s****r in law story part 3

Part 3 of 3

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So, here she is on her hands and knees, ass sticking straight out at me.
I grabbed both sides of her hips and rub my cock up and down the length of her pussy. She said "quit teasing me fucker" so I slam my cock in her full f***e. She let out another low moan, kinda high pitched. she liked it none the less. I slowly pull my cock out and ram it home again. after doing this to her several times she turns her head back and says in a firm begging voice... "i said quit teasing me and fuck me NOW" so I began pumping my cock in her hard and fast as im pumping in and out, I can feel my nuts hitting her ass. With out saying a word, I stop and pull out, placing my cock head right at her brown eye.

As I try to ease into her she says "please be easy, I don't think it's very wet" she was wrong there too it slipped in with ease. So I slowly pushed my cock in her ass hole all the way. This time being as gentle as I could. When my dick was all the way in, I just waited and told her to say when she was ok with it. After a few seconds she told me to go ahead. So I slowly begin to pump In and out of her trying to be easy and not hurt her. After i fuck her ass slow for a few minutes I picked up the pace. Until I was really ramming it to her hard. She was moaning and groaning. Telling me to fuck her ass hard! I reached up grabbed her hair and pulled firmly but not to firm, causing her to lift her head up.

After fucking her ass for about 15 minutes, she said "i wanna suck your dick again, so don't cum yet." That wasnt going to be an issue yet. After she had her fourth orgasm this one being from having her ass reamed, she rolled over and told me to get off the bed.

As I stood beside the bed, she laid on her back, positioning her head right at my cock. "fuck my mouth" was her next words. She said it again adding "i like it". So there I stood next to her bed, my dick in her mouth pumping away looking for a gag reflex, there was none! So I start to fuck her mouth faster and faster as shes pulling on my nut sack and fondling my nuts. Mmmm what a feeling that was.

As shes sucking my cock, I stop pumping and bend over to eat her pussy. At the first touch of my tongue to her clit she bucked her hips upwards pushing her clit into my mouth. God that taste was great. I'm not sure how long that lasted but I know she had started sucking my dick on her own. Lifting her head up and down off the bed. (i remember thinking thats gotta hurt her neck) at some point my legs started to feel like jelly and I told her I got to lay down. To lay on her stomach.

As soon as she did, I climbed on top of her and shoved my cock right in her pussy again. I fucked her hard and fast. As if it was the last piece of pussy I would ever get again.

I knew I was running out of energy and she was too. At that point the furnace kicked on, and the temperature in her room rose fast.

I was done... I was seeing stars trying to cum again. So we laid there talking for a bit.

It was definatly a night I will NEVER forget!

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3 years ago
very nice story