My Gangbang Fantasy


This is my second story. I had a very vivid dream that I pulled directly from, and any parts I could not remember have been filled in with pure fantasy! I’m Renee, my husband is Edward, our friend that I fucked in the MMF story I have posted earlier, is Craig, and the friend that I used to work is Chris.

After my first threesome, I can’t stop thinking about cock! I have invited our friend, Craig over to fuck me again, and when he does come over I have a surprise for him! I have called another friend I used to work with, who always had wanted to fuck me, along with 2 strangers that I met from a local club to show up. My husband is there also. I am 44, red hair, green/blue eyes and a few extra pounds with 40C tits and very long legs. Now that the scene is set, lets begin!!

I have the day off and I am pampering myself before anyone shows up. I run a bath of scented hot water and soak, feeling the oils seep into my skin, making it silky soft. I then wash my hair and shave everywhere.
I love the feel of a cock sliding along my freshly shaved pussy lips! I step out of the bath and dry off. I then wander to my closet and try and decide what to d**** my body in to meet my guest. I decide to wait till our first MMF story friend, Craig shows up to get dressed. He is an aspiring photographer and I have asked him to shoot me.
I want Craig’s input on what he wants to see me in. I love lingerie and have lots, so I get out most of the nicer pieces and have them ready to go. I slip on a silk robe and finish my makeup and hair. I don a sexy pair of strappy black heels and dab perfume in the normal spots. Edward is at home and I ask him how I look. He responds, ready to be fucked. I smile and say excellent! The doorbell rings and its our friend Craig. He comes in and grins when he sees what I have on. I walk over to him and slide my arms around his neck. Craig’s arms go around me, and he caresses my tits and then his hands move to squeeze my ass. We kiss and his tongue slides into my mouth. He then moves to slide his fingers into my already dripping pussy, and rubs my clit and slips a finger along my slit. Craig states, God I love your pussy, Renee! It stays so fucking wet!! I moan and lean into him as he fingers me, making me cum right there, standing near the doorway he just entered! I pull away a little and kiss him deeply. Breathlessly I tell him we have all day, and I really want to see what he can do to make me look sexy as hell on film. He states that will not be a problem and points to the bulge in his pants and smiles, he then takes out his camera and gear and says “I’m all yours Renee”. I then grin myself and say “promise,” and take his hand to have him follow me into our bedroom, where I have my assortment of lingerie. I tell him I want him to choose what he wants to see me in. I can tell he likes that idea as I can see his cock straining against his pants even more. He picks out a aqua colored Victoria’s Secret teddy and says that it will look great with my red hair and green eyes. I slip the robe off, and I can see Craig’s blue eyes darken with lust as he takes in my naked body, and I hear a low growl deep in his throat. I slip the teddy up my body and pose for him. He snaps away in several different poses, getting good views of my rounded ass and nice 40C tits. He then picks up a black and red lace bra and matching thong, along with black stockings and red gloves. He says put these on, in a husky voice. I love stripping for him, and take my time, running my hands along my body, and dipping two fingers into my dripping cunt. I then move closer to him and place my fingers on his lips. He licks all my juices off of my fingers, and then slowly sucks them. Craig says “Mmmm Renee, your pussy is so sweet, God I love the taste!” I then place the red and black items on, again slowly as he watches me intently. Craig poses me in several very sexy positions, featuring my ass and tits. This continues thru several more outfits, and I am litterly dripping down my thighs by that point. The last outfit is an all white bra, thong, stockings and black heels. He again has me pose so he can get the shots he wants. Craig then moves over to me and pulls the panties to the side to look at my glistening cunt. He again states he can’t get over how wet I am, and starts to finger me. When he slides his fingers into my hot, wet hole, it makes slurping sounds. I moan and start grinding my cunt against his fingers and cum! After my spasms subside, he moves to start licking my juices. I coat Craig’s face with my juice in just a few seconds. I have very long legs and Craig moves to caress my legs as he is in between them. His hands move up and down the length of my legs and then his tongue follows. Laying on the bed with him pressed against my cunt, licking my legs is one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. He tells me he can’t wait to fuck me again, I moan, and tell Craig to fuck me now! I pull him up my body and we kiss deeply, while I rub his cock thru his pants. I can taste my juices all over his face as we kiss hungrily! I need to feel his cock in my hands, so I undo his pants and pull his wonderful cock out and circle my fingers around him. I love the feel of his silky, hot cock. I strip him completely, and have him lay down on the bed and lower my mouth to his hard cock.
I lick up and down the underside first, then I take the whole thing into my hot, wet mouth and start sucking.
He taste so good, and I tell him so! I deep throat him and bury his cock all the way to his balls in my mouth. I need to be fucked in the worst way now, and Edward is watching all of this. I remove the bra and panties but leave the stockings on. I move to straddle Craig, and lean into him, pressing my tits against his chest and we kiss again. I work my way down his body with my tongue, and then back to his mouth. I position myself over his cock and slide my dripping pussy onto it. I ease him into me at first and we both moan as he fills my cunt. I start moving faster and his hips rise to meet my thrust. I ride him for several minutes that way and then he flips me over so he can pound my cunt from above. Edward then moves to fuck my mouth while he watches his friend fuck my cunt. Craig fucks me hard and fast, and I cum on that cock over and over, milking it with my cunt. After a round of intense fucking we both cum. Craig shoots his hot cum deep inside my cunt, which makes me cum again. He then pulls his cock out and I start sucking for all I’m worth, wanting to taste all of his cum. I lick my lips and clean all of the cum off of his cock. Edward then moves to fuck my cunt, filling me up with my second load of hot cum after another great fuck. I start cumming again, loving feeling all that hot cum dripping out of me! We all land in a pile on the bed, gasping as we all have cum so hard!! Now for me to tell our friend about the surprise! As I am laying in Craig’s arms I tell him that later in the day some more friends will be dropping by. I tell him to regain his strength as I want to be fucked by 5 men at the same time! Him, Edward, my friend from previous job Chris, and 2 young studs from club. His eyes go wide and I can tell he was not expecting that! He says that would be one of the hottest things he has ever seen and can’t wait and leans over to kiss me again!
He ask me about the other 3 men and I tell him Chris and I had known and flirted with each other for years, but nothing ever came from it, other than sexy conversations, and the occasional brush against my tits or ass. He did ask me to fuck him at one point, but at that time Edward and I had not decided if we wanted to bring another man into the situation. So I had regretfully told him no. Now I was going to get the opportunity to see what his 9 inch cock (or so Chris has told me!), feels like inside me. The other two Dean and Sam, are just cock for me and although I will enjoy them, I so much more enjoy fucking a friend!

