B.T.V.S.: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 2


Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 2

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Buffy pulled up outside the Magic Box, the store that her Watcher, Giles, owned and operated. She usually tried to check in with him each day, just to make sure that nothing was going on that needed the attention of the Vampire Slayer. Buffy turned the rear-view mirror towards her and checked her make-up.

"My God!" she exclaimed.

It was a mess. The blowjob she had given that k**, and whatever she called it that she did with Dawn, must have been more vigorous than she realized. Grabbing her purse, she started cleaning herself up and reapplying her lipstick.

A few minutes later, she checked herself out, "Flawless," she said as she blew herself a kiss in the mirror.

If I wasn’t me I would want to fuck me,’ she thought as she stared at her reflection.

She began to think about Giles, who she was going to see, and her thoughts quickly turned to her going down on him. Her hand slipped between her legs and she felt her fingers rubbing her pussy as she leaned back in the drivers' seat, fantasizing about her and her Watcher.

Suddenly, "EWWWWW! What the fuck is wrong with me?"

Buffy was stunned at what she was thinking about. As she climbed out of the car and walked towards the front door, "Get a grip girl, he is old enough to be your father. Grandfather."

But as she walked inside, she couldn't stop herself from muttering that she had always had a thing for older men, after all Angel was over 200 years old.

Any perverted thoughts about Giles quickly faded as she walked inside. The Magic Box was crammed with people. In fact, Buffy had never seen it so busy. Buffy stepped in and tried to make her way through the crowd. As she did, she felt a sharp pinch on her left butt cheek, under her skirt.

"HEY!" she wheeled but there were at least 6 men behind her and any of them could have done it.

She gave them a hard look and then turned to head towards the counter only to feel a second pinch on her ass cheek again. Flinching and grabbing her rear she moved quickly to the front of the store. As she moved through the crowd, which for the first time she realized were all men, she was groped, pinched and m*****ed in various ways. Her tits, ass and hair were all grabbed and pulled and slapped by various hands.

"Hey! Get off!" she screamed at a man who seemed determined to kiss her. She shoved him back and he was lifted off the ground and tossed into three other men, all of who fell back in a pile and nearly came to blows once they regained their feet.

Finally, she reached the front of the store to find Giles taking peoples' money and thanking them for shopping at the Magic Box.

"Giles, hi."

"Why, hello Buffy."

"Wow, I've never seen the store so busy."

"Yes, it is quite a day. I've already made more this morning than in the previous two months combined."

A voice called out, "Yeah, why don't you ask him how he did it!"

Buffy looked around to see where it had come from. Buffy could tell it was Anya who had spoken. Anya worked for Giles here at the store. Buffy looked at Giles and he seemed to fidget a bit.

"Go ahead and ask him!" Anya cried out again from her unseen position.

Not waiting for the question, Giles handed a folded newspaper to Buffy. It was open to page two of the Business section. It had a half page ad for the Magic Box. It mentioned that they have the largest selection of crystal balls and magic potions and talked about the store. At the bottom was a nude picture of Anya licking her own tits and in large letters it said: FREE BLOWJOB WITH ANY PURCHASE OVER 20 DOLLARS!

Buffy was aghast. She slammed the newspaper into Giles chest.


Buffy looked around the edge of the counter and saw Anya, nude and on her knees and giving a vigorous blow job to an middle-aged man carrying a bag with the words ‘Thank You for Shopping at the Magic Box' on it. Buffy gave Giles a dirty look.

"Well, I had to do something to increase business."

"So you promised that Anya would give all your customers head? Giles, how could you?!"

"Oh, come now Buffy, it's not like these are the first cocks she's had in her mouth now are they."

"Hey, fuck you!"

A few seconds later, the man who she was sucking off blew his load. After a minute of finishing him off, Anya spit out a wad of cum and then wiped her mouth with a towel as a new man stepped up to get his freebie.

"Jesus, Giles, I've given like 50 of these so far and it's not even noon yet. I can't keep doing this, I need some help!" Anya called out to him as the man standing in front of her, apparently not caring about her predicament, grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock down her throat.


Giles looked thoughtful for a second as Anya had her face pounded behind him, "As much as I hate to admit it Buffy, Anya is right. At this rate it will take her a week to finish all these men off."

Buffy knew what was coming.

"Would you mind lending a hand? Or a tongue?"

"WHAT!? You've got to be k**ding me? For the second time this morning an authority figure has tried to get me to blow some strange man’s cock?"

Buffy and Giles stared at each other for several seconds, "Oh, okay. But only for a little while. I do have things to do today you know."

