The first time I saw you

I remember that day.
I was working for the college, finishing out the last years of my degree and picking up work at the gym. It was boring as all hell, checking the sign in sheet, orienting the new students, cleaning up after the students. It was a special type of hell, but hell, it payed. Not near enough, but it payed.

It was another boring afternoon, and i noticed you coming in for your workout. You had never been in before, but that isn't why i noticed you. you were attractive, but for a second i couldn't tell if you were a boy or a girl. Short, boy cut hair, originally brown, but colored blonde on the sides and worn up in a faux hawk, skinny, but with small curves. you wore those long flowing yoga pants, but you didn't quite fill them out and a tank top with what just appeared to be small cuppable breasts. a cute little round bubble but, too. i think you saw me checking you out, because you blushed a little bit, but you went to your workout. after that i lost track of you and kept to my work.

I didn't see you again until later, sweaty with your clothes clinging to your body, finished with your workout. i tried to wave, but you had walked past headed for the showers. i figured that i would talk to you later, but i saw you go into the men's showers. i thought of going after you and letting you know you were in the wrong side, but i didn't want to embarrass you. So i waited and figured i would at least get you to notice me on your way out.

but, time went by, 10 then 15 minutes. i figured that i would go in and check on you to see if you were ok... and i was interested in what i saw. what i had thought was a skinny young girl, turned out to be a skinny young sissy with a little clit. i had found her in the shower, covered in soap suds, leaning her head and shoulder against the wall, holding her ass part while she rubbed her finger against the base of her clit and the rim of her ass-pussy. it was beautiful, her soft fingers rubbing wet circles against her smooth skin, her legs spread wide and cocked out, as if waiting for her ass-pussy to be filled. her back and hips rolling with the rhythm of her fingers, just imagining something, someone behind her.

she didn't notice me, just rhythmically responding to the press of her fingers, so i said, "excuse me miss, do you need some help?"
this elicited a shocked gasp from her, as she stood up. she didn't say anything so i stepped up and and turned her to look at me. she didn't look into my eyes, but i could tell she was still aroused, her boy-clit engorged, but her body was shaking. this made me smile.

"i saw you come in here, but i thought you had gone into the wrong shower. so i came in to check on you." i said as nicely as i could. still i couldn't help but let my eyes wander over her body, wondering what it would feel like under my hands.

she still wouldn't say anything, so to break the ice, i cupped her chin under my hand and raised her lips for a kiss. it shocked her, more than anything else, and she froze. after a few seconds she relaxed and leaned in, her wet body pushing against my dry clothes her clit rubbing up against my hard cock. she kissed a little more fiercely, as if she was expecting something else but wanted this. my hand ran down to caress her breast, pinching her nipple. she moaned through the kiss, letting me nibble on her lip. with that i reached around, grabbing her ass, running my finger roughly around the ass-pussy the she had just recently been fondling.

i could feel the excitement swelling her clit, as i used her ass to pull her against me. she was still wet from the shower and the soap so my finger easily slid inside her. she turned her ass to let me move deeper inside her, pausing in her kiss as she felt my finger slide inside her. her hands groped the front of my pants, fumbling at every move of my finger, trying to free my cock so she could play with me too. i decided not to make it easy for her, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her in to bite her lip and rubbing in and out with my finger, finding her prostate and repeating those circular motions that she had been rubbing on her ass pussy before. she moaned again, making small bucking movements with her hips against my hand.

she finally was able to free my cock, broke away from my kiss and smiled. "keep playing with me, and i will get this ready." she said as she moved to swallow my cock. she started slow, running her tongue around the tip, flicking in and out, widening her tongue to slide it down my shaft. she played, sliding her mouth in tandem with her hips, bucking and dipping. it was almost too much, but i didn't want her to stop. i moved my hand to the top of her head, pushing deeper in her mouth, and i pulled my fingers from her ass-pussy and replaced it with my thumb, rubbing circles while i used my fingers to fondle her little sissy clit. she gurgled and pulled her head off my cock. "please... sir. i want you inside me."

i pulled her up and pressed her against the wall, my cock still wet from her mouth. i pushed against her ass-pussy, feeling a little resistance, then relaxing as i moved inside her. as i went deeper, she gasped as if she had never been penetrated this far, and she whispered "please... be gentle. this is my first time with a real man."

i pulled her away from the wall, my hand on her hips, guiding her but letting her take all of me in. she gasped and squealed a little as her ass-pussy reached the base of my cock, and then she slowly began to ride me, her pulling against my cock, then sliding slowly back down. she began to up the tempo, her ass slapping against my balls, breathing harder with each stroke, pulsing back and forth. her body began to shake, starting in her legs, and she couldn't keep up the rhythm. i grabbed her hips, lifting her up and down on my cock, bouncing her off of her feet. her legs started to shake uncontrollably, and she cried out, "i am cumming," as rivulets of come slid out of her boy-clit. "don't stop. fill me, please."

i pushed her against the wall and pumped in and out of her, holding her neck against the wall. she came again and again, more with each thrust. i felt the smoothness of her skin as i pulled her hips back and forth. i could feel her ass-pussy contracting against me as if it was trying to pull the come out of me. i wanted to keep going, to feel her bounce, and move against me, but it was too much. my body went rigid, and violently thrust as deep as i could, filling her with my come. i pressed against her, hands moving up to her breasts as i held her against the wall. we slid to the floor, my cock sliding out of her. she looked up and smiled, and noticed my come running down her leg.

then we noticed the sounds outside the shower, so i stood up quickly and pulled my pants over my cock.

she looked up at me and smiled and asked,"again?"

"yes, soon. definitely soon."

she smiled, and said, "good, my name is..."

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