Chapter 2

We all three relaxed, and just enjoyed each others company for the rest of the day. After lunch I shower, and after being watched by both of them, ask Edward and his friend Craig what I should wear for the event. They both agreed it should be a lime green and black corset and matching thong with black stockings and heels. I have both help lace me into it, and I must say it does make my tits look great! Craig took some more photos of me in it and we went over all of the ones taken so far on our laptop. He got some amazing shots that looked like professional porno stills! I was so thrilled!! I was about time for my friend from work to arrive, and just then doorbell rang. I answered it in my lime green and black outfit. I thought Chris’s cock would tear through his jeans as soon as he saw me! He became hard the second he saw me and couldn’t take his eyes off me! I laughed and invited him in. Introductions were made between Edward, Craig and my friend Chris. I explained to him that I had 2 other guys on the way and wanted to be gangbang fucked by all of them and asked if he was ok with that. Chris grinned and slid his green eyes over my body again and said as long as he got to fuck me he was game for anything! I knew the other 2 guys would be along shortly, but I couldn’t help myself, looking at the raging hard on he had, I started stroking Chris’s cock lightly at first, through his jeans. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. Chris said he had wanted to do that for years, imaging what I tasted like. Chris then stroked my tits thru the corset, saying he had my image burned into his head, and had jacked off to it for years. Chris stated he had watched my tits sway and looked at my hard nipples and ass every chance he had while we were at work together. He popped my tits out and started licking my light pink nipples till they were so hard. I asked Craig to take more pictures and he did. He got shots of me being kissed, and my tits being licked and touched. When I could not stand it any more, I moved over to the sofa and spread my legs. My thong was soaked and my juices were running down my ass and thighs. They both knelt in front of me with Chris stroking my slit and Craig snapping pictures and sticking two fingers in me to taste me again. Chris then started finger fucking me and quickly had three fingers in my hot cunt. He also stated as he licked his fingers, “Fuck, Renee you have the wettest cunt I think I have ever felt, and you taste so damn good!” I came almost as soon as he got them back in me I was so horny!! Craig moved to suck on my nipples and place licks and kisses all over my upper body and face. I loved being worked on by two men, while my husband Edward was still watching both men finger me and play with my tits, while he stroked his own cock.

