Girl Friend and friends

as i came home from a long day of work my girl friend greated me at the door and said i got a couple of my frineds here for some drinks. I said ok andmet her friends then went inot the bathroom to shower. Her Friend Krystyn knocked on the washroom door and came in as i stood there naked with my cock out. Her eyes widened and she smiled and frimley grabed me cock and began to jerk me off. she poured baby oil on my cock and stroked it hard. i began to moan and she then gave me the best blowjob ever. i couldn't hold back anymore i could feel my cock swell in her mouth the moaned even louder and cumed in her mouth. She swalloed every thing up and didnt leave a drop. she left and i proceeded to shower i got in and another knock on the door it was my girlfriends other friend a sexy blonde girl. She ripped the shower curtan open and latched onto me. i culdnt believe it. she started to hug me as i held her there and stuck my raging cock into her tight wet pussy. She screamed as i pumped my dick deeper into her pussy. The water pooring down on us i fucked her so hard she screamed i am gunna CUM! and within ten seconds she squirted all over my cock as i contined to fuck her. I layed her down on the shower floor and began to fuck her missionary style. I was getting close so i pulled out my cock and shot a huge cum load up to her tits and down to her nice shaved pussy. She said i should get out and left the bathroom. I got out to and went to my bedroom Where Natasha lay legs spread on my bed. She wispered come fuck me. i walked over grabed her flepped her over and fucked her from behind and grabed her firm tits at the same time. She was a tanned skin black hair girl so hot. She then took control and got off went a got a cock ring and put it on my cock. My cock began to swell she then laid me down and went to get on top. She could barley insert my cock into her pink pussy. She began to ride me hard and i fucked her back just as hard. We both moaned together as we fucked and she yelled im guna come. So am i i said and i shoved my cock as far as i could into her pussy and gave her a creampie. She Squirted at the exact same time and began to shake. she cleaned up and we both left the room. My gf smiled and winked as i walked out and said now its my turn.
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3 years ago
Great read!!
3 years ago
more detail would have made it alot better, but just the same a nice story
3 years ago
Very good,but that is a lot in a short time,,,hope to see pics soon of them
3 years ago
good story but decsribe the 4 girls better