over the vampire’s sex organ.

She licked her hand and then reached down and rubbed her saliva over his cock to lubricate it. Buffy knew she had a tight pussy and had always had trouble taking guys with any size. Mark's face looked shocked as he felt her lower herself onto his organ.


Both Buffy and the vampire screamed out at the same time as they both felt comparable sensations. He felt her tight snatch surround and grip his cock while Buffy felt herself being stretched as he entered her. She kept lowering herself and bit her lower lip as she felt the tip of Mark's cock driving deeper and deeper into her.


Buffy's feet were planted firmly on the top of the headstone and her arms were wrapped around his neck as she began humping his cock and grinding her hips up and down and side to side. It was obvious that Buffy was enjoying his cock inside her as she was furiously working him. Buffy had her eyes closed and was biting her lip as she was about to orgasm when she felt her head yanked backwards by her hair.

"UGH, what the hell!?!"

Buffy was roughly tossed backwards. She landed with a thud, rolling over and over on the ground. She looked up to see that Faith had taken her place. She was standing with her back to the vampire, reaching down and stroking his cock between her legs. She lifted one foot and held it up as she raised herself slightly and pointed the tip at her pussy and lowered herself onto it.

"What the fuck Faith?"

"Sorry B, but you were Bogarting the dick."

Putting both feet on the ground, Faith pressed her ass cheeks against his abdomen taking every inch he had inside her. "Oh yes!"

She reached back and over her head and grabbed Mark by the back of the neck and turned her head so their faces were inches from each other. Each could feel the hot and heavy breaths of the other on their cheeks. She was grinding and rotating her hips against him, feeling his cock buried deep inside her.

Faith's free hand was pinching her nipples and rubbing her breasts as she enjoyed him. Just as Faith felt herself about to reach the point of no return with her orgasm building...


Faith felt herself slugged across the face. She staggered back and tripped over a short gravestone, landing on her ass on the cold dirt of the cemetery. Looking up, Buffy was standing where she had been and holding Mark by the arm.

"My turn!"

Faith climbed to her feet and wiped a drop of bl**d from her lip, "I wasn't finished B. Now, clear out. He's mine."

"I don't think so Faith. You can have my sloppy seconds if you want."

"Oh, really, we'll see about that." Faith leapt at Buffy and drove a fist into the blonde slayer's gut lifting her off her feet. Buffy regained her footing and spun, driving her heel into the side of Faith's head and knocking her back. Buffy followed it up with several punches at the brunette's face but Faith blocked them on her arms and countered with a right cross to Buffy's chin.

As the two women continued trading blows Buffy called out, "Oh shit! Look!"

Faith had Buffy in a headlock and stopped momentarily to see that the guy they were fighting over was on the other side of the graveyard, running away.


Both girls took off after him gaining ground as they leapt over headstones and ran through the trees. Both slayers were buck naked but neither seemed to mind, as both were focused on catching their quarry. Mark's bare ass was moving fast even with his arms still tied behind him. His erection was bobbing up and down pointing his way. He wasn't able to move through the cemetery as quickly as the two slayers with his hands bound. And the girls were catching up. Buffy reached him first and shoved the vampire from behind, sending him sprawling. He landed on his back with his legs open and cock pointed straight up at the night sky.

Buffy and Faith stood on either side of the prone vamp, facing off again.

"So, we going to go another round?" Faith asked.

"I think we can solve this another way." Faith knew what Buffy meant and nodded.

"One, two, three," both girls counted out loud as they brought their right fists up and down on their outstretched left hands. On the third strike, Buffy flattened her hand while Faith kept hers in a fist.

"Paper beats rock!" Buffy exclaimed.

"SHIT!" Faith retorted.

'She always starts with rock, dumb cunt!' Buffy thought to herself.

"One, two, and three..." Both girls counted again and repeated the process. Buffy made a fist this time while Faith now held her hand firmly flat.

"HAH!" Faith yelled at her, indicating she won that round.