The doorbell rang just then and hubby answered it. I was the two young guys. The first one Dean, was tall, dark, about 25 and hotter then hell! The other one Sam was blondish and also very hot, and about 22! As soon as my husband let them in, they were greeted with the sight of me spread on the sofa with two men licking and fingering me, with my tits out and bouncing with each move. The whole room smelled of my cunt and I could see their dicks start to swell from the sights and smells. After several more intense orgasms, when Chris stared licking my juicy cunt and fucking me with his tongue, I made myself get up and go to the newcomers. I pressed my half nude body against each of them in turn, and told them I was so ready to be fucked! They took turns kissing me and running their hands up and down my body. We all went into our bedroom, and I had them all line up and strip for me. When I could view each cock, my mouth started to water at the thoughts that this was all for me. I started with Edward as he had been so good at letting be me fucked and pleasured and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked till he was hard and then I moved to Chris. He had not lied about having a huge cock. It stood straight out and was all of the nine inches he had promised me! I started licking that cock and slid it down my throat. He was hard as a rock, so I moved to Craig and started sucking him. I could still taste my juices on him and it drove me wild. I sucked Craig’s cock like a true slut, and then proceed to suck Dean and Sam who both had very nice cocks, about 7-8 inches. After I had all five cocks in my mouth, I moved to the bed. I got on my knees and slowly removed the thong. I left on the corset, and the stockings with my tits out. I laid on the bed with my cunt spread for all to see, and said “FUCK ME NOW”!

Chapter 3

What followed was a flurry of hands, fingers, tongues and cocks. I loved every second of it!! I was on my back with my legs spread wide, Edward’s cock in one hand, Chris’s cock in the other hand. Sam shoved his cock in my cunt and started wildly pumping me, while Dean and Craig both had their cocks at my mouth while I alternated between them licking and sucking both super hard cocks. Then there was a rotation and I felt Chris’s huge cock start to part my cunt lips. I moaned the second I felt his cock head against my lips. They all stopped to watch as he f***ed that 9 inch thick cock into my tight cunt. I moaned and writhed on it as he impaled me to the hilt. It filled me up so completely and I loved it. He begin fucking me in earnest then, and I fucked him back! Chris said “ you are so fucking wet, and tight Renee, I love your cunt as much as always thought I would!” All the other cocks found a place to be pleasured by either my hands or lips. While Chris fucked me I was almost oblivious to everything around me. I just wanted to be used like the slut I am. Each man took his turn fucking me. It was then Dean’s turn at plowing my cunt. He fucked me so hard making me cum so many times I lost count. I loved the feeling of all those cocks in me, as soon as one would pull out, another one was there to replace it. Then it was my husbands turn to fuck my hot cunt, which he did with his usual fervor, making me milk his cock with my spasms. It was then Craig’s turn to fuck me again. I still cant get over how great his cock feels in me. He road me hard and again made me cum on his hard cock. They were all amazing and not one of them had cum yet!!
I told them I wanted to feel two cocks in me at the same time! I sat on Dean and coated his cock with my juices, then while I fucked him I asked Craig to finger my ass and use my purple toy which is a new butt plug. When he had me lubed up enough to get 3 fingers in my ass, and then slide the dildo in and out of my tight ass, I told him I needed to feel him fuck my tight hole, while I had another cock in my cunt. He moved to position himself at my ass and rubbed his hard cock on the rim of my puckered hole, and then slid into my tight ass, and had to let me adjust before he could fuck me properly. When he slid into me he stated “Fuck, Renee, you are so tight and hot”, that got him rewarded with me squeezing his cock with my ass. I loved the feeling of both cocks moving inside me and filling me up. Then Chris moved to place his cock in my mouth. I had all my holes filled with cock! After fucking my ass for what seemed like a wonderful lifetime, Craig came in my ass, and I loved feeling his hot cum squirting all inside me, and hearing his moans as he unloaded his balls into my ass! I then told them I wanted all of them to take turns fucking my ass and cumming in me! I got on my hands and knees and stuck my ass in the air with Craig’s cum dripping from me. There were comments all around the room about how fucking hot I looked with cum dripping from my ass and still begging to be fucked!! Dean, who had been fucking my cunt, moved to my ass and started pounding away. He fucked me for a good while before he too shot his load into my waiting ass.
Then Sam took his turn sliding his cock into my open hole. When he entered me, cum squirted out around his cock from the two loads already inside me. While he fucked my ass, I felt a hand being carefully inserted into my cunt! My husband had moved underneath me and was beginning to fist me while I was being fucked in the ass! He worked all 4 fingers into my wet cunt and started rubbing my g-spot. I came so hard I squirted pussy juice all down his arm! This made Sam shoot his load of hot cum into my well fucked ass. I moved so I could suck Edward’s cock while he fisted me, and I was so hot I made him cum in no time flat in my mouth! Now all that was left to fuck my gaping ass hole was Chris and that monster 9 inch cock. He moved to position himself behind me and rubbed his cock in my juices and the cum of the other 3 men and proceeded to slide it into me. I thought I would split apart, but it felt so fucking good! I moaned and begged for more! Chris let me adjust to his size and then he started fucking me with slow, long strokes. He said he had dreamed about this for a long time as did Craig, who had moved to slide underneath me and try his “hand” at fisting me too. Craig got his whole hand into my cunt, and again I came so fucking hard, my juices were flowing down his hand and arm. He continued to fist me, hitting my g spot and making me squirt my cunt juices down his arm. Craig begin licking my juices off his arm, while I had my ass completely filled with cock! They both apparently had wanted to fuck me in the ass since meeting me, and now I was encouraging them to do just that. I came and came so much I almost passed out! More pictures were taken during all of the fucking, and after Chris fucked me for a good 10-15 minutes and them pumped a huge load of cum into my well lubed ass, Craig got a close up of me spread wide with 4 loads of cum dripping from my ass and juices flowing from my sopping cunt. I heard comments from all of them about what a lovely, fuck slut I am, and they can’t wait to fuck me again!! They all also said they want to see the hot pictures of all of the action. I was finally spent! I had never had this much cock and I loved it! I felt so damn sexy with 5 men laying around me with spent cocks and all thoroughly satisfied by me!! I had finally got to prove just how big of a cock and cum slut I really am!