"Thank you, Buffy, thank you so much." As Buffy sat down on a low stool, Giles directed a man who was standing against a far wall towards her. "I am so sorry for the wait, but I am sure you will be thoroughly satisfied. I have it on very good authority that Buffy here is the best little cock sucker in the city."

"HEY! Shuddup!"

Giles patted Buffy on the head as the man opened his fly and let his erection spring out. Buffy gave Giles a dirty look as she went to work, giving a sloppy, wet blow job and seeming to try very hard to earn the title Giles had just bestowed upon her.

"Because I know you were waiting quite a while," Giles told the customer, "I'll throw in a rim job for free."


Giles ignored Buffy and went back to helping customers as Anya and Buffy serviced the clients. The other 50 men in the shop waited their turn.

Across Town, at school...

Dawn sat in math class. She was sulking, thinking about the fact that that toad Snider had given her detention. It wasn't even her fault, Buffy had made her late but no one cared. As usual, Dawn had to suffer because she was the Slayer's s*ster.

And she hated math.

But, maybe, not today…

Dawn perked up when she heard a load moan coming from the front of the class. Another female student, a pretty girl named Jennifer, was standing in the front of the class with her jeans around her knees and her shirt pulled up over her tits. She had a small white 'pocket rocket' vibrator in her right hand and was working it back and forth between the soft folds of her pussy. Her left hand was wrapped around her tit and she pushed it up and, leaning her head down, began sucking on it.

Dawn thought to herself, 'Big deal, I can do that.' She glanced down at her well-endowed chest while smiling to herself. This was the 'show and tell' for the sex toys that the girls had been told to bring in today.

Jennifer began bucking her legs and quivering as an orgasm rushed through her. She tossed her head back and let out a long deep moan as she was rocked with pleasure. Mr Clark, their math teacher, sat behind his desk stroking his cock, as were most of the boys in the room as well. Half the girls had their hands beneath their skirts or shirts, and in some cases both, also.

After another minute, Jennifer nearly collapsed back against Mr Clark's desk as her orgasm ran its course. The teacher stood and zipped himself up. He seemed perturbed that he had not gotten a chance to finish jacking off.

"Thank you Jennifer. That was a very good demonstration." Jennifer returned to her seat with her pants still down and her face was a bright red and sweat dripping from her cheeks. "Now, who is next," he read from a clipboard, "Dawn Summers. Please show us what you brought in."

Dawn smiled and reached into her purse to grab the dildo she had brought with her. A frantic look came over her face as she fumbled, looking for it. She then remembered she had left it in the car. Buffy had dropped it on the floor after using it when they were driving in this morning.

"Oh shit. I, uh, I'm sorry Mr Clark. I think I forgot my dildo."

"Hmmm, I see. Please come up here Miss Summers."

Dawn's shoulders sunk. Yet again, she was in trouble because of Buffy. She stood and slinked up to the front of the class. She could feel all of the other students staring at her.

"Dawn, why do you think I assign homework?"

Before she could come up with an answer, "Because I want to torture my students? No. I do it because you need to be learning all the time. And when you don't do it, it is more than disrespectful to me, but it is disrespectful to the learning process."

"I am really sorry Mr Clark. I had it I swear. My s*ster..."

"I don't want to hear your excuses Miss Summer. Assume the position."


"You heard me!" He pointed at his desk. "Assume the position."

"But, don't I just get a zero."

He stuck his finger in her face, "Don't talk back to me. Do I need to get the principal?!"

Dawn quickly shouted, "No!" She didn't need to be in more trouble from Snider.

Dawn looked around as if wanting help but all the other students, both the boys and the girls were watching her intently and seemed to be enjoying her predicament. Dawn stepped over to the desk and placed her hand on the top.

"Step back."

Dawn gave Mr Clark a dirty look as she complied, stepping back several feet from the desk. In this position, she was bent over at the waist, with her torso parallel to the ground and her ass in the air. Several of the boys began furiously working their dicks as they stared at her in this compromising position.

Mr Clark stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her hips. He slid his fingers inside her hot pants and pulled them down, revealing her tight and pale butt cheeks to the class. Mr Clark couldn't help but make a face that said even he was terribly impressed by her ass.

He opened a drawer in his desk and Dawn watched with wide eyes as he pulled a large wooden paddle from it. The head on it was more than a foot long and an inch thick. It had large inch wide holes cut in two lines along the length of it.

"Oh god, no please." Dawn muttered as she saw it and tears began dripping from her cheeks.

"Shhhhhh," the teacher told her as he placed her hand on her ass and began massaging it. "Now, now. Don't make this worse. You need to be taught a lesson."

