My 1st REALLY Good BJ

Way back in the late 70's I was in college. After four years in the Coast Guard. and a couple of jobs after I served out my enlistment, I went back to school.

I was a real horn-dog back then, screwing anything that would let me in.I was Bi, it didn't matter who, or what sex... I just wanted to cum.

I went to adult bookstores, the hookers that worked the streets near the neighborhood where I lived, a rest area on the interstate, it didn't matter, all I knew is that I wanted to throw a nut, and I really didn't care who got stuck with the clean-up.

I met a girl in college, much shorter than me, (no surprise, I'm 6'4"...everybody was shorter than me). . . then. Sue was somewhere around five foot nothing, a well stacked, volatile package of red-headed dynamite. Irish by birth, Catholic upbringing, hot tempered, and wonderfully passionate.

There was something strange about the look in her eyes one day, we both had an hour 'til our next class, and she asked me where my car was parked. We walked out to my car and she broke out a nice fatty, which didn't last all that long after we lit it up. Sue then proceeded to fumble 'round with my zip... got my pants opened up and started playing with my 'lap monster'.after a bit, she just leaned over, and inhaled my cock. I'm not a future porn-star, then or now, but I've had no complaints. She worked my cock like a pro. I mean I've paid money for BJ's that weren't this good... I've had guys suck me off that weren't as good as Sue was.

Sue made short work of my nice fat 6" cock, and I was cumming by the bucket-load in just a matter of minutes, RIGHT THERE, in the school parking lot... people walking by... girls giving me a look... guys giving the high-sign.

What a great way to start a really hot relationship. Later that night we went out together, had a ball... ended up back at my place, I returned the oral favor, much to Sue's delight, (and mine BTW) her snatch had hair that closly matched the hair on er head, her skin was nice and smooth and 'oh-so-white'...
Her tits were large and fun to manhandle, we had a great time wiping out a three-pack of condoms.

It was a hell of a 1st date.

only date =(

Her dad's job got moved... she left New York a couple of weeks later, moved to Vermont, and I never saw her again...

But I'll swear on whatever you or I hold Holy... she could suck a cock better than anybody I've known, before or since, male or female...

I hope she found happiness, wherever she is now.
100% (8/0)
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6 months ago
You know that's always something that's a matter of opinion
3 years ago
6" cocks are nice cocks, and a 6" cock can be very, very big. Depends whether the owner knows what's in the user's guide. Most 10" cocks measure in at about 5". We have USA, metric, and my-cock-length standards; you have to convert. (And I've been thrilled by cocks much shorter, like 3". Size matters, but not that way.)
4 years ago
Nice very nice.
4 years ago
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Great story- College Days were great, even back then!