Sarah, me and the hotel maid

So it happened that I wandered on to a Hollywood sound stage as part of my job as an assistant set designer. I'd done very small assignments in the past for more unknown film makers but now I was in the big league, real movie stars and every thing. This day I got to meet Josh Hartnett and Sarah Michelle Gellar who were making a love story about two star crossed lovers who meet in a restaurant, fall in love etc. Typical Hollywood fare. Josh was really friendly and got on well with all the crew. Sarah was great also and I had a couple of occasional conversations with her. But it is this occasion that I relate now about how I got to KNOW Sarah a lot more.

We had just finished filming and I was dismantling part of the set when Sarah walked by me and flashed her pearly whites at me together with her hypnotising blue eyes. I didn't think too much of it but felt a little surge of energy, happy that she'd appreciated my work. Later, the crew were having drinks when Sarah decided to join the fun. She was wearing a creamy polo neck sweater over tight pink pants and a jewelled chain dangled from her neck. She looked kind of cute. She offered me a cigarette and I obliged, lighting her ciggy. "You have nice hands, may I look at them?" she asked daringly. I gave her my right hand and she fondled my fingers enthusiastically. "Wow, such strength, such character, I'd like these on my body!" she teasingly added. Several drinks later, Sarah was seated near me, enjoying the banter of the film crew. I asked her if she was courting anybody, to which she replied no. She smiled at me once more and her eyes made my heart melt. "Do you enjoy my acting skills?" she asked. "Yes, I think you're a damn fine actor" I replied " One of the best".
"You know something. I like you a lot" Sarah ventured, surely aiming for my ego.
By this time I was feeling the flush of several Brandy Alexanders and the odd beer. "I like YOU, Sarah!" came my befuddled response. Sarah leaned over and, brushing my right leg with her left hand, whispered into my ear "Come to my hotel room, please." This was a major Holywood star, not a common floosy. I immediately responded with a "yes". The alcohol was affecting my better judgement.

An hour later, Miss Gellar is driving me in her sexy sports car to her Beverley Hills hotel. We both enter the room, slightly overcome with enebriation, and Sarah guides me to her double bed. "I want you to strip off, while I change" and she left me to walk into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Quickly, I disrobed and launched myself under the silk sheets on the four poster bed. I was beginning to get a hard on but I wasn't quite there yet when, emerging from the bathroom, a vision of Venus appeared. Sarah appeared with nothing but a see through lace skirt covering her nether regions. Her nipples were enlarged and she wore a devilish look on her face. My immediate thought was that she was going to eat me. She wandered over and sat on the side of the bed. "I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you" she teased. With that, she crawled over to be right in my face. "Do you want me?" she again tempted and lowered her head as if to kiss me but pulled away at the last moment. "Ha, ha,ha! Do you want to fuck my brains out?" she again teased and repeated the same movement. I perved at every delightful part of her body and placed my hand upon her cute ass. "Play with me. Feel me" she whispered "I'm so hot!!". Again she lowered her head and moored her lips to within milimetres of mine, quickly pulling away. "I love strong men" Sarah proclaimed. This game was causing me a little anxiety as she continued to tease me. Finally, I responded and, grabbing her skinny arms, I pulled her down onto the bed and climbing on top of her, I smothered her body in an extended series of kisses. "Yeeesss!!! Oh yeeessss!!" she replied. Immediately, I wrenched from her tiny waist the lace skirt blocking my entrance to her bodily fruit. The smell of perfume overpowering my amorous clutches, I proceeded to feast on her delightful vagina. "That's it, ooh yes, don't stop" she cried as I tasted her vulva and clitoris, now sopping wet with anticipation. Her cries became more insistent as I raised her sexual temperature to the max. "Ahhhh, oohhhh, yeeesss, ahhh! Sarah exclaimed as I pushed my tongue deeper into her cavity. Finally, having got her in the right mood, I ceased the cunnilingus and invited her to suck on my swollen love gun. "Its your turn to satisfy me" I demanded. Sarah crawled up to within a millimetre of my cock and, sticking out her tongue, proceeded to give me the best licking of my life. My scrotum sizzled as she passed her burgundy lips over and around my dick. "Fuck, your balls are so nice, uumm!" she savoured. She was clearly enjoying the experience when our fun was interrupted by the sound of the hotel room door bell.