"But, I've never been paddled before. I'm a good girl. I don't get into this kind of trouble." Dawn looked up with her big round brown eyes imploring him not to treat her like this. The paddle was for really bad students, not for Dawn.

"I know, but that's why you need this. You've been walking around acting like a little princess all year. This ought to put you in your place!"

Dawn flinched as she felt the cold wood of the paddle against her skin. He had not hit her; he was simply rubbing it against her soft skin.

"No, please, don't" Dawn begged softly again as she closed her eyes and the tears flowed even more.

Suddenly Dawn's eyes opened to twice their normal size and her mouth expanded to a wide 'O' shape as she felt the most horrible pain of her life. It took several seconds for her mind to process what had happened. She heard a loud...

'SHA-WAP!' sound as the blow finally registered and she felt the intense sting of the paddle as it slammed into her ass checks.

"AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!" Dawn let out an inhuman sounding squeal as she took the stinging paddle across her backside.

A second 'SHA-WAP!' sound filled the room as Mr Clark brought the paddle up as far as he could over his head, fully extending his arm, and then back down as hard as he could. The other students in the room visibly flinched when they saw the f***e he put into the second blow, which struck only a few seconds after the first.


The look on Dawn's face was one of pure agony as she took a third strike from the paddle in less than 5 seconds.

"PLEASE! SSSSSSTTTTOOOOPPPPPPP!" Dawn screamed and finally jerked up, covering her ass cheeks with her hands. "OH GAWD! NO MORE!"

"Shhhhhh," the teacher calmed her and stroked her hair. "No more, that's all. You did well. Return to your seat."

Dawn turned, humiliated to face her classmates who were all watching. The boys all had rock-hard cocks and the girls were all smirking at her embarrassment. As she walked, she tried to wipe the tears from her eyes and with her free hand she was tugging at her shorts to pull them up. Her ass cheeks were both inflamed and a crimson red with ring shaped welts rising up across her formerly smooth skin. Finally, she reached her seat and sat down gingerly, curling her leg under her to keep her cheeks from touching the wood of her chair. getting a cheeky, seductive smile from the girl who sat to her left.

Dawn didn't know what to do, so she returned the gesture.

Mr Clark slipped the paddle back into the drawer and read the next girl's name on his list, "Miss McKenzie."

Julie McKenzie leapt up and literally ran down the aisle with a large black dildo in her hands, "Yes sir, I have my show and tell item right here." She was all too eager to please to avoid what had happened to Dawn.

I really hate math,’ Dawn thought to herself.

Back at the Magic Box...

Buffy recoiled as a spurt of cum shot across the bridge of her nose. She scrunched her face up trying to avoid the smelly goo but several streams still found their way into her mouth and several drops got into her right eye.


She winced as she blinked and tried to get it out as it began to burn. As it cleared, she looked up and realized there was already a new and erect penis hovering mere inches from her chin. She looked around. The crowd in the store did not look like it was thinning at all. In fact, there were more men waiting now than when she had started more than an hour ago.

Buffy held her hand up indicating to the man standing before her with the eager look on his face to wait a moment.

"We need help," Buffy told herself as she pulled out her cell phone and started dialling. As she placed the phone to her ear, the man before her stuck his cock in her mouth and shoved it deep.

"GAH!" She shoved him back, "STOP IT! WAIT A MINUTE! JESUS!"

Back in the Summers’ home the phone rang. Joyce reached out from underneath Kyle the paperboy. She knocked the phone off the bedside table and fumbled for the receiver as Kyle kept pounding away at her pussy with his cock. Joyce was on her back with her feet on his shoulders and Kyle was reaming her with all the enthusiasm that a 16-year-old boy could muster, which was a lot.

"Mom! Mom! You there?" Buffy heard a noise like the phone had been dropped. Joyce called out, "Hang on!" Finally she found the receiver and put it to the side of her head.

"UH... yes... Buffy... UH... oh hi... UH... what can I... UH... do for... UH... you dear?" Joyce was grunting in time with Kyle cock thrusts as she spoke to her d*ughter.

As Buffy tried to answer, she was gagged as the man who was next to be serviced shoved his cock back into her mouth and grabbing her hair pulled her head down onto it forcing it down her throat.

Buffy, caught by surprise, took the sex organ past the back of her mouth, setting off her gag reflex. She grabbed his belt and jerked him back, "Jesus Fucking Christ! Give me a minute will you!?!" She held him with her left hand to prevent him from forcing his cock into her mouth again, which he was trying continuously to do.

Quickly, Buffy explained the situation to her m*ther. "I'll be right there darling. Don't you worry, mama's coming to help."