Mark watched the two girls fight over him, 'These bitches are crazy!'

"One, two, and three..." Faith made a horizontal 'V' shape with her pointer and middle fingers while Buffy made a fist again.


"HA! I win!" Buffy jumped up in victory.

"Another round?!" Faith asked.

"No way, best two out of three. You know the rules."

Faith cursed under her breath but accepted the loss. Buffy stepped over the Mark and lowered herself over his waist. Mark looked terrified as she reached down and held his cock steady while she slipped her pussy down over his cock again.

Buffy put her hands on his chest and began sliding up and down his organ, riding him.

"Oh, yeah! Oh fuck that feels good!" She was moaning as she tossed her head back, enjoying the sensations of having him deep inside her.

Faith stood back. She didn't like it but she knew she had lost and there was nothing to be gained from further fighting. She was fingering herself between her legs, massaging her pussy. She was so turned on watching Buffy fuck the vampire. In fact, Faith couldn't take her eyes off Buffy's tight little ass as she rode Mark's cock harder and faster.

"OH GOD! YEAH, THAT'S IT!" Buffy was humping Mark harder now as her orgasm built. Buffy's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt a blinding rush of pleasure run through her. Buffy's skin felt like it was on fire as the most intense orgasm of her young life burst out from between her legs.

Buffy was literally convulsing as she pumped Mark's cock into her, "AH! AH! OH GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Finally, after several minutes, Buffy was about to collapse as she climbed off. Faith, on the verge of orgasm herself and more turned on than she had ever felt in her life, shoved her companion off the vampire, "Come on B! Move it!"

Faith took Buffy's place and mounted Mark, slipping her cunt over his cock and took him as deep as she could manage. Wincing slightly, Faith slammed her hips down and took every inch inside her.

Faith gave Mark a wicked look, "You better not cum on me yet boy! I don't take disappointment well!"

He believed her. Mark was little more than a sex toy for the two girls. With his hands bound behind him, he could do little to participate while the girls simply used his cock for themselves. Even if he had been free though, against two slayers, there was little the newly turned vampire could have done to stop Faith and Buffy from forcing themselves on him.

Faith, already nearly ready to cum while just watching Buffy and fingering herself, felt her orgasm welling up almost immediately.

"UH! UH, OH YEAH!" Faith grabbed her nipples and twisted them hard. She liked a little pain to flavour her sex. This put her over the edge and she shrieked in pleasure as she was rocked by her own orgasm.

As she humped him harder, working every ounce of pleasure she could from his cock, Mark's face scrunched up and he began making huffing noises like he was about to blow his load. All of a sudden, Mark's eyes opened wide as his pending orgasm was cut short. He looked down and saw a large piece of wood sticking out of his chest, just above his left nipple.

"WHAT!?! NAW! YOU BI..."


Mark turned to dust as Faith pulled the stake she had brought with her from his chest. Faith stood waving her hand to clear the ash from the air.

"You could have at least let him cum Faith."

"What? I thought you just wanted to stake him anyway."

"I'm just saying, seemed pretty mean is all."

Faith smiled wryly at her as they headed back to pick up their clothes. As they walked, Faith was furiously rubbing her pussy.

"Jesus, Faith, how horny are you?"

"No, it's not that. I got that fucking vampire's ashes in my cooch. Itches like a mother-fucker!"

Buffy nearly fell over laughing as Faith kept fingering herself and flicking vampire ash from her pussy.

A few minutes later...

After the vamp had been dusted, Faith and Buffy were putting their clothes back on. As Buffy pulled her shirt over her head, it got caught on her hair and she was stuck for a few seconds with her arms over her head and her shirt covering her face. Faith suppressed a laugh as she watched Buffy's tit's bounce around as she fought to free herself from her cotton prison.

As Buffy struggled, Faith simply watched her fellow Slayer, stitching up her jeans, re-lacing them up the front. Finally untangled, Buffy turned and looked at Faith with a puzzled look on her face.