We all start getting cleaned up, and to my surprise I just thought I was finished! The 2 younger guys get hard and are ready to fuck again! Edward, Craig and Chris all say they want to see me be fucked again by these 2 young studs, and ask me to perform for them. I moan and tell them I would love for all of them to watch me be fucked again. I tell the two guys I want to feel both of them in my cunt at the same time. I get a round of raised eyebrows from the other three, but when they see me sucking both men and can hear how wet my cunt is again as they finger me, they start cheering me on to see my cunt stretched with the two cocks. I sit on Dean’s cock and ride it for a little while, and then have Sam enter me from behind. Oh my God I love it!!! I can feel both hot, hard cocks moving inside me at different times and it drives me over the fucking edge! I clamp down on both beautiful cocks and milk them as I cum. When both are ready to cum, I have them show the other men how they can cover my face and tits with their hot, sticky cum! So much for getting cleaned up. I am bathed in cum again, and I love it!!! I scoop all the cum up that I can, and lick it off my fingers. I hear moans as the 3 watch me do this! The young guys do get cleaned up this time and dress and leave after giving me passionate, deep kisses goodbye. Now it is just the three of us friends, and Chris is hard again after watching my little show! I move to sit in the floor between him and Craig, who are sitting on the sofa, both still naked. I stroke both cocks as I tell Chris I want to make him come in my mouth and taste his cum. I move and start to lick the head of his cock and I can taste his precum. Then I lick up and down the entire shaft. I take about half of that huge cock down my throat and he starts fucking my mouth! This gets Craig ready to fuck me again, watching me be face fucked by a 9 inch cock. He moves behind me and shoves his hard cock back into my wet cunt, pushing me further down on Chris’s cock. I am in heaven as I have two very good friends cocks in me as my husband watches! I tell them both I want to taste their cum. I take Chris’s cock further down my throat as he starts cumming. I love feeling and tasting his tangy cum squirt down my throat. Craig continues to fuck me hard while Chris is cumming. After I get every last drop of Chris’s cum, I turn around and start sucking Craig. He also fucks my face hard and then shoots his hot load of cum down my throat too. Mmm… they both taste fantastic!! Chris and Craig both tell me I just gave the best fucking blow jobs they have ever had!!

Now as I said this was a dream/fantasy, but I do want to make it a reality. I’m not sure if it can live up to this, but I am willing to try!
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2 years ago
i need a woman like yu. i would slut that ass out good.. GREAT STUFF..
2 years ago
I wish i could fuck you like that. aboslutely amazing fantasy
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לפעמים חלומות מתגשמים...... גם פנטזיות
3 years ago
You drove me crazy , thanks for posting !
3 years ago
You greedy girl.
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3 years ago
your hot!!!