High School Confidential, Part 3

Allie stared wide-eyed as Kimmy leaned forward and began to lick Ms. Jessup’s pussy. This was all pretty weird and probably wrong, but immediately Allie felt the juices between her legs start flowing again.

Kimmy definitely knew her way around a vagina. She alternated pushing her tongue up inside, licking all around, and paying attention to the clit. Ms. Jessup spread her legs wider and put one hand firmly on the back of Kimmy’s head. “Get all the way in there,” she murmured. With her other hand she pulled down Kimmy’s top and began to play with the younger girl’s breasts and nipples.

As time went on Kimmy focused more and more on Ms. Jessup’s clit, licking it, rubbing it with her nose, and sucking it into her mouth. The teacher’s low moans rose to a crescendo until she came, grinding her crotch into Kimmy’s face, then somewhat roughly pushed the cheerleader away.

Standing, Ms. Jessup returned to the chair behind her desk and picked up her phone. She spent a couple of minutes fiddling with the phone as Kimmy once again sat down on the couch beside Allie. Allie leaned over to kiss her friend, noting as she did that Kimmy’s face was smeared with Ms. Jessup’s juices. Allie sucked Kimmy’s lower lip into her mouth and savored the flavor on it.

When Allie looked back over Ms. Jessup was sitting on the desk with her legs dangling over the side. She had stripped off her top and bra so she was now completely naked. “Your turn, Allie.”

Gulping nervously, Allie stood and approached the desk. Ms. Jessup took Allie’s head and guided it to her breasts, which were medium-sized and nicely shaped with very large nipples. Allie licked and sucked both tits and gently bit the nipples, which was something that she knew Kimmy liked; Ms. Jessup seemed to enjoy it too. Next Ms. Jessup put both hands on Allie’s shoulders and pushed her to her knees so that she was staring right into the teacher’s blond pussy.

Allie glanced over her shoulder at Kimmy, who was watching eagerly, one hand playing with her erect nipple, lips parted slightly. Growing impatient, Ms. Jessup pulled Allie’s head into her crotch. Intoxicated by the warmth and smell between the teacher’s legs, Allie licked slowly at first, then with increasing passion, penetrating Ms. Jessup with one finger, then two.

Ms. Jessup moaned and leaned back on the desk, writhing as Allie’s tongue traced the length of her slit and found her clit. This time when she came Ms. Jessup didn’t stop, but lifted her head and gestured to Kimmy, who stood and walked over to the desk. It didn’t take long for Kimmy to figure out what was expected of her; lifting her skirt, she climbed onto the desk and lowered her pussy onto Ms. Jessup’s waiting mouth.

After a few minutes in this position Kimmy let herself fall forward into a 69, and helped Allie bring Ms. Jessup to three more orgasms in quick succession. Kimmy herself had two good ones, and Allie got herself off with her finger while watching Kimmy tongue the teacher from just inches away.

When they were done the girls returned to the couch and Ms. Jessup sat down at her desk, produced a pack of cigarettes from a drawer, and lit one up. Allie and Kimmy had never seen her smoke before, and in fact she rarely did, but always kept a pack on hand for when she really needed one. “Well, you’re both very good. But I have to say, Allie is the winner. You have a talented tongue, girl.”

Allie smiled, happy to be praised despite the strange circumstances; Kimmy looked a little pouty. Ms. Jessup leaned back in her chair and exhaled a big cloud of smoke; just then her phone buzzed and she picked it up.

“Principal Justman wants to see us in his office right away,” she announced.

“But–” Allie started to protest; then, thinking, she realized that Ms. Jessup had never really promised them anything. Apparently this thing was not over with yet.
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