Fling with boss

She....was my Boss at the telemarketing business, in her forties, frumpy but mysteriously attractive. I....agreed to meet her in an isolated location out of town. We met at the entrance to a forested hillside and we walked silently to a spot she previously used for sexual liaisons. Finally, she spoke quietly in a demure, sexy way that she wanted me to tie her up and produced a length of rope from her waistcoat. She removed her coat while I stood at her rear, preparing to embark on this sexual conquest. "Now, place the rope around my wrists."I placed her wrists together behind her back and tied them with the rope. Now, she demanded I take off her silk stockings. Slowly I removed each stocking, the feel of her clammy skin giving me a huge hard on. "Take off my blouse, slowly" she now instructed. I meticulously undid each button on her pink flowered blouse, the smell of perfume overpowering. Her size 34 D breasts now summoned my attention. She again whispered nervously "my bra, get rid of it!" She was breathing much more heavily now. Clearly she was enjoying the moment. I unsnapped the red bra and fondled her breasts, softly and delicately. "Hurry, remove my skirt" she ordered and I did as I was told. Her waist was a little larger than some but her breasts were what mattered to me, so erotic and attractive. She now ramped up the energy levels by screaming "my panties, rip off my panties, rip 'em off now!!!" In a single thrust, I wrenched them from her waist. Her vulva and clitoris now visible, I wanted to consume her like a raging fire but she wasn't finished. She instructed me to tie her mouth with one of her stockings. I hesitated a moment but she cried "do it, now!!" I wrapped the silk stocking from her left leg around her head for as far as it would go multiple times. She bit hard on the tightened stocking as I tied it at the back of her head. "Now, fuck the bejesus out of me!!" she demanded in a gutterall voice that emanated from her soul. Her nakedness really turned me on as I slid my fingers around her swollen titties. I removed my trousers and then placed her on her side on the ground. Moving down beside her, I moved my cock slowly into her clitoris and sank my manness into her now soaking wet vagina. She let go a heavy sigh as I moved my prick in and out of her love nest. She was hotter than any woman I had slept with recently. I increased my thrusting and she reacted with pleasurable moaning and sighing. Her cries of "yes, yes,ahh, yeah!" gilded the moment for me as went harder and deeper with each penetration. After some minutes, I stood her up and led her to a large gum tree. With her back turned, I stood her up against the tall tree's trunk. Bending her ass slightly, I entered her slowly but surely through her back passage. Again, she moaned calmly but now her female assertiveness came to the fore. "Harder, fuck me, harder, harder, fucking do it, cunt!!" I summoned up the Gods and went for it, pounding her relentlessly, her moaning transformed into unbridled screaming as I sweated bullets fucking her brains out. "Give it to me, fuck me!" she continued to scream. Next I put her back on the ground and spread her legs wide, lying on top of her gorgeous tits, entering her again with just as much vigour as before. It was mind blowing stuff, believe you me! Finally, I untied the stocking from around her head and thrusted my cock into her salivating mouth, releasing a masive slurry of sperm into her thoat. She sucked and slurped the contents of my dick enthusiastically while I ran my sweaty hands through the tangled mess of her brunette tresses. Finally, she looked up at me, semen dribbling down her cheek, saying "Fucking awesome, you're one hell of a fuck!"
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