Joyce shoved Kyle off her and leapt up from the bed. "Sorry baby, but I gotta run." The look on Kyle face was not a happy one.

"Oh baby," Joyce kissed him, "I'm sorry but my d*ughter needs me. Wait here and when I get back, we'll finish our evening. Okay?" She quickly dressed and ran out to her car and headed into town.

Kyle looked around and saw the repairman looking at his naked form, stroking his cock. They smiled at one another before they embraced the other and kissed.

Back at School...

Dawn had left math class when the bell rang and limped into the girl's bathroom. She stood with her hot pants pulled down dabbing the welts on her ass with a damp paper towel.

"Ow, Ooh, Shit, Oww"

She must have let time get away from her because suddenly she heard the late bell ring for the start of the next period. "SHIT! I'm late to science!"

She yanked up her pants, ignoring the pain and grabbed her book bag and half ran half limped out of the bathroom and down the hall. Rounding the corner, she jerked open the door and went into class. She saw Mr Roberts writing on the board. He turned to look at her as she tried to sneak past.

"You are late Miss Summers. What have I told you about the importance of being punctual?"

"Sorry Mr Roberts. I was in the bathroom."

"Uh huh." He gave her a stern loom down his nose. The older gentleman turned and opened the door to his office and motioned for her to enter. "Inside."

"But, I'm only like 20 seconds late. Please Mr Roberts. Can't you cut me some slack?"

"The bell has rung and you are late. 20 seconds or 20 minutes doesn't matter. Now inside."

Dawn dropped her bag and muttered, "Fuck," under her breath. She walked past her teacher into the small office. As he stepped in behind her, he grabbed a heavy yardstick leaning against the doorframe. The door closed behind them and all the other students exchanged excited looks.

From in the classroom, the others could hear Dawn's high pitched voice as she was obviously whining to her teacher. The man's voice could be heard giving a stern order, "Now grab your ankles Miss Summers!" This was followed by a loud 'WHACK!' sound, which was in turn followed by a shrill squeal.

Several more sharp dull thudding sounds were heard from behind the door as the students listened intently as Dawn felt repeated strikes of the yardstick. The class had eleven boys in it and all of them pulled out and began massaging their cocks as they thought about Dawn Summers bent over in front of them, her tight little ass sticking up in the air before them. Every guy in the school had a crush on Dawn. And on Buffy for that matter. Even the younger ones who had not gone to school with Buffy had heard stories about her hotness.

The girls in the class, equally turned on, reached over and took the various guys cocks in the hands and began jerking them off. The entire class was getting hand jobs. The boys were all wincing and panting as they felt their organs massaged by small but strong hands as they also listened to Dawn getting her ass lit up by Mr Roberts.

After a few minutes, the snaps of the yardstick stopped and the noises from the office changed. Dawn could be heard letting loose a different tone of a moan now. Then...

"Wait please! You're too big! OWWWWWW!" Dawn cried out as their teacher apparently had decided his student needed more of a lesson.


It was obvious that Dawn's cries were being ignored. In between her begging, loud masculine grunts could also be heard. The students all exchanged looks and laughs as they realized he was fucking her.

After another ten minutes or so, a loud roar came from behind the door. It was obviously their teacher, "OH MY GOD! THAT'S IT! TAKE IT ALL YOU LITTLE CUNT!" Then, very abruptly, the sex noises stopped except for a soft whimpering from Dawn. The girls in the room, realizing they didn't have long to go, began jacking the guys faster and faster to get them off.

Almost in unison, the boy's faces scrunched up as cocks began popping like champagne corks all over the classroom. Stream after stream of cum fired off from the boys, most shooting several feet into the air as the girls finished their happy endings with vigor.

The door to the office finally opened and Mr Robert's stepped back into the room. He was soaked with sweat and breathing deeply. He had Dawn by the arm practically carrying her out into the classroom. She was dishevelled with mussed hair and makeup. Her face was dripping with semen and the front of her T-shirt was soaked through with the thick gooey liquid.

The boys were all zipping up while the girls were licking and sucking their white creamy cum from their fingers.

"Can I go to the bathroom to clean up?" Dawn asked.

"No, go sit down Miss Summers."

Dawn slumped into her seat only to wince as she felt more pain in her tender ass cheeks. She had to sit through the entire class like that, with her makeup, her tears, and her teacher's cum running off her face.

The Magic Box...

As Buffy felt her mouth fill with cum for what seemed like the thousandth time that afternoon, the door to the Magic Box opened and Joyce Summers walked in. Buffy watched, with a cock in her mouth of course, as she and Giles exchanged welcomes across the store. She also watched as they hugged hello and she saw Giles grab her m*ther's ass.

