My helping aunt

I was a simple guy that had a girl, normal relationship. I did fancy older women but i'm not the kind to jump from flower to flower. However on one ocasion i was overwhelmed.
It all happened when we were getting ready to go to a wedding. We were all dressed up and ready to go, when out of nowhere i had a k**ney crises.Ohhh it hurt like hell. So with that i was unable to go anywhere because of the pain. Luckily my aunt who is a nurse came to rescue with a needle shot.
When she came to my room i was laying in bed only in my boxers, the presure of having pants was pushing on my stomach creating pain, the ideal way would have been naked but...
So she came in and everyone had to leave the room because she was going to sting in me in the butcheeks.Damn she looked hot! She is a blonde in her 40's small breast a little big on the hips and long legs. She was all dressed up for the wedding wearing a white tight dress and black pantyhose.when i saw her i tried thinking about something else for my cock not to notice what i just did. She put the medicine in and started giving the shot. After that she needed to keep presure and massage the area she stung me in. Her hands were so soft touching my ass and my back side, my cock instantly grew.
"Turn around, you'r all done" she said laughing.But how could i? My tip of my cock was out the sideband of the boxers.
"In a minute" i said, but with that she grabbed me and turned me on my back.
"OMG, what do you have there? she started laughing staring at my big bulge.I was so embaressed and blushed.
"Is must be from the medicine" she said.
"Its definetly coming from ur dress" i replied smiling.
Her face suddenly changed, meanwhile she never took her eyes of my swollen hero.
"Well since i'm here i have to fix you" she said with a lost look.
I didnt know what she meant by that and before i knew it she started taking her dress down. I was shocked! The pantyhose i thought she was wearing were actually stockings and suspenders wich i die for. She had a pair of black panties that went up her ass, when she bent over she did it so hard i could see her brown asshole under the pantie line. I didnt say anything, we were close but this was too much for me. Never in my dreams did i imagine i would be able to bang a milf so hot, not to mention my aunt.
Without notice she just climbed on top facing me with her ass, pulling her panties to the side and revealing a hot bald pussy.She grabbed my hand and starting rubbing her twat. She was so wet, her pussy was pulsating like inviting me to discover new pleasures.I slowly started pushing my fingers in and before i knew it three fingers were in and she was just sliding on them with her juices running on my hand. She grabbed my rock hard cock and started masturbating me. I couldnt take it anymore so i grabbed her hair tight and penetrated her hard. It went in so smooth, The warm of her pussy made me forget all about my crises. She was so tight, everytime she went down all the i thought i was gonna cum right then. We were moving slow not to make noise for the rest in the house to hear us.
My mom came to the door and shouted "is everything allright? is he feeling better?"
"In a minute" my aunt said with a troubled voice. As she was going up and down her asshole was changing its shape. Gaping and closing each time, turning me on so bad. I grabbed her hip and slowly put my finger in. She wasnt expecting it as she jumped a bit but then she accepted it pushing her ass a bit towards me. She was looking back at me smiling with a look of "that's the spot" in her eyes. I was dying, my cock hurt from the pressure. I was playing with her ass when she lifted and jumped of the bed and headed for her clothes.
I thought its over but i got bold and grabbed her.
"Quit it, we have to get to the wedding, its late allready."
"Fuck you, you cant leave" and with that i turned her around and bent her over my desk took her panties down and went directly for her ass. She was so tight, my cock was bending from her ass tightenes. Her eyes opened wide and she was making a lovely grimace opening and closing her mouth. She was loving it as much as i was. We really were in a hurry so i had to finish,so i pulled her down on the floor, got her on her knees with her face down and started pounding her ass wich meanwhile got so lubricated i was going in and out better than her pussy. I increased the speed, i felt the presure and took it out and started wanking near her face.She looked surprised and said "I dont like cum, do it somewhere else." I grabbed her and twisted her mouth open and came in filling her mouth. It was incredible. She wanted to spit it out but i gave her a mean look and whispered "Swallow"!
She did swallow, and started gathering her clothes and getting dressed but she looked pissed. "Are you pissed i came in you'r mouth?" i asked.
"No, im pissed because i didnt cum and now soon im going to have to fuck your lovely cock again and cheat on my husband a second time"
And with that she left the room. At the time i didnt know what she meant but...

First story written. If you like it keep me posted. And excuse my english. Thank you.

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great start
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Really good story. Looking forward to part two.
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good story
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Good start, can't wait for part 2
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great story
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Great story to start with. Bring on part 2.
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