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It was more than a few years ago, I was still somewhere in my forties, still driving a big truck for a living,and still refusing to give up on my oh, so comfortable marriage, and still bored out of my mind with plain old vanilla, married 'man-on-top-get-it-over-with-quick' sex.

It was a Friday night, I'd talked to my wife on the phone earlier, and she was on her way to Schenectady to meet her friends (and a lover too). I Brought my truck round to the fuelstop, serviced her up, grabbed a quick shower and a 'clean-out', and headed back to the barn.

I did up my paperwork for the week and turned it in. Threw my laundry bag and unused kit in my pick-up and headed into town. I pulled up in the lot behind the only gay-bar in town, thinking this was the last place my wife would look for me. I'd been here before, mostly for the same reasons, and also for the company. It was a fun place where nobody cared why you were there. I got there before the happy-hour cover-charge kicked in. Had a few of very nice local brews before,during, and after my supper. What could go wrong, it was payday, and I was running 'stag' for a change.

A redhead sat down on the stool next to me, It was just Peggy, local talent, lesbian, possibly Bi, I said "Hi, anything new going on in your life?" she looked at me and asked,"what did I know?" slightly puzzled I just shook my head and said," Nothing much, all I know is that Philly and Jersey still have nothing but sucky traffic."
She smiled and told me how she and her girlfriend had had a bad breakup-up, and I made sympathetic noises with my mouth, while my inner lech was doing a 'happy-dance'.

A few beers later, after a whole bunch of words dried up, stillborn in my mouth, I asked her if she wanted to try dinner at a different place.. She was all for it. We walked a couple of blocks up the street and had a fine time. By the end of dinner, she asked if I wanted to go back to her place, where I answered,"You don't have to feel obligated." She said,"I haven't fucked properly in almost two years, it's about time I gave it another try."

Well my Little 'happy-dance-motor' went into overdrive at this, and we headed to her apartment.

We hit the door to her flat, and she jumped on me...literally, grabbed my head and threw an almighty liplock upon me and rammed her tongue in my mouth. Well this just fired me right up, I usually go out hoping to have a fun/good, time... this was going to be better than that.

After a bit of this and that, we were both almost naked, i was in my undershorts and losing, she still had her bra and panties, we were going for it when she asked me how open minded I was. I had to ask what she meant by that... peggy told me she was BI... I said, "Great, so am I." Maybe it was the way I said it, or the way she heard it, I don't know, but it just set her off in gales of laughter. Anyway, she grabbed my crotch and peeled the last shread of modesty from me with my briefs, and proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had. As proud as I am of my skills in the bedroom, it pains me to confess... I didn't last very long under her assault. I blew my load down her throat with no warning at all, and she took it. (I really like that in a girl) I'd managed to get her bra off during her attack on my most private, privates, and was nuzzling her tits quite happily, my left hand strayed near her secret spot,and was intercepted by her hand, and drawn back to her wonderful chest. I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her and she gave me a rather vague answer about 'that time of the month' . I then asked her if 'that time of the month' had anything to do with the long-ish bulge in her panties...

I thought she was going to start crying.

I said,"Don't... I Like you very much, we've been bar-mates for quite some time now, and one less secret makes us closer.... please... may I?" She relaxed her grip on my wrist, and I slowly and gently peeled her panties from her hips.

I was rewarded with the sight of a very nice cock. Peggy looked at me sheepishly, and asked what I thought of her suprise. I looked her dead in the eye and asked her does this answer your question? And glommed onto the knob-end of her cock with my mouth. She gasped , Hissed as she took in air, and then let out in a trembling sigh. I worked on her cock for what seemed like only moments, I think I remember her warning me she was coming, but it was when she started pushing on my head that I realized she wanted me to ease off, she was feeling a bit "sensitive down there at the moment."

Peggy told me that she hadn't fucked properly for awhile, and I said to her, " I'm your boy!" after she got done laughing, she got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Climbing back on the bed, she asked me if I wanted to lie on my back or my belly... WOAH!!! Shhes a TOP?!??!


On my back I tell her, I wanna be able to see your face, and kiss you, and play with your tits while we do this. I want to be able to see you melt when you cum, I want to feel your sweat drip on me while we fuck... c'mere, lover.

She laid down on me, we kissed,groped, fondled, and kissed each other while she snuck her not inconsiderable cock into my bottom. Then she withdrew a bit, and pushed it in again... and again... (I like that in a girl like her)... and again, she said, "It's so good to properly fuck again." and we kept moving together for quite sometime, she began to seriously pick up the pace, and with a shout,and the only twinge of pain I'd felt all night, she spurted deepwithin me after a final powerful lunge.

After the first time through the orgasm-mill, we took turns all the rest of that night, and the next day too, and most of Sunday morning as well. I went home feeling better than ever, and a short time later, my wife got home.

We made love while my clothes were in the laundry, but it wasn't as satisfying as what I'd had earlier. Peggy is out on the westcoast now still trying to find soething meaningful ... and I'm still on Xhamster..

Posted by crochetteDave 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Terrific story!
2 years ago
That was a GREAT story. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.