To deal with the increasing numbers waiting to be serviced, both Anya and Buffy had been f***ed to multi-task. In addition to a cock in their mouth, both girls were also using their hands to jack off two other men at the same time. In this way, each of them was servicing three men at once. Of course, when any of them came, the girls had to swallow. Buffy had eaten more spooge than she had ever thought possible as she and Anya were just keeping the flood of cocks to an even number.

Buffy looked up and saw he m*ther give her a wink as she stripped off her clothes and announce that she was open for business. Dropping to her knees, Joyce was immediately swallowed as a sea of men surrounded her to get their promised bonus.

The School Day Continues...

Dawn was sitting in the girl's locker room. Her last period was study hall and she had decided to skip it. She had gone into the locker room to get cleaned up and rest before the end of the day. She was getting dressed when a voice called to her from behind.


She turned. It was David, the boy she and Buffy had picked up that morning in the car and fucked.

"I've been looking for you. Are you all right?" He could tell Dawn seemed upset.

"Yeah, I think so. It's just been a rough day is all."

"Oh Dawnie." He pulled her into him and wrapped his arms around her body.

Dawn flinched, "OWW! Careful, my ass is tender."

"Oh sorry," he said sheepishly.

She felt his cock stiffening in his pants as it was pressed up against her belly. She stepped back slightly and they both looked down at the bulge in his jeans. He smiled sheepishly again.

Dawn smirked, "I'd do something about that but wouldn't you rather wait for my s*ster?" She gave him a dirty look.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Oh don't play dumb with me! I saw how you acted in the car. I saw your face. You would rather have Buffy suck your cock until you cum than me. Admit it!"

David lifted Dawn's face and looked into her eyes, "Dawn, trust me. There is no girl whose mouth, or any other part of body, I'd rather blow my load into than yours."

Dawn smiled meekly and looked down, "You mean that? Really?"

He nodded, "And that includes the teen lesbians having sex round the corner."

Dawn's face erupted in a wide grin. "You are so sweet."

She kissed him deeply followed by dropping to her knees and inhaling his cock. David was grunting and enjoying her mouth, but in his head he was picturing the sweet face of her big s*ster looking up at him. He dared not say anything though and twice had to stop himself from accidentally blurting out Buffy's name as Dawn sucked on his sex organ.

After a minute or so, Dawn looked up. "Did you hear that?"

David's eyes flickered open and he looked down, "Huh? What? No, I didn't hear anything." He grabbed her hair and tried to guide his cock back into her mouth but she turned away and stood up.

"I did. I heard something from back here." Dawn began moving towards the back of the locker room and past the small group of female students who were in the middle of performing sexual acts upon each other.

"It was probably nothing. Hey Dawn. Where are you going? Come on?" His shoulders sank and he followed her, frustrated and pissed. Dawn was standing at the top of a staircase that led down to a heavy metal door. She had never noticed this before.

"Where does this go?"

"How the fuck should I know. This is the girl's locker room. I’ve only been in here when I was looking for someone to pleasure me."

Both Dawn and David heard a shriek come from behind the door. "It's probably just some chick blowing her boyfriend," David said. "Speaking of blowing things, don't you have something to finish?"

Dawn ignored him and cautiously walked down the stairs. David grimaced as he followed in frustration. Once down to the bottom, Dawn leaned in and listened at the door. She heard another noise, "That doesn't sound like sex to me."

Dawn happened to look at David's watch as he leaned in as well, his cock pressed hard against her anal opening, and his hand was pressed against the door. "OH MY GOD! Is that the time?!?" It was nearly 3 PM. "I can't be late. I've got detention. Snider will kill me if I’m only one second late!"

Dawn sprinted past David and back up the stairs. She called back to him as she left him with his pants down at the bottom of the stairs, "Sorry! We can finish this later."

David couldn't believe it, "SHIT!" he screamed as he heard her run out of the locker room. He began buttoning up in pants, careful to push his cock inside his pants so as too not catch it in the zipper when the door behind him flew open. A large inhuman creature with dark blue skin reached out of the darkness and grabbed David by the genitals.

There was a ripping sound and a splatter of bl**d and gore covered David's face and the walls of the stairwell. He watched with dull eyes as the sex demon held his cock up in front of his face. Two small orbs hung from it by thin cords as well. David had never seen his own testicles. Before David could even scream he was dragged into the basement and the door slammed shut
behind him.

All the while a group of girls were having sex in the girls’ locker room upstairs, not having a care in the world other than their pleasure.

End of Part 2
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