High School Confidential, Part 1

Allie had been horny all day. Spring fever had gotten to her, and she had woken up from a sexy dream with gushing wetness between her legs; but it was too late to stay in bed and masturbate before school.

All day long she could think of nothing but sex. Her morning classes passed by in a blur, and at lunch she was about to go look for a bathroom in some remote corner of the school where she could masturbate when her friends found her. This being the first day back after spring break, they had a lot to catch up on, and so before Allie knew it her first afternoon class was starting.

After school Allie went directly to cheerleading practice, where she found herself spending most of the time staring at her girlfriend Kimmy. Kimmy was Asian, with huge brown eyes, long, straight black hair, and a slim, taut body. She was a couple inches shorter than Allie, who was much curvier, with big boobs and an ample butt. Her light brown hair was shoulder-length and a little curly, and her eyes were light green and sparking.

Kimmy and Allie had been friends since the third grade, but over the last year they’d become more than friends. They’d always been close — in fact they even shared a birthday, and had both turned 18 just a month earlier. But during their junior year they both had pregnancy scares that brought them even closer. They quickly found out that both their boyfriends were unsupportive assholes who disappeared at the first sign of trouble, and spent a lot of time together drowning their sorrows in ice cream and bad TV.

One day at Kimmy’s house they were on the couch watching a thriller that had a love scene between two women. Their eyes met, and next thing they knew they were kissing. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed together, and discovered that they could make each other feel very good — much better than their boyfriends had.

For their senior year they had pledged to have sex only with each other and avoid boy trouble altogether. They were both straight-A students with big plans, and knew that college would probably take them in different directions, but for now they were very satisfied with each other’s company.

Watching Kimmy bounce and shake, all Allie could think about was kissing, touching, and tasting her. They’d both gone on f****y trips for spring break and so hadn't seen each other for a week and a half; when Kimmy, who was incredibly flexible, did the splits Allie was hit by a wave of desire so strong she almost fell over. The only thing that woke her up was the voice of the coach, Ms. Jessup, who was now yelling at Allie for the fourth time that day to pay attention.

Finally practice was over, and after lingering for a good while in the gym, Allie and Kimmy finally made their way to the locker room. There they talked and joked with the other cheerleaders who changed and departed one by one until finally Allie and Kimmy were alone. Immediately they were in each other's arms sharing a long kiss with lots of tongue. Allie fondled Kimmy’s breasts, which were smaller than her own but pert and perfect, while Kimmy’s hand worked its way up Allie’s skirt and into her panties.

Soon both girls were breathing hard and dripping wet, and Allie broke their clinch briefly and looked around. They could just do it right here in the locker room — it wouldn't be the first time. But it was uncomfortable and there was always a risk of being walked in on by the custodian — it wouldn’t be the first time for that either, and the leer on that old man’s face was something neither of them wanted to ever see again.

“Is anybody home at your house?” asked Allie.

Kimmy nodded. ”Both of my s****rs. What about your place?”

Allie shook her head. "I’m pretty sure my b*****r and my mom are there.” Allie thought for a minute. ”What about Ms. Jessup’s office? I saw her leaving, and she has a couch in there.”

The office was close by and they found the door unlocked. Locking the door behind them to keep the custodian out, they hoped, Allie and Kimmy attacked each other and soon they were so involved that they never heard the door unlocking or the knob turning.

Ms. Jessup had gotten halfway home and remembered that she needed some papers that were on her desk. She was surprised to find the door locked when she was pretty sure she’d left it unlocked, and even more surprised to open the door and find two cheerleaders 69ing on her couch.
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