ohhhhh i want u cock hmmmmm

ok, well...first off...sound is essential for our videos. no cheesy music, just our natural sounds. i will start by taking off my clothes.....my shirt first....then pants. i'll pose for you in my underwear, while you are fully clothed. you tell me to get naked, so i take off my bra and panties. you start rubbing your hands all over my breasts and pussy. next...i pull off your shirt and start kissing your chest and then kissing your abs. i tell you how much i want you and how hard i want you to fuck me. i unbutton your pants, and pull out your huge cock. I drop down to my knees and beg you to let me suck your huge dick. you tell me i can so i start licking your balls. i kiss the tip of your dick as i gaze into your eyes. I slide your entire dick into my mouth as you pull my head towards your body so that your dick slides down my throat. i start sucking harder and faster, and i keep looking into your eyes so you can see how much i am enjoying your dick. I'm makin love to your dick... I don't ever want to stop sucking your dick. How is that for starters? You can tell my husband that I'm your personal cocksucker from now on, and I'll come suck on you anytime you want me to. =O
100% (7/0)
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Posted by cristeaxx
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3 years ago
Milk it babe ~~~ deep in ur throat
3 years ago
ur so hot bb & i like that
i wish 2 shag u non stop
cuz i'm a multi orgazmic
i can spank u all night long or all day long without getting tired & take u 2 paradise
what do u think my slut?
3 years ago
damnzzzz thats hawt.... gave me a boner hehehe... ima have to read more =D
3 years ago
I get hard just looking at your pictures I can imagine how awesome it would feel when your tongue licks my balls and up the shaft, over the pee hole then take just the head into your mouth.

3 years ago
really really great story,the only thing for me is i dont have a huge cock(only small)but i agree with the sentiment lol xxxxxxxxx
3 years ago
Mine's hard, babe.
3 years ago
mmm baby lets do this