"Did what we just did seem strange to you?"

"What? Dusting the vamp? No, I do it all the time."

Buffy looked exasperated at her dark haired companion. "No I mean having sex with him first. Here. In a graveyard. That's pretty odd, don't you think?"

Faith shrugged as she buckled her belt; "Well everything is odd the first time you do it. I mean the first time I took a cock up my ass. It felt odd. Actually, it hurt like hell. Man, did I beat the shit out of that guy. What was his name? Tommy? No. Bobby? No. Danny!" Faith exclaimed. "It was Danny! I thought he was trying to kill me and man did I give him a pounding."

"That's not what I mean Faith," Buffy tried to cut her off.

"Do testicles grow back? I mean if someone were to, say, yank them off?"

Buffy simply shook her head, "No."

"Oh. No? Then I really do owe Danny a card or something. Oh well."

"Are you finished walking down memory lane of all the guys you've maimed? I'm being serious. We just had sex with a vampire before dusting him."

"So fucking what!?! So, we got our rocks off a little and had some fun. Why shouldn't we? Guys do it all the time. And it's not like we let him go; we still dusted him. So, no harm no foul. That's what I always say. Besides he had a really nice cock."

Buffy nodded as the image of the vampire's cock came back to her. She shook her head to clear it and stay on point, "His cock being nice or not doesn't matter. We shouldn't be having sex with vampires before we stake them! We are Slayers!"

Faith held up her hands in mock submission as Buffy seemed to be getting upset, "Okay, okay. No more sex with the undead. Of course, between the two of us, you're the one with that little fetish."

"What... the... fuck... did... you... say?" Buffy was staring at Faith coldly. Faith turned slowly actually afraid she might get a fist in the face for that comment.

"I'm just saying. Of all the current slayers, I am not the one who've had not one but two, count ’em, two boyfriends of the fanged persuasion."

Buffy simply pointed at Faith, "Watch it Faith."

But the small blonde apparently decided to let it go. "As usual, you've completely missed the point. Look, in the past day I caught my m*ther blowing the paperboy..."

"Joyce, getting her a little action. Good for her. She always did seem a bit uptight." Faith began pulling her boots on.

Buffy ignored Faith's commentary, "And I caught Dawn taking a dildo to school."

Faith burst out laughing, "A dildo? Really? Well, at least you know she likes cock. Frankly, I was worried that lesbo Willow might convert her to the other team."

Buffy rolled her eyes. Faith could be so dense sometimes. Talking to her was like pointing at something on the floor and expecting your dog to look at it. Instead, they just stare at your finger.

"LOOK! I had a three-way with my s*ster and some high school k** this morning and spent most of the day giving blowjobs to strange men at the Magic Box."

"Look who found her inner whore and let her out."

Buffy wanted to punch her, but she steadied her voice and tried to speak calmly, "The point is, doesn't that seem a bit out of character for me? For us? It's like we're not ourselves. Like maybe we're under a spell or something."

"Or maybe you just need to get over your, ah, issues."

Buffy couldn't take it anymore, she exploded, "WHAT ISSUES? WHAT FUCKING ISSUES?" Buffy was enraged as she screamed at Faith.

"Look, I always assumed you already knew this about yourself but maybe not. I mean, it's pretty clear. You've got some major... daddy issues is all."


"Well, B, your father did leave you when you were a baby right. Single mom raising you alone and all. And now you have a Watcher. Or should I say a father figure to fixate on and take advice from and make you feel safe and protected and tuck you in at night. You probably fantasize about him too."

Buffy was fuming, "He does not tuck me in and I do not..."

