When I was a teenager I had such a lust-on for my neighbour across the street. She was in her 50's and incredibly sexy. I loved looking down her top as we worked in her garden. She had such sweet pendulous breasts and she wore sexy lacy bras. I tried to help her out as much as I could. She always gave me a hard-on and she would giggle as she noticed.She thought it cute.

I tried forever to seduce her. I 'accidentally' rubbed myself against her all the time. She pushed her breasts against my arms and back as we worked
But she never touched me. I was a teenager afterall.

Then when I turned 18 she asked me to come over and move boxes from her garage to her house. It was the coldest night of winter.I worked up a dangerous sweat. It was just another day as far as I was concerned.

When I moved the last box into the house, I took off my parka and my shirt was drenched in sweat. She offered to give me a clean shirt which I accepted. I peeled off my shirt and she whistled appreciatively at my sweaty hard body. She went to her bedroom to look for a t-shirt.I sat in the kitchen and waited for her.

When she came back I immediately noticed that she had removed her bra. I could see the dark aureoles around her thick huge nipples under her white blouse. She made it a point to dress me, to put on the t-shirt. Her fingers slowly lingered along my body in a slow gentle caress. Her eyes were closed as she hugged me close. Her hands hugged the small of my back and caressed my ass. She suddenly grabbed my ass and thrusted my hard cock into her crotch.My cock was hard and I could feel the folds of her hot wet cunt.

This was everything I ever wanted. I masturbated about this for years. Her big beautiful breasts mashed up against my hard chest, my hands on her thin hips.And finally she was kissing me all over. Her tongue tasted every part of my face, my mouth, my nose, my ears, my forehead. Her hands exploredf every part of my body.

We both confessed that we dreamt about this moment for years.She bent down to pull down my pants. My cock sprang free and hit her on the forehead. My pre-cum dribbled on her face. She licked it up and wrapped her silky fingers around my cock. I came in her mouth within a minute. I erupted years of fantasy in her wet waiting mouth and she gobbled it all up.

She didn't even give me a chance to get soft again. She sucked my cock into full hardness. Both hands were wrapped around my cock as she licked the red hard tip. She bit and nibbled the end of my cock, she knew exactly where the erotic nerve endings were. And she delighted in it. She laughed as she looked up into my eyes, my cock between us, her hands on my balls.

She loved and worshipped my cock for hours, before I could get into her pussy. And even then, she launched herself onto me and rode me into her own sweet orgasms. At one point she was clutching her own ass to ride my cock.

And then after she came for the tenth time she slapped her wet old body on me, collapsed proper, and hugged my shoulders and cried.

The last time she had sex was older than me. Knowing that you are a woman's fantasy is one thing, making her come is another.

I am in my 40's now and I still think of that first blow job. I can still feel her nails on my ass. I can still hear her hunger.
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Hot story. Thanks
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Great story