I jumped down off the bed and, hurriedly dressing, answered the door. To my surprise, it was one of the hotel room maids checking to see if we had been given the service number to call in case we needed something attended to. What?! She's doing this at 11.30 at night? "Um, ah, may be" I replied. "Sir, we also need to ensure that the fire extinguisher is still working" she insisted "we don't want any unnecessary disasters". The maid then entered the bedroom and, seeing Sarah semi naked, apologised and explained her reason for being there. "Won't be a minute, madam" she said as she checked the fire appliance. "You know, you're quite attractive for a maid" Sarah now ventured. I thought the actress had lost her marbles. "Thank you. Lots of people say that" she replied. Sarah wasn't wrong as she stood about 5'8". amply breasted and slim hipped. Her face wasn't exactly on a par with Sarah's but it was passable. "Say, have you ever been in a threesome?" Sarah boldly asked. "No! is that an invitation?" she answered. "What's your name, honey?" "Ruth" the maid coyly replied. Without batting an eyelid, Sarah invited her over to the bed. "Ruth, have you ever kissed another women?" She laughed nervously, saying "I kissed my best girl friend once in high school". She seemed to be attracted by the moment. Sarah began stroking Ruth's face with her right hand slowly. "Why are you doing that?" Ruth asked. "I'm going to kiss you now" and with that Sarah plunged her lips into Ruth's and they enjoyed a deep, wet kiss that lasted a couple of minutes. I was turned on to the max. My wildest dreams were being realised. A movie star and a hotel maid in the one sequence. Disrobing, I began to jerk off as Ruth started playing with Sarah's cute titties, sucking on them as she did so. "Let's get this girl naked" I insisted while Sarah undid Ruth's skirt. "Christ, you're so sexy, Ruth!!" I uttered as she revealed her lightly tanned body with gorgeous breasts. "I haven't felt like this in a long time" Ruth admitted. Once again, Sarah kissed Ruth passionately and then, removing her bra, launched into a series of tongue lashings on Ruth's delightful titties. I couldn't resist any longer and placed my cock near Ruth's naked body, enticing her to service me, which she quickly obliged. I was hard as anything while the hotel maid sucked and tasted my throbbing dick and Sarah enjoyed giving her some oral in her vagina. "Mmmmm, aaahh, mmmm!!" moaned both girls as they supped voraciously. "Fuck her, Brad, get inside her!!" Sarah demanded. Doing exactly as I was told, I rolled Ruth over onto her back and then, positioning my cock above her moistened cunt, I began to penetrate her, slowly at first. She moaned quietly, but Sarah was insistent. "Fuck her, Brad, fuck her hard!!!" she called out. I increased my penetrations, sending Ruth into an orgasmic utopia that I believe she would not have experienced before. "Aaaahhh, yyeeessss, ooohhh, fuckkk, mmmm, yeeeah!!!! she now screamed as I thrusted endlessly into her love nest. This was some experience. Sarah proceeded to plant her vagina over Ruth's mouth and this saucy maid went to work on her as I continued my own pleasurable exercise. Sarah was in control of the situation and she now ordered us to separate, so she could receive the contents of my dick. I plunged wildly with gay abandon into her snatch, instantly sending Sarah into a hedonistic rapture. "Aaahhh, fuuuuccckk, yyeeeaaaahhh, mmmmm, fuuucck!!! came her orgasmic screams. Ruth joined in by sucking luxuriantly on Sarah's swollen tits. Finally, the girls had enough but there was time for one parting gesture as I ejaculated all over their bodies while they knelt in front of my crane. Their cum covered faces such a turn on. Sarah again pashed Ruth, sperm dripping from their lips.

Our work done, Ruth dressed and returned to her duties, floating on cloud nine I believe. Sarah and I caught some lost sl**p before I was driven back to my lodgings in Burbank. This was one hell of an experience!
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