"And I won't even mention the aforementioned boyfriends who were what? A thousand years old. The only boyfriend you ever had who was, like, normal in any way and your own age, you treated like shit and until he flew off in a helicopter and went to a third world country just to get away from you. I'm just saying, you might want to talk to someone about all that is all. You know, like maybe a ther****t"

"A THEr****t!?! YOU CRAZY FUCKING PSYCHOTIC BITCH! IF ANYONE NEEDS A THEr****t, ITS YOU!" Buffy leapt and threw a wild punch at Faith's head. Faith ducked under it and spun out to the side. Raising her fists, Faith was ready to fight but Buffy seemed to get a hold on herself and she stopped.

"Look, all I'm saying is maybe the hang-ups about what you've been doing for the past few days are in your head. Maybe if you had a more open attitude about sex then these things might not be such a big deal to you. And little Dawnie."

Ironically, Faith was actually making some valid points about Buffy's past relationships, but it didn't matter. This was off point. Buffy took a deep breath, lowered her hands, and spoke slowly.

"Just answer me one question?"


"How many men have you had sex with in the past, say, 48 hours?"

"You really want to know?"

Buffy nodded.

"You're not going to give me shit and call me a whore are you? Try to save my soul or any of that religious bullshit?"

"No, please just tell me."

Faith looked up at the night sky with a contemplative look on her face, like she was concentrating.

"Well, yesterday morning I fucked this guy who lives in my building. He comes by most mornings after his wife heads out to work. Nothing big, just an easy way to start the day with a bang is all. And yesterday afternoon, I went shopping and I met this cute sales guy at a shoe store and did him in the dressing room. He gave me these cool boots..."

Faith held up one of her legs showing off her knee high black leather biker boots.

"Cool huh?"

"Yeah they're great," Buffy said dryly.

"Then, later I went to a club and met these two college guys and we did it in the back of their car. They were hot too." She pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket, "I need to call them."


"Oh, yeah, then around 3 AM, I couldn't sl**p so I placed a late night booty call on Xander."


"Yeah, what? You jealous?"

"What? No. He's like my br*ther. It's just..."

"Well trust me B, keep him you're br*ther. Not all that much to write home about, if you know what I mean. Believe me, he got more out of it than I did. Now you want to stop interrupting? You're breaking my concentration."

Buffy rolled her eyes but let Faith continue.

"So, this morning I fucked the guy down the hall again, but I already counted him. And then earlier, before I met up with you I ordered a pizza. But I was about 5 bucks short so I blew the delivery guy and he covered it."

Faith began counting, using her fingers to help her. She stopped and looked at Buffy, "Are we counting the vampire?"


"Okay, don't be so testy, I was just asking. So that makes six and a half." Faith smiled like she was proud of herself, although Buffy wasn't sure if it was for fucking those guys or counting past five for the first time in her life. “And that is only the guys I fucked. The girls are a different story indeed.”

"Six and half? How can you fuck half a guy?" Buffy asked, making a mental not to ask her about the women she had sex with.

Faith raised a finger into Buffy's face, "I only blew the delivery guy, I didn't fuck him, and so he only counts as a half." Faith looked very satisfied with herself.

"Okay, whatever. But don't you think having sex with six and a half men in two days is a little weird?"

"So, it's been a slow week. What about it? We can't all be blowing strangers and fucking our s*ster when it seems convenient?"

"WHAT?! I DID NOT FUCK DAWN YOU IGNORANT..." Buffy stopped herself and simply turned and walked away.

"Hey B. We done?"

"Yeah, just finish the patrol without me, I have to go check on Dawn."

"Aww Yeah! I understand. Want some... alone time with the s*s, huh?" Faith had a leering tone to her voice.

Buffy stopped and almost turned and charged at her. But if something was amiss then Faith was affected too and she wasn't herself. At least that's the excuse Buffy made for her as she headed home.

Faith watched her leave and, admiring her ass as she walked away, thought to herself that Buffy would be great in the sack. She made a mental not to try and get Buffy Summers into bed. She looked around her immediate and surrounding area saw that she was now fully clothed.

So Faith Lehane took off her top, then picked up the steak, before heading off to engage in a night’s slaying. Without a stitch of clothing on her upper body.

End of